Questions Asked on
May 16, 2019

  1. Economics

    Although not explicitly mentioned in Chapter 20, John Maynard Keynes is considered a foundational source in the understanding of macroeconomics. After performing research outside the textbook, please explain in three well-structured paragraphs the basic

    asked by mK
  2. Math

    A boy 1.5m tall is 15m away from a hut 24m high.what is the angle of elevation of the top of the hut

    asked by PRECIOUS
  3. statistics

    3. The table shows the heights of the winners and runner-ups of 8 presidential elections. Find the line of regression that predicts the runner-up's height given the winner's height. Determine if the regression line is a good predictor of heights for the

    asked by maczindahouse
  4. Life science

    Briefly describe the path way and processes of ingestion,digestion,absorption and assimilation involved when a person has eaten a buttered polony sandwitch

    asked by Precious
  5. Algebra

    Make a box-and-whisker plot of the data average daily temperatures in Tucson Arizona in December 67 57 52 51 64 58 67 58 55 59 I am confused on how to do this

    asked by Bruh
  6. Chemistry

    What will be the volume of Co2 at NTP obtain by heating 16.8gm NaHCo3

    asked by Anonymous
  7. statistics

    1. Use the table of systolic blood pressures (in mm Hg) in each arm to determine a line of regression that predicts the pressure in the left arm given the pressure in the right arm. Right Arm: 102; 101; 94; 79; 79 Left Arm: 175; 169; 162; 146; 144 a. y =

    asked by maczindahouse
  8. chemistry

    Concentrated hydrochloric acid has 37.5% of HCl in mass and density of 1.2 g/cm3. What volume (in mL) of concentrated hydrochloric acid should be used to prepare 7 L of a 0.8 mol/L HCl (aq) concentration solution?

    asked by damon
  9. algebra

    The median number of magazine appearances made by 777 models is 555. The range of number of magazine appearances by those models is 555. Determine if the following statement is true, is false, or does not contain enough information. If the fewest magazine

    asked by hunter
  10. algebra

    1. simplify the radical expression. √45 5√3 3√5 3√15** 15 2. Simplify the radical expression √180x^2 90x** 6x√5 5x√6 6√5x^2 3. simplify he radical expression √250h^4 k^5 hk√125 5√10h^4 k^5 5h^2 k^2√10k** 25hk√10k

    asked by Eggs
  11. science

    Grade 11 learners want to investigate which enzyme is responsible for chemical digestion of starch into glucose in humans. They are provided with two different enzymes(carbohydrase and protease),starch powder,warm water at 37 degrees and basic glass

    asked by khomotso
  12. statistics

    A line of regression y = -1,240 + 7.07x is the best fit line for a set of data comparing airfare with 30 days notice and one-day notice. Find the best predicted cost of a ticket purchased one day in advance given that the cost of the ticket is $300 if

    asked by maczindahouse
  13. geometry

    In △PQR, PQ = 17 in, PR = 10 in, QR = 21 in. Find the altitude from P to the side QR.

    asked by puff
  14. math

    How many different ways can the students at a school select the president, vice president, and secretary from a group of 5 people? A. 120 B. 60 C. 20 D. 15 my answer D please correct me right or wrong

    asked by ozuna
  15. math

    Tom is showing his work in simplifying (5.2 – 8.5) – 0.5 + 6.8. In which step did Tom make an error? Step 1:: (5.2 – 8.5) – 0.5 + 6.8 Step 2: 5.2 + (–8.5 – 0.5) + 6.8 (distributive property) Step 3: 5.2 – 9 + 6.8 Step 4: 5.2 + 6.8 – 9

    asked by Gerold Humpfrey the Third
  16. math

    Yesterday, the snow was 2 feet deep in front of Archie’s house. Today, the snow depth dropped to 1.6 feet because the day is so warm. What is the percent change in the depth of the snow?

    asked by john
  17. Chemistry

    What is the ratio of turns for the secondary to primary coils in a step-down transformer, if the input voltage from a substation is 7200 V, and the output voltage to a home is 240 V

    asked by Austin
  18. Physics

    What is the magntiude of force on a particle of mass 20kg with a displacement function S = 12.5t + t^2?

