Questions Asked on
May 13, 2019

  1. Algebra I

    Could someone explain what direct and inverse variation is? Also look at attached questions: imgur[]/Fd03pg0 and imgur[]/a/opEdofY Please replace the [] with .com the [] is equivalent to a: " .com " or .com Please explain how they are solved. Primarily the

    asked by M.S.A.G(Mission: Search All Grandparents)
  2. Personal Finance

    Check my work pls. 1. The components of ___ are variable costs and fixed costs. A. Entire cost B. Total cost* C. Complete cost D. Required cost 2. What is the margin of safety? A. How much sales can fall before a business starts making less 5% B. How much

    asked by 2Dizzy2C
  3. math

    The sum of seven and the quotient of a number x and eight.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  4. math

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: -a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter. -a 6 inch * 9 inch rectangular pan that is 2 inches deep. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.

    asked by todoroki
  5. English

    Based on the events in Chapter 8, what can the reader most likely conclude about the relatuionship between Moon Shadow and the Boys in the tenement house? A. The boy will continue to torment Moon shadow B. The boys will treat Moon shadow more respectful C.

    asked by Oof
  6. math

    question 1. Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Solve the inequality and describe the solution set. y–6≥12 question 2.Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to

    asked by helpmeee
  7. social studies

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. After 1945, a civil war in China led to the rise of a____ government there. A. Imperial B. Democratic*** C. communist D. fuedal

    asked by Marie
  8. social studies

    Drag and drop the country names to classify them by type of economy that they have today. a. China, b. Japan ,c. Mongolia, d. North Korea 1.command economy 2. market-based economy, 3. command economy with limited market reforms i think that A is 2, B is 1,

    asked by Marie
  9. History

    What effect did Europeans have on natives of the Americas? (Select all that apply.) A) Europeans brought technologies, ideas, plants, and animals that were new to America and would transform peoples’ lives. B)Europeans drained natural resources from the

    asked by Klauus
  10. social studies

    In which nation did a nationalist military regime lead the country to invade its neighbors and help launch World War II? A. China B. Japan C. Korea D. Mongolia i think it s c am i right?

    asked by Marie
  11. Algebra

    Semester review practice lesson 1 unit 4 connections academy I am terrible at math and barely passing if anyone knows or has the answers to this practice that would be awesome.

    asked by Turk2004
  12. English

    Which detail belongs in paragraph five to help support the main idea of the paragraph? A) places to receive acupuncture are increasingly easy to find all across the United States ***B) not everyone is necessarily fond of acupuncture some patients for for

    asked by Kat
  13. Math

    Scenario 1: On Saturday, Kira stood outside the bowling alley from the time it opened until the time it closed. She asked the age of every 20th person entering the bowling alley for the whole day. Data set: 69, 10, 12, 11, 12, 1, 12, 13, 12, 16, 5, 35, 12,

    asked by Nakoa The Rainbow
  14. P E

    5 branches of physical education

    asked by Sualiho
  15. social studies

    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. Early Chinese rulers established1._______ by conquering and uniting kingdoms under the rule of one emperor. From 624 to the early 1100s, the 2.______ ruled over a golden age of prosperity before the

    asked by Marie
  16. Math

    Suppose you pay $3.00 to roll a fair die with the understanding that you will get back $5.00 for rolling a 1 or a 6, nothing otherwise. What is your expected value?

    asked by Plz help
  17. Math

    1. Which of the following tables of values is correct for the equation y equals negative 3 x squared? 2. Find the horizontal change and the vertical change for the translation 3. The point C(3, –1) is translated to the left 4 units and up 1 unit. a.

    asked by Luahn
  18. Math

    A standard six-sided dice is repeatedly rolled until it lands on a two. What is the probability that the first two is rolled after the first six rolls?

    asked by Plz help
  19. Reading

    How is the play Joe Magarac and the hunkietown Contest similar to the short story Joe Magarac Man of steel? A. Joe stops the contestant from Johnstown from doing anything harmful B. Pete and Mary smile lovingly at each other C. Steve gives his blessings so

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  20. math

    A square has a perimeter of 12 units. One vertex is at the point left-parenthesis negative 1 comma 1 right-parenthesis, and another vertex is at the point left-parenthesis 2 comma 4 right-parenthesis. Which of the following points could be another vertex?

    asked by Breena
  21. Math

    Use the given values of n and p to find the minimum usual value μ - 2σ and the maximum usual value μ + 2σ. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth unless otherwise noted. n = 1056, p = 0.80

    asked by Plz help
  22. reading

    Joe magarac, Man of steel 8. In section 1, what does the author mean when he says joe magarac is a folk hero? A. Joe was a real man who spent his whole life in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. B. Joe was a mysterious figure who vanished without a trace. C.

