Questions Asked on
May 12, 2019

  1. Math

    A tourist has planned a trip to cover the distance of 640 miles, driving at some constant speed. However, when he already covered a quarter of the distance, he took a rest for 1.2 hours. Then, in order to arrive at the destination on time, he increased the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. L.O

    Evaluate your own position with regards to the violation of sports personalities' rights by the media?

    asked by Ngcebo
  3. math

    Ava and Kelly ran a road race, starting from the same place at the same time. Ava ran at an average speed of 6 miles per hour. Kelly ran at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. When are they both 3/4 miles apart?

    asked by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyandz
  4. life sciences

    Grade 11 learners want to investigate which enzyme is responsible for chemical digestion of starch into glucose in humans. They are provided with two different enzymes (carbohydrase and proteases ),starch powder,warm water at about 37 and basic glass

    asked by nono
  5. math

    22. Bob and James are finishing the roof of a house. Working alone, Bob can shingle the roof in 10 hours. James can shingle the same roof in 16 hours. How long will it take them working together to shingle the roof? Round your answer to the nearest

  6. LO

    four factors that could threaten or limit core functions of the media?

    asked by sthembiso
  7. math

    abc is an isosceles triangle in which ab=ac=5cm and bc=6cm.calculate am,where m is the mid point of bc show your workings?

    asked by Olumide
  8. Precalculus

    Part A given that P=(5,4), Q=(7,3), R=(8,6), and S=(4,1), find the component form of the vector PQ+4RS. a.(18,19) b.(-2,-6) c.(-14,-21) d.(-18,-19) Part B Use the information from part A to find the magnitude of the vector PQ+4RS. a. 2sqrt10 b. 7sqrt13 c.

    asked by ovu
  9. Life orientation

    Questions that I can use to evaluate the understanding of service delivery protest

    asked by Nontobeko
  10. Social Studies

    What challenges does Russia face as it finds its place in today's world?

    asked by Hi😱
  11. Math

    A picture that measures 10 cm by 5 cm is framed with a uniform border that is the same on all sides of the picture. The area of the border is twice the area of the picture Determine the width of the border.

    asked by r
  12. physics

    what is the mass of a Bob who fell with a force of 5N from the top of a tree if a work of 100j is done by a box through a distance of 5m calculate the weight of the box

    asked by damian
  13. Maths

    A boy walks 1260meters on a bearing of 120°.how far South is he from the starting point?show all workings including drawing

    asked by Princess
  14. Life orientation

    How can the geographical spread of media in South Africa be improved

    asked by Lee
  15. physics

    The lower and super fixed point of a certain thermometer are 30cm apart. At a certain clay the length of the mercury tread in the thermostat is 9cm above ice point 0ºC what is the temperature recorded by the thermometer in  A. Celsius scale, B.kelum

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  16. math

    A model rocket is launched from the deck in Jim's backyard and the path followed by the rocket can be modeled by the relation h=-5t^2 +100t +15, where h, in metres, is the height that the model rocket reaches after t seconds. What is the height of the

    asked by r
  17. science

    Clorine was bubbled through aqueous iron 2 sulphate solution.State what was observed, the ionic equation and name the oxidzing agent.

    asked by faith
  18. Chemistry

    If the temperature of 50.0 grams of water was raised to 50°c by the addition of 4180J of heat energy. What was the initial temperature of the water?

    asked by Adora
  19. English

    "America's abundance was created ... by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own private fortunes... They gave the people better jobs, higher wages, and cheaper goods with every new machine they

    asked by Lady Bug
  20. math

    Explain how a trigonometric ratio can be used to find a measurement indirectly.

    asked by syd
  21. science

    why is it advisable to use plasticwares instead of the conventional glasswares in spectrophotometry?

    asked by Carl
  22. physics

    An object is projected vertically upwards. It’s height hm at time t seconds is given by h=20t-3/2t^2 - 2/3t^3, find: a) the time at which it is momentarily at rest b) correct to 2dp, the maximum height reached by the object?

    asked by poppy👌🤔

    a body of mass 10kg is acted upon by a constant force of 30n,calculate the k.e gain by the body?

    asked by MIRACLE
  24. Social Studies

    what is the usual relationship between oil prices and oil production?Select all that apply.

    asked by HELP!!!!
  25. English

    Read the following sentence: The poor abandoned puppy had a hungry and gaunt look about him. What does gaunt mean? A. Angry and dangerous B. Regal and valiant C. Thin and hungry D. Happy and active I think it is "C. Thin and hungry" but could you clarify?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Science

    Describe how you would support a client with acquire brain injury who demonstrated cognitive deficits as a result of his injury . identify a minimum of 2 possible problems you might encounter and what positive intervention strategies you would use.

