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May 8, 2019

  1. Genetics

    If the litter resulting from the mating of two short-tailed cats contains three kittens without tails, two with long tails, and six with short tails, what would be the simplest way of explaining the inheritance of tail length in these cats? Show genotypes.

    asked by Sam
  2. math

    If a pebble is dropped into a pond in the shape of an ellipse at the location of one focus, the waves will converge at the location of the other focus. If the pond has a major axis of 68 feet and a minor axis of 32 feet, how far apart are the foci? the

    asked by rakim
  3. maths

    A number is selected at random from the set y=(18, 19, 20..........28, 29). Find the probability that the number is a prime. a). 1/4 b). 1/8 c). 1/2 d). 3/4?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  4. Genetics

    If a man with blood type B, one whose parents had blood type O, marries a woman with blood type AB, what will be the theoretical percentage of their children with blood type B?

    asked by Samantha
  5. Genetics

    Suppose that gene b is sex-linked, recessive, and lethal. A man marries a woman who is heterozygous for this gene. If this couple had many normal children, what would be he predicted sex ratio of these children?

    asked by Samantha
  6. maths

    All of the following are quadratic equation except a). y=x^2 3x b). y=4(x 2) c). y=8x^2-5 d). y=x(x 1)?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  7. Spanish

    Are job titles capitalized in Spanish? For example: médico, ingeniero, y arquitecto.

    asked by K!
  8. English

    1. My Brother wanted to become a clown, and nothing could dissuade him. Dissuade meaning: a) deter * b) humor c) persuade d) encourage 2. There she is, Miss America, but even in my up-to-date, enlightened dreams, she never wears my face. Enlightened

    asked by T
  9. English

    Read the sentence. The magnitude of the Supreme Court's ruling may not be fully understood for some time. Which is a synonym of "magnitude" as it is used in the sentence? A. consequence B. justice C. dimension D. proportion I think the answer is either

    asked by Klauus
  10. English

    28. from "Central High Blood Drive" Which best describes the tone of this text? A. formal B. sincere C. arrogant D. threatening Many generous Americans nationwide have been donating a significantly large amount of blood in the past year to help ensure a

    asked by Klauus
  11. economics

    Can South Africa afford to have totally free trade with the rest of the world?

    asked by wendy
  12. Math

    1.Solve the inequality- 8x

    asked by help asap
  13. algebra

    The mean of a data set is 7.8, the made is 6.6, and the median is 6.8. What is the least possible number of data values in the set? A 3 data values B 4 data values C 5 data values D 6 data values I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to figure this out but

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Social Studies

    What can the Ministry of Culture use to encourage artists to create music featuring the Caribbean rhythm?

    asked by Kerissa
  15. Math

    how many different seating arrangements are possible for 6 people in 4 chairs? I think 15 correct me pls or help me

    asked by Karla López
  16. Science

    What factors influence the direction and magnitude of a induced current?

    asked by Doe
  17. math

    When a football is kicked with a vertical speed of 20m/s its height h, in meters, after t seconds is given by the equation h = -5t&2 +20t a ) how long is the football in the air b ) how long is it kicked is the football at a height of 15 m How am i

    asked by r
  18. Genetics

    Both Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones had babies the same day in the same hospital. Mrs. Smith took home a baby girl, whom she named Shirley. Mrs. Jones took home a baby girl, whom she named Jane. Mrs. Jones began to suspect, however, that her child had been

    asked by Samantha
  19. Social Studies

    Early people in what is now southern Chile relied on shellfish and seals for food because

    asked by meliane
  20. math

    An aeroplane flew from point X to Y on a bearing of 120 degree 300km apart, it then flew 450km to point Z on bearing of 60 degree a) How far north of Y is Z. b) How far west of Y is point X. c) What is the bearing of Z from X.

    asked by rose
  21. Math

    For questions 2 and 3, simplify each polynomial. 2. 3x^2+6-2x+5x-4x^2+9 a. -x^2+3x+15 b. 7x^2+3x+3 c. x^2-3x+15 d. -x^2+7x+15 3. 4x^2+8x-11x+6-5x^2+2 a. -x^2-3x+8 b. -x^2+3x+8 c. x^2-3x+8 d. x^2+3x+8 Please, i need help with the Lesson 7: Polynomials and

    asked by Please help!
  22. English language

    "When they are used properly" what is the grammatical name and it's function?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  23. Algebra 2

