Questions Asked on
June 6, 2019

  1. grammar

    I must admit ______ not my first choice! fill this blank

    asked by adil patel
  2. probability

    Consider 10 independent tosses of a biased coin with the probability of Heads at each toss equal to p, where 0

    asked by Johan
  3. math

    I must admit ______ not my first choice!

    asked by adil patel
  4. History

    Which term most accurately defines the practice of seeing things from the European perspective and believing that European culture is preeminent? Eurocentrism Euro-eminence Euro-paramountcy Europrominence A??

    asked by Ryder C.
  5. chemistry

    You are asked to make 43 grams of iron (Fe) from iron III oxide (Fe2O3) and carbon monoxide (CO) as shown in the chemical equation below. Fe2O3 + 3CO → 2Fe + 3CO2 How many grams of iron III oxide must you use? Question 10 options: 61.49 g 122.99 g 0.77 g

    asked by guest
  6. Physics

    a mercury in glass thermometer reads -20°C at the ice point and 100°C at the steam point. Calculate celcius temperature corresponding to 70°C on the thermometer

    asked by Richard
  7. history

    Which statement most accurately describes people’s perspectives on the Patriot Act? Americans approved of the measures believing that they would allow law enforcement officers to find terrorists, but also to catch criminals before they commit crimes. The

    asked by michael
  8. history

    Which military actions were Allied offensives during World War II? (Select all that apply) Operation Sea Lion Operation Torch Battle of Kursk Operation Barbarossa Operation Avalanche Is it all of them?

    asked by michael
  9. Math

    5. solve the equation. 3x + 6 = 24. A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8 6. solve the equation x/4 +1 = -6. A. 2 B. -4 C. -22 D. -28

    asked by itsPEWDIEPIE
  10. hvac

    Two technicians are discussing the HVAC/R field. Technician A says that industry codes that require certain types of installation practices carry the force of law with them. Technician B says that ANSI is an organization that establishes codes for the

    asked by ag
  11. Science

    If a force of 380 N is applied to the end of a 2 meter crowbar order to lift a 500N rock and if the fulcrum of the bar is 0.5 meters from the rock. What is the efficiency of the lever?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. government

    1. Which of the following is an accurate statement about voter turnout? A. There is usually no difference in participation rates between presidential and midterm elections. B. Presidential election years usually have significantly higher turnout than in

    asked by dbh
  13. history

    What was the perspective of Americans on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? Americans fought President Carter’s attempt to wage war against the Soviet Union over the invasion. Americans backed President Carter’s sanctions and embargoes on the Soviet

    asked by michael
  14. chemistry

    At s.t.p a certain mass of gas occupies a volume of 790cm 2. Find the temperature of at which the gas occupies 1000cm 3 atm has a pressure of 726 mmHg

    asked by Cherish
  15. Physics

    A spider spring of a spring balance is 25cm long when 5N weight hang on it and 30cm long when the weight is 10N what is the length of the spring it is weigth is 3N assuming hooke's law is obeyed?

    asked by Alannah Addison
  16. math

    A two digit numbers is three times the sum of the digits. It is 45 less than the number formed when the digits are interchanged. Find the two digits Please anyone to help me with solution

    asked by kevi
  17. government

    Why are third-party candidates often less successful than candidates from the two primary parties? A. Third parties have too many members. B. Voter turnout is too low for any major movement to win a majority.***? C. Americans are generally happy with both

    asked by dbh
  18. Math

    I have 6 coins two are worth 10c and forth are worth less then 10c all together they worth more the. $1.00 what coins could they be

    asked by Michi
  19. government

    1. How did the Watergate scandal affect policies surrounding campaign finance? A. The federal government instituted closer controls on campaign donations.***? B. There were no major changes to federal policy. C. Congress allowed for greater campaign

    asked by dbh
  20. government

    1. Which answer BEST describes the role of a linkage institution? A. to discourage average voters from voting B. to improve the influence corporations have on policy C. to inform constituents of the policymaking work of the government D. to insulate the

    asked by dbh
  21. government

    1. When a candidate wins large states by huge margins and loses small states by small margins it is likely to result in A. a candidate losing both the popular vote and the Electoral College. B. a candidate winning the popular vote but losing the Electoral

    asked by dbh
  22. algebra

    a parachutists rate during a free fall reaches 126 miles per hour. what is the rate in feet per second?

    asked by donna
  23. government

    1. Which of the following BEST describes the action of a single-issue group? A. a home owners' association staging a protest against new power line construction***? B. Major League Baseball lobbying Congress for changes to cable TV laws C. the Democratic

    asked by dbh
  24. Astronomy

    Describe the color, temperature, luminosity, and size of the Sun compared to the other stars.

    asked by Kid :)
  25. maths

    In a reflection, the image of the line y_2x =3 is the line 2y_ x =9 .find the axis of the reflection

    asked by Obsa Mohammed
  26. Math

    Lance spend 1/4of his money on a food and another 3/10 of his money on a drink. What fraction of his money did he spend in total?

