Questions Asked on
May 11, 2019

  1. math

    Once you have created both sets of numbers, complete the following tasks. In each task, make sure to clearly label which set you are identifying or describing. Identify the elements of each set that you created. Calculate the mean of each set. Show your

    asked by Layla
  2. english

    Speech about traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by asanda
  3. Maths

    6.738 kg rounded to the nearest 10 grams

    asked by Emma alderman
  4. Physics

    A brass measuring rule is connected 15°c the volume obtain is measured with the rule at 35°c appear to be 841.4cm. What is the length of the object? (Linear expansivity of brass=1.8×10-5 k-1)

    asked by Umar
  5. Physical Health

    Nicotine is a dangerous chemical found in cigarettes; it is accompanied by two other very harmful chemicals. These are... *Carbon monoxide and light fluid *carbon monoxide and tar *tar and stimulants *tar and tobacco I think it is Carbon monoxide and tar

    asked by Confused Child
  6. math

    Every time Jason buys 1 blue marble he buys 2 red marbles. If x = the number of blue marbles Jason buys and y = the number of red marbles Jason buys, which graph represents this direct variation?

    asked by katelynn
  7. math

    A container holds 10 gallons of water. If 5/8 of a gallon is added to the container each hour, how many hours would it take to fill the container? A) 16 B) 2 C) 50 D) 50/8

    asked by :(
  8. Chem

    1.15g of acetylsalicylic ia recovered from an aspirim synthesis reaction that began with 2g of salicylic acid, what would be the percentage yield for the preparation? show your computations

    asked by Mouzier
  9. math

    Suppose a different student reaches in the bag, randomly selects their twenty chips, and estimates that 60% of the students are male. Based on this sample, what is a good estimate for the number of enrolled university students that are female?

    asked by Layla
  10. Math

    Two trains arrived at a station at 2:55 P.M., with one arriving on Track A, and the other arriving on Track B. Trains arrive on Track A every 16 minutes, and they arrive on Track B every 18 minutes. At what time will trains next arrive at the same time on

    asked by 0__0
  11. maths

    Find the gradient of xy^2 + x^2y=4xy at the point (1,3)?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  12. Finance

    1. Use the monthly data (September 2013 - November 2014) provided on the closing prices for Gold (GLD), NASDAQ, Oil (USO) and Facebook (FB). Date GLD NASDAQ USO FB Sep-13 128 3771 37 50 Oct-13 128 3920 35 50 Nov-13 121 4060 33 47 Dec-13 116 4177 35 55

    asked by Summaiya
  13. physics

    What is the distance and displacement of a body when it completes one and half rotation in a circular track?

    asked by dikshya limbu
  14. Social Studies

    Why were members of the Third Estate frustrated with the French government? A. They opposed the wars that had been fought during the 1700s. B. They believed the government should help prevent crop failures. C. They thought they paid too much in taxes. D.

    asked by Amy
  15. Algebra

    can someone Plz help me understand PI?

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  16. Math

    How many length of string each 53cm long can be cut from a ball containing 25m?

    asked by Mark
  17. life orientation

    define and describe the human Rights violation by Xenophobia

    asked by thoban
  18. English

    I need help, I want to write prepared speech about English is a language of opportunity why bother to teach

    asked by Thulani
  19. math

    Two cyclist left a sports ground at the same time. The first cycled on the bearing of 30 degree and the second cycled on the bearing of 329 degree. After the first cyclist had covered twice as long as the distance covered by the second cyclist, the

    asked by ken
  20. Geography

    Why do mountains carry oxygen while climbing high mountains

    asked by Dhiraj
  21. math

    An athlete ran from town A to town C through town B for 5 hours. If the distance and bearing of town B from town A are 10km and 109 degree respectively; and the distance and bearing of town C from town B are 6km and 205 degree respectively, calculate the

    asked by ben
  22. math

    An aircraft left a Port X on s bearing of 105 degree to Y a distance of 40km. At Y it changed direction and flew to another Port Z, 50km away, until it was due south of it's starting point. Calculate correct to 2 significant figures; a) distance /XZ/ b)

    asked by rose
  23. math

    A cyclist rode from town A to town B, 14km apart on a bearing of N 40 degree E. At B he rode due East to another town C, 19km away from B. Calculate, correct to the nearest whole number a) the distance between A and C. b) how far North of A is B.

