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May 17, 2019

  1. American History

    How did John Smith aid the Jamestown colonists’ survival? Smith helped the Jamestown people drive out Spanish explorers. Smith helped negotiate treaties with the native Powhatan tribes. Smith moved the Jamestown colony from a swamp to higher ground.

    asked by Klauus
  2. American History

    Which most accurately evaluates the effect of the Albany Plan of Union upon the new national government? A) It served as an early interpretation of the Bill of Rights, which would later be added through amendments to the Constitution. B) It served as an

    asked by Klauus
  3. American History

    How did salutary neglect lead colonists to rebel against Great Britain? A) It caused frustration when Great Britain began enforcing stricter taxation policies. B) Great Britain’s Navigation Acts were favored over the Stamp Act. C) It made it impossible

    asked by Klauus
  4. physics

    A mercury thread has 13cm and 24cm at the ice and steam point respectively, fine it temperature when the mercury thread is 19cm long.

    asked by david
  5. American History

    What was the impact of the Battle of Bunker Hill? It established a precedent for how the British Royal Navy would engage the Continental Navy. It marked the last battle of the American Revolution. It proved to the British that fighting the colonists would

    asked by Klauus
  6. math

    how do you put 80,000,000+40,000+900+60 in word form and standard form?

    asked by angelina
  7. English

    Which of the following quotes best illustrates Moon Shadow’s determination to help achieve his father’s dream?

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  8. Physics

    At a busy street corner, the sound level is 75dB. What is the intensity of sound there? (Take threshold of hearing Io=1.0×10^-12W/m²?

    asked by Regina
  9. medical

    What are some things you can do with a chart to make the information clearer to a reader?

    asked by nautica
  10. History

    Which statement about the Hundred years' war is NOT true? A. Joan of Arc inspired the French to act as one people against the English invaders. B. The English and French both needed more land to grow crops and ward off famine. C. At the end of the war,

    asked by I have a question
  11. Pharmacy calculations

    Chlorpheniramine 100ml Lidocaine 2oz Banana flavoring 1/2 tsp Take 10 ml BID What is the final volume in mL

    asked by Valerie Robinson
  12. English

    What image of Walt Whitman's "I Hear America Singing" is mostly conveyed through the repetition of the word singing? A. American laborers are all united in one song. B. American laborers are all different and sing their own individual song. C. American

    asked by kaden
  13. American History

    Review the excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. “A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” Which most accurately assesses the rationale the excerpt offers to

    asked by Klauus
  14. English

    One way in which playwrights develop characters is through dialogue. Define dialogue. Then choose Alice or Humpty Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland. Analyze how the character is developed through dialogue. Describe the character and explain at least two

    asked by Love WINS
  15. Math

    For a sewing project, Maria divides 5 yards of fabric into 1 2 -yard strips. How many strips will Maria have for her project? A) 9 strips B) 10 strips C) 12 strips D) 15 strips

    asked by Emma
  16. Health and Physics

    The functional unit of the nervous system is... A. The neuron B. The brain C. A reflex D. The cerebrum Plz help me:,D Thx

    asked by School is....&?!3@:/
  17. account

    The net income of Hendley Company for the year is $25,000. Withdrawals during the year were $30,000. No new capital contributions were made during the year. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

    asked by laura
  18. Calculus

    Please check my answers! My teacher never gave us the answer sheet so I have no idea what to study TT (also please give the correct answers to the ones I got wrong ^0^) 1. lim as x-> inf. of (9x-x^2-7x^4)/(x^3+12x) 9 -7/12 -7 DNE

    asked by Alice
  19. math

    Tommy has 5 jars of marbles.Each jar is 2/3 filled with marbles how many full jars of marbles does Tommy have?

    asked by Keahi
  20. Geography

    If a football match starts at 4:pm on a Tuesday in a town of longitude 60degree east at what time will the supporters on longitude 75degree West turn on their Tv.

    asked by Aliyah
  21. L.O

    Name one law that protects citizens against Xenophobia

    asked by Bongani
  22. Math

    Suppose you are driving to a friends house in another state, you are driving 65 miles per hour. you have to drive 520 miles in total. if you have already driven 195 miles, how long will it take you to reach your destination? A. 2 hours B. 5 hours*** C. 15

    asked by Orca Whale
  23. Social studies

    Mexico is building a stronger workforce by... * 1 point Holding free elections Permitting remissions Eliminating competition Investing in education When did Mexico gain its independence from Spain? * 1 point 1810 1821 1910 1917 Which of the following

    asked by kawaii waifu_UwU
  24. Math

    What is the probability of rolling a number less than or equal to 6 when a six-side number cube?