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  23. Math

    A company manufactures televisions in batches of 25 and there is a 1% rate of defects. Find the standard deviation for the number of defects per batch.

    asked by Plz help
  24. social studies

    How is the government of Belarus different from those of other European countries? A. It is a theocracy led by religious leaders. B. It is a dictatorship with a ruler who has held power for many years. C. It is a monarch, in which power is handed down to

    asked by daniel
  25. Chemistry


    asked by PRAISE
  26. Math

    A Parabola has a vertex (-3,7) and one x intercept is -11. Find the other x intercept and the y intercept. How on earth do i do this

    asked by Please Help
  27. Social Studies

    Does anyone what this answer: Southeast Asia at Work Test 1. Place the countries in the most fully democratic (top) to the least (bottom) democratic order. 2. Top Indonesia and the Philippines 3. Thailand and Myanmar 4. Vietname and laos Economic Activity

    asked by Mary
  28. Reading

    In speech 23, after gaynor tells carmody that they must send Eileen away carmody says Is it sen-din' Eileen way to a hospital you'd be? Exploding Then you'll not! You'll get notation out of your head...quick. It's all nonsense your'e stuff-in me with, and

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  29. social studies

    Due to the spread of the Roman empire throughout Europe,(blank) also spread through the area. A. germanic languages B. basque C. latin D. Indo-european languages my best answer A correct me right or wrong

    asked by brandon
  30. Social Studies

    Russia lost power in the 1900s due to . A unrest among the poor B Catherine I’s cruelty C The rise of the Romanovs D religious conflict ******

    asked by Help
  31. English

    Which of the following best illustrates the extreme nature of Phoebe’s suspicion of others? (1 point) a. She calls the strange young man at her door a lunatic. b. She does not want Mrs. Partridge to touch her face. c. She does not offer to help Mrs.

    asked by A.K
  32. Social Studies

    Which Korean War outcomes are still in place today? A) The U.N gave Russia power over North Korea, and US troops left South Korea. B) North and south Korean leaders signed a treaty, and North Korea became a democracy. C) North and South Korea became one

    asked by Kat
  33. Social Studies

    Which of the following was the purpose of the first British colony in Australia? A. to benefit from Australia's strategic location B. to extract natural resources C. to house convicted prisoners D. to convert Aborigines to Christianity

    asked by sam
  34. English

    Wet with dew, straggly branches slapped and scratched at my legs and hid uneven ground so that several times I tripped, tumbling and sliding downward. Which type of conflict best characterizes the events in this passage? A. character vs. self B. character

    asked by Weather
  35. social studies

    Because of (blank) , some countries using the euro faced bankruptcy and threatened the value of the euro. A. the refugee crisis B. a lack of ability to elect leaders in the EU C. the financial crisis of 2008 D. britain leaving the EU my best answer A or C

    asked by bryant myers
  36. English

    (DragonWings) Which of the following events from Chapter 8 and 9 illustrate the greatest amount of artistic license taken by the author? •Robin wears a pair of sturdy shoes to the picnic at the beach table. •Shock passersby refuse to help rescue people

    asked by Lavender
  37. English

    Based on events in chapter 8 what can the reader conclude about the relationship between Moon shadow and boys in the tenement house?

    asked by ONLYONEEE
  38. science

    What mass of O2 would be needed to burn 11g of the propane gas?

