Questions Asked on
May 15, 2019

  1. Math

    Assume that women’s heights are normally distributed with a mean of 63.6inches and a standard deviation of 2.5inches. If 90 women are randomly selected, find the probability that they have a mean height between 62.9inches and 64.0inches.

    asked by Help
  2. Math

    A trader bought 150 eggs for 22.50. 30 eggs were cracked. he sold the cracked eggs at 10 each and the rest at 17 each. what was his percentage gain?

    asked by enendu Amarachukwu Happiness
  3. literature

    The importance of Ale House in the Play SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER

    asked by Mercy
  4. English

    2 Danielle reached into her bag. She was looking for her wallet. Which sentence best combines the two sentences using a participle phrase ? A) Looking for her wallet Danielle reached into her bag. B) Dannielle looking for her wallet reached into her bag.

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  5. Economics

    Identify and quantify at least four social cost and four social benefits for each project.

    asked by Thabiso
  6. English

    What is the gerund in this sentence? Will you be playing your song tonight? A. playing B. Will C. song D. tonight

    asked by ffdf
  7. Math

    Sleepover there was 3/4 of large pizza left i eat 1/8 what was left

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    the frequency of a wave having wavelength 20cm and velocity 0.5m/s is

    asked by Poppy
  9. Algebra

    i'm a bit confused and need some help... lesson 7: polynomials and properties of exponents unit test, unit 6. 4. what are the coefficients in the polynomial 7x^2-4x+6?

    asked by rascal
  10. Math

    For the first 15 questions on a test, 14 questions were answered correctly but only 60% of the remaining questions was correctly answered. 4/5 of the whole test was correct. If each question was awarded of equal value, how many questions was there

    asked by Nathan
  11. Physics

    a concave lens of focal length 15cm forms an image 1/3 the size of the object. the object distance is

    asked by Poppy
  12. nuclear physics

    1) write the proper nuclear reactions for the following: A) beta-decay of radon-222 B) Alpha-decay of uranium-238 2) how does the CANDU reactor work?

    asked by anonymous
  13. Math

    What is the marginal distribution for right handed people Dominant Hand vs Height Short Medium Tall Total left handed 4 6 2 12 right handed 24 20 19 63 total 28 26 21 75

    asked by Help
  14. math

    Lane's arm span is 61 inches. If his height is 1⁄4 foot longer than his arm span, how tall is he?

    asked by brooklyn
  15. Math

    Fritz benjamin buys a car costing $8300. He agrees to make payment at the end of each month period for 8 years. He pays 7.2% interest compounded monthly. what is the amount of each payment? find the total amount of interest fritz will pay?

    asked by Sunny
  16. Chris

    Where is energy stored in electromagnetic waves? A. In the wave’s moving atoms B. In the oscillating electric and magnetic fields C. In the electromagnetic force D. In the wave’s directional vector

    asked by Science
  17. health

    10. In reviewing the "Breads for Breakfast" chart, which of the following statements is true? An ounce of cake doughnut is higher in sodium than an ounce of a blueberry muffin. An ounce of a plain bagel has the least amount of saturated fat. Of the choices

    asked by Moamin
  18. Maths

    Gaga borrowed $2500 at 4% p.a compound interest. She repays $600 at the end of each year. Find out during which year the debt will finish.?

    asked by Poppy
  19. Maths

    Calculate the compound interest on N7400 in 4 years at 6% p.a. If interest is calculated every three months.?

    asked by Poppy
  20. social studies

    At the federal level, judges are nominated by the President and then those nominees have to be approved by the Senate. The U.S. Constitution does not specify how states can choose their judges so different states use different methods. The three most

    asked by Samuel
  21. social studies

    Identify three (3) ways that you are impacted by your state or local government. What are some services provided by these levels of government? Why doesn't the federal government take on more of this role? Your essay should mention the principles of

    asked by Samuel
  22. history

    What was the U.S. response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? A. The United States launched a global war on terrorism. B. The United States pulled out all troops fighting in other countries. C. The United States held a world summit to best

    asked by anonymous
  23. Math

    At 10:00 AM a truck started traveling from point A with a speed of 40mph. 3 hours and 10 minutes later a car started to drive from point A in the same direction with an average speed of 60mph. At what time will the car catch up with the truck?

