Questions Asked on
June 1, 2019

  1. economics

    Take a fast moving consumer good(FMCG) like washing machine detergent . Analyse the factors that determine the demand of this product .present your findings in form of a class work

    asked by tuba
  2. Physics

    A rock dropped from a bridge takes 3.21 seconds to hit the water. How high is the bridge in meters? I need to find Vsub0 to be able to calculate h....but how do I get Vsub0???

    asked by mssailormouth
  3. further mathematics.

    find the equation of the line which is parallel to the 5x+4y=18 and makes on the intercept of 2 units on the x axis

    asked by olawumi
  4. Math

    If a mother is 20 years old when her baby is born how old will she be when she is twice as old as her child

    asked by T
  5. Physics

    Three point charges of 2microcoulomb,-3microcoulomb,and -3microcoulomb are kept at the vertices A, B and C respectively of the equilateral triangle of side 20centimeter . What should be the sides of the triangles and magnitude of the charge to be place at

    asked by Iba
  6. Physics

    An airplane is flying at 95.0 m/s when the engine is turned off. As it glides, it experiences a force of drag so that is slows down at -0.700 m/s2. How far in meters will it travel in 1.00 minute ? answer: 4440m??

    asked by mssailormouth
  7. Maths

    The sides of a rectangles are 22 cm and 120 cm respectively. Find the length of its diagonal.

    asked by Aman tiwari
  8. Physics

    A car traveling at 22.0 m/s accelerates for 2.37 seconds at a rate of 2.25 m/s2. How far will it travel in meters during this time? (22.0)(2.37) +1/2(2.25)(2.37)= answer 58.5m right?

    asked by mssailormouth
  9. English

    What sentence type is "while my sister was watching tv, i did my homework."

    asked by Estrella
  10. Physics

    A runner travels 1.65 km in 5 min and 30 seconds. What is the velocity in m/s? Answer to two decimal places. I think I have answer since v=d/t convert 5 min 30 sec to seconds 330 seconds and 1.65km to 1650m 1650m/330sec answer: 5m/s Am I right?

    asked by mssailormouth
  11. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up from a bridge at a speed of 11.0 m/s. If it takes 5.5 seconds to hit the water below, what is the velocity just before it hits the water?

    asked by mssailormouth
  12. Physics

    A hollow metal sphere of radius 10cm is charged such that the potential in its surface is 5volt . What is the potential at the centre of the sphere?

    asked by Iba
  13. Maths

    out of 20 computer scientists in a city all qualified to attend business conference but only 5 of them are required to attend due to logistics problem. Used systematic sampling to select the 5 scientists to attend the conference?

    asked by Oviedo Santos
  14. Physics

    A sprinter accelerates at 5.0 m/s2. How far will she travel in 4.0 seconds if she starts at 0 m/s?

    asked by mssailormouth
  15. Physics

    A runner can run a 400.0 meter lap in 50.0 seconds. He finishes at the same spot as he began. What is his average velocity?

    asked by mssailormouth
  16. Math

    I just need to know what the solution set of 'y - 6 >/= 12' is since it's kind of confusing to me. (I already know the inequality but I just don't really get the idea of solution sets, if you could try to tell me the general idea as well then that would

    asked by ?
  17. geography

    did the french follow the spanish down to mexico

    asked by bob
  18. Life orientation

    Description of recent service delivery protest

    asked by Luthando
  19. maths

    what is the ratio of two sides of two squares that have 12 cm and 4cm

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics

    A metre rule is found to balance at the 54cm mark when a body of mass 80g is suspended at the 20cm mark ,the balance point is said to be at 55cm mark. Calculate the mass of the ruler and the distance of the balance point from the zero end,if the body were

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Physics

    A real cubic expansivity is the increase in volume of a liquid per unit volume per degree rise in temperature when heated in an inexpansible vessel True or false? And give the explanation.

    asked by Oviedo Santos
  22. Career guidance

    What courses can I do at university for a degree with these subjects including English, Life Orientation, Afrikaans.

    asked by Keobokile
  23. chemistry

    Why does an aqueous solution of 0.10 mol/kg of NaCl have a higher boiling point than a 0.10 mol/kg aqueous C6H12O6?

    asked by damon
  24. Physics

    In which orientation, a dipole place in a uniform electric field as in (A stable) and (B unstable) equilibrium.

