Questions Asked on
May 6, 2019

  1. Science

    Explain why narrow Leaves still do their job well?

    asked by Namal
  2. history

    Which names the policy of remaining separate from the affairs of other countries or groups? isolationism neocolonialism survivalism imperialism

    asked by Zaphior English
  3. physics

    what is the resistivity of a cylindrical materia wire whose 1.0 length has a resistant of 2.0ohm the diameter of the wire is 0.5mm

    asked by david
  4. Physics

    What is the relationship between area and volume expansivity ? That is what is the formula connecting area and volume expansivity?

    asked by Queen
  5. Science

    Which choice describes how energy is transferred at the particle level through the process of conduction? A. The fast-moving particles in the colder material collide with the slow-moving particles in the hotter object. The collisions transfer energy from

    asked by Science
  6. Chemistry

    How Many Moles Of H2O Are Required To Produce 4.5 Moles Of HNO3 According To The Following Reaction: 3NO2+H2O = 2HNO3+NO

    asked by Bake Samuel Burje
  7. English

    Based on events in Chapter 8, what can the reader most likely conclude about the relationship between Moon Shadow and the boys in the tenement house?

    asked by Seth
  8. Maths

    When the Polynomial p(x)=ax^3+5x^2+bx-2 where a and b are constants is divided by 2x^2+3x-2, the remainder is 9x-6. (I) Find the values of a and b (II) Using these values of a and b, factorize p(x) completely (III) Find the remainder when p(x) is divided

    asked by Ande2
  9. math

    i come on here to check answers The chart below shows the possible options for beverages, eggs, and bread at a breakfast bar. Which tree diagram correctly shows the possible breakfast choices? A three column table is shown.· The first column is titled

    asked by Btw
  10. Geometry

    In the diagram, EF is the median of trapezoid ABCD. If AB = 5x - 9, DC = x + 3, and EF = 2x + 2, what is the value of x?

    asked by Sarah
  11. History

    How did Maryland's political status during the Civil War reflect that of other border states? President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to keep Maryland in the union. Maryland was a slave state that remained part of the union. Most of the battles of the

    asked by Sean
  12. Chemistry

    50.0 mL of 0.18 M NH3 with 5.0 mL of 0.36 M HBr. Kb of NH3 is 1.77 x 10-5 Calculate pH I don't know where to begin

    asked by sean
  13. physics

    A tube of uniform cross sectional area closed at one end contain some dry air which is sealed by a thread of Mercury 15.5cm long.when the tube is held vertically with the closed end at the bottom the air column is 22.0cm long, but when it is held

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  14. Careers

    Agriculture,life sciences,geo, maths lit,lo Can I study nursing, with those subject

    asked by Merry
  15. social studies

    Drag and drop events in Indochina leading up to the Vietnam War. Put them in the correct order from the most distant past (at the top) to the most recent (at the bottom). 1. France colonizes Indochina. 2. Vietnamese communists declare independence.

    asked by jujuondatbeat
  16. Algebra 2

    Dante is making a necklace with 18 rows of tiny beads in which the number of beads per row is given by the series 3+10+17+24+... a. If you were to write this series in summation notation, give i. the lower limit of the sum ii. the upper limit of the sum

    asked by T
  17. Art

    Which of the following items are functional art? A. Stone B. Vase ( my Choice ) C. A paper clip D. A rag

    asked by Sydney :)
  18. maths

    A cylindrical container has a base area of 150cm. It is filled with kerosene up to a height of 9cm. Find the volume of kerosene in the container?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  19. Science

    1. if a kestrel eats a mouse that eats grass, the kestrel is _______? a-producer b-second level consumer *** c-first level consumer d-decomposer 2. Which of the following best explains how producers in a food web obtain nitrogen? a-animals feed on plants

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    If someone ate 1/8 of 3/4 a pizza, what fraction did he eat of a whole pizza

    asked by Wayne
  21. Math

    solve the following inequalities and write the final answer in interval notation.for unions use lower case u eg.(1,3)u(9,10) 1. 5x-12

    asked by lovisa
  22. math

    A glass cylinder with a radius of 7cm has water up to a height of 9cm. A mental cube of 5 1/2cm edge is immersed in it completly.calculate the height by which the water rises in the cylinder.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. chemistry

    How many joules of heat energy are required to raise the temperature of 20 grams of water by 50°C?

    asked by precious
  24. History

    Which of these actions did President Lincoln take at the beginning of the Civil War? He declared martial law throughout the nation. He imprisoned congressional representatives from the South. He issued a declaration of war without the consent of Congress.