    asked by Ella
  24. Engineering


    asked by Anonymous
  25. Science


    asked by Emily
  26. english

    What information supports the idea that food should not be left out overnight?

    asked by fatima
  27. social studies

    Drag the characteristics to the correct civilization. Characteristics may be used once or not at all. Korean civilization: developed on a peninsula Chinese civilization : developed on river valleys Japanese civilization: developed on an island developed on

    asked by jujuondatbeat123
  28. math

    You invest ​$ 3000 3000 in an account that pays simple interest of 6 6​% for 20 20 years.

    asked by kenny
  29. Mathematical Logic

    Does this follow the rules of logic according to math?: Premise : I want to be a robot when I grow up Premise : I will never grow up Conclusion : I will never be a robot

    asked by Anonymous
  30. history

    What is the difference between black panther movement and civil disobedience movement?

    asked by miss
  31. physics

    1. A 0.400 kg sample of aluminum (c = 9.20 x 102 J/kg°C) at 95.0 °C is dropped into a 0.550 kg pot of water which is at 18.0 °C. What temperature will the mixture come to? 2. How much thermal energy is absorbed by a 0.0220 kg ice cube as it melts? The

    asked by anonymous
  32. math

    An NCAA basketball has a radius of 4 ¾ inches. What is the exact surface area and volume of the basketball?

    asked by Lola
  33. Science

    Electromagnetic waves are ___ electric and magnetic fields. A. transverse B. constant C. oscillating D. parallel

    asked by Liz
  34. physics

    two pool balls, each a mass of .2kg, collide as shown in the figure below. Before the collision, the black ball's velocity makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal line. After the collision, the white ball's velocity makes an angle of 60 degrees

    asked by sarah
  35. Physics

    Two objects of mass m and 2m are travelling in opposite directions with the same speed v. The objects collide and stick together. What is the kinetic energy lost in the collision?

    asked by Ramesh
  36. Chemistry

    Calculate the change in pH when 9.00 mL of 0.100 M NaOH(aq) is added to 100.0 mL of a buffer solution that is 0.100 M in NH3(aq) and 0.100 M in NH4Cl(aq).

    asked by sean
  37. math

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot. can someone givve me a link to a video to help solve for these things? im lost but i dont want answers.

    asked by hello random person
  38. Math

    A 250ml glass of cordial is made by mixing 4 parts water to 1 part syrup Person "A" Drinks 50ml of the cordial. Person "A" thinks it is too strong and filles the glass back up by 50ml of water i> How Much Syrup Is left ii> What fraction of the cordial is

    asked by Someone in Need
  39. Physics

    the tension in a sonometet wire is tripled. the ratio of the new frequency to the initial frequency is

    asked by Poppy
  40. Chemistry

    What is the solubility of 5 g of solute in 100 g of solvent

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Maths

    Find how much stock and returns isobtained from investing: N345 in 5% stock at 69?

    asked by Poppy
  42. Physics

    an electric cell of internal resistance of 0.5Π deliver a a current of 2.0A when resistance of 3Πis connected across it. the emf of the cell is

    asked by Poppy
  43. Maths

    Find the cost of $700 7/2% debenture stock at 84?

    asked by Poppy
  44. Maths

    Calculate the actual amount paid for and the dividend received from the below transaction 600 $2 shares at 180k, dividend 7%?

    asked by Poppy
  45. Math

    Additive inverse of -119

    asked by Krrish
  46. math

    By how much is 15 more than 6 1/2? *Please people i need your help.

    asked by kevi
  47. Civics

    How can good leaders protect the interest of their followers

    asked by Abraham
  48. math

    I'm working on a project that says "a common bit of financial wisdom is that a car payment should be no more than 20% of your monthly take-home pay. Set up and solve an equation to determine how much you would need to be making in take-home pay each year

    asked by Ariana
  49. social studies

    At the federal level, judges are nominated by the President and then those nominees have to be approved by the Senate. The U.S. Constitution does not specify how states can choose their judges so different states use different methods. The three most

    asked by Samuel
  50. Algebra

    14x^2+4+3x-12x^2-3+11x A) 2x^2+7x+1 B) 2x^2+14x+1 C) 2x^2+14x+7 D) 26x^2+7x+7 i think its a i really really need help