    asked by Poppy
  19. Math

    John has $80 in a savings account that earns 55% annually. The interest is not compounded. How much interest will John earn in 2 years? Use the formula i = prt, where i is the interest earned, p is the principal (starting amount), r is the interest rate

    asked by Muhammad Taha Abbasi bin saeedullah Abbasi
  20. Math

    Which statement about a sphere is true? A.The length of the diameter of a sphere is two times the length of the radius of the sphere. B.The great circle of a sphere is a three-dimensional circle. C.The great circle of a sphere is not the same shape as the

    asked by Xavier
  21. loans

    A borrower received a 30-year ARM mortgage loan for $200,000. Rate caps are 3/2/6 (initial adjustment cap/periodic interest rate cap/lifetime interest rate cap). The start rate is 3.50% and the loan adjusts every 12 months for the life of the mortgage. The

    asked by Ann
  22. Math

    I need some help with checking my awnsers on a math quiz please. 1. Solve the equtaion. 3x-3=_18 2. 12+4m=24 3. No more then 12 people can enter the haunted house every 10 minetus. Write an inequality. 4. Solve the inequlity. d-6>_4

    asked by Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
  23. social studies

    Why do most people in Southeast Asia live near river deltas and on volcanic islands? A. because of the abundant rainfall **** B. because of the fertile soil C. because of the isolation from invaders D. because of the mild climate conditions I think it is A

    asked by marie
  24. science

    how decision-makers balance opposing needs and concerns

    asked by katelynn
  25. World History

    I have to write an essay on Ancient Civilizations. I need help with how to organize it. The teacher gave us the requirement of 5 paragraphs but she didnt tell us how to organize it. So my questions are, how many sentences are in each paragraph, how will i

    asked by Belle
  26. math

    Explain how you know the triangles are congruent using one of the congruency rules (SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA).

    asked by bob09smart
  27. Reading

    Based on events in Chapter 8, what can the reader most likely conclude about the relationship between Moon Shadow and the boys in the tenement house?

    asked by raerae05
  28. Math

    identify the function rule from the values in the table. input | output -1 | -2 0 | -1 1 | 0 2 | 0 A. output equals input times 2. B. output equals input minus 1. C. output equals input times -1. D. output equals input minus 2.

    asked by foxy FNAF.......
  29. Math

    It costs $5 for 1 snow cone. Which function rule correctly relates the number of snow cones purchased, s to the total cost c. A. c=s+5 B. c=5s C. c=s÷5

    asked by Math
  30. Chemistry

    A step-down transformer has 200 turns of wire in its primary coil. How many turns are in the secondary coil if the input voltage = 120V, and the output voltage = 6V

    asked by Austin
  31. math

    I can't figure this out after many tries. The closest I got to was 367. Please help me!! Add the appropriate signs (+, -,x,/) to complete each math problem. Each sign is to be used one time for each math problem. Solve each problem going from left to

    asked by Elizabeth
  32. Chemistry

    What is the concentration percent by volume of a solution containing 50 mL in 2.5 L of solution

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Chemistry

    If 465cm^3 Of Sulphur Oxide (SO2) CAN diffuse Through Povous Portition In 30secs How Long Will Equal Volume

    asked by Samuel
  34. Chemistry

    if 465cm Of Sulphur Oxide (So2) Can Diffuse Through Povous Portition In 30secs How LONg Will Equal Volume, 620cm^3 Of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) TaKe To Diffuse Through The Same Partition H 1, S 32, O 16

    asked by Samuel
  35. English

    1. I will break the window. [Will is stressed.] 2. I will break the window. [Will is not stressed.] 3. I'll break the window. ========================= #1 shows that the subject has a strong will. What about #2? When 'will' is not stressed, does it mean

    asked by rfvv
  36. Economics

    Identify and quantify at least four social costs and four social benefits for each project.

    asked by Paulina
  37. science

    list:the different ways fossils can from

    asked by success
  38. English


    asked by ANDISWA
  39. Chemistry

    a compund of copper and sulphur is 65.43% copper by mass. how many grams can be obtained from 249 g of this compund? how many grams of sulphur remained?

