Questions Asked on
May 31, 2019

  1. American History

    What was the political impact of the Nullification Crisis? The Nullification Crisis eliminated the executive branch’s authority over states. The Nullification Crisis led to the promotion of federal power over states’ rights. The Nullification Crisis

    asked by Klauus
  2. physics

    The speed of a rifle bullet may be measured by means of a ballistic pendulum. The bullet, of known mass m and unknown speed V, embeds itself in a stationary wooden block of mass M, suspended as a pendulum of length L. This sets the block to swinging. The

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    What is the total iconic equation and net ionic equation of the reaction between barium nitrate and ammonium oxalate Ba(NO3)2 + (NH4)2C2O4 → Ba(C2O4) + 2NH4(NO3) What is the total iconic equation and net ionic equation of the reaction between calcium

    asked by Anonymous
  4. science

    1. Which of the following activities has a negative impact on biodiversity? A. regulating hunting B. establishing wildlife preserves C. buying a fuel-efficient car D. cutting down trees in rain forests to build more houses 2. Koalas, which are native to

    asked by Regalia
  5. Washington State History

    which was the primary motive for exploration and development in the pacific northwest in the the 1800s? 1.the discovery of gold land for settlers 3.profit from the fur trade 4.military supply port

    asked by haven
  6. math

    A car travels 136 miles using 7 gallons of gas. At that rate, how far can the car travel using 42 gallons of gas?

    asked by ashely
  7. Math

    The inequality 2 p ≤ 18 can be used to determine how many pounds of apples at $2.00 per pound, p, you can buy while spending $18.00 or less. What is the greatest number of pounds of apples you can buy?

    asked by Yeetusafeetusinalabama
  8. physics

    Marc is working on the newly rebooted Mythbusters show (I’m not, but wouldn’t that be cool!) working with the crew as a physics consultant. This particular myth has the hosts jumping off a 12-m building to see if it is possible to survive. However,

    asked by Anonymous
  9. social studies

    Why did the Puritans move to New England?

    asked by syefe
  10. math

    what is the system and principle of reasoning ?

    asked by Gamechu
  11. math

    Mark wants to paint a mural. He has 1 1 3 gallons of yellow paint, 1 1 4 gallons of green paint, and 7 8 gallon of blue paint. Mark plans to use 3 4 gallon of each paint color. How many gallons of paint will he have left after painting the mural?

    asked by olololololaoalolaolaosws
  12. Physics

    Kandi is dropping water balloons of different sizes from a rooftop to the ground. All of the water balloons experience the same rate of acceleration toward the ground and travel the same distance. As she drops water balloons of increasing mass, A. the

    asked by Mia
  13. Geography

    What 9 industries have shaped up Canada?

    asked by Joy
  14. finance

    Under the average cost method, the flow of goods through the accounting records will do what to physical flow

    asked by Jess
  15. American History

    Why was the empresario system important to the Mexican government? A) The Mexican government did not have the resources to manage Texas, but wished to cede the unused territory to the United States. B) The Mexican government desired an alliance and offered

    asked by Klauus
  16. English

    My dad was over the hill when he turned 51.

    asked by Farooq
  17. music

    what do neumes above text represent?

    asked by jonathan
  18. algebra


    asked by sam
  19. Math

    Ok so there are 10 people in the store and 5 leaves the store and 3 goes to the bath room how many are there left

    asked by Mark
  20. Math

    Solve for x and y: (x,y)(1,2)=(-1,8)

    asked by Learner
  21. Math

    A pair of dice is rolled. Let G be the event that the sum will be an even number and H be the event that the sum will be greater than 6. Find GuH

    asked by ISIAKA A.KROMAH
  22. Science

    Name the three indicators used to distinguish between an acid and an alkali.? Plzzz urgent ans.

    asked by Vartika
  23. Social Studies

    I need to find something that starts with the letter Z it's for a project and it is due on Monday and I need somebody's help, please.

    asked by Emily
  24. Physics

    A body of mass 2kg is placed on a rough inclined plane ,whose angle of inclination is 30°. Find the force acting down the slope and the acceleration if a frictional force of 5N acts between the body and the surface?

    asked by Oviedo Santos
  25. maths

    the volume of a cube is 64cm cube find the TSA of the cube

    asked by murali
  26. math

    while ewan was working on his space ship he gave his other friend tyler a job he wanted tyler to work on a square poster that has an area that is exactly 576 inches squared how long is each side

    asked by NikeRetro
  27. Physics

    Two concurrent forces have a maximum resultant of 45 and minimum of 5.What is the magnitude of each these force

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    Water is pulled up from a well in a bucket on a rope . The rope wind on a cylindrical drum of diameter 14cm. It takes 31 turns of the drum to pull the bucket up from the bottom of the well. How deep is the well?