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  51. Science

    Which liquid has the greatest intermolecular forces between water,nail polish remover, methylated spirits and ethanol

    asked by Kamogelo
  52. Science

    The National Weather Service provides regularly updated hurricane tracking resources. Cone forecast images can be used to assess the risk that a hurricane might hit an area. What kind of data does a cone forecast contain? A) a color-coded plot showing

    asked by Cassidy
  53. Social Studies

    What is the name of the process that formed the grand canyon?

    asked by Rofunwa dangale
  54. algebra

    I have the question posted here ~ ht tps:// brainly .com/question/12664261 An image is attached, I really can't understand the perimeter of the triangle. triangle #1 = a= 18 b= 3 c= 42 triangle #2 = a= 9 b= 21 c=9 I tried calculators but they don't work.

    asked by Madi
  55. Careers

    Maths lit, Geography ,life science and History Which career must I study for with these subjact.

    asked by Tshepang
  56. economics

    answer of what is the south African government providing and to whom

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Chemistry

    Tetraoxosulphate vi acid has a basicity of 2 explain this statement

    asked by Bukola
  58. economics

    answer to what is the south African government providing and to whom

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    This question is regarding propositions in discrete math. If we were given a statement (say) "today is Monday" is that a proposition. What is the truth value for it?

    asked by Ashley
  60. history

    What was North Korea’s response to President George W. Bush’s 2001 threat to stop negotiations? A. North Korea immediately gave in to his list of conditions. B. North Korea resumed its nuclear program. C. North Korea sought the help of the United

    asked by anonymous
  61. science

    Can someone describe how a sound wave travels through a medium to create sound. Can you also provide a descriptions of vibrations, longitudinal waves, compressions, rarefactions, and direction of movement in your response. That way I could understand it

    asked by Carl
  62. science

    what are the streams and small rivers that feed into a main river

    asked by mykayla
  63. economics

    what are welfare payments or consumer subsidies?

    asked by sbongakonke
  64. Math

    Sally has a piece of wood that 56 inches in length. She wants the piece of wood to be 48 3/16 inches. How much of the length should Sally cut off?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math

    What number is 6 more than 4 1/2? *Please guys assist me this one*

    asked by kevi
  66. Economics

    What are welfare payments or consumer subsidies?

    asked by Thibza
  67. Math

    Riddle: It's 7:00 AM. You are asleep and there is a sudden knock on the door. Behind the door are your parents who came to have breakfast. In your fridge are bread, milk (pasteurized), juice, and a jar of jam. To answer, what will you open first?

    asked by Terry
  68. History

    Why did the French Revolution begin?

    asked by maria
  69. History

    Read the passage from the apology to the Aborigines issued in 2008 by the Australian government. “Let the parliament reflect for a moment on the following facts: that, between 1910 and 1970, between 10 and 30 per cent of Indigenous children were forcibly

    asked by Izza
  70. History

    So I am currently making a type of dossier for my history project so I need to find a excerpt or an article that includes information on this. I need to find how religion has impacted the trade issue with the US and China. I’m not asking you to find and

    asked by Smile
  71. Maths

    the wages of 80 workers in a small factory is given thus. wage :- 1500 3500 6000 12000 20000 no of workers 8736 10883 11382 10367 8835 (a) what is the modal age (b) find the median wage (c) calculate the mean wage . need workings?

    asked by Poppy
  72. Algebra 2

    A company is offering a job with a salary of 48000 and a raise of 2 percent each year. Write a formula to represent the salary after each year then determine after 30 years.

    asked by Marie
  73. Chemistry

    A 500.0 mL gas sample at STP is compressed to a volume of 300.0 mL and the temperature is increased to 35.0°C. What is the new pressure of the gas in pascals?

    asked by Mila
  74. science

    what are some structural and some behavioural adaptions that help the gold fish survive

    asked by blake
  75. math

    3x^2+6-2x+5x-4x^2+9. I really need help on this I'm so lost :(

    asked by mcmuffinss
  76. Math

    Solution a is 80 percent acid, and solution b is 30 percent acid. How much of each solution is needed to make 200 ml of a solution that is 45 percent acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Social Studies

    "communism is over in russia democracy will always prevail in the end." how does this statement most reflect a particular bias? it shows a prejudice against communism it shows support for democratic ideals it makes a prediction* it cites historical events

    asked by jr