Questions Asked on
May 25, 2019

  1. precalculus

    A Ferris wheel is 25 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 2 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 4 minutes. How many minutes of

  2. Math

    The tens digit of a certain number is five more than the units digit. The sum of the digits is 9. Find the number.

  3. Physics

    The spiral spring of a spring balance is 25.0cm long when 5N hangs on it as and 30.0cm long when the weight is 10N What is the length of the spring If the weight is 3N assuming hooke's law is obeyed?

  4. Math

    Hi im in connexions academy and I was wondering which is greater 4 cups, or 46 fluid ounces and by how much?

  5. Math

    If lucy borrows the money (20 000) from the bank and agrees to pay it back over four years,how much interest will she pay at an interest rate of 12 percent

  6. U.S. History

    Who was intended to benefit from the Land Act of 1800? A large-scale farmer with vast acreage A plantation owner in the South A poor family that wanted property A wealthy estate owner in the East I think it's C.

  7. chemistry

    A compound which contains only carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur is burned in oxygen under such conditions that the individual volumes of the reactants and products can be measured at the same temperature and pressure. it is found that 3 volumes of the compound

  8. Chemistry

    The normal boiling point for acetone is 56.5°C. At an elevation of 6500 ft, the atmospheric pressure is 606 torr. What would be the boiling point of acetone (ΔHvap = 32.0 kJ/mol) at this elevation? What would be the vapor pressure of acetone at 25.0°C

  9. math

    What operation does the expression x + 5 involve?

  10. American History

    Which option most accurately assesses the significance of the Louisiana Purchase in relation to the era of westward expansion? A) It doubled the size of the United States. B) It eliminated the need to trade with French fur trappers. C) It fostered the

  11. chemistry

    A gaseous compound is composed of 80.0% carbon and 20.0% hydrogen by mass. Its density is 0.963 g/L. The density of oxygen gas at the same temperature and pressure is 1.032 g/L. Determine the molecular formula of the compound

  12. chemistry

    The Ksp for AgI is 8.5 x 10-17. The Ksp for TlI (thallium iodide) is 5.5 x 10-8. A one litre solution contains 0.035 mol L-1 Ag+ ion and Tl+ ion. When TlI begins to precipitate, what percentage of Ag+ remains in the solution?

  13. Maths

    The probability of an event P is 3/4 while that of another event is 1/6. If the probability of both P and Q is 1/12 what is the probability of either P or Q.

  14. Maths

    Simplify 1/√3+2 in the form of a+b√3?

  15. American History

    Review the reasoning from Hamilton’s National Bank argument. It is not denied that there are implied as well as express powers, and that the former are as effectually delegated as the latter. And for the sake of accuracy it shall be mentioned, that there

  16. Maths

    The velocity of a particle is given by v=2x+1 cms^-1. If the particle is initially at the origin, find what the displacement will be when the acceleration is 5 cm s^-2. Answer 0.75cm

  17. Economic applications

    What can be an example for a perfect fmcg washing machine detergent?

  18. chemistry

    What volume of oxygen at 25˚C and 725 mm Hg is needed to burn 2.00 L of butane, C4H10 (g), at 725 mm Hg and 25˚C?

  19. English

    Who Is A Potagonist

  20. Life orientation

    List any four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media

  21. chemistry

    what are the limitations of depression of freezing point

  22. Chemistry

    An exalic acid solution contain the following species in varyung species can only as C2H2O41

  23. math

    I missed a lesson today on factoring and was wondering if i can get some help here for example, let's use 2x^2+5x+3

  24. Maths

    Trump is 3 years older than Hillary. Seven years ago trump was twice as old as Hillary . i) how old are they now? ii) when will the sum of their ages be 45?

  25. math

    5 pens and 3 rulers cost a total of £1.22 3 pens and 6 rulers cost a total of £1.53 How much does each pen and each ruler cost?

  26. Math

    If you get 4 bottles of wine, you get a 20% discount. 2 of the bottles are $12.00 each. How expensive do the other two bottles have to be to make the 2 $12.00 bottles "free"?

  27. American History

    Why did United States representatives believe that it was necessary to change the Articles of Confederation? (Select all that apply.) A) to address economic difficulties, such as the standardization of currency B) to allow Congress the ability to raise

  28. American History

    Which option evaluates how the Bill of Rights addressed Anti-Federalist concerns about establishing a strong central government? A) The Bill of Rights established a representative democracy designed to prevent the rise of a tyrannical federal government.

  29. American History

    Which of the following works influenced the US Bill of Rights? (Select all that apply.) A) the Magna Carta B) Albany Plan of Union C) Declaration of Sentiments D) Two Treatises of Government I think the answers are A and B

  30. American History

    Which most accurately examines the significance of the decision in Marbury v. Madison? A) It demonstrated the importance of the judicial branch in preventing the executive branch from lapsing into tyranny. B) It upheld the right of the federal government

  31. English

    Read the following passage from Walk Two Moons. “Everybody is just walking along concerned with his own problems his, own life, his own worries. And we’re all expecting other people to tune into our own agenda.” Think about that how this game is

  32. Chemistry

    Calculate the boiling point of water if the atmospheric pressure is 767 mmHg. Thanks!

  33. Precalculus

    Solve each of the absolute value equations algebraically. |(x/2)+3|=3x-3 Now the work isn't an issue, I did all that & I have my answer. My problem is, I double checked my answer on mathways & it said only my first answer: x=(12/5) but I also got x=0 &

  34. Chemistry

    What is the balance half-equation for this conjugate redox pair permanegate ion and MnO2