    asked by Gabriel A.
  39. Mathemaniacs

    If each unit cube has edges 3/4 foot long, what is the volume of the blue outlined prism? (I can't post links on here, so, if you know this question, please answer it!) A) 5 ft3 B) 8.4 ft3 C) 10 ft3 D) 15 ft3< my answer> can someone please check this over

    asked by Cassidy
  40. Algebra 1

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation. the ordered pair (2, negative 2) ;y equals negative x minus 2. A. y equals negative 2 x. B. y equals 2 x. C. y

    asked by Help Please
  41. Science

    Hello, hope u guys are having a good day! I need some help on this science! Thank you! Water cycle. Which of these stages of the water cycle were you able to observe in your model? What is the energy source in your model and what does it represent? Did you

    asked by Skylar
  42. History

    What was the significance of the Treaty of Tordesillas? A) It established the line of demarcation that granted Spain the right to lands in the Americas and Portugal the right to settle in Africa. B) It promoted the idea that the Catholic religion would be

    asked by Klauus
  43. Science

    If the [H+] in a solution is 1x10^-1 mol/L what is the [OH^-] ??

    asked by Karolina
  44. Algebra 2

    PLS HELP ME!! I really need the answers to these few questions I need toturn them in ASAP. Simplify each polynomial. Write each in standard form. HINT: Watch for the operation! Add? Subtract? Or Multiply? 8. 4m(2m+9m^2-6) 12. (x-1)^2 13. (4y+2)^2 Factor

    asked by Silva
  45. Careers

    Doctors are likely to show what traits of what two occupational codes... A: artistic and realistic B:investigative and realistic C:realistic and social D:investigative and social

    asked by School SUCKS <3
  46. social studies

    Why do Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales now have their own legislatures? A. The United Kingdom joined the European Union. B. The United Kingdom government is growing more regional. C. The British Parliament had grown too large to be efficient. D. All

    asked by jeff
  47. Math

    Eloise needs to rent a car. She goes to the rental agency and finds out that she will have to pay a fee of $35 and then an additional $0.10 for every mile that she drives. What expression represents the total cost of renting a car? A) .10m + 35 B) 35m +

    asked by kokichiouma
  48. Social Studies

    How did knowing how to cut and stack stones help early Andean civilizations grow? A. They built walls to keep out invaders. B. They built large buildings to store food. C. They built monuments to great leaders. D. They built irrigation channels to carry

    asked by Lost
  49. algebra

    Simplify the expression. (–2y + 5)(y + 3)

    asked by Urs2
  50. math

    Assume that the speed of automobiles on an expressway during rush hour is normally distributed with a mean of 70 mph and a standard deviation of 7 mph. What percent of cars are traveling faster than 70 ​mph?

    asked by melissa
  51. science

    what do all materials have in common? A. they all are naturally occurring and they are formed by inorganic pieces B. they do not naturally occur but they are formed by an inorganic process C. They are naturally formed and are formed by an organic process.

    asked by help
  52. algebra

    You have fifty feet of fencing to use to create a new pen for your dog. Describe three differently-shaped pens you could create.

    asked by tay
  53. physics

    An inclined plane rises to a height of 2m over a distance of 6m .calculate: A.the Angle of the slope B.the VR(and so IMA) of the inclined plane C.

    asked by abubakir
  54. Chemistry

    Suppose a 500mL flask is filled with 1.6 mol of I2 and 0.40 mol of HI. The following reaction becomes possible: H2(g)+I2(g) -----> 2HI(g) The equilibrium constant K for this reaction is 0.923 at the temperature of the flask. Calculate the equilibrium

    asked by Tony
  55. Algebra 2

    PLS HELP ME!! I really need the answers to these last few questions to a practice sheet I need to turn them in ASAP. Simplify each polynomial. Write each in standard form. HINT: Watch for the operation! Add? Subtract? Or Multiply? 8. 4m(2m+9m^2-6) 9.

    asked by Silva
  56. science

    According to Newton's Second Law of Motion, in which of these situation is the object accelerating. A) A book on a shelf B) A rock hitting the ground C) a helium balloon tied to a lamp post D) a ball that has been thrown upward

    asked by E
  57. Math

    Find the area of the triangle It won't let me paste the picture but the height is 7.1 and the base is 28. A 198 yd B 106 yd C 99.4 yd D 32.2 yd

    asked by todoroki
  58. physics

    Two capacitors, C1 = 5 μF and C2 = 12 μF, are connected in parallel, and the resulting combination is connected to a 9 V battery. Find (a) the equivalent capacitance of the combination, (b) the potential difference across each capacitor, and (c) the

    asked by maram
  59. Social Studies

    How did an agricultural surplus relate to expanded trade during the High Middle Ages? A. Trade increased because surplus crops could be traded.(My answer) B. Trade decreased because surplus crops were needed to feed local populations. C. Trade decreased