    asked by Sean
  25. physics

    A proton moves at a speed of 5.9 × 107 m/s at right angles to a magnetic field with a magnitude of 0.095 T. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the proton. Answer in units of m/s 2 .

    asked by grace
  26. math, calculus

    Consider the function h(x)=ex. Determine the equation for the tangent line at x = 1. All values must be exact (no decimal values)

    asked by Emma Wallace
  27. physics

    A uniform plank PQ is 10m long and weighs 2.5KN. A downward force of 10N is 2M from the end P and upward forces of 5N, 3N and 8N act at end 6m from P and 10M from A respectively. What is the magnitude direction and position of the force necessary to

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  28. physics

    describe an expirement to determine the specific heat capacity of the metal . state the precaution that should be taken and show how the results in calculated from the measurement made?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  29. physics

    A square, single-turn coil 0.20 m on a side is placed with its plane perpendicular to a constant magnetic field. And emf of 18mV is induced in the coil winding when the areas of the coil decreases at the rate of 0.10 m^2/s. What is the magnitude of the

    asked by harvey--PLS HELP!! :)
  30. Engineering

    The maximum retardation of a lift is 3m/s squared. Calculate the shortest time required to bring it to rest from a speed of 9m/s. What is the distance travelled in this timr

    asked by Foibe
  31. Math

    an agriculture field is rectangular with dimensions 100m by 42m. A 20m deep well of diameter 14m is dug in corner of field and the earth taken out is spread evenly over the remaining part of the field .find the increase in the level of the the field.

    asked by Ephrem Tsegaye
  32. Statistics

    x3 = −16.2 + 4.0x1 + 9.4x4 − 1.3x7 Suppose that n = 14 data points were used to construct the given regression equation and that the standard error for the coefficient of x4 is 0.963. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the coefficient of x4. Find

    asked by Amy
  33. Math

    Help How do I do this! (-7w^2 - 2w - 1) - (-5w^2 + 3w - 2)

    asked by merp
  34. math

    DOUBLE CHECK MY ANSWER PLEASE which situation allows you to have the most saved? - having a set amount aside for savings each time you are paid. - having a set minimum or percentage for savings whichever is greater. - having a percentage set aside for

    asked by //
  35. Math

    If 2/3 of a cup of juice gives you 120% of your daily value of vitamin C, what percent of your daily vaulue of vitamin C will you get in 1/2 cup of the juice? What would the equation be? I got 2/3 times 120x = 1/2

    asked by Ginny
  36. social studies

    what economic sytem focused on exports and acquiring precius materials? a. capitalism b. mercantilism c. market econonomy d. traditional economy

    asked by stormfur
  37. chemistry

    5.0g of a mixture of caco3 and caO liberated 1.32g of carbon(4) oxide on strong heating . what is the percentage of Cao in mixture?(c=12,O=16,Ca=40)?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  38. Maths

    y=is partly constant and partly varies e.g x=a and when=5,y=8,when x=6y=4 A.find the value of y when x=15 B.find x when y =20

    asked by Babatunde anuoluwapo
  39. Maths

    If you eat 1/6 of a pizza then later eat another 5/12 how much have you eaten?

    asked by Evie
  40. English

    more answers about why doctors should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospital and in clinics

    asked by AMANDA
  41. Social Studies Repost for Someone

    This was originally posted on the thread of another student. What was the Constitution of Seventeen Articles? A. an agreement with China B. a set of guiding principles C. a new law code D. an agreement unifying the clans of Japan Ms. sue before you ask

    asked by Ms. Sue
  42. Math

    Erika is weaving a wool blanket. So far, she has used 10 balls of wool and has completed 5/8 of the blanket. How many more balls of wool will Erika need to finish the blanket? How would I set up an equation to find the number of balls of wool Erika need to

    asked by Ginny
  43. Math

    A flock of geese on a pond was being observed continuously. At 1:00pm, 1/5 of the geese flew away. At 2:00pm, 1/8 of the geese that remained flew away. At 3:00pm, 3 times as many geese has had flown away at 1:00pm flew away, leaving 28 geese on the pond.

    asked by Ginny
  44. Life orientation

    Mention the role players involved

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Maths

    Factorise 5ac+10ab-25ad

    asked by Amari simora
  46. social studies

    When did most nations in Southeast Asia gain independence from European powers? A. after the Cold War B. during the Japanese occupation C. before World War II D. during the Vietnam War**************************

    asked by jujuondatbeat
  47. Math - Repost for Ocean

    help me plz...–5 + x = 14 Add 5 to both sides. 0 0 posted by ocean today at 2:31pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  48. math

