Questions Asked on
June 2, 2019

  1. Maths

    A cone height is 9cm has a volume of n cm3 and a curved surface area of ncm2. Find the vertical angle of the cone

    asked by Majid
  2. early childhood

    Which of the following best describes the eclectic approach to guiding children? A. It accommodates different children's needs. B. It takes children from different backgrounds and helps them transition to the dominant culture. C. It relies on technological

    asked by Diana
  3. Math - for Reiny

    Mandy finds she can get a discount on corn cobs if she buys in bulk. She can get 100 kilograms of corn cobs for $160 from Matt, on condition that she buys at least 100 kilograms. From another supplier, Robert, she can buy small quantities of corn cobs (100

    asked by Grace
  4. Math

    A plane flies 120km on a bearing of 045 degree and then flies 150km due east. How far east of the starting point is the plane?

    asked by Omowunmi
  5. Physical education


    asked by NMESOMA
  6. physics

    A boy of mass 40kg sits at point of 2.0m from the pivot of see saw . Find the weight of a girl who can balance the see saw by sitting at a distance of 3.2 m from the pivot . (Take g = 10 Nkg-1)

    asked by fredrick
  7. English language

    While your name dies out,the daughter continues the lifeline of another man in another family. What grammatical name is given to this expression ' the lifeline of another man' and what is it function?

    asked by Khadija Ismail
  8. Programming

    Write pseudocode to represent the logic of a program that allows the user to enter a value for hours worked in a day. The program calculates the hours worked in a five day week and the hours worked in a 252 day work year. The program outputs all the

    asked by Isaiah
  9. Maths

    Colin walked a distance of 15 miles in 6 hours Work out Colin's average speed Give your answer in miles per hour

    asked by Fatima
  10. English

    Which sentence is punctuated incorrectly? A. He explained the principle of internal-combustion (although not very well.)*** B. John Lennon (1940-1980) was a founding member of The Beatles. C. The Latin expression "per se" ("in itself") has found wide use

    asked by dbh
  11. Physics

    The acceleration due to the Earth's gravity, in English units, is 32 ft/s2. In the absence of air friction, a ball is dropped from rest. Its speed on striking the ground is exactly 60 miles/hr. For what time interval was the ball falling? I am unsure how

    asked by mssailormouth
  12. Physics

    Suppose you throw a ball vertically upward with a speed of 49 m/s. Neglecting air friction, what would be the speed of the ball 2.0 second later?

    asked by mssailormouth
  13. Algebra

    A 12 - ft ladder leans against the side of a house. The bottom of the ladder is 6 ft from the side of the house. How high is the top of the ladder from the ground? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Melvin
  14. chemistry

    A compound, which is a nonelectrolyte, analyzes to be 40.0% C, 5.10% H, and 54.2% O by mass. When 11.8 g of this compound is dissolved in 200. g of water, the solution freezes at -0.930°C. Determine the molar mass of the compound.

    asked by mark
  15. early childhood

    _______ parents and teachers believe that they must create a safe and secure emotional climate for children. A. Authoritarian B. Indulgent C. Uninvolved D. Authoritative my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  16. Maths

    A regular hexagon is to be cut from a sheet of diameter d.the width across corner is

    asked by Ragu
  17. Math

    the sum of the squares of two consecutive integers is 365. find the integers using the quadratic formula. if possible, show your steps! :)

    asked by jacob
  18. Home economics.

    Methods of arranging fullness.

    asked by Esther
  19. Career guidance

    Can I be a scientist with goegraphy,life sciences,agricultural sciences,mathematical literacy,English,Xhosa,life orientation

    asked by Olwethu silindela
  20. Math

    A golfgreen is 18m wide. Within what angle must a player hit the ball in order to land on the green from a position 215m from the green? The angle of a cone is 35.4 degrees. Determine the diameter of the cone at a poiint on the face 22cm from the vertex.

    asked by Please Help
  21. English

    Read this sentence from Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. "They had no money evidently; according to Professor Trevelyan they were married whether they liked it or not before they were out of the nurssery, at fifteen or sixteen very likely." Her

    asked by dbh
  22. Math

    The temperature was less than -15 degrees Celsius. Write an inequality and three possible solutions . I wrote t

    asked by Cherie
  23. Math

    From the top of a building the angle of elevation of the top of a nearby building is 23 degrees and the angle of depression of the bottom of the nearby building is 52 degrees. The distance between the two buildings is 35m. What is the height of the second

    asked by Please Help
  24. MATH


    asked by KC
  25. Math

    How much 60% concentrated cordial must be added to 90% concentrated cordial to make 6L of 80% cordial?

    asked by Grace
  26. Programming

    write the output of the segment of the program below let J=0 print J let J=J+1 if j

    asked by damilous
  27. Programming

    write the output of the segment of the program below 1 let S=0 2 For C = 1 to 5 3 let S = S+C 4 next C 5 Print S

    asked by damilous
  28. L O

    How did the xenophobia recent in 2016-2018. And how did it this problem has displayed itself in communities

    asked by Dikeledi
  29. Physics

    How Would You Charge A Gold-leaf Electroscope With A Plastic Rod And Fur?

    asked by Chris
  30. Physics

    A ball thrown with a speed of 100ms^-1 attains a height of 150m. ( take g= 9.8ms^-2) calculate the: (a) time of flight (b) angle of projection (c) range?

