Questions Asked on
May 24, 2019

  1. English

    Which of the following statements in a research paper would need citation? A. Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States. B. The landing on the moon is one of the most exciting events in recent history.*** C. Volcanologists agree that eruptions

    asked by Rose Lynn
  2. history

    1. Which are effects of the establishment of the European Union? Select all that apply. European Union Effects free language instruction among members import taxes between countries elections among all members for all EU government positions free trade

    asked by Street fighter
  3. math

    The line segment AB has endpoints at A(5, -3) and B(-2,0) what are the vertices of the segment after it is reflected across the x-axis A'( , ) B'( , ) H E L P M E

    asked by imgonetakemyhorse
  4. Physics

    Vector A is 2cm long and 60degree Above the x axis in first quadrant . Vector B is 2cm long and 60degree below the x axis in the fourth quadrant .the sum of vector A and B is a vector of magnitude.

    asked by Jayant
  5. math

    1 . Kyle has $4 more than twice as much money as Lana. Lana has x dollars. Kyle does not have enough money to buy a video game that costs $56, but he has enough money to buy a textbook that cost $38. A. Write a compound inequality that represents all the

    asked by i am failing
  6. chemistry

    calculate the total vapour pressure of mixture of methanol(64g) and ethanol(92g) at 298K given that the pure vapour pressure of methanol is 90mmHg and ethanol is 45mmHg (C=12, H=1, O=16)

    asked by ruth
  7. History

    Which of these is an accurate comparison of the results of the Columbian Exchange? A: Europe benifited the most because ideas from the New World sparked the renaissance. B: Both Europeans and Native Americans benefited from the trade, but the harm done to

    asked by Jill Hansen
  8. Physics

    Two ice skaters are practicing a lift. They skate directly towards each other. The woman has a mass of 60 kg and a velocity of 3 m/s towards the east. The man has a mass of 100 kg and is skating at a velocity of 4 m/s towards the west. They time it badly

    asked by John
  9. Science

    I am really confused about this. If anyone can help it would be great! I already talked to my teacher about it and I still don't get it. I looked in my book, still no. Can anyone tell me please? How does density affect the speed of light? How does this

    asked by The Great Undertale fanatic
  10. Language Arts

    Why is the Victorian Period an important period of time?

    asked by ~Echo~
  11. Chemistry

    For the following stoichiometry problem, select ALL of the mole definitions you would need to solve the problem. Problem: Given the following equation: 2NaClO3 --> 2NaCl + 3O2 How many grams of sodium chloride, NaCl, are produced when 80.0 liters of oxygen

    asked by Morgan
  12. Art

    What is your personal artist statement at this moment in time?

    asked by Pls help
  13. vocab

    Which word in the sentence is a demonstrative pronoun? Before you say you don't like his paintings, take a look at some of these over here. A. you B. these C. his D. some

    asked by halp meh plzz
  14. Chemistry

    For the following stoichiometry problem, select ALL of the mole definitions you would need to solve the problem. Problem: If 2.5 x 1024 atoms of iron are produced, how many liters of carbon monoxide can be produced? The reaction is: Fe2O3 + 3C --> 2 Fe +

    asked by Anna
  15. English

    True happiness doesn't come to you naturally, relate this to some examples that happen in your life.. ( for a essay )

    asked by English
  16. physics

    An asteroid that slammed into Earth about 65 million years ago (low on the dinosaurs' hit parade) was estimated to be about 8 km in diameter and about 10^15 kg in mass. A) If a similar asteroid headed toward Earth now with a speed of 21 km/s, how much

    asked by Madison
  17. Pre-Calculus

    A small high school has 30 seniors, 20 juniors, and 10 sophomores. If 3 students are chosen from each class to be on a school board, how many different board can be selected? ____________________________________________________________ How would I go about

    asked by sweetiepie
  18. Chemistry

    In the reaction Ca → Ca2+ + 2e-, Ca is __________. A:reduced because it gains electrons B:reduced because it loses electrons C:oxidized because it gains electrons D:oxidized because it loses electrons

    asked by riley
  19. Physics

    1.A 4kg ball moving at 8ms-1 collides with a stationary ball of mass 12kg,and they stick together.calculate the final velocity and kinetic energy lost in the impact. 2.when a person fires a rifle it is advisable to hold the butt firmly against the shoulder

    asked by Cathy bens🐈
  20. algebra

    what is unusual about the new surgeon doll

    asked by camesha
  21. math

    the table shows the results of spinning a four-colored spinner 50 times. find the experimental probability and express it as a decimal PLEASE HELP I have to get this done by tonight

    asked by Courtney
  22. social studies

    What new technology during World War I led to the development of the piece of equipment shown here? A.the machine gun B.poison gas C.submarines D.nuclear weapons I think the answer is either B or D. Can someone please help?

    asked by TaEkOoK
  23. math

    what is the mean of this data set 24, 24, 26, 29, 29, 31, 32, 32, 32, 180, 182, 210, 214, 216, 300?

    asked by lol
  24. math

    the ordered pairs (2, -17) and (5, -35) are solutions to which of the following equation? y = -6x +5 y = 6x - 5 y = 6x + 5 (me) y + -6x - 5

    asked by sig
  25. chemistry

    What is the concentration, in parts per million (ppm), of an aqueous solution of copper sulfate II (CuSO4) at 12% by weight?

