Questions Asked on
June 11, 2019

  1. Math

    If the height of an octagonal prism is 11, what is the volume of the box?

    asked by Avery
  2. Math

    If the volume of the box is 369 inches, what is the height of the box, considering the original height of it was 7 inches?

    asked by Avery
  3. geography

    did the french ever go down to mexico with the spanish

    asked by danny
  4. Chemistry

    Predict the mode of decay for Mn-59. a. beta decay

    asked by .
  5. American History

    Which statement most accurately identifies how economic concerns were addressed during President Obama’s first term? Automakers and financial institutions were given bailouts to remain in business. The Obama Administration pushed through legislation that

    asked by Jay
  6. Algebra I

    Roger gets $40 per day as wages and $4.50 as commission for every pair of shoes he sells in a day. His daily earnings goal is $112. Write an equation to determine how many pairs of shoes, p, Roger must sell in a day to meet his daily earnings goal. How do

    asked by Bri
  7. math

    factorize the following expressions and if possible show your steps 4x+20 3y^2+12y x^2+4y-21

    asked by jacob
  8. Math

    If the height of a box that is an octagon is 11, what is the volume? Please help me!!!

    asked by Avery
  9. math

    Find all zeros of the function f(x)=16x^3-48x^2-145x-75 Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  10. World History

    Which statement most correctly describes the treatment of African Americans during the Vietnam War? African American soldiers were often promoted to leadership positions due to the vigorous fighting spirit of their segregated units. African American

    asked by Jay
  11. Math

    64 is 4 times the difference between Sarah's age, a, and 44. Assume Sarah is older than 44. Write an equation to determine Sarah's age (a)

    asked by Bri
  12. math

    A company's board of directors wants to form a committee of 3 of its members. There are 5 members to choose from. How many different committees of 3 members could possibly be formed?

    asked by no
  13. Physics

    A person goes to market, makes purchases and comes back at a constant slower speed. Draw displacement time and velocity time graph of the person?

    asked by Naina
  14. Math

    Write an equation and solve. Round to the nearest hundredth where necessary. 64 is 80% of what? A 80 = 64 • n; 1.3 B 64 • n = 80; 0.8 C 64 = 0.80 • n; 80 D 0.64 • n = 80; 125 Is it C?

    asked by trayformmath
  15. English

    if the Maori and the Haida people decided to create a myth together, what would most likely be the value expressed?

    asked by hello
  16. English

    Do you think our society will ever be able to eliminate all crime? Why, or why not?

    asked by Help !!
  17. World History

    Which accurately describes successors of the Arab Empire following the death of Muhammad? Members of the Boko Haram clan served as caliphs following the death of Muhammad. Members of the Umayyad clan served as caliphs following the death of Muhammad.

    asked by Zoe
  18. Maths

    the length of room is twice its breadth. if the area is 242 square meters then find out it's breadth a) 11 b) 10 c) 12 d) 9 show ur workings?

    asked by Son huw
  19. physics

    the bob of a simple pendulum moves simple harmonically with amplitude 8.0cm and perid 2.00s. its mass is o.50kg. the motion of the bob is undemped. calculate the maximum values for:- {a} the speed of the bob {b} the kinetic energy of the bob.

    asked by fahad ibrahim
  20. business brainstorming

    Can anyone help me think of what a value chain analysiss would look like for a plywood mill? please dont give me links becuase Ive tried looking it up. I know I need to find primary and secondary activities to lead me to the anaylis. can anyone help? also

    asked by Maya
  21. Math

    What is the length of the line segment between A(–5, 8) and B(7, 8)? A. 2 units B. 3 units C. 12 units D. 13 units

    asked by Idk
  22. chemistry

    An unknown object is placed on a balance, which then reads 6.118 g. Its volume is measured to be 3.04 cm3. Find the density of this object by dividing mass by volume.

    asked by yanna
  23. Mathematic


    asked by Hardolu
  24. Math

    A man spends 1/5 of salary on shoes and 2/3 on school fees.what fraction of his salary is left?

    asked by Jp
  25. math


    asked by danny
  26. science

    Three point charges are located on the x-axis. The first charge, q1 = 10.0 µC, is at x = -1.00 m; the second charge, q2 = 20.0 µC, is at the origin; and the third charge, q3 = -30.0 µC, is located at x = 2.00 m. Which charge is subjected to the force of

    asked by roudha
  27. Physics

    A 7.30 kg sign hangs from two wires. The first wire is attached to the left end,and pulls 28.0 N directly left. What is the X component of the force of the second wire

    asked by Smith
  28. Maths

    The probability that John solved a particular problem is 1/3 and the probability that James solved the same problem is 1/5, if they both attempt the problem, what is the probability that it will be solved by at least one of them?

    asked by Ande2
  29. Science

    Give two planning for an investigation to test the hypothesis formulated in question 1.1.