    asked by Agyemang
  29. geography

    tropical storms often hit japan during the summer winnter spring fall Why did japan need to rebuild its ecconomy after WW2

    asked by hehehe
  30. math

    4 and 4

    asked by Anonymous
  31. global studies

    with wich animal are the minangkabau most connected cow water buffalo elaphent tiger I THINK ITS A

    asked by hehehe
  32. English

    What is the responsibilities of white and black knight

    asked by Tandin
  33. global studies

    Mainland southeast asia is wide island delta

    asked by hehehe
  34. chemistry

    the solubility of barium chloride at 298k is 1.05*10 raised -5. calculate the solubility product?

    asked by Masresha
  35. global studies

    How have geographic conditions most impacted nancy's economic activities

    asked by hehehe
  36. World History

    What was the significance of the Battle of Tannenberg in World War I? a.) The incoming British military forces amply supplied the Allied lines to prevent Germany from invading Paris. b.)The attack on civilians by German war boats during the battle led to

    asked by Anon
  37. Math

    Consider the quotient, f(x)/x-h What is the remainder of this quotient? My answer- f(x-h)

    asked by Alexandra
  38. Maths

    In a test the mean mark of four students was 61. the median was 60 and the mode was 27. what was the highest score?

    asked by Oviedo Santos
  39. history

    What was the initial result of the Reagan tax cuts? Banks found the reduction of taxes led Americans to stop borrowing, which led to the failure of many savings and loan companies. The loss of tax revenue to the federal government promoted deficit spending

    asked by michael
  40. Math

    What is a, b and c in the following equation: y = x^2 -5x + 4 Help?? Can someone explain how to do this or what the answer is. Thxxx

    asked by GoldenCrow
  41. Careers

    Can I become nurse if studying mathematical literacy ,life sciences , geography n tourism

    asked by Jessica khomotjo
  42. Math

    What are the other words for solutions of a quadratic? What is the inverse of a square function?

    asked by GoldenCrow
  43. Math

    How to solve: (y^2+6y+4)/(y-8)

    asked by Zh
  44. Language Arts!

    *Need answered before 7:00pm* What impact did "roald dahl's Charlie and the chocolate factory: a play" have on readers? please help!

    asked by ~Echo~
  45. History

    which geographic feature most enabled people to cross the himalayas and other northern mountains to settle on the indian subcontinent

    asked by hehehe
  46. History

    what characteristics of the area made the indus valley a cultural hearth

    asked by hehehe
  47. history

    Based on this decision from the Supreme Court, who decides if the Affordable Care Act is a good law? A. the Framers of the Constitution B. the American people C. the Supreme Court D. the Congress

    asked by Raelynn
  48. Physics

    A 50.0-kilogram skydiver jumps from an airplane and is in freefall for 20 seconds. Immediately before she opens her parachute, her kinetic energy is 78,400 joules. If the amount of heat her motion transferred to her surroundings during freefall was 884,000

    asked by Mia
  49. Career guidance

    Life science,Geography,maths lit and history Hi...jiskha are there any careers in the faculty of science that require my subject from above...if so will it be possible to apply for human biology with maths lit?

    asked by Anathi
  50. American History

    What actions did Seminole Indians take in curtailing the effects of the Indian Removal Act? 1) They established a society free from government intervention. 2) They agreed to the government’s offer to relocate. 3) They fought to maintain control of their

    asked by Klauus
  51. American History

    Which options represent attempts on the part of the Mexican government to assert control over the Texas Territory? (Select all that apply.) 1. ended further American immigration 2. prohibited slavery 3. enforced Spanish as the national language 4. built

    asked by Klauus
  52. American History

    How did Mexican Cession shape the growth of the United States? (Select all that apply.) It eliminated nationalism. It promoted migration west. It spread Christianity. It promoted cultural hegemony. I think the answers are 2, 3 and 4?

    asked by Klauus
  53. science

    25g of potassium chloride were dissolved in 60g of water at 50°Celsius calculate the solubility of the solute in mol•dmcube

    asked by ayo
  54. Physics

    Two molten rocks fly directly toward each other in outer space. One rock has a mass of 883 kilograms and is moving directly toward the Sun at a velocity of 555 meters per second. The second rock has a mass of 983 kilograms and is moving directly away from

    asked by Mia
  55. History

    what is the source of many political conflicts in south asia

    asked by hehehe
  56. Chemistry

    what reagent with observations are used to separate(i)Fe2+$Fe3+ (ii)Mg2+$Fe2+ (iii)Cu2+$Al3+ (iv)SO4(2+)$CO3(2+)

    asked by Kane