    asked by damon
  26. Math

    on Tuesday, elena completed 20 of her math homework in 36 minutes. At that same rate, how long will it take her to complete 35 items for wednesdays math home work

    asked by no U
  27. math

    PLEASE I need all the answers to Lesson 5: Probability of Independent Events Quiz please help me out

    asked by Courtney
  28. Math

    While mixing a light green paint, Luke mixes 35% blue paint and the rest is yellow. The green paint fills up two fifths of a litre container. Still thinking it needs to be a lighter green how much more yellow paint must be added to make the yellow paint

    asked by Grace
  29. math

    Aubs has a photo that is 4 inches wide by 6 inches long. She wants to enlarge its length to 30 inches. What should the width be in order to keep the new photo proportional?

    asked by Maddie
  30. math

    if i put this data set 24, 24, 26, 29, 29, 31, 32, 32, 32, 180, 182, 210, 214, 216, 300 in a graph which graph would work best?

    asked by OMG I HAVE NO CLUE
  31. chemistry

    calculate heat transferred when 2.5g pocl3 is formed at constant pressure for the reaction 2pocl3-2pcl3+o2. delta H for 2pocl3-2pcl3+o2 =508KJ.mol-1

    asked by jij
  32. Math

    Write a rule to describe the translation of a point from (-3, 3) to (-3, 3). A (x,y) > (x - 1, y + 1) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B (x, y) > (x + 1, y + 1) C (x, y) > (x - 1, y - 1) D (x, y) > (x + 1, y - 1)

    asked by Jamey
  33. math

    If you complete a glide reflection to the point H( -2, -3) with the translation (x , ) = ( x -2, y) and a reflection over y = -4. find the point H. huh???

    asked by amormicorazon
  34. Psychology

    I've been really stuck on this question and couldn't find the answer it my book or online. Does this even exist? Name the phobia : the fear of wet/ moist food ( Exa.: soup, melted ice cream, soggy oatmeal, etc...)

    asked by Lamoshade
  35. career guidance

    Which collage am I allowed to apply if I wanna study nursing degree for 2019 and points???

    asked by Ompha
  36. chemistry

    the solubility product of lead(ii)sulphate in water is 1.6x10^-8 mol2 dm^-6. calculate the solubility of lead(ii)sulphate in (a)pure water (b)0.1M lead(ii)nitrate solution (c)0.01M sodium sulphate solution? then why is lead(ii)more soluble in them

    asked by frank
  37. chemistry

    Pt(s) | H2(g) | H+(aq) || SO42-(aq) | PbSO4(s) | Pb(s) Which balanced chemical equation, for an overall reaction, corresponds to this cell notation?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    Harry mixed 1.3 liters of Grape juice, 2.3 liters of ginger ale and 1.7 liters of orange juice for punch. About how many liters of punch did Harry make?

    asked by Vivian
  39. Math

    In traingle DEF, DE=18m and EF=6m. Side FD maybe

    asked by Noel
  40. Social Studies

    Select the effects of the establishment of the European Union. A. Free trade among members** B. Free language instruction among members C. Citizens moving through borders freely** D. Elections among all members for all EU government positions

    asked by Ace
  41. Physics

    1.An elastic wire extend by 1.0cm when a load of 20g hangs from it.what additional load will be required to cause a further extension of 2.0cm? 2.A ball A of mass 0.4kg moving with velocity 5ms-1 collides head on with a ball B of mass 0.2kg moving with

    asked by Cathy bens🐈
  42. Math

    Can you find (a) a sine graph which touches the lines y = 3 and y = 1? (b) a cosine graph which crosses the x-axis at x = 1 and x = −1? (c) a tangent graph which passes through the point (π/3, 0) and for which the line x= π/2 is an asymptote? Part 2

    asked by Anna
  43. Social studies

    2. How did printing in the vernacular affect daily life during the Renaissance? A. More people learned Latin. B. (My answer) Literacy increased among ordinary people. C. More people became interested in reading poetry. D. Books were available in fewer

    asked by Sigma
  44. chemistry

    Write an expression for the equilibrium constant for the formation of two moles of ammonia gas (NH3) from nitrogen and hydrogen in their standard states. N2(g) + 3 H2(g) 2 NH3(g)

    asked by Anonymous
  45. chemistry

    A mixture of 0.2mole of alcohol of A and 0.5 mole of alcohol B has a total vapour pressure of 40mmHg at 298K. if the mixture obeys Raoult's law, find the pure vapour pressure of B at 298K given that the pure vapour pressure of A is 20mmHg at 298K

    asked by Best
  46. science

    wich describes the relashonship of mass and inertia a there is more mass, there is less inertia b there is les mass, more inertia c more mass, more inertia *my answer i have no freaking idea* d no mass, more inetia

    asked by boredandtired
  47. Math

    A 600L water tank is full to the top. One day, it started leaking at a rate of 15L per hour, when it was half way, water is added at a rate of 20L per hour, how long will it take for the tank to be full again?

    asked by Grace
  48. geometry

    You eat at several Asian restaurants and decide that Asian food is salty. What type of reasoning is this? inductive deductive

    asked by Anonymous
  49. computer

    which of the following is a browser

    asked by sandhya
  50. math

    The perimeter of the rectangle below is units. Find the length of side . Write your answer without variables.

    asked by max
  51. Life orientation

    Protest restrictions

    asked by Ntobeko
  52. Math

    Write the place name for the 4 in each number 3,470,981

    asked by Bibi
  53. World History 2

    I am doing a history project on James Watt. I need to explain why he holds historical significance. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

    asked by TS