    What is the equation of the circle with center (-6 7) that passes through the point (4 -2)

    asked by seth
  24. math

    Nutritional Information: protein = 4 grams, carbohydrate = 4 grams, fat = 9 grams. If a banana has 27 grams of carbohydrates and a total of 121 calories. How many of its calories come from sources other than carbohydrates?

    asked by charles
  25. English

    19. from "The Roots of Organic Farming" Read the sentences. "Depending on the organization that certifies, the term 'organic' refers most often to fruits and vegetables grown with little or no synthesized chemical fertilizers or pesticides. It has also

    asked by Klauus
  26. math

    The stem-and-leaf plot shows the test scores of a science class. How many students scored 78? science test scores 6: 8,8,9 7:2 ,5,5,5,8,8,8,8,9 8: 2,2,2,6,6,9,9 9: 0,0,0,2,2,5,5,5 key: 8/2 or 8 and 2 means 82 is the answer 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 and also this

    asked by help
  27. math

    You go to a team dinner with your aunt and uncle. The cost of a student meal is $5.50. Meals for adults cost $12.50 each. How much does it cost for the three of you to go to the dinner?

    asked by yadhira
  28. math

    A recipe requires ¼ pound of onions to make 3 servings of soup. Mark has 1 ½ pounds of onions. How many servings can Mark make?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Math

    Wich of the following points had coordinates that are 5 horizontal units from point a 3,2 3,7 -2,7 5,2 My answer is b is that correct

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Algebra 2

    What is the 20th term of the sequence -3, 6, -12, 24 The answer is 1,572,864 i just need to know the math in order to obtain the answer.

    asked by Seth
  31. math

    The assessment rate in the XYZ country is 80% and the tax rate is $66.80 per $1,000 of assessed value. Gregory has one property in the same area, and it has a market value of 250,000. Find the tax due.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra

    HELP ME IM DESPERATE! write this polynomial in standard form 10x^2+8-6x-10x^2 Simplify each polynomial. Write each in standard form. HINT: Watch for the operation! Add? Subtract? Or Multiply? 3. (2v^3-v+8)+(-v^3+v-3)

    asked by Sydney
  33. English

    In each sentence, identify the prepositional phrases and each preposition. 1. The spotlight is tight on Scrooge’s head and shoulders. prepositional phrase, on Scrooge’s head and shoulders. preposition, on 2. He and I were partners for I don’t know

    asked by bob09smart
  34. Calculus

    Use your calculator to find the length of the arc from t = 0 to t = 1 of x = t^3 + 1, y = t^2. Type your answer in the space below and give 2 decimal places. If your answer is less than 1, place a leading "0" before the decimal point (ex: 0.48)

    asked by Alice
  35. Engish

    1. Take any book you like. [Do I have to take only one book?] 2. Take any books you like. [Can I take many books or some books in this case?]

    asked by rfvv
  36. History and life sciences

    What job a can get with history and life sciences

    asked by Portia Smah
  37. social studies

    How did knowing how to cut and stack stones help early Andean civilizations grow? A. They built walls to keep out invaders. B. They built large buildings to store food. C. They built monuments to great leaders. D. They built irrigation channels to carry

    asked by jaffit
  38. Calculus

    Find the equation of the curve that passes through the point (x, y) = (0, 0) and has an arc length on the interval 0⩽x⩽π/4 given by the integral from 0 to π/4 of√(1+cos^2x) dx. a) y= sin(x) ------> My answer. Can you check for me, pleaseeee? b) y=

    asked by Alice
  39. Math

    What is 36 x 42?

    asked by Emily
  40. Math

    9. Find the product. –14(8) = ? (1 point) –112 112 –108 –116 10. What is the product of –7 and –12? (1 point) –84 84 –74 74 11. Find the quotient. 36 ÷ (–3) = ? (1 point) 13 –13 –12 12 12. What is the quotient of –24 and 8? (1

    asked by Alexandra
  41. Jiskha

    Is there like a open/closed time on Jiskha? Is there a certain cut off time so I know when not to waste my time looking for answers when you are not available? Not trying to be rude just asking. Concerned, Helen Doe🤔

    asked by Helen Doe🤔
  42. math

    how much would you pay for 14.2 gallons of gas that cost $2.08 gallon

    asked by Mariah
  43. math

    Which hill described in the table is the steepest? (Table) Street: Horizontal (ft): Vertical Rise (ft): Dixie Hill 60 20 Bell Hill 60 40 Liberty Hill 60 30 A. Bell Hill; it rises 2/3 foot for every 1 foot of horizontal travel. THIS ONE B. Dixie Hill; it

    asked by Kim
  44. Math

    Ms. Morgan's class studied the changes in average global temperature in math class as a part of their study of rational numbers. The table shows how each year varies from a base measure. Order the five years from coldest to warmest. A) -0.17°C < -0.10°C

    asked by conexus user
  45. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Input (x) Output (y) 32 20 14 2 ? -6 -2 -14 -10 ? Complete the function table and write the function rule.