    asked by A Little Bird
  60. math

    Given that the surface area of a cube is given by the formula SA = 6s2, what is the value of SA if s = 1/2 cm? A) 1 cm2 B) 3 cm2 C) 1/2 cm2 D) 1 1/2 cm2

    asked by ! bowie !
  61. social studies

    How has the elimination of trade barriers affected the movement of goods among member countries of the European Union? A. Member countries are able to produce all the goods they need. B. Goods can move freely among member countries. C. Member countries no

    asked by Kciity
  62. Math

    Find the missing length. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. Again, I cannot paste the picture but it looks like this: 7 |_\ 19 x

    asked by todoroki
  63. English

    Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments, love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove. O no, it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every

    asked by Death
  64. Sociology

    1. Shopping malls, hotels, office parks, and residential areas that are located near the intersection of major highways are called a. enterprise zones b. edge cities c. red zones d. metropolitan statistical areas 2. One effect of urbanization is a.

    asked by Karolina
  65. Science

    You have a cup of tea (250 mL) that is 375 K which is too hot to drink. It needs to be cooled to 350 K before you can drink it. How much thermal energy has to be transferred from the tea to the surroundings to cool the tea? Is it 63.7 thermal energy

    asked by Karolina
  66. math

    Find the volume of a triangular prism with the following dimensions. Round to the nearest whole number. triangle base: 7ft triangle height: 4ft prism height: 8.5ft A 56ft B 19ft C 113ft D 8ft

    asked by todoroki
  67. Math

    Terry earns $10 per hour at Big Bob's Burgers. Jill earns 20% less than Terry and Jerry earns $0.50 more per hour than Jill. Which expression represents how much Jerry earns? (h represents hours) A) 7.6h B) 8h C) 8.5h D) 9h

    asked by hi
  68. Life orientation

    Five interview questions to evaluate the understanding of service delivery protest

    asked by Samkelo
  69. math

    Given that the surface area of a cube is given by the formula SA = 6s2, what is the value of SA if s = 1/2 cm? A) 1 cm2 B) 3 cm2 C) 1/2 cm2 D) 1 1/2 cm2

    asked by kokichiouma
  70. math

    liz - 8^2 x 8^6 = 8^18 chris - 8^3 x 8^6 =8^9 jen - 8^3 x 8^6 = 64^9 a) who completed it correctly b) what did the other 2 do wrong _____________________________________ Miriam and Priya are dividing numbers written in scientific notation. (3 points)

    asked by AcT UpP
  71. math

    Solve the equation y^2+3y+2 = 0 how is the equation y^2+3yx+2x^2 related

    asked by Please Help
  72. geography

    Which statement about the Nile River valley is not true?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Math

    Scenario 1: On Saturday, Kira stood outside the bowling alley from the time it opened until the time it closed. She asked the age of every 20th person entering the bowling alley for the whole day. Data Set 1: 69, 10, 12, 11, 12, 1, 12, 13, 12, 16, 5, 35,

    asked by Nakoa The Rainbow
  74. Math

    1. Find the area of a parallelogram with base b and height h. b = 87 cm h = 18.6 cm (1 point) 105.6 cm2 211.2 cm2 809.1 cm2 1,618.2 cm2

    asked by MoNoPoLy
  75. algebra

    The scores Brianna earned on 4 of the 5 science tests she has taken so far this year are listed. 95, 90, 85, 95 She wants the mean of all 5 of her test scores to be 90. What does Brianna need to score on the 5th test to get exactly a mean of 90?

    asked by james
  76. Math

    X^2+(a-b)x+(1-a-b)=0. Find value of 'a' if roots are imaginary.

    asked by Asingh
  77. Economics

    1.What are welfare payments or consumer subsidies? 2.what is the South African government providing the subsidies and welfare? 3.Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added? 4.Are there any current subsidy or welfare issues

    asked by Andile
  78. Math

    How much does a student desk weigh? A 20 pounds B 1 pound C 5 pounds D 100 pounds .

    asked by addison maragomez
  79. English

    What Figure of Speech category would the word 'run' fall into? A. Pronoun B. Action verb C. Conjuction D. Preposition

    asked by BiGenDeR
  80. Geography

    I need help thinking of ways Greece's physical features have affected the development of it's legacy. Can someone help me?