    asked by Help me plz
  25. Economic

    Matching type: Choose the best pair 1. Savings a. unspent income 2. Equitable Distribution of income b. economic goal 3. Labor Intensive Technology c. labor resources > capital resources 4. Monetary policies d. supply and demand of money 5. Macroeconomics

    asked by Venessa Churchill
  26. physics

    Car Q continue at 26m/s west at the next overpass zip past a cop. The cop begins accelerate 3m/s^2. Eventually cop catches up to car Q who maintained the previous speed(25m/s). Cop side by side motion Q to pull over. A) Determine the time elapsed since cop

    asked by Madison
  27. Geometry

    So, I'm doing Surface Area of a Cone, L= 7in R= 8in I calculated B (pi * 8^2) so B (also known as Area of Circle) = 200.96 Now I'm working on SA and a little confused, SA=B+LA =pi*8^2 + pi*8*7=11,429.6 but the next step in my equation says I should have 2

    asked by Madi
  28. Math

    Solve the inequality and describe the solution set. y-6>12 - Is it y – 6 ≥ 12 y – 6 ≥ 12

    asked by Sliverstream
  29. Ed tech

    what is intellectual property A) physical creations B) intangible idea C) material items D) models I say (A)

    asked by katelynn
  30. science

    What type of reaction is occurring in the candle above? A.Both exothermic and endothermic reactions. B.Only a physical reaction. C.Only an exothermic reaction. im saying a but not sure

    asked by 20four
  31. science

    The substances listed on the left side of a chemical equation are the _____. A.coefficients B.products C.reactants im sayin a but not sure

    asked by shane
  32. Math

    You put $1205 in an account that earns 2% simple interest. Find the total amount in the account after 4 years.

    asked by Kanna
  33. math

    8. Each of two urns contains green balls and red balls. Urn I contains 10 green balls and 8 red balls. Urn II contains 3 green balls and 10 red balls. If a ball is drawn from each urn, what is P(red and red)?

    asked by Guy With ALL the Questions
  34. English

    You may have heard the saying: "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!" -How do you think that people find motivation after trying many things and failing over and over again? -Do you think it is ever a waste of time to try something over and

    asked by Beep Beep Im a Sheep
  35. Science - Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation

    What is happening in the diagram ; *my attempt to describe.* There is a modern sail boat on the surface of the water, point A is a set of waves (they look like the curved lines on per say your volume icon; ))) ) that go down to a boat wreck(point B) on the

    asked by Madi
  36. civics

    Please help...LAST final for this class and truly need some help on this one. Which is a true statement about political parties? (1 point) George Washington created the first political party. The U.S. Constitution does not mention political parties. The

    asked by spunkybear
  37. Math

    The point C(3, -1) is translated to the left 4 units and up 1 unit. a. Write the rule for this translation. b.What are the coordinates of the image point? A.(x,y)=(x+4,y+1); (7, -2) B(x,y)=(x-4,y-1); (-1, 0) C.(x,y)=(x+4,y+1); (-1, 0) D.(x,y)=(x-4,y+1);

    asked by RobloxBoy14
  38. history

    Which of the following would most likely occur under the U.S. Patriot Act? A. The government intensifies new citizenship requirements. B. The government conducts Internet and telephone surveillance. C. The government trains civilians in counterterrorism

    asked by anonymous
  39. Physics 20

    How to draw a vector diagram based on given values like 55s, 19, -56s, 9s or something like that

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    0 to 1/2∫(sin(x^2))dx

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    The bearings of ships A andB from Port P are 225° and 116° respectively.Ship A is 3.9km from ship B on a bearing of 258°.Calculate the distance of ship A from P

    asked by Mellisa
  42. english

    Which of the following passages from the novel support the idea that the Giver is a heroic character? A. I do know that I sat here numb with horror. Wretched with helplessness. B. “Be quiet, Jonas,” The Giver commanded in a strange voice. “Watch.”

    asked by anonymous
  43. Science

    In the biosphere, what are some of the major abiotic factors that determine the distribution and types of plant communities?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Social Studies

    identify the area that is famous for 29 active volcanos A.Area 1 B. Area 3 C. Area 4 D. Area5*** Can someone please check over this?

    asked by Zariana X.
  45. math

    what is equivalent to x^2-x-6/x^2+2x

    asked by Ian
  46. Careers

    Which course am i qualify for?

    asked by Katleho Mofokeng
  47. biology

    Hi, I wonder what are therapeutic antibodies? What are they used for?

    asked by Jerry
  48. science

    what will happen if a gall bladder release high amount of bile

    asked by manyanyane
  49. math

    0.22ohms = what is it 220 ohms

    asked by sam summers
  50. Math

    Whats 12/5

    asked by Zachary
  51. civics

    explain the basic principles of bad governance

    asked by Temesgen
  52. chemistry

    What mass of aluminum is produced by the decomposition of 5.0 kg of aluminum chloride?

    asked by bob
  53. civics

    Explain the nexus between good governance and democracy

    asked by Temesgen
  54. American History

    Why is the Munich Pact an example of appeasement? A. It gave Hitler permission to rebuild the German military. B. It gave Germany the power to annex Belgium. C. It allowed Hitler to annex Czechoslovakia. D. It stopped German repayment of debt from World

    asked by kaden
  55. History

    How is Vatican City different from all other European countries? Answers: A: It is located entirely inside another country. B: It is a theocracy. (My Answer) C: It has a Catholic majority. D: It does not use the euro. My Answer: I would say it is B because

