Questions Asked on
June 10, 2019

  1. history

    How was commerce changed in North America during the Clinton administration? NAFTA allowed for the free movement of citizens of all three countries throughout North America. NAFTA created incentives for North American businesses to move overseas due to the

    asked by michael
  2. Math

    There is a spinner with 12 equal areas, numbered 1 through 12. If the spinner is spun one time, what is the probability that the result is a multiple of 4 and a multiple of 6?

    asked by Luis
  3. Physics

    A footballer kicks a ball at an angle of 45° with the horizontal. If the ball was in air for 10 seconds and lands 4000meters away. Determine the initial speed

    asked by Gabby
  4. Physics

    Three horizontal forces are pulling on a ring at rest. f1 is 6.25 N at 180 degree angle and f2 is 8.90 N at a 243 degree angle direction. What is the y component of F3

    asked by Allen
  5. calculus

    An oil pipeline will connect points A and B which are 3 km apart and on opposite banks of a 1 km wide river. From point A to point C on the opposite bank, the pipeline will run under the water. From point C to point B the pipeline will run above ground.

    asked by emma
  6. Calculus

    A cylindrical tank is to have a capacity of 1000 m³. It is to fit into a foundry that is 12 m wide with a height of 11 m. The base of the tank will cost half as much as the top. The metal for the side of the tank will cost four fifths as much as the top.

    asked by emma
  7. Material Science

    cylindrical pressure vessel, with a diameter of 40cm and a wall thickness of 10mm is made of steel (isotropic, with Young’s modulus = 200GPa ; Poisson’s ratio = 0.28 ) and is pressurized to 20MPa . The longitudinal and hoop stresses in the wall, σl

    asked by Ftmnr
  8. Chemistry

    A compound Y containg C, H and O only was burnt in a strem of pure oxygen.The carbon(iv)oxide and water produced were collected in pure weighed reading obtained are initial mass of Y=20.63mg mass of CO2 product=57.94mg mass of water=11.85mg.What is the

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  9. Maths

    if 104n =68 find the value of n?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  10. Math

    The standard form of a linear equation is Ax + By=c. If b=0 and A and c are positive which best describes the graph of this equation?

    asked by Jordan
  11. Math

    A man walks 800km on a bearing of 129 degree. How far is he due east from the starting point?

    asked by Chigozie
  12. math

    A new movie opened the other day. So far, 500,000 people have seen it. The producers of the movie needed to know if the people liked it. A random sample of 8,000 people leaving showings of the movie were asked if they liked the movie. Of those interviewed,

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Social studies

    How did streetcars affect the development of American cities and towns? A.they allowed residents to cross rivers. B.they led to the decline of railroads. C.they allowed cities to transport goods. D.they led to the development of suburbs. Please help ASAP!

    asked by Leefelix
  14. history

    Which option most accurately describes President Herbert Hoover’s economic policies on fighting the effects of the Great Depression? President Hoover took no action and relied purely on laissez-faire economics and reduced government intervention.

    asked by michael
  15. history

    Which statement most accurately identifies how economic concerns were addressed during President Obama’s first term? The government instituted large tax cuts on the lower and middle classes to spark American spending habits. Automakers and financial

    asked by michael
  16. history

    How did the Reagan Doctrine affect the Cold War? It provided intricate defense programs to block Soviet attempts to start a nuclear war. It reinforced the ideas of the Monroe Doctrine by removing Soviet influence in the Western Hemisphere. It established a

    asked by michael
  17. Math

    How to find the value of sin 480 degree

    asked by B.Subashini
  18. History

    Compare and Contrast Discuss President George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy by comparing and contrasting his decisions regarding three of the following countries: China, Kuwait, Panama, Somalia, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. i REALLY need help with this

    asked by Happy pride month :)
  19. history

    How did President Reagan’s campaign promise to reduce crime relate to the Air Traffic Controllers Strike? Reagan called in the National Guard to break the air traffic controllers strike to keep the airlines open. Reagan cited the 1955 law that banned

    asked by michael
  20. history

    How did the Second Great Migration lead to social developments that improved the racial identity in the 1950s? African Americans could petition the national government for changes to southern Jim Crow laws by moving to urban northern industrial centers.