    asked by Jayla Kiya
  81. Calculus

    Which of the following statements is/are true about the series the summation from n=0 to infinity of (3/2)^n? I. It diverges. II. It is geometric. III. It is arithmetic Possible answers: a) I only b) II only c) I and II only d) I and III only

    asked by Alice
  82. Math

    I want to find a more efficient way for finding LCM's (Lowest Common Multiple) Can someone tell me a better way instead of trial and error? Thank you.

    asked by Joel
  83. world history

    In Shinto, the Kami are: CHOOSE powerful gods who created the world************ teachers who stress discipline and self control Merciful beings who lead others to enlightenment local spirits !@#$%^&present aspects of nature

    asked by Meow Meow Kit Kat
  84. lo

    Give your own position on this specific problem in our country

    asked by john
  85. physics

    Consider a closed triangular box resting within a horizontal electric field of magnitude 7.8x104 N/C as shown in Figure. Calculate the electric flux through (a) the vertical rectangular surface, (b) the slanted surface, and (c) the entire surface of the

    asked by maram
  86. Mathematics

    Divide 40 by the sum of 3and5

    asked by Otu
  87. Maths

    If y=tan^2x, show that d^2y/dx^2=2(1+y)(1+3y)

    asked by Ande2
  88. maths

    solve 5a-2b=14 4a+2b=14

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    a dog walker and he charges 15 dollars to come to my house, 2 dollars per mile walked. He charged me 19 dollars. Which equation could I use to determine howxfar he walked my dog. A. 2m + 5 = 19 B.19 + 15 = 2m ***my answer*** C.19 + 2m =15 D.2m + 15 =15

    asked by _Wolfie~Senpi
  90. math

    Farmer Brown needs to fertilize his hay pasture before spring arrives. He knows that the perimeter of his pasture is 1000 feet and that the width is 200 feet. If one bag of fertilizer will cover 5000 square feet, how many bags of fertilizer does Farmer

    asked by reet
  91. Calculus

    Which of the following series could be tested for convergence/divergence with the integral test? the summation from n=1 to infinity of 1/n! the summation from n=1 to infinity of 1/n the summation from n=2 to infinity of ln(n)/n^2 a) I only b) II only c) II

    asked by Alice
  92. math

    liz - 8^2 x 8^6 = 8^18 chris - 8^3 x 8^6 =8^9 jen - 8^3 x 8^6 = 64^9 a) who completed it correctly b) what did the other 2 do wrong

    asked by my name is jeff ...
  93. history

    I need to write 2 essays: 1. following the break up of the Soviet Union, what are some of the major problems faced by many of the new countries? 2. What role has the concept of nationalism played in the life of Russia in the past and present? pleaseeee

    asked by Natasha
  94. Maths

    A spherical bath oil capsule dissolves in the bath so that its decrease in volume is proportional to its surface area. If its shape remains spherical as it dissolves, show that the radius of the capsule will decrease at a constant rate. Thanks to anyone

    asked by Harry
  95. Math

    Antoine estimates he can read one and a quarter chapter of a novel in one hour. Jenna estimates she can read three chapters of the same novel in 2 5/6 hours. Antoine read for 8 hours. Jenna read for 6 hours. !@#$%^&ad more chapters? Show work. Help!

    asked by Nikolina
  96. Calculus

    Which of the following statements is true for the series the summation from n=0 to infinity of (-1)^n and 5/4^n? a) The series diverges because it is geometric with r = 5/4 and a = –1. b) The series converges to 4 because it is geometric with r = -1/4

    asked by Alice
  97. Social Studies

    Why is Texas referred to as the Lone Star state? I think it is because of the flag has one star I just dont know if that is right.

    asked by Sophia
  98. Calculus

    Select the true statement for the series the summation from n=1 to infinity of n!/(2n-1) a) The series converges by the ratio test. b) The series diverges by the integral test. c) The series converges by the integral test. d) The series diverges by the nth

    asked by Alice
  99. Math

    Is this the correct way to measure the angle of refraction/incidence? Place the object whose refractive index you wish to measure on a clean sheet of paper and draw round it. Mark out, using dress making pins, a ray of light as it passes through the object

    asked by SmartNoodle
  100. Math

    when you're doing coordibates do you like go up and down first or do you go side to side first? ii^ii | | d a | < __________|__________>side to side o | | | c ivi up down

    asked by Cate
  101. Science

    When matter is heated it tends to

    asked by Jackie
  102. Algebra 2

    PLS HELP ME!! I really need the answers to these last few questions to a practice sheet I need to turn them in ASAP. I just cannot seem to understand these last ones! Simplify each polynomial. Write each in standard form. HINT: Watch for the operation!