    asked by Sigma
  46. Chemistry

    What is the minimum amount of 6.0 M H2SO4 necessary to produce 19.0 g of H2(g) according to the reaction? 2Al(s)+3H2SO4(aq)→Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3H2(g)

    asked by anon
  47. Pre-Calculus

    cos²(θ) – 3sin(θ) – sin²(θ)= –2 ____________________________ I am having a hard time figuring out what to do. Do I use the Pythagorean ID: sin²(θ) + cos²(θ) first?

    asked by sweetiepie
  48. science

    can someone give me a description of x-rays wavelength and frequency? i'm super confused.

    asked by .jimin
  49. English

    In which sentence about A Christmas Carol is the word meager used correctly? A. The Ghost of Christmas Future used his meager finger to point to Scrooge’s tombstone. B. Scrooge gave Adam a meager amount of money to reward him for buying an enormous

    asked by bob09smart
  50. English

    the soldier picked _ his attackers one by one until at last they took to their heels A) out B) off C)on D)along?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  51. Genetics

    Write gametes for the following: AaBB AABbcc AaBBccDd Theres NO Punnett square

    asked by Sam
  52. Math

    Chris has 3 pizza, each pizza has 10 slices. If Chris ate 90% of the pizzas, how many slices will he have left?

    asked by Sam
  53. Algebra and Geometry

    So I’m given a triangle. The side lengths are 17, 18, and 19 is the hypotenuse. I have to find the height (x) algebraically. How?

    asked by Bri
  54. History

    could someone help me with this question allied needs in world war 1 spurred the growth of what industry in Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver? A: commercial fishing B: shipbuilding C: textiles D: weapons design MY ANSWER IS B

    asked by l ll ll lL
  55. English

    Compare and contrast your Independent Reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your Independent Reading selection. Be sure to give the title and author of

    asked by bob09smart
  56. Anne

    Please check my answers! I'm bad at explaining/showing my process and I'm trying to improve so if there's anything you think could help to add, please tell me! 1. Region R is bounded by the x-axis, y-axis, x = 3 and y = (1)/(sqrt(x+1)) A. Find the area of

    asked by Calculus (Check answers)
  57. Genetics

    In some breeds of dogs, a dominant gene controls the characteristic of barking while trailing. In these dogs, another independent gene produces erect ears; it is dominant of its allele for drooping ears. Suppose a dog breeder wants to produce a

    asked by Samantha
  58. Social Studies

    i need help on my essay on Migration and Immigration in the Early 20th Century cuz im way behind can someone help

    asked by mcmuffinss
  59. Science

    Rank these materials in order of increasing hardness: bituminous coal, peat, lignite, and anthracite coal. Peat Lignite Bituminous coal Anthracite coal

    asked by Karla López
  60. Literature

    what is the gerund in this sentence: i enjoy wrapping birthday presents A. enjoy B. wrapping C. birthday D. presents I think: wrapping

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  61. Physics

    If a man travels 5km,40 degree west of north , then 8km east,find the resultant displacement

    asked by Marvelous
  62. Social Studies

    What concept did American colonists believe justified their demand for a new government? A. John Locke's idea of the social contract B. Adam Smith's principle of free trade and free markets**** C. Voltaire's ideas about religious tolerance D. Montesquieu's

    asked by :(
  63. Social Studies

    This was a legalized separation of races.

    asked by McKenzie
  64. Physics

    If a man travels 5km 40 degree west of north then 8km east find the resultant displacement

    asked by Marvelous
  65. Algebra 2

    A wave is modeled with the function y=1/2sin(3θ), where θ is in radians. Describe the graph of this function, including its period, amplitude, and points of intersection with the x-axis.

    asked by T
  66. Algebra

    Find the sine of an angle and the cosine of its complement. Do this for several angles. Make a conjecture.