    I don't use this website to cheat but can someone tell me how to find the MAD (mean absolute deviation)

    asked by S0me0ne0nThis
  49. social studies

    Drag and drop events in Indochina leading up to the Vietnam War. Put them in the correct order from the most distant past (at the top) to the most recent (at the bottom). 1. France colonizes Indochina. 2. Vietnamese communists declare independence.

    asked by jujuondatbeat
  50. Math

    The graph of f(x)=sin(x) is transformed into a new function, g(x), by stretching it vertically by a factor of 4 and shifting it 3 units to the right. What is the equation of the new function g(x)?

    asked by Ali
  51. Life orientation

    Six suggestions on how to address the examples of human rights violation and discrimination

    asked by SEDZANI
  52. chemistry

    A chemist has a solution of NaOH 4 mol/L and wishes to prepare 500 mL of a Solution at 3 mol/L. What volume should it use from the 4 mol/L solution?

    asked by damon
  53. physics

    An electron in a vacuum is first accelerated by a voltage of 15600 V and then enters a region in which there is a uniform magnetic field of 0.689 T at right angles to the direction of the electron’s motion. What is the force on the electron due to the

    asked by grace
  54. Art

    Which of the following best explains why a colorful tulip is not typically viewed as a work of art. A. Tulips cant be displayed in a gallery B. Tulips are not lasting objects C. Tulips do not have abstract patterns D. Tulips are not human made

    asked by Sydney :)
  55. math

    Estimate the sales tax and final cost of a book that costs $12.95 with a sales of 6%.

    asked by hu
  56. history

    Look at the timeline. Which of the following best describes the theme of the timeline? A. the fall of the Roman Empire B. the Reformation in Europe C. the Age of Charlemagne D. the spread of the Catholic faith

    asked by I hate peaple
  57. Gt Language Arts

    1. List some important ideas that Dragonwings includes. Why did you choose those ideas? 2. Tell how using a Reading Role helped you understand the book. The reading roles are described in the link on Unit 4, Lesson 4, slide 6, number 5

    asked by GymnasticsLover05
  58. Phys Sci

    determine the isotope produced in the beta decay of iodine-131 an isotope used to check thyroid gland function

    asked by red
  59. physics

    assume the specific heat capacity of water is 4.25lgk or 4200kj how many Joule is required to raise the temperature of 500g of copper 400jkg

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  60. LO

    Why bother teach indigenous language

    asked by Sfundo
  61. calculus

    Consider the function h(x)=e^x. Determine the equation for the tangent line at x = 1. All values must be exact (no decimal values)

    asked by Emma Wallace
  62. English

    What is the theme in the short story "The lampshade vendor" ? If I have to put something down I would say curiosity

    asked by Marquita
  63. social studies

    Why were the Olympic Games held the first time?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  64. Physics

    A bullet of mass m=0.05kg embeds itself in a block of mass M=1.2kg, which attached to a spring of force constant k=245N/m. If the initial speed of the bullet v0=1.32m/s, find the maximum compression of the spring

    asked by Tammy
  65. math, calculus

    A radioactive isotope has a half life of 25 years. There was 100 mg of the isotope in 2005. (a) Find an expression for the amount of the isotope, A(t), that is still active using time t, measured in years since 2005. Your expression must be of the form

    asked by Emma Wallace
  66. History

    How did Ronald Reagan hope to help the economy with his Reaganomics plans? A. by increasing loans to existing businesses to allow them to decrease prices B. by cutting funding to federal programs and requiring Americans to contribute more to maintain the

    asked by anonymous
  67. Math

    12 red 8 blues 4 Greens. Ratio of blue ro red, simplified

    asked by Anonymous
  68. math

    -y^(-1) = 1/2x^2 - 3/2 How to simplify this to y equals? Getting rid of the exponent?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by adding 50ml of 0.050M HCl to 150 ml of 0.10M HNO3. Calculate pH

    asked by sydney
  70. social studies

    What is the practice of sending children to live away from home to work to earn money for their families called

    asked by June
  71. chemistry

    Consider the following equation: 4 NH3 (g) + 5 O2(g) 4 NO (g) + 6 H2O(g) (a) How many liters of oxygen are required to react with 2.5 L NH3 ? Both gases are at STP.