    asked by Iba
  25. Physics

    Show that the net charge inside the conductor is zero.

    asked by Iba
  26. Math

    A 60-footpiece of wire is strung between the top of a tower and the ground, making a 30-60-90 triangle. How far from the center of the base of the tower is the wire attached to the ground? How high is the tower?

    asked by Lucas
  27. Math

    A 60-footpiece of wire is strung between the top of a tower and the ground, making a 30-60-90 triangle. How far from the center of the base of the tower is the wire attached to the ground?How high is the tower? (The center of the base would be the point

    asked by Lucas
  28. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up from a bridge at a speed of 11.0 m/s. What will be its velocity (speed and direction) after 2.0 seconds?

    asked by mssailormouth
  29. Physics

    A tennis ball is hit into the wall with a speed of 26 m/s. If it rebounds with a speed of 24 m/s, how much energy was lost in the collision? mass of tennis ball = 0.059 kg A) 6 joules B) 1 joule C) 3.0 joules

    asked by Mia
  30. Math

    Anna earns $65 for 5 hours at that rate how long would she have to work to earn $234

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Mathematics

    A high-jumper's path on a jump can be represented by the equation h=-16t^2+80t. At what time(s) does the jumper reach 84 ft? Show or explain your work. Ok, so i have no idea how to do this, does anyone know how to solve this question?

    asked by Ashley
  32. Physics

    Peregrine falcons dive practically straight down and can reach speeds of 100 m/s by the time they reach their prey (smaller birds). If all of the falcon's speed is coming from its initial potential energy, how high must the falcon be above its prey at the

    asked by Mia
  33. Physics

    A car moving at 22.0 m/s accelerates at 3.00 m/s2 for 2.39 seconds. What will the final speed be in m/s? do I use v subf= at+v sub0 3.00x2.39 +22.0= answer 29.17??

    asked by mssailormouth
  34. Math

    Three towns A,B&C are located such that the distance between A&B is 15km and the distance between A&C is 90km, if the bearing of B from A is 075 and the bearing of C from A is 310. (a) draw the diagram (b) find the distance between B and C (c) find the

    asked by Felix
  35. Physics

    A car traveling at 22.0 m/s decelerates for 2.33 seconds at a rate of -2.25 m/s2. What will the final speed be in m/s? =16.8m/s??

    asked by mssailormouth
  36. World History

    Which accurately describes the reasons for the development of the Reign of Terror? Following the beheading of King Louis XVI, France moved to radicalism, including the emergence of Maximilien Robespierre and his use of the guillotine against enemies of the

    asked by Mina
  37. math

    a cricketer has scored an average of 25.4 runs in his last 10 innings. he scored 58 and 16 runs in the next two innings. what is his new batting average?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Physical science

    What's combinations best describe the kinetic theory of gases

    asked by Tumelenh
  39. chemistry

    5.00 g H2 and 10.0 g O2 are combined in a 10.0 L container at 25°C and then ignited. Calculate the final pressure in the container. You must compare the pressure the water would have if it all existed as vapor to the vapor pressure of water at that

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math- Geometry

    There are 30 pepperonis with a radius of .5in each on a pizza with a radius of 1 ft. What is the percentage of the pizza top that is covered by pepperonis? Please show work!!

    asked by Bri
  41. chemistry

    What volume of carbon dioxide would be produced at 350˚C and 1.00 atm from the complete thermal decomposition of 1.00 kg of magnesium carbonate, MgCO3? What is the density of carbon dioxide at this temperature?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    A small laser-tag company is planning on discounting some of their group rates for the week. Instead of $90 for a group of 3-6 people for 15 minutes, their discounting the rate to only $60. If any party that's meets the requirements needed for this, and

    asked by i dont have an iphone
  43. Physics

    A wave sent out from a source is reflected back to the source in 1.0*10^-3 if the velocity of the wave is 3.0*17^8 the distance of the reflecting surface from the source is?

    asked by Kimberly
  44. algebra

    Explain the steps that you take to complete an integer long division problem. Then explain the steps in completing a polynomial long division problem. How are they the same? How are they different? Can someone help me step by step.

    asked by Mitchi
  45. physics

    a bullet of mass 20 grams is fired horizontally into suspended stationally Worden block of mass 380 grams with velocity of 200 m/s.what is the common velocity of bullet and block if the bullet embedded into the block,if the block and bullet experience a

    asked by Manikumar shah