    asked by Katie
  67. limits

    lim √x+3 x -> -3-

    asked by Jim
  68. English

    Which sentence uses the active voice? A. Breakfast is always served at 8 a.m. sharp. B. Juice is included in all breakfast meals. C. Customers are served as quickly as possible. D. You can have anything that you find appealing. I don't really understand

    asked by Klauus
  69. English

    Which sentence is written correctly? A. The city recently formed the Department of abandoned housing. B. I asked Grandma Rose what it was like to grow up without electricity. C. This Fall, I plan to start growing garlic in the old garden out back. D. I

    asked by Klauus
  70. life orientation

    choose three example of human violation and give reasons

    asked by Anonymous
  71. English

    Which sentence is written correctly? A. Greg Innis, author of the bestselling novel Gathering Clouds, will be signing books here tomorrow. B. Although he was an Englishman, Henry Hudson captained the Dutch ship "Half Moon" on his search for the Northwest

    asked by Klauus
  72. English

    Which sentence is written correctly? A. This assignment will not effect your grade much. B. The box of dog treats are almost empty. C. Him and his brother are always arguing. D. I think I am going to lie down on the couch. I think the answer is either B or

    asked by Klauus
  73. English

    Which sentence is written correctly? A. Across the bridge stood a tall man who looked, like he was, lost. B. A tall man, who looked like he was lost, stood across the bridge. C. Like he was lost, stood and looked a tall man, across the bridge. D. The

    asked by Klauus
  74. Math

    *= my answer Which function rule would help you find the values in the table p 2, 4, 6, 8 q -14, -28, -42, -56 A. q = -7p B. q = p - 7 C. q = - 14p D. q = p - 14*

    asked by daymein
  75. English

    1. It is 23:45. 2. It is 22:00. ------------------------------- How do you read the time above? 3. It is twenty-three forty-five. 4. It is twenty-two hundreds. 5. It is twenty-three forty-five. 6. It is twenty-two.

    asked by rfvv
  76. math

    A plane flies 400km North and then a further 600km or a bearing of 70 degree. a) How far is the plane from the starting point. b) On what bearing must the plane fly so that it returns to its original point. c) How far north and how far east is the plane

    asked by bose
  77. Life orientation.

    What are the three contributing factors that lead xenophobia?

    asked by Dumisan prince
  78. Economics

    Mention any four transfer payment in SA?

    asked by Siyabonga
  79. English

    Then ------just reached the woods the shade of tall trees (I've -l'd ) l thing the answer is (l'd )but lm not sure

    asked by Ahmed
  80. setswana

    motho ga itsiwe e se naga

    asked by Refilwe
  81. maths

    Which of the bearing is equivalent S50ΦW a). 040Φ b). 130Φ c). 220Φ d). 230Φ And explain?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  82. maths

    the height of a right circle cine is 4cm. the radius of its base is 3cm. find its curved surface area.?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  83. physics

    The formula 2^2n-1 denotes the nthe term of a sequence. which term of the sequence is 2^21 a). 11th b). 6th c). 10th d). 8th?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  84. Science

    What conditions are required to induce a current in a circuit?

    asked by Doe
  85. maths

    the logarithm of nay number or alphabets to the base of itself equals? a). zero. b). minus one c). the square of the number or alphabet d). the cube root of the number or alphabet e). one?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  86. Life orientation

    Three example of human rights violation /discrimination and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Leago
  87. Math

    How do figure out the diameter in 1 mile circle

    asked by Rich
  88. chemistry

    if the molar mass if an acid is 40.0g/mol and it's concentration in grammes per dm cubic (g/dm^3) is 200.0. find its concentration in mol/dm^3 a). 5.00mol/dm^3 b). 0.50mol/dm^3 c). 0.005mol/dm^3 d). 50.0mol/dm^3 e). 500mol/dm^3?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  89. Math

    How many different arrangements can be made with the letters from the word ORANGE? A 24 * B 32 C 60 D 120

    asked by Billie Eilish 🖤
  90. math

    Which number is closest to 19 ?

    asked by ke
  91. Social Studies

    Which was one contributing factor to the growth of medieval towns and cities? A. the need for craft guilds B. a greater number of merchants C. expanded trade D.demand for lumber ty for your help :3

    asked by Playtime
  92. Shakespeare

    How is portia equiped to potray a man.