    asked by bose
  24. math

    Angela traveled a distance of 42km from A, on a bearing of 080 degree to B. At B she then traveled a further distance of 20km to C on the bearing of 160 degree. Calculate a) distance/AC/ b) the bearing of A from C.

    asked by ka
  25. Economics

    What are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidy and welfare

    asked by Zanele
  26. physics

    A uniform capillarity tube closed at one end contained dry air trapped by a thread of Mercury 8.5*10-2m long when the tube was held horizontally the length of air column was 5.0*10-2m, when it is held vertically with the closed end downward the length was

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  27. maths

    Eminem,Lil Wayne and Chris brown are to share $142 such that Lil Wayne gets $11 less than Eminem and $7 more than Chris brown. How much is Eminem share.

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  28. math

    Suppose a student reaches in the bag and randomly selects nine red chips and eleven yellow chips. Based on this sample, what is a good estimate for the percentage of enrolled university students that are male? -%

    asked by Layla
  29. math

    the maximum viewing distance on a clear day is related to how high you are above the surface of the earth. this relationship can be approximated by the formula h=0.075d^2, where d is the max distance, in kilometers, and h is your height, in meters, above

    asked by jacob
  30. math

    Suppose a different student reaches in the bag, randomly selects their twenty chips, and estimates that 60% of the students are male. How many yellow chips were in their sample? - yellow chips.

    asked by Layla
  31. math

    Using technology or by hand, make a dot plot representing the data shown in the table. Make sure to label your plot appropriately. Percentage of Male Students Thirty Random Samples 55% 65% 55% 40% 50% 70% 65% 45% 55% 45% 60% 60% 60% 55% 60% 60% 60% 50% 45%

    asked by Layla
  32. math

    Based on your dot plot, make a new estimate of both the percentage and number of males that attend this university. Use complete sentences in your answer and explain your reasoning.

    asked by Layla
  33. math

    Compare your estimates for the percentage of male university students from part A and part B. Which estimate do you think is more representative of the population? Use complete sentences in your answer and explain your reasoning.

    asked by Layla
  34. English

    Isn't bitter love and shallow love a literary device? If so, can you help me figure out which one it is? Please and Thank you

    asked by um help me plz
  35. math

    1: Connor drives an an eighteen-wheeler. It cost Conner $456 to fill the truck up with diesel fuel. If diesel fuel cost $3 a gallon, how many gallons of fuel were bought? a: 148 b: 152 c:156 d:164 2: The temperature started at 35°F. If the temperature

    asked by monokumaa11037
  36. English

    African slaughter rituals should be allowed in suburbs??

    asked by Confidence
  37. Social Studies

    Who founded the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts? A. Puritans from England*** B. fur traders from France C. Catholic missionaries from Spain D. grain farmers from the Netherlands am I right?

    asked by Sad Life
  38. Social studies

    Compare and contrast the rise and fall of Germany and Japan during the period of world war ll - Can someone just comment links to some articles about this tyy

    asked by Parker
  39. Music

    most of the music of the renaissance was instrumental** orchestral** choral/vocal electronic

    asked by meow meow kit kat ☺
  40. maths

    By how much is the sum of 3 3/2 and 2 1/5 less than 7?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  41. life orientation

    Evaluate extent to which the service delivery protest have described in 2 above met or did not meet the requirements of processes

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Chemistry

    What is chemistry

    asked by Rottin
  43. math

    (0.5)to the second power + one eighth divided by one half

    asked by Grace
  44. maths

    The highest hm of a dock above sea level is given by h = 6+4cos(15p)° , 0?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  45. Math

    What are the odds of having 1 boy in a family of 5 children?

    asked by TS
  46. English

    Is "freedom rot in hell" a hyperbole? Its from the lyric, "Won't let my freedom rot in hell" by Beyonce. I thinks it is a hyperbole because the phrase is being exaggerated but I know its not personification because its not been given a human character. Can

    asked by Pizza
  47. Social

    What points does a legislature have to consider while formulating laws

    asked by Anonymous