    asked by michael
  21. calculus

    A farmer wants to fence a rectangular area of 800,000 m² and divide it in half with a fence that is parallel to one of the sides of the rectangle, and twice as expensive as the fence on the outer sides. How can this be done in order to minimize the cost

    asked by emma
  22. English

    Which excerpt from George Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant best exemplifies a reflective essay? A.“The young Buddhist priests were the worst of all.” B.“As for the job I was doing, I hated it more bitterly than I can perhaps make clear.”

    asked by dbh
  23. Algebra

    A user is charged 300 monthly for a particular mobile plan, which includes 100 free text messages. Messages in excess of 100 are charged 1 each. Represent the amount a consumer pays each month in a function of the number of the messages m sent in a month

    asked by Jane
  24. Physics

    if a string has a stiffness of 950nm,what work will be done in extending the spring by 60cm

    asked by Ahmad
  25. english

    Either (is,are) suitable

    asked by Kate
  26. Maths

    A carpenter constructed a closed wooden box with internal measurements 1.5 metres long ,0.8 metres wide and 0.4 metres high . The wood used in constructing the box was 1.0cm thick and has a density of 0.6g/cm3. [1]: volume in cm3 of wood used in consting

    asked by Daniel
  27. Physics

    a particle having a speed of 1.0x10^6m/s collisdes with a stationary proton which gains an initial speed of 1.60x10^6 in the direction in which the particle is travelling. what is the speed of the particle immediately after collision? how much energy is

    asked by DAMILOUS
  28. Chemistry

    split the following redox equation to oxidation and reduction 1 Fe 2Ag -> Fe2 2Ag 2 Cl2 I -> 2Cl- I2?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  29. Maths

    find the values of y in the equation: y^2 + 2y + 3= 83?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  30. Math

    William multiplied (-2x+1-3y)(-0.5x) and got the wrong solution. Review his work and identify the step in which William made his first error. Step 1 (-2x+1-3y)(-0.5x) Step 2 (-0.5x)(-2x-3y+1) Step 3 -0.5x(-2x)-0.5x(-3y)-0.5x(1) Step 4 x^2+1.5xy-x I think

    asked by Cherie
  31. science

    A man of mass 72kg is moving at a constant velocity. he has kinetic energy of 12961.calculatea his velocity.

    asked by KELECHI
  32. Calculus

    A box with a square-base is to be constructed with no top. The bottom face will cost 4 times as much as the sides. The volume of the box will be 0.5 m3. What dimensions (length, width and height) will minimize the cost to construct this box?

    asked by emma
  33. Math


    asked by DANIEL
  34. Chemistry

    What is d/t of donar and covlnt bond

    asked by MOHAMMED
  35. Physics

    A motor car moves with a velocity of 20m/s on a rough horizontal road and covers a displament of 50m. find the coefficient of dynamic friction between the type and the ground (g = 10m/s)

    asked by ulubi4real
  36. Mathmeta

    How to select logical numbers for mark six?

    asked by Albert
  37. math

    Is it possible for a 2 digit number multiplied by a 1 digit number to equal the 2 digit number switched? e.g I know this is incorrect but it's an example. 18*3=81 I've done trial and error but I dont seem to find an answer. Why is it that this is not

    asked by Lorent
  38. Chemistry

    what industrial preparation of trioxocarbonate acid ammonia is burn in oxygen in the presence of a catalyst according to th following equation 4NH3(g)+5O2(g)==>4NO3+6H2O(g) If 250cm3 are burnt completely what valume of oxygen is used up

    asked by Gabriel
  39. Algebra 2

    Randy wants to collect 515 baseballs cards. Each week Randy buys 15 baseball cards. a. Create a table to represent this situation where t is the amount of time in weeks and c is the number of cards that Randy still wants to buy. b. Write an equation to

    asked by Charles
  40. Algebra 2

    Water towers are tall to provide enough water pressure to supply all of the houses and businesses in the area of the tower. Each foot of height provides 0.43 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. a. Write a sequence for the pressure in psi for each

    asked by Charles
  41. math

    Find the inverse of f(x)=4-x. So f^-1(x)= Please help ASAP I'm confused!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  42. Algebra