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Science

    what do volcanoes and canyons have in common i need to know this for a portfolio

    asked by Normal Guy
  57. Algebra

    I'm re-doing a test for finals and I was working on this question, my teacher said to use radius since I originally did the diameter power of 2. Shape: Cylinder | Height: 27 m | Diameter: 34 m So the original equation; 3.14(pi) * 34^2 * 27 = 98055 My NEW

    asked by Madi
  58. American History

    Which most accurately evaluates the influence of the Iroquois Confederation upon the Albany Plan of Union? A) It offered a model for unification among separate tribes, providing a framework for the unification of the 13 colonies. B) It established the

    asked by Klauus
  59. English

    1 SCENE THREE 2 When the curtain rises one sees nothing but odd black lanterns with orange lights, hanging, presumably, from the sky. The scene lights up slowly revealing ALICE seated on two large cushions. She has been “dropped behind” by the WHITE

    asked by Love WINS
  60. math

    200 ft of foil for $6.24 per pound

    asked by bradien
  61. Physics

    A force of 400N is applied to a brass of length 1.9m and cross-sectional area 1.2*10^11, find the extension of the brass?

    asked by Bianca
  62. math

    A number cube is rolled 360 times, and the results are recorded as follows: 61 ones, 26 twos, 36 threes, 76 fours, 73 fives, and 88 sixes. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 2 or a 3?

    asked by no one
  63. History

    How was Adam Smith’s postition about the necessity of free trade and free markets different from how many national economies operated during this period

    asked by Raccoon
  64. math

    On a multiple- choice test, the chance of randomly guessing the correct answer to a question is 25%. if you guess the answer to every question on a 20 question test, how many question should you expect to get correct?

    asked by jEsSiCA
  65. History

    which group of people analyze evidence presented during a trial and setermine the guilt or innocene of someone based on the law? A. Vassals B. Jury C. Nobility D. Supreme Court Please help me!

    asked by Please Help Me
  66. science

    H20 (water) indicates there are _____. A.two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in this chemical formula B.two oxygen atoms and one hydrogen atom in this chemical formula C. water is an acid im saying b but not sure

    asked by 20four
  67. MATH

    Every function pairs __________ output value with one input value. A. more than one B. at least one C. exactly one please i need a BETTER grade in math

    asked by LaurenzSide
  68. Spanish

    Which of the following are two of Peru's leading exports? A: Diamonds and Lilies B: Chilies and Clay C: Fish and Asparagus* I don't remember if this is correct. I have looked back through my lesson many times, and I still have not found it.

    asked by TroubleMaker
  69. English

    Why some things we learn about in school won’t help us in real life. Why is this true? Why do teachers do this?

    asked by Jack
  70. ASL

    I just need help understanding what to do? I don't need help I just don't understand what she is asking for. For this portfolio, you will still submit a written ASL gloss that includes the English version and the ASL translation complete with the signs you

    asked by |-/
  71. algebra

    a sweatshirt comes in 3 sizes and 8 colors. how many different sweatshirts are available

    asked by me
  72. history

    Which factor best shows why the demand for dot-com stocks created an unstable economic situation? A. Low inflation led investors to buy more shares than necessary. B. The demand for subprime mortgages increased at the same time. C. Investors drove prices

    asked by anonymous
  73. history

    In what major way did conflict in the Middle East affect the economy in the United States? A. Conflict in the Middle East caused a sharp drop in energy prices in the United States. B. Conflict in the Middle East disrupted U.S. exports to that region, an

    asked by anonymous
  74. history

    What was one impact of the Iranian Revolution on the United States? A. higher oil prices B. increased terrorism C. increased taxes D. increased military spending

    asked by anonymous
  75. MATH

    A leaky faucet wastes 2,400 gallons of water per year. How many quarts of water are wasted per month?

    asked by TIM
  76. Mathematics

    25 students were asked about their holiday activities,16 students read their books and 11 played football how many persons did both

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Physics 20

    Mr. Linn is standing 50m from a large bell. With his mighty throwing arm, Mr. Linn throws a rock at the bell and he hears the sound of the bell 4.5 s later. If the speed of the sound is 330m/s, what was the speed of the rock in the air?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. writing

    I need to write a short story for creative writing and I have everything thought of... except we also have to include a "realistic villain." If y' all can tell me some villain motives, or actions, or thoughts of a realistic villain that would help a lot :)

    asked by MaTiLdA
  79. American History

    Review the statement. __________ was a major industry in the middle colonies; __________, __________, and __________ were predominant in the southern colonies. Which most accurately completes the statement? fishing; shipping, rice, sugar timber; tobacco,

    asked by Klauus
  80. American History

    Which statements most accurately identify reasons for the establishment of British colonies? (Select all that apply.) 1) to seek religious freedom 2) to seek economic opportunity 3) to establish a new monarchy 4) to create a government based on democratic

    asked by Klauus
  81. Maths

    A point moves along the curve y=x^2+1 so that the x-coordinate increases at a constant rate of 5 units per second. When x=1, at what rate is the gradient of the curve increasing? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps. Answer is 3

    asked by Lenard