Questions Asked on
May 5, 2019

  1. chemistry

    A is a solution containing 0.095 mol/dm3 of trioxonirate(v) acid solution. B contains 13.5g if X2 CO3 1OH2 per dm3. using the table above as the reading from your titration, calculation. 1. concentration of B in mol/dm3. 2. molar mass of X2 CO3 1OH20. 3.

  2. algebra

    The record height of a man to date is 8 feet 11 inches​ (107 inches). If all men had identical body​ types, their weights would vary directly as the cube of their heights. Assume that all men do have identical body types. If a man who is 5 feet 10

  3. Science

    A 0.5kg cart connected to light spring for which the force constant is 20 Nm on horizontal frictionless air track. Calculate the total energy of the system and the maximum speed of the cart if the amplitude of the motion is 3.0cm

  4. chemistry

    A is a solution of tetraoxosulphate (vi) acid, B is a solution containing 1.4g of potassium hydroxide per 250cm3. using the table above as the value for your titration and 25cm3 for the value of pipette used 1. concentration of B in mol/dm3 2.

  5. physics

    a 5kg mass is dropped from a height of 30m above the ground. determine the velocity of the mass when it is 18m above the ground.

  6. math

    translate sentence to inequality The sum of a number times 9 and 30 is at least 17

  7. L.O

    what does give your own position mean in L.O?

  8. home economics

    what is table laying

  9. Maths

    A cone has a radius of 5cm and a height of 12cm. Calculate it's slant height

  10. Chem

    S8 + 8O2 →8SO2 What is the ratio of reactants to products?

  11. psychology

    Tracey is deep in meditation. If an EEG recording were taken, Tracey's brain wave pattern would look very similar to the pattern seen when a person is: a. in Stage 2 sleep b. drowsy, but not yet asleep c. in slow-wave (Stage 3 or 4) sleep d. in REM sleep I

  12. Science

    What will happen if you drop an ice cube into a glass of water? Will it float or sink? Give reason.

  13. Java

    If I declare a method static, does it mean only a class can call that method?

  14. physics

    Consider the inelastic collision e−+e−→e−+e−+e−+e+ in which an electron-positron pair is produced in a head-on collision between two electrons moving in opposite directions at the same speed. What is the speed of an electron with the threshold

  15. Math

    find the two possible of x if 10sinx = 6 and 0

  16. calculus

    ⦁ Sand is being poured on the ground from the office of an elevated pipe. It forms a conical pile whose altitude is always equal to 4/3 the radius of the base. Approximate all the answers to two decimal places. ⦁ How fast is the volume increasing when

  17. calculus

    ⦁ Motorcycle A is moving north at 60kph, and motorcycle B is 120 km north of A is heading west at 50 kph. At what rate are they approaching or separating at the end of 1 hour? At the end of 2 hours?

  18. Geology

    List one mitigation strategy we could use to prevent wildfires in the Reno area. Please help ASAP!!! :(

  19. Math

    Two cyclists left simultaneously from cities A and B heading towards each other at constant rates and met in 5 hours. The rate of the cyclist from A was 3 mph less than the rate of the other cyclist. If the cyclist from B had started moving 30 minutes

  20. Math

    A rectangle with area 60 ft^2 has a length 7.7 ft longer than its width. What is the perimeter of the rectangle, in ft?

  21. math


  22. science

    What happens when chlorine gas is bubbled through aqueous sodium bromide? And the chemical equation

  23. Science

    -What is the building block of life, scientifically speaking. Explain why you think so.- This is an essay question, i'm not asking for the answer, just wondering how to explain further. My answer is cells, is that right, isn't it? Please help and explain

  24. Statistics

    find the range, interquartile range and 50th percentile of the following distribution. 20, 28, 10, 20, 19, 30. I got a range of 20, but I had forget find the remaining part of the question. Pls some one help me.

  25. maths

    If (x-1),(x+1) and (x-2) are factors of the polynomial ax^3+bx^2+cx-1. Find a,b and c respectively?

  26. physics

    In a carnival ride,passengers travel in a constant speed in a circle of radius 5m and make 1 complete revolution in 40s. calculate the acceleration?

  27. Lo

    Human rights

  28. ℓιfє σяιєитαтισи

    ωнαт яσℓєѕ αи∂ яєѕρσиѕιвιℓιтιєѕ ∂σ тнє мє∂ια нανє ιи яєρσятιиg нυмαи яιgнтѕ νισℓαтισиѕ ιи α яєѕρσиѕιвℓє мαииєя?