    47 is the sum of 19 and gail's score

    asked by kelly
  43. Math

    A man spend one third of his wages on food and one fifth on rent. A. What fraction does he spend on food and rent together? B. What fraction of his wages is left to spend on other things? C. If in a month the same man spend $450 on food, what is his

    asked by Tanya
  44. physics

    a simple machine moves a load of 400N through a distance of 10cm when a force of 20N is applied to it.if the distance moved by the force applied on the machine is 3m.find a)input work b)output work c)AMA d)IMA e)efficiency of the machine.

    asked by tesema
  45. English

    Which of these is a singular noun? events news sciences figures I think it's news

    asked by dbh
  46. English

    Which of these is a singular contraction? A. Don't B, Hasn't C. Haven't D. Weren't Is it hasn't?

    asked by dbh
  47. English

    Which sentence is punctuated correctly? Some bright objects in the night sky are far-away suns, others are local planets. Some bright objects in the night sky are far-away suns; others are local planets.***? Some bright objects in the night sky are

    asked by dbh
  48. Math

    Suppose you deposit $10,000 into a savings account with 3.5% compound interest compounded each month. Find the account balance in 50 years. Round the answer to the nearest thousand dollars. Help

    asked by Narancia Ghirga
  49. Physics

    An elastic change of all constant 2000permeter undergoes a strain of 0.02 Under a load of 20N. What is the natural length of the strain?

    asked by Sebastian
  50. Chemistry

    the mass of water vapour is given in a volume of air is 0.05g at 20 degree celsius while the mass of water vapour are required to saturate it at the same temperature is 0.15g calculate the relative humidity of the air?

    asked by Sebastian
  51. Physics

    An elastic change of all constant 2000 permeter undergoes a strain of 0.02 Under a load of 20N. What is the natural length of the strain?

    asked by Sebastian
  52. Maths

    A number is selected at Random from the set y=[18, 1,20.....28, 2nine] find the probability that the number is a prime?

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  53. Physics

    a parallel beam of light which formed upon a converging lens arrange with its axis parallel to the beam is brought to focus a 30cm of the lens the light that passes through the second converging lens of focal length 5 cm is 34 cm from the first

    asked by KC(king of casino)
  54. chemistry

    what mass of Cu(IO3)2 can be formed from 0.650g ofCuSO4.5H2O

    asked by gravimetry
  55. Physics

    a beam 1.4m long balanced horizontally on a knife edge at its mid point. if a mass of 50g hung at one end of the beam balanced it when the knife edge is placed 0.5m from the same end.calculate the mass of the beam in grams

    asked by John
  56. chem

    What is the amount of 4M HCl needed to completely neutralize 50mL of 2M NaOH

    asked by bob
  57. history

    ''A series of blunders.''How justifiable is this view with regards to the death of Luis xvi in 1793.

    asked by tafadzwa ashley muuduri
  58. geography

    Give all granite landforms and limestone landforms.

    asked by tafadzwa ashley muuduri
  59. lo

    what are the 2 main contemporary social issues in south africa

    asked by georgia
  60. science

    What is the molarity of a 0.25-liter solution containing 52 grams of HBr?

    asked by chris
  61. chemistry

    a sulphuric acid solution contains 66% H2SO4 by weight and has the density of 1.58 gmL^-1 . how many moles of the acid are present in 1.00L of the solution. Molar mass for H2SO4 is 98.09 gmol^-1

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    the mean of six numbers is 53 three of the numbers are 48 45 and 54.the other three numbers are all equal.find the value of these three numbers.

    asked by Spare coochie please
  63. Physics

    A uniform beam 6m long and weight 4kg rest on support p and q place left and right 1.0m from each end of the beam weight of mass 10kgand 8kg are place near p and q respectively on each end of the beam.calculate the reaction p and q

    asked by Sherifdeen
  64. Maths

    How could I make v the subject of 7T=6v+5c

    asked by Elsa