    asked by Ashley
  27. government

    1. When campaigns are longer, which of the following is the effect? A. Voters are more likely to be more involved.***? B. Campaigns often become more expensive. C. Campaigns tend to hire fewer staff. D. Candidates are more likely to focus on issues. 2.

    asked by dbh
  28. algebra

    Simplify: -12x^4 x^4+8x^5 A -12 ; x ≠-1/8 1+8x B -12 ; x ≠ -1/8, 0 1+8x C -12 ; x ≠ 0 9x D -12 9 Simplify: x 7x+x^2 A 1 ; x ≠ -7 7+x B 1 ; x ≠ 0 7x C 1 ; x ≠ 0,-7 7+x D 1 7 Simplify: x-2 x^2+4x-12 A 1 ; x ≠ -6 x+6 B 1 ; x ≠ -6, x+6 C 1 ; x

    asked by i dont have an iphone
  29. english

    Please explain this sentence. "I tried to treat them with indifference and contempt". Thank you

    asked by will
  30. math

    you owe $1,455.69 on a credit card at a 12.8% apr. you pay 15 days after the due date and the late fee is $35.0, mkaing it 45 days of accrued interest. you pay $250.00. how much is your balance after the payment. help, this is confusing

    asked by VOTE IGOR
  31. Science

    1.) What feature is commonly found that convergence between two continental plates? Hot Spot Volcanoes Mid-Ocean Ridge**** Ocean Trench Mountains 2.) The transfer of heat through the movement of air or water that controls heat movement through both the

    asked by KingCrow
  32. math

    Write an inequality to represent the situation: The temperature stayed above -15 degrees. Please help I dont know how to do this!!

    asked by panda lover
  33. government

    1. What BEST describes the role of the McCain-Feingold Act? A. The act attempted to restrict the use of soft money.***? B. The act allowed Individuals to donate unlimited funds to political parties. C. The act forced many candidates to stop accepting

    asked by dbh
  34. history

    How did President Reagan’s campaign promise to reduce crime relate to the Air Traffic Controllers Strike? Reagan called in the National Guard to break the air traffic controllers strike to keep the airlines open. Reagan cited the 1955 law that banned

    asked by michael
  35. Math

    Mitchel ate 45 hotdog in 3 minutes at the annual hotdog eating contest. What was Mitchel's unit rate?

    asked by Jorge Ramirez
  36. History

    Please Help Quick Which statement does not accurately describe the Black Death that struck Europe in the fourteenth century? A. The effects of the plague stopped all advancements in science and medicine for the next two centuries. B. Most people in Europe

    asked by Nic
  37. math

    bracket here represent end of square root h (x) = √x+12} -3 / x + 3 when x ≠ 3 h is continuous for all x > -12 Please help thank you

    asked by Lilly
  38. Child Care

    What is the goal for Pluralistic Society?

    asked by Tianna
  39. History

    Why do you think Pinard sat down and wept after chipping pieces off the Berlin Wall? Explain what the wall meant to Pinard and the people who gathered around him to clap

    asked by Happy pride month :)
  40. physics - repost

    can someone proofread my nuclear energy opinion essay, please one more time? I think nuclear energy is the most reliable, and the current technology that could provide us with energy. The plants operating are safe and the new designs are even safer.

    asked by anonymous
  41. Career guidance

    Which career path I can follow with the following subjects? Mathematics Literacy, Agricultural sciences, Life

    asked by J-Ci Golela
  42. english

    what does pious hearted mean?

    asked by will
  43. chemistry

    arage the f/f gas in the order of increasing rate of diffusion SO3 CH4 H2 N2O CL2 O3 he

    asked by tofik
  44. Math

    What are some sites that can help with math

    asked by Lilly
  45. English

    The expression the life line of another man

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Please help Zachary and Nina made a display in the school window. They cut a piece of ribbon into 42 equal pieces. Each new piece was 15 cm long. Write an equation for the original length of the ribbon.

    asked by Cherie
  47. art

    Which of the following men was an outspoken critic in regards to the perceived tyranny of church and state?

    asked by derrick
  48. art

    Which men was an outspoken critic in regards to the perceived tyranny of church and state?

    asked by derrick
  49. Physics

    Describe atomic structure

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    [ -5] __ -6 (< />)

    asked by Mohit love you
  51. english

    Can someone please explain the meaning of this to me? " With an occasional kick of the older men and women, and many a sharp crack of the whip about the ears of the younger slaves, it was not long before they were all astir, and wide awake. Mr. Theophilus

    asked by matt
  52. Life orientation

    How can the geographical spread of media in South Africa be improved

    asked by Niqita
  53. Math

    [ -5] __ -6 (compare it)

    asked by Mohit love you
  54. math

    5/4 -1/3-1/2

    asked by kmairah