    asked by adi
  72. chemistry

    1. Acids are substances that produce hydrogen ions (H+) when dissolved in water. Lemon juice is an example of an acid. A.What does lemon juice taste like? B.What does it feel like if lemon juice gets in your eye? 2. Bases are substances that produce

    asked by Meep
  73. Chemistry

    4 Fe + 3 O2 -> 2 Fe2O3 1. If I react 3.00g Fe and 5.75g O2, what is the theoretical yield? 2. If I’m only able to produce 3.5g, what is my percent yield? 3. If I try again, and get a 95.0% yield, what is my actual yield? For the theo yield I got

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of water produced when 3.94 g of butane reacts with excess oxygen. Butane, C4H10, reacts with oxygen, O2, to form water, H2O, and carbon dioxide, CO2, as shown in the following chemical equation: 2C4H10(g)+13O2(g)→10H2O(g)+8CO2(g)

    asked by Lynn
  75. English

    Hurry! says the father, Time to go to bed! Slowly, says the darkness, You can talk to me... =============================== It is from a poem. Q1: Why do we have to put 'the' before 'father' and 'darkness'? Q2: Can't we say as follows? Hurry! the father

    asked by rfvv
  76. English

    African traditional marriage is an advantage to men only not women

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    Question(1):A G.P has a common ratio of 2 find the value of 'n' for which the sum 2n terms is 33 times the sum of n

    asked by Lee
  78. Economics

    Why south African government provided ng

    asked by Zinathi
  79. Science

    Hey. I have a Question about science just to see if the people on this site are actually here for help or cheating after reading some responses. If you google this answer it is fine I just want to know. The name of the first species of "Man" on Earth was

    asked by Reaper M.
  80. physics

    A crate of mass 20kg was moved up a rough plane inclined at 60° to the ground. If the crate was moved up a distance of 5m after 10secs, determine the total work done?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  81. physics

    A spring s, is fimly fixed at one end A and allowed to lie parallel to a plane inclined at 60° to the horizontal. If a body of mass 30kg is placed gently at the free end of the spring. Calculate the maximum compression of the springs if (i) the plane is

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  82. Psychology

    Explain how the Elizabethan Poor Laws have influenced U.S. social welfare policy in the past and present, and explain how the settlers were both victims and perpetrators of this. What were the explicit and implicit purposes of these laws? Use the NASW Code

    asked by James
  83. Chemistry

    Calculate the relative concentrations of phenol (Ka = 1.05 x 10-10) and phenolate ion in a solution with 0.05 M total phenol (pH = 7.5). PLEASE HELP

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    Calculate the relative concentrations of phenol (Ka = 1.05 x 10-10) and phenolate ion in a solution with 0.05 M total phenol (pH = 7.5).

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Maths

    When the polynomial f(x)=(p-1)+x^3+px^2+qx+r, where p, q is divided by (x+2) and (x-1) the remainders are -5 and 4 respectively. If (x+1) is a factor of f(x), find the value of p, q and r, hence factorize f(x) completely.

    asked by Ande2
  86. English

    Please can you explain this type of stress to me: In the following options lettered A to D, all the words except one have the same stress pattern. Identify the one with the different stress pattern. A. sanctify B. promising C. notify D. organic?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  87. Economics

    What is the south African government providing and to whom

    asked by Athi
  88. Physics

    What is the angle that the earth moves in its orbit during the winter in the radians?

    asked by Natasha
  89. Chemistry

    if 465cm cube of so2 can diffuse through a porous partition in 30sec how long will (a) an equal volume (b) 630cm cube of hydrogen sulphide take to diffuse through the same partition

    asked by Anonymous
  90. social studies

    1. When did most nations in Southeast Asia gain independence from European powers? A. after the Cold War B. during the Japanese occupation C. before World War II D. during the Vietnam War 2. Drag and drop events in Indochina leading up to the Vietnam War.

    asked by jujuondatbeat
  91. Algebra

    Find the degree of -5w^3 -4w^2 +7w + 16. I don't understand.

    asked by Madi
  92. Social Studies ASAP

    How was the conflict in Afghanistan different from other conflicts in the region for the United States? I don't exactly get the question. Can you help? Thx!

    asked by 🍡💮Hashtag_Anime💮🍡
  93. Physics

    A horse with the mass of 1131 kg pull on the rope attached to a pulley to lift a 58 kg stone up a wall. If the wall is 14.1 m tall how much work will the horse due to lift the stone up the wall in 15.7 seconds?

    asked by Daisy
  94. English

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics

    asked by Xoliswa