    asked by Khadija Ismail
  31. statistics

    A survey for brand recognition is done and it is determined that 68% of consumers have heard of Dull Computer Company. A survey of 800 randomly selected consumers is to be conducted. For such groups of 800, would it be significant to get 634 consumers who

    asked by Hello
  32. Life orientation

    Name and explain one law or legislation that protects citizens against xenophobia

    asked by Bongekile
  33. Geometry

    A rectangular tube is being made. The outside of the tube is 15 cm long, 6 cm tall and 10 cm wide. The hollow core is in the middle and runs the length of the tube. How much metal is needed to make this tude?

    asked by Donna Marcins
  34. physics

    a uniform disk of mass 3kg and radius 12cm rotates at 480 rev/min. find its kinetic energy (Hint : I of uniform disk =1/2MR2)

    asked by James
  35. math

    Given the function f(x)=-5+4x^2 calculate the following value: f(a+h) Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  36. Civic

    Write And Explain Any Four Local Civic Problem

    asked by Godstime Prosper
  37. Physics

    A car accelerates from 0.0 to 33 m/s in 6.0 seconds. What is the magnitude of the acceleration? I got 198 but the answer is 5.5?? Not understanding this.

    asked by mssailormouth
  38. Life orientation

    Contributing factors that lead to Human Rights Abuses

    asked by Morghel
  39. Economics

    What subsidies payment should be reviewed or added ? If yes what are they , if no , why

    asked by Sandile khumalo
  40. Geometry

    in rectangle efgh shown below with diagonal hf drawn which is the closest to the measure of ef

    asked by Andrew
  41. math

    bam bam and pebbles escape from the playpen they start crawling away, making an angle of 55 degree with each other .if bam bam crawls at ar ate of 60cm a min and pebbles crawls at 85 how far apart

    asked by Please Help
  42. math

    Given the function f(x)=6+4x^2 calculate the following value: f(a+h) I will need help on this problem too!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  43. Math

    Two candles of different sizes were lit. The 12cm candles burned at 0.5cm per hour and the 18 cm candles burned at 2cm per hour. How many hours did it take the two candle sizes to burn to the same size.? I got 4 hrs but don’t think I did equation

    asked by Cherie
  44. English

    Read these lines from Siegfried Sassoon's "Dreamers." "And mocked by hopeless longing to regain/Bank holidays, and picture shows, and spats,/And going to the office in the train." Which of these can be found in this excerpt? A. parallelism B. repetition C.

    asked by dbh
  45. maths

    The volume of a right circular cone is 5 litres.calculate the volume of the two parts into which the cone is divided by a plane parallel to the

    asked by admits Sainsbury admits zainab
  46. Science

    What is the ppm of Co2 on the top of Pikes Peak?

    asked by Kevin
  47. early childhood

    Which of the following statements is true of the decision-making model? A. It enables one to avoid making decisions. B. It takes a hesitant approach to making decisions. C. It strives to avoid getting caught up in emotion. D. It strives for a high level of

    asked by Diana
  48. Maths

    The sum of a number is 1214 base 5. What is the average expressed in base 5?

    asked by Khadija Ismail
  49. Maths

    Simplify 213 base 4 * 23 base 4?

    asked by Khadija Ismail
  50. Math

    Diane and Limore are looking at their school from the area beside the gym. From ambers point of view, the top of the school is at an angle of elevation of 48. From joeys point of view, directly closer to the school it is 68 degrees. the school is 30m high.

    asked by Trigernometry
  51. Social Studies

    How are the governments of Australia and the Pacific islands similar? How are they different?

    asked by Jalissa
  52. Math

    Create an inequality for this problem and solve. Devon works in a sporting goods store. She makes $1250 a week plus 16% commission on everything she sells. What is the minimum she would have to sell in order to make at least $4000 in a week. This is my

    asked by Cherie
  53. Maths

    Pqr is allocated in the same horizontal plain, the bearing of q from p is130° and the bearing of r from q is 075°, then pq=6cm and qr =4cm, find the bearing of r from p, collect to the nearest degree

    asked by Goodness
  54. social studies

    What was the main goal of the Chinese citizens who protested the Chinese government in the late 1980s? A. to demand access to food and water B. to demand fairer wages C. to demand greater political freedom D. to demand improved schools Which of the

    asked by help
  55. Physics

    An 82 kg alpaca on a merry-go-round is traveling in a circle with a radius of 3.0 m. It takes 10 seconds to go around one time completely. What is the centripetal acceleration of the alpaca? 3.6 m/s2 A) 200 m/s2 B) 120 m/s2 C) 1.2 m/s2

    asked by Mia
  56. social studies

    Drag and drop the most important steps toward Allied victory in Europe and the Pacific. Some choices may not be used. the blitzkrieg on Poland the capture of Berlin by the Soviets the capture of the Netherlands in 1940 the bombing of Pearl Harbor the

    asked by help
  57. English

    My question is to choose a teacher that you would like to thank from 6th 7th or 8th grade.You will create a sonnet to thank them.Each line must have 10 syllables and the following rhyming scheme ABAB;CDCD,EFEF;GG.(I want to pick my math teacher because she

    asked by Zaid Shehryar
  58. chemistry

    When 63.0 mL of 0.5264 M strontium hydroxide reacts with 28.4 mL of 0.2995 M cobalt(III) sulfate, two precipitates can form. Assume volumes are additive and that the reaction goes to completion. (a) Calculate the mass of each precipitate formed. g of

    asked by Thomas
  59. Science

    On a 120km track a train travel the first 30km at a uniform speed of 30km/hr calculate the speed with which the train should move rest of the track so as to get the average speed of 60km/hr for the entire trip

    asked by Anonymous
  60. math

    f=9/5 c+32 solve for c

    asked by Bates Technical College