    asked by Milupi
  40. Math

    Can you use inequalities to figure out this coded word? For each problem  Solve and graph the combined inequality.  State whether the combined inequality is a conjunction or disjunction and explain why.  Determine which letter is in the solution

    asked by Billy
  41. algebra

    plz I really need help on Lesson 3: Exponents and Multiplication quiz in unit 6 Polynomials and Properties of Exponents

    asked by young1223
  42. Chemistry

    Calculate the molality of NIOS in the solution prepared by dissolving program in enough water to form 250 ml of solution

    asked by Shivam Gangwar
  43. math


    asked by tiffany
  44. physics

    A system consist of particles of masses 5, 2 and 3g located at (1, 0, -1) ( 1, 2, 1) and ( 1, -1, -3) respectively. find the center of position mass involved

    asked by Blessing
  45. Math

    Waldo and Freddy caught fish one weekend .tye dot plot shows the lengths of the fish they caught

    asked by Waldo and freddy
  46. social studies

    How did the Radical Republicans treat Confederate Generals after the civil war? Were the Confederate Generals allowed to hold a political position after the war? I don’t think so, but I’m not entirely certain. Could someone possibly help me out.

    asked by math nerd
  47. life science

    What is the aim of this investigation?

    asked by Nyeleti
  48. English

    Which clues frohe text best indicates that something bad is going to happen to Gram? A. The wind changed its tone and told Sal to slow down B. The smell of Gram's baby powder makes Sal feel sad C. Sal continually prays for gramps not to get them into an

    asked by Tyler
  49. life science

    How can we make this investigation valid?

    asked by Nyeleti
  50. life science

    Can you help me about life science please

    asked by Nyeleti
  51. Social Studies

    I need help checking my awnsers on a study guide for the unit test on Eurpe Today Which statement explains why the British system of government is a constitutional monarchy? A. The prime minister is chosen according to the constitution. B. The king or

    asked by Kitty Cat
  52. Science

    Formulate a hypothesis for this investigation

    asked by Skhumbuzo
  53. Math - Help!

    Mrs. Higgins' Home Economics class collected data on the number of chocolate chips in cookies for two different brands, as shown in the dot plots below. The mean absolute deviation for each brand is 0.8. The difference between the mean number of chocolate

    asked by Madi
  54. social studies

    Describe major innovations, advancements, achievements, or cultural practices of this civilization. -Mongol Empire and Song Dynasty.

    asked by Sigma
  55. Sign Language

    I have a couple sign language questions that I dont understand. Thank you so much! 3.Explain body shift in SL and when would you use it? 16.Define classifier in your own words and give one example.

    asked by yeet my horse to the old town road
  56. History

    how has South Carolina changed politically changed since the 1970s?

    asked by jeremiah
  57. Algebra

    Find the solution to the system of equations by using either graphing or substitution. y+x=3 y-2x=18 (-4.5,7.5) (-5,8) (-6,9) (-7.5,10.5)

    asked by katy
  58. Social Studies

    Describe the means by which Spain attempted to defend and spread Catholicism at home and abroad.

    asked by tater
  59. Math

    A pyramid 8cm high stands on a rectangular base 6cm by 4cm.Calculate the volume of the pyramid.

    asked by Esso
  60. Economics

    What are goods/products are subsidised by government in South Africa

    asked by Kwanele
  61. World History

    What were the common religious practices in Ancient Rome? What was the government's role in religion in Ancient Rome? Can someone please help and answer in a paragraph? Thanks. I need help A.S.A.P because i am trying to finish my homework and its due today

    asked by Belle
  62. Physics


    asked by HAJARA
  63. Algebra

    An office manager reported that he spent $350 on gifts for employees. He said that $240 was spent on clothing with each man receiving a $20 T-shirt and each woman receiving a $40 sweatshirt. He said that $110 was spent on desk accessories with each man

    asked by katy
  64. history

    Hello Please help me with my homework the ones that have **** are my answers thank you! 1. Which does the European Council do in the government of the European Union? A. passes laws and adopts budgets B. resolves disputes among members ****** C. ensures

    asked by Street fighter
  65. algerbra

    i need help with these questions 1. -(5)^-1 A.-1/5 B.-5 C.5 D.1/5 2.(-4.7)^0 A.1* i think this one B.-1 C.0 D.-4.7 3.-1/p^-6 A.-6/p B.-6p C.-p^6 D.p^6 if anyone knows the rest please help.

    asked by blob
  66. Social Studies

    Hi, I need help on the East and Southeast Asia Today Unit Test for connexus students. Can someone either help me, check my work or give me answers?

    asked by CODE: RED
  67. English

    When i am seven years.My mother buy me a new computer.I plays game on it anything. But now, i am eleven years and he has promised to bought me a mobile phone.I would used it to called my friend any me class teacher.