    asked by Syd A
  103. Science

    How can the evolution of a star over its life cycle be tracked using an H-R diagram? Use a specific example of a category of star.

    asked by Bella
  104. Calculus

    The function is continuous on the interval [10, 20] with some of its values given in the table below. Estimate the average value of the function with a Left Hand Sum Approximation, using the intervals between those given points. X: 10 12 15 19 20 f(x): -2

    asked by Anna
  105. life orientation

    Position on this specific problem in our community (xenophobia )

    asked by smangele kgomo
  106. Maths

    The first 5 terms of an arithmetic sequence are -2, 5, 12, 19, 26 Find the formula for the nth term of this sequence

    asked by H
  107. vocabulary

    It is on k12 so. The boys in our cabin got along from the start, and we'd stayed in ________ all week. Choose the word that best completes the sentence. formal, whisk, simmer, harmony, ignorance, or reverence. pls answer

    asked by Addi Tahoe
  108. Calculus

    Given that the series the summation from n=1 to infinity of [(-1)^(n+1)/√n is convergent, find a value of n for which the nth partial sum is guaranteed to approximate the sum of the series to two decimal places. a) 39,999 b) 3,999 c) 399 d) 39

    asked by Alice
  109. Business Studies

    critically assess the impact of CSR in both the business and its communities

    asked by Thabiso
  110. Demography

    how can I calculate extrapolate population using exponential, geometric, and linear?

    asked by umbi
  111. English

    1. His hand is sticky. 2. His hand is slimy. ---------------------------- Are both the same in meaning? Which one is commonly used, 'sticky' or 'slimy'?

    asked by rfvv
  112. Algebra 2

    PLS HELP ME!! I really need the answers to these few questions I need toturn them in ASAP. Factor out the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) Hint: What can you divide every term by? 14. 3b^4-9b^2+6b 15. 4g^2+8g 16. 45c^5-63c^3+27 Factor each polynomial. HINT:

    asked by Silva
  113. math

    Eiv's beagle welghs 35 pounds. Her Great Dane weighs twice as much as the beagle plus 2 more pounds. How much does the Great Dane weigh I think 72 but not sure

    asked by Ahmed
  114. Algebra 2

    Pls help me!! I need the answers to these few questions I just cant figure them out and I have to turn them in asap Simplify each polynomial. Write each in standard form. HINT: Watch for the operation! Add? Subtract? Or Multiply? 8. 4m(2m+9m^2-6) 9.

    asked by Sydney
  115. Math analytic

    Find the slope-point form of the equation of a line perpendicular to the y-axis through (4,1).

    asked by Faisal
  116. geography

    Before the Aswan High Dam was built, farmers used _____ to fertilize their fields.

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Analytic geometry

    Find the equations of the medians of the triangle with vertices (4,5), (2,-1), and (0,7).

    asked by Faisal
  118. english

    african slaughter rituals shold not be allowed in the suburbs (debate points)

    asked by thobile
  119. Math

    If the question were to ask me given me a quadratic equation, and I need to figure out what the horizontal distance of it is, do I simply plug it into thequadratic equation?

    asked by Math
  120. Math

    Find the equation for the set of all points p(x,y) if it is equidistant from (2,3) and the x-axis.

    asked by Faisal
  121. Economics

    Why do you think the United States is attractive to foreign investors

    asked by Abby
  122. English

    should traditional healers be allowed to practice their medicine in hospitals and clinics ?

    asked by Thabiso vilakazi
  123. math

    clog sinx+tanx

    asked by raja
  124. Math

    What is the sum of the first 5000 terms with common differnce of 5 if the first term is -5? And what is the n?

    asked by Debie
  125. Maths

    Lebo is four years older than Sello.In six years' time, the sum of their ages will be 40.How old is Lebo [hint: let Lebo's age be =x]

    asked by Tgandie
  126. Analytic geometry

    Find the equation of the line parallel to the line joining (-3,-1) and (4,-3) and having y-intercept 2.

    asked by Faisal