    asked by Nelisiwe
  30. math

    3cos^2(theta)-3 = 5sin(theta)-2

    asked by nicky
  31. English

    Why are plays divided into acts and scenes?

    asked by nene
  32. math

    You have been asked to build a scale model of your school out of toothpicks. Imagine your school is 30 feet tall. Your scale is 1 ft:1.47 cm. If a toothpick is 6.3 cm tall, how many toothpicks tall will your model be?

    asked by redface
  33. Maths

    subtract 243 base 5 from 243 base 6?

    asked by Deborah
  34. World History

    Which options accurately describe cultural practices of the Byzantine and Arab Empires? I think its a and c

    asked by Zoe
  35. Chemistry

    An organic compound commonly used as a disinfectant is Toluene Glycol Styrene Phenol Which of the following is the least soluble in water? Al(OH)3 Ca(OH)2 NaOH KOH The factor that lowers the activation energy of a chemical reaction is Pressure Temperature

    asked by Son huw
  36. Math

    I posted this question yesterday. I need to find the perimeter of a shape with two unknown sides. The sides I have are 3x, 2x, 6x-5, 5x-2 . They do not give me total perimeter . I get 1 Mark for each missing side length, 1 Mark for each calculation, and 1

    asked by Cherie
  37. Chemistry

    sodium trioxocarbonate(iv) crystals NaCO3.XH2O contains 62.94% by mass of water of crystallization.Find the value of X?

    asked by Deborah
  38. physics


    asked by fahad ibrahim MARAFA
  39. Physics

    three horizontal forces are pulling on a ring at rest F1 is 6.25N at a 180 degree angle and F2 is 8.90 N at a 243 degree direction what is the x component of F3

    asked by Allen
  40. Math

    You are given 11 tiles. They are N,A,C,O,G,D,O,C,H,E,S What is the probability of 1st "choosing an "S" and 2nd choosing a "C", if the tile has been replaced?

    asked by Mason
  41. Chemistry

    The percentage of CHO in vitiamin C was determined by buring a simple weighing 2.00mg. The masses of carbon(iv)oxide and water formd are 3.00mg and 0.816mg respectively. From this, find the percentage of each element and the emperical formular of vitamin

    asked by Deborah
  42. math

    : Find the value of x in the figure. ​

    asked by dave
  43. Science

    The solubility of CO2 in water at 25 degree celsis and 1 atm is 0.034 mol/L . what is the solubility under atmospheric condition? Assume that CO obeys henry's law. ( the partial pressure of CO2 in air is 0.0003 ATM

    asked by Sherry
  44. Physics

    Find correct to the nearest degree, the angle between p=12i - 5j and q=4i + 3j?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  45. Physics

    three horizontal forces are pulling on a ring at rest F1 is 100 N at a 45 degree angle and F2 is 135 N at a 160 degree direction what is the x component of F3

    asked by Allen
  46. geometry

    The origin O and the points P(4,1) , Q(5,5) and R(1,4) form a quadrilateral. a) show that OR is parallel to PQ. b) show that OP is parallel to RQ. c) show that OP = OR. I found the answers to a & b through the use of gradients. However i do not know what

    asked by Emily
  47. Math

    A table tennis ball is dropped from a height of 5ft. The ball rebounds to 60% of its previous height after each bounce. Write an infinite geometric series to represent the distance that the ball travels after it initially hits the ground. (hint, the ball

    asked by Charles
  48. Physics

    The lower fixed point of an graduated thermometers 20-degree of much is 100 calculate the equivalent reading in Kelvin scale thermometer?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  49. Maths

    7crores +2ten thousand+1 thousand +4its standard form

    asked by Miya
  50. Math

    1/2,3/2 and 6/2 find the value

    asked by maths
  51. Maths

    How to write y²+6y+9+4y⁴ in standard form

    asked by Vinay
  52. Physics

    Given the vectors A=3i+2j-3k and B=4i-4j+2k, find B*A?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  53. Physics

    The half life of an element Z is 10days. if there are 10g of Z intially, what will be its mass after 40 days?

    asked by Deborah
  54. math

    How many kilometers can motorist travel 8:55 am to 10:15 pm at a rate of 60km/hr

    asked by Yvonne
  55. Chemistry

    Two flask were connected by a narrow glass tube with a closed tap. One flask contained 300cm^3 of oxygen at 1.0x10^5Nm^-2 while the 200cm^3 of notrogen at 2.0x10^5Nm^-2.After opening the tap, calculate the (a)partial pressure of each gas. (b)total pressure

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  56. Physics

    The lower fixed point of an graduated thermometers 20-degree office much is 100 calculate the equivalent reading in Kelvin scale thermometer?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  57. science

    calculate the mass of solute needed to preaqe 1000ml of 1.1M CuSO4

    asked by Daniel