    asked by Francisca
  27. Math

    A cat breeder is attempting to breed gloved cats for sale by crossing a gloved cat to an ungloved carrier of the trait. Determine the probability that in a litter of 6 kittens, the first 5 will be gloved and the last ungloved.

    asked by TS
  28. Precalculus

    Find u*v, if u=13j and v=i+3j a.-39 b.39 c.(0,39) d(1,39)

    asked by ovu
  29. Physics

    If the mass of a boy is 4.2kg,calculate. The weight of the boy If the weight of a fruit is hanging from 300N what is the mass of the fruit

    asked by Damian
  30. physics

    caclulate the force applied to move a bag of 10kg through a vertical distance of 2.5m.if (g=10m/s) also determine the work done if a work of 120j is done by moving a box of weight 20N through a vertical height. calculate the height plz help I can't solve

    asked by damian
  31. math

    the 8 term of a linear sequence is 18 and the 12 term is 26 find the first term common difference and the 20 term

    asked by Israel
  32. algebra 2

    josh has to graph a set of parabolas of the form y=x^2 -4x+2^n where n is an integer and 0≤n≤6 what is the probability that one of these parabolas, chosen at random, will have : a)one x intercept b)two x intercepts c)no x intercept

    asked by sole
  33. maths

    two cord /AB/ 10cm and /CD/ 8cm are of a circle of radius 12cm find the distance of each of the chord from the centre

    asked by chord properties of a circle
  34. maths

    Simplify leaving your answer in terms of sin0(titha) 1 /1-cos0(titha) + 1 /1+cos0(titha)?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  35. Physics

    1. The resultant of two forces X and Y will be greatest when the angle between X and Y solve it

    asked by Halimoh
  36. Chemistry

    What volume of the gas formed,if 0.2 mol of Na will react with water, 2Naoh+H2

    asked by Javed
  37. US history

    How have our lives changed from present time now then people from the 1700’s

    asked by Felicia
  38. Math

    How to measure the height and the base of the triangle?e.g if Km=10cm and LNG=5cm

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Maths

    from the top of a tower,the angle of depression of boat is 30 degree.if the tower is 20 metre high ,how far is the boat from the frot of the tower

    asked by Alimot
  40. Math

    Take identical cut out of congruent triangle of sides 3cm,4cm,5cm. You get a trapeziums. (check it!)which are the parallel sides here? Should the non-parallel sides be equal?

    asked by Gundi
  41. Lo

    1.One law or legislation that protects citizens againts human trafficking?

    asked by Kao
  42. Chemistry

    A solution of 0.2M nitric acid is to be prepared from a 4.5M solution. How much nitric acid needs to be diluted in a50ml volumetric flask?

    asked by Gunnary
  43. Life orientation

    Three example of the human rights violations or discrimination and gives a reason

    asked by Murovhi ndamulelo
  44. physics

    of a man walks10m east and 10 square of 5mnorth ward what it is displacement

    asked by favour
  45. physics

    A brush fire is burning on a rock ledge on one side of a ravine that is 35 m wide. A fire truck sits on the opposite side of the ravine at an elevation 4.5 m above the burning brush. The fire hose nozzle is aimed 35∘ above horizontal, and the

    asked by Embry
  46. algebra

    In a card game player get at the start 2 green cards, 3 blue cards, 4 red cards, and 3 yellow cards. In how many ways can the player get cards at the start if this card game has 7 green, 7 blue, 10 red and 10 yellow cards?

    asked by Josh
  47. Math

    in how many ways can the letters of the word social be arranged?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Geology

    True or false: Emission standards are set and differ at the national, state, and local levels.   Please help immediately!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  49. Math

    Positive square root of 10816

    asked by Maira
  50. Maths

    877.14 to the nearest gram

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Life orientation

    What is Xenophobia?

    asked by Bongumsa
  52. Careers

    ergnomics or bio mechanic's what are the cognitive and behavioural demands of work ?scenario ?

    asked by komal
  53. Careers

    Hi ,Im interested in doing Forensic pathology or Teaching / Acting ..I'm more interested in nature and helping people.What levels or percentage do I need to do one of my career choices!? please help

    asked by Cebo Xwayi
  54. English

    Traditional healers should not allowed to prescribe medicine in hospitals or clinics

    asked by Lillian
  55. Geology

    True or false: Ozone is only formed in the stratospheric ozone layer. Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  56. Geology

    True or false: the stratospheric ozone layer is more or less the cause of global warming. Please help right now!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  57. English

    Suppose an essay requires the use of five scholarly articles but the body paragraphs must be discussed in the form of a literature review, can someone explain how this would be done? Do I just discuss the articles that I will be using for the research

    asked by Tammy