    asked by Alex
  68. math

    A sandwich shop sells sausage sandwiches, bacon sandwiches, and 16 different toppings. How many choices are there for a single sandwich with one topping? A. 18 B. 24 C. 32 D. 34 my answer C please correct me right or wrong

    asked by ozuna
  69. Careers

    math literacy ,consumer studies,businesses and tou Career I should consider when I have these subjects are?

    asked by siphesihle
  70. social studies

    identify the area that is famous for 29 active volcanos

    asked by katelynn
  71. Chemistry

    In a study of halogen bond strength 0.50mol of iodine was heated in 2.5litre vessel and the following reaction occurred. Calculate the concentrations of the iodine and iodide at equilibrium at 2000k. Given that Kc=0.209?

    asked by Poppy
  72. math

    I am looking at an olympic event that has happened every 4 years (except for when the olympics didn't happen because of the wars). I found a line of best fit for this data and it is y = -0.0101x + 29.809 The questions are a) Does your graph have a

    asked by Carly
  73. history

    True or False: Most Europeans believed the individuals could own land and use it as they saw fit. Most Indians believed that the land belonged to God and tribes as a whole shared in the use of it. A. true B. false

    asked by misty garcia
  74. history

    True or False: Maryland passed a Toleration Act that allowed for freedom of religion for all Christians, Jews and atheists.

    asked by misty garcia
  75. history

    True or False: Slaves were brought from Africa to the americas as part of a triangle of trade in colonial times.

    asked by misty garcia
  76. Chemistry

    The input voltage from a generating plant to a transformer is 11,000 V. If the output voltage from the transformer to high-voltage transmission lines is 240,000 V, what is the ratio of secondary to primary turns in this step-up transformer

    asked by Austin
  77. Calculus help

    I need help with these calculus questions 1. An equation of the line tangent to the graph of y=5x-1/3x+1 at the point where x = 1 is: A) 7x+y=0 B) 9x+7y= 53 C) 2x-3y=13 D) x-2y=-1 2.For which value of x does the function f(x)=(x+2)(x+3)^2 have a relative

    asked by james
  78. Legal

    Ideas on how to start this essay question? Discuss whether current Australian law is effective in protecting people by i) criminalising certain kinds of behaviour and communication on social media and ii) providing “stronger” criminal punishment and

    asked by Kat
  79. math

    What is a spoken sequence? I was in math class and one of the examples was: 29787, 13, 2, 1, 1, 1, ... What does this mean? I learned that I never have to find the general term, but how do I find the next?

    asked by jeremy
  80. pre-algebra

    I'm having a hard time with coming up with equations. Here's an example: Complete the equation of the line through (−8,−2)and (−4,6) Could anyone solve this and explain (as simple as possible) how you came up with the answer? I'm sorry if this was a

    asked by killjoy
  81. history

    Which of the following decisions best shows the U.S. government's willingness to participate in the global economy? A. relocating domestic jobs to foreign countries B. joining the World Trade Organization C. decreasing spending in international markets D.

    asked by anonymous
  82. consumer math

    CHECK MY CHOICES PLEASE which of the following is an example of a contract where both parties have an equal say in the terms? unilateral bilateral credit card rental agreement (i picked this) when both parties discuss the terms of a contract they are

    asked by peaches
  83. math

    2 plus 34 times 85

    asked by titania
  84. math

    How is the process for adding two polynomials like the process for how adding two integers? How is it different?

    asked by Katie
  85. Music

    Hello! I have a question! The coda is considered to be what? I think its the development of the body in a sonata. Am I correct? Please tell me. I am not really good at music.

    asked by The Great Undertale fanatic
  86. Math, algebra 1

    The height of a flare fired can be described as, h=-16t + 60t T is time and H is height in feet. How long will it take to reach 36 feet

    asked by Ashley
  87. Calculus

    Let f(x) = int 1 x √1 + t^2 dt Use your calculator to find f’(1)

    asked by Anna
  88. History

    Hi, I need help finding a news article about 9/11. It has to be about 8 pages or longer. any links to any news?? Thank you!

    asked by Katherine
  89. Physics

    Jack the Jaguar can run for only 1.0 min at 13.0m/s before he has to stop to rest, while Zeke the zebra can gallop at 7.25m/s for 5.0 min. 1. How long does Zeke actually have to run for to elude Jack? 2. Can Jack catch Zeke for lunch if they are initially

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Government

    I am doing a project and one of the questions is How have elections changed since 1988? I did some research but I couldnt find anything specific as to what has changed ever since Bush VS Dukakis ran for president

    asked by Anonymous