Questions Asked on
June 3, 2019

  1. Physics

    The screen of a pin-hole camera is a square, of side 0.16m and it is 0.15m behind the pinhole. The camera is placed 11m from a flag staff and positioned so that the image of the flag is formedd centrally on the screen. The image occupies three quarters of

    asked by Anna Houston
  2. Math

    While flying a pilot spots a water tower that is 4.8km away to the north. At the same time, she also sees a monument that is 5.6km away to the south. The tower and the monument are separated by a distance of 7 km along the flat ground. Find the angles at

    asked by Applications
  3. Math

    A fertilizer covers 3/4 square foots in 1/2 hour what the unit rate

    asked by Ben
  4. Math

    P,Q and R are points on the same horizontal plane. The bearing of Q from P is 150 and the bearing of R from Q is 060. if PQ=5 and QR=3, find the bearing of R from P, correct to the nearest degree.

    asked by Joseph Agber
  5. Science

    Your rocket takes off from Earth and goes from 0 m per second to 560 m per second in the first 7 seconds of flight. What is your acceleration? Once your rocket reaches space, the captain adjusts the speed. Your captain goes from 24,000 km/hr to 17,000

    asked by yeet my horse to the old town road
  6. math

    U= { all positive integer less than or equal to 30} M={all even positive numbers less than or equal to 20} N={all odd number less than or equal to 19} S={all integer x: 10

    asked by damilous
  7. Chemistry

    Potash alum is a double salt. Explain this statement using the chemical formula of the alum.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. English

    Identify the sentence that correctly uses apostrophes. Those dogs's owners have left them in their vet's kernel while they shop at Macy's. Those dogs' owners have left them in their vets' kernel while they shop at Macy's. Those dogs's owner's have left

    asked by Fishiano
  9. Maths

    Cos^2A/sinA-cosecA+sinA=0 Prove lHS =RHS

    asked by Sneha
  10. math

    Janelle wants to buy a shirt for a friend. Her choices of material are polyester and cotton. Shirts are available in yellow, orange, and blue. Make an organized list showing the different choices Janelle has. A. polyester polyester polyester cotton cotton

    asked by shoe (shu)
  11. Math

    From a committee of 6 girls and 4 boys, a name is selected. Then another name is selected. What is the probability that both people drawn will be girls? 2/15 9/25 3/5 1/3 i believe 9/25 but im not sure...

    asked by dogs vs cats
  12. Physics

    1. An object of length 200cm is photographed when it is 100cm from the hole.if the distance from the pinhole to the screen is 10cm.calculate the length of the image and magnification.

    asked by Okocha
  13. math

    answers for lesson 11: Rectangular Prisms and Volume CE 2015 Math 6 B Unit 5: Geometry and Measurement

    asked by jax
  14. math

    Please help me ASAP!!! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS!!!! John, Rick, and Molli can paint a room working together in 6 hours. Alone, John can paint the room in 12 hours. If Rick works alone, he can paint the room in 15 hours. Write an equation comparing the

    asked by mmmmmaaaai
  15. Physics

    The diagram shows a ballistic pendulum,used to measure the speed of the bullets.The 3,235kg wooden block hangs from a 3m cord.When a bullet is fired into it from close range ,it swings through an angle of 18 before coming to rest ,and is afterwards found

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math Repost for Jax

    This was originally posted on another student's thread. i need help with counting outcomes 0 0 posted by jax today at 2:54pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  17. math

    A juice company decides to test three different brands of juice. The different brands have been labeled A¸ B¸ and C. The company decides to compare each brand with the other brands by pairing together different brands. How many different pairs will

    asked by bob the builder will get u
  18. math

    Find the average rate of change of g(x)= -2x^3+2 from x= -1 to x=4. Please help immediately because I'm struggling with this question!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  19. Geography

    can you please tell me what to write in acknowledgement about topic solar system

    asked by Saksham
  20. Math

    The mean height of 45 students is 152cm. If the mean height of girls alone is 144cm and that of boys alone is 168cm. Find the number of boys and girls in the class

    asked by Noreen
  21. medical physics

    what effects of high,low,and medium frequency on our body?

    asked by komal
  22. life orientation

    description of human trafficking recent in 2016 to 2018

    asked by sihle
  23. Math

    Anna mixes the letters S,E,L,E,C,T,E, and D thoroughly. Without looking, Mary draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability the E will NOT be the letter Mary selects. A 3/8,, 0.375,, 37.5% B 8/5,, 1.6,, 16% C

    asked by Lilan
  24. math

    A sound wave is modeled with the equation y= 1/4 cos2pi/3 theta. a. Find the period. Explain your method. b. Find the amplitude. Explain your method. i think the period is 2pi/3 but i feel like im wrong so could someone solve this and explain it for me?

    asked by stan loona
  25. Science

    Determine the mass of copper deposited by 2.4moles of electrons in the reaction represented by the equation below Cu2++2e-=C u (Cu=63.55)

    asked by Chris
  26. physics

    A hot solid of mass 100 g at 100°c is quickly transferred into 100 g of water in a container of mass 200 g at 20°C. Calculate the resulting temperature of the mixture. Specific heat capacity of the solid and the container is 400 J/kgK.

    asked by utuje ferouzi
  27. Plagiarism site?