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    Property taxes are placed on the tax roll based on a property's assessed value. If a tax district has a tax rate of 0.4%, then what is the tax owed on a house with an assessed value of $235,000? A. $940 B. $94,000 C. $9,400 D. $94

    asked by Madi

    Business and Investing Quiz 1. suppose that people in your community voted to eliminate all local taxes. Which of these goods and services would most likely disappear. A. interstate highway maintenance B. neighborhood trash pickup C. regional military base

    asked by A
  95. Social Studies

    How did the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbacchev improve U.S -Soviet relations during the 1980s? A. He restricted the Soviet people more than before. B. He urged the Soviet people to strengthen their communist ideas. C. He gave the Soviet people more political

    asked by Pizza is AWSOME
  96. math

    XYZ Oil Company has consistently lost $8 million each year for the past 7 years. Express the total loss as an integer. A) $8 million B) -$8 million C) $48 million D) -$56 million

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Careers

    Which career I able to do with this subjects

    asked by Zaza
  98. math

    Hi, Im trying to do my math corrections and I cannot figure out 3!. That was explained no where in my lessons. Can someone please explain the steps? I used my calculator and but makes me pay for the steps. Please help me:)

    asked by Please help
  99. Mathematics

    ( x + 8.92) - (0.75 - y ) + z = 11.89 X Options = -5.67 OR 5.67 Y Options = 1.25 OR -1.25 Z Options = -3.2 OR 3.2

    asked by Madi
  100. science

    Convergent plate boundaries may have _____. strike slip zones divergent zones mid ocean ridges sebduction zones

    asked by Done did it!!!
  101. Computer Science

    Convert the PDA for the language of palindromes over {0, 1} into an equivalent CFG

    asked by Unknown
  102. SS

    early people in what is now southern chile relied

    asked by meliane
  103. English

    what is * called?

    asked by bob09smart
  104. Calculus

    Which of the following is the Cartesian equation for the polar equation r sin θ = 6 a) y=6 b) x=6 c) x+y= 6 d) x-y= 6

    asked by Alice
  105. Social studies

    Ms. Sue can you check my answer please? Q: What characterized Spain's “golden century”? A. increased government spending on the arts** B. a boom in technological inventions C. an increased emphasis on the classic texts of Greece and Rome D. increased

    asked by Hobi
  106. Social studies

    What was the greatest of the Incas’ many achievements? Explain your answer.

    asked by meliane
  107. Calculus

    Find the area enclosed by r= sin 2θ for 0 ≤θ ≤pi/2. Type your answer in the space below and give 3 decimal places My answer is: 0.785 is that correct????? please help me.thanks

    asked by Alice
  108. SS

    How are the economies of South America different?

    asked by meliane
  109. maths

    Solve 4x-6=14 use trial and improvement method?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  110. math

    Do you guys know this.Six times the number and 30 is at least 21?

    asked by Kayla
  111. English

    English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language

    asked by Evans
  112. Life Orientation

    Describe a recent service delivery protest in your community or in the neighbourhood

    asked by Sifiso
  113. government

    what are the limitation to a citizens rights

    asked by simon
  114. History

    Why did Iranians take 53 Americans hostage at the American embassy in Iran? A. to force the United States to lift the oil ban B. because the U.S. government allowed the shah to travel to the United States for medical treatment C. because Ayatollah Khomeini

    asked by anonymous
  115. math

    Cities P,Q,R,S are such that Q is 4km due east of P,R is 3km due north of Q and S is 4km S 50degree W from R. Calculate the distance and bearing of P from S short and straight.

    asked by bose
  116. math

    solution :2y+3=y+1using balancing method

    asked by David
  117. math

    If a box holds 24 cubes that have a volume of 1/8 what is the volume of the box?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Earth Space Science

    I need some help with this. 1. You are a climatologist who has been given the task of finding out how much glaciers and ice caps have receded over the past 50 years. 2. You have at your disposal satellite image data from this entire time period. 3. How

    asked by yeet my horse to the old town road
  119. Math

    On a number line what is the distance between -29 and 100? A. 29 B. 71 C. 81 D. 129

    asked by conexus user
  120. English

    1. On the train, he goes to sleep. 2. On the train, he falls asleep. 3. On the train, he goes to bed. 4. In the train, he sleeps. [Can we use all the expressions in this situation? Can we substitute 'in' for 'on'?]

    asked by rfvv
  121. social studies

    How did early people who lived in the Pampas differ from early people who lived along the coast of what is now southern Chile? A. People in the Pampas ate more land animals. B. People in the Pampas were more likely to farm. C. People in the Pampas were

    asked by jaffit