    is there a good that checks for plagiarism

    asked by anonymous
  28. Social studies

    Which of the following factors contributed the most to the increase of Spanish power in Europe in the late 1500s? A. the steady supply of wealth flowing into Spain from its colonies in the Americas B. the near-constant warfare it waged in Europe defending

    asked by sub to DluZz
  29. science asap

    1. Which of the following is the correct definition of minerals? A) A naturally occurring, inorganic solid that has a crystal shape and definite chemical composition. *** B) A naturally occurring, inorganic solid that forms through crystallization of

    asked by xo
  30. math

    A coin is tossed and a standard number cube is rolled. What is the probability that the coin shows heads and the number cube shows an even number? 1/4 1/6 1 1/2 i think the answer is 1/4

    asked by mmm
  31. math

    cos theta - tan theta cos theta = 0

    asked by 123
  32. Math

    Volume of water that enters the tank is 20m^3/h. Level of water inside the tank is 50% wich is equal to 400m^3. Pump is able to deliver 30m^3/h . how long will it take to empty the tank ?

    asked by Daniel
  33. English

    Peer pressure destroys character. Write for the motion

    asked by Lisa
  34. humanity

    How did India’s attitude toward Europeans differ from those of the other cultures discussed in this chapter?

    asked by mary
  35. English

    I cant seem to figure out the theme of the poem the despot by emily dickenson. Not just identify the theme but i cant understand it. Please help? The Despot The garden mold was damp and chill, Winter had had his brutal will Since over all the year's

    asked by waterlover2.0
  36. English

    I need help with writing my thesis on music genres. I turned in my pre-writing to my instructor with this thesis: Thesis: Music carries power with its many different genres, and its power to make people feel different ways is very strong. The different

    asked by LunarBerry
  37. Math

    A mother wants to invest ​$5000 for her​ son's future education. She invests a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit​ (CD account) which earns 4​% simple interest and the remainder in a savings bond that earns 5​% simple interest.

    asked by Sara
  38. math

    Sketch a graph of f(x)={0 if x

    asked by Andrea
  39. Math

    Find the measure of each angle in the triangle. I can't post a picture of the triangle it won't let me. Angle A = 5x +8 Angle B = 4x + 2 Angle C = 8x Thank you

    asked by Sara
  40. English

    What is a adverb and example of it

    asked by Lilly
  41. English

    Ok Sorry last question for today in a persuasive paragraph what is a topic sentence

    asked by Lilly
  42. Program design

    Input the following: Salesperson number Gender (F or M) Department number (1 or 2) Sales amount Basic salary Write the pseudocode to calculate how much a salesperson earns when his/her commission and basic salary are combined. If a salesperson sells above

    asked by Naomi
  43. Maths

    Given thatT7=23, Tn=43 and T2n=91. Find a,d and n

    asked by Anonymous
  44. English

    What r reason why dogs should not be outside for long

    asked by Sally
  45. clarify job duty

    What would following up with students for retention purposes entail?

    asked by Can't Comprehend
  46. Math

    swimsuit discounted 65% on sale for $20.30 Steps needed!

    asked by rishi
  47. Biostatistics

    What is the answer z = p - p0 / sqrt [p0(1-p0)/n] = 0.889 - 0.86/ sqrt[0.86(1-0.86)/5418] =

    asked by Michelle Payden-Wright
  48. Cells

    What is one purpose of a cell wall? My answer: To protect the cell membrane and keep the initial shape of a cell. Thank you! :-)

    asked by SmartNoodle
  49. government

    The American core political value of individualism has its historical roots in which of the following? A. Native American forms of government B. opposition to Trans-Atlantic slavery C. the Magna Carta D. attitudes toward old European governments***

    asked by dbh
  50. government

    Concerns over inequality in American political culture gave rise to which of the following core values in American society? A. individualism*** B. populism C. socialism*** D. elitism

    asked by dbh
  51. government

    Which of the following has been a major demographic shift strengthening political support for Medicare? A. the rising immigrant population B. the aging of the American population*** C. the declining percentage of male college graduates D. the

    asked by dbh
  52. government

    Members of the Democratic Party tend to embrace the concept of limited government in which of the following issues? A. unemployment and poverty B. racial inequality in the workplace*** C. women’s right to choose an abortion D. industrial pollution of the

    asked by dbh
  53. government

    Which of the following polling methods relies on representative respondents? A. quota method*** B. random selection C. voluntary method D. robo-call sampling

    asked by dbh
  54. government

    What contradiction exists in American public opinion about Ronald Reagan’s claim that government is not the solution but the problem? A. Americans want regulation and public services but not tax cuts. B. Americans want government in their private lives

    asked by dbh
  55. Science

    Hello noodles, here is a quick question! What are the parts of a cell that makes it function properly? Is it the organelles? That's what I think! :-)

    asked by SmartNoodle
  56. Government

    The relationship between constitution and constitutionalism

    asked by Promise
  57. Math

    please show steps. A small town has 4000 inhabitants. At 8 AM, 320 people have heard a rumor. By noon half the town has heard it. At what time will 90% of the population have heard the rumor? (Round the answer to one decimal place. Use this equation to

    asked by cao
  58. government

    For the preservation of American individualism, conservative members of the Republican Party tend to advocate for which of the following? A. an active and protective government B. less government in the marketplace*** C. gun controls D. fewer resources for

    asked by dbh
  59. History

    What was the roman empirers veiws in chritianity at various points in its history? what caused them to change over time

    asked by Um 😐