  29. Science

    Substances :ethanol ,water ,nail polish remover , methylated spirits. If u place 20 ml of each substances given in separate evaporating dishes. What will be the liquid level after 1 min to 5 min? And which one will evaporates faster and slower?

  30. Math

    Consider the following line plot. 1 dot over 1|1 dot over 2| 1 dot over 3| 2 dots over 4| 3 dots over 5| 3 dots over 6| 2 dots over seven Would the mean or median be affected more with a data point of 20? Explain. Thank you

  31. life orientation

    describe any recent corruption and fraud case that made the headlines in the media,mention the role players involved, the extent to which fraud and corruption is linked to other crimes, the role played by the media and the state in dealing with this crime

  32. Math

    Jane had a bottle filled with juice. At first she drank 1/5 of the juice in the bottle. After 1 hours she drank 1/4 of the juice remaining in the bottle. After another 2 hours she drank 1/3 of the remaining juice in the bottle. At that point Jane checked

  33. Math

    Can somebody please help me? I need 5 points that are solutions to 2x + -1 = y If you can explain to me how you did it, it would be great! It's just that nobody explained to me how. Thanks

  34. physics

    If water rises in a capillary tube 5.8cm above the free surface of the outer liquid what will happen to the mercury level in the same tube when it is placed in the ditch of mercury.calculate the difference in level between the mercury surface inside the

  35. Life Orientation

    How matches and games can be kept safe?

  36. Math

    17.25 squared plus 30 squared equals?

  37. Computer

    Difference between system software and application software

  38. math

    find the two possible of x if 10sinx = 6 and 0

  39. l.o

    What we can do to adress the human rights violation xenophobia

  40. Social studies

    Role players involved in fraud and corruption

  41. Math

    I have 7 hundreds 19 tens 9 ones 9 tenths and 1 hundredth what number am I.

  42. English

    English is the language of opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous

  43. math

    Brett made a scale drawing of a rectangular room in his house. the length of the actual room is 12.8 ft. the scale used to make the drawing was .25 = 1 ft. what is the length, in inches, of the room on the drawing?

  44. Biochemistry

    calculate the mass of the species required to prepare a phosphoric acid buffer with a voncentration of 0.34M ,volume of 500ML and a PH of 11.8.calculate the mass of the varies species needed to prepare the buffer.salt of interest is sodium. consider the

  45. Math

    A geometry teacher drew some quadrilaterals on the chalkboard. There were 5 trapezoids, 12 rectangles, 5 squares, and 8 rhombuses. What is the least number of figures the teacher could have drawn?

  46. algebra

    what is the difference between the mean absolute deviation of the following numbers students 1=77,80,100,75,82 student 2= 88,80,79,85,90

  47. Math

    William earns $13,644.80 per year, and has his federal taxes withheld from each weekly check. In addition, a total of $53.60 is deducted from each check for Social Security and Medicare. How much is his net pay for each weekly check?

  48. algebra

    Radiation​ machines, used to treat​ tumors, produce an intensity of radiation that varies inversely as the square of the distance from the machine. At 3​ meters, the radiation intensity is 62.5 milliroentgens per hour. What is the intensity at a

  49. Math

    Laura takes the following deductions from income when filing her taxes: charity: $4,000 mortgage interest: $12,200 property tax: $4,090 If she paid the estimate found above, how much will her refund be? income tax rate is 28%

  50. Physics

    A 0.500kg block of metal with an initial temperature of 30 degrees C is dropped into a container holding 1.12kg of water at 20.0 degrees C. If the final temperature of the block-water system is 20.4 degrees C, what is the specific heat of the metal? Assume

  51. Lo

    Describe the human rigth violation that is taking place in your community or in neighboring community

  52. MATH


  53. science

    An object fired horizontally with a velocity of 30m/s from a top of a taal tower 250m high.The object lands on top of a building which is 174m away from the tower.How high is the building.(g=10m/s^2)

  54. maths

    The first term of a linear sequence is 3 and the eighth term is 31 find d common difference

  55. math

    For 2 and 3 simplify each polynomial 2. 4x^2+4-5x+x-2x^2+8

  56. Math

    Two stores have a combined total of 210 teddy bears. After the first store sold 1/2 of its teddy bears and the second store sold 1/3 of its teddy bears, each store had the same number of teddy bears left. How many teddy bears were sold from the two stores

  57. Physics

    Consider the inelastic collision e−+e−→e−+e−+e−+e+ in which an electron-positron pair is produced in a head-on collision between two electrons moving in opposite directions at the same speed. What is the speed of an electron with the threshold

  58. science

    Why is it that in vaso dilation,human hairs rise up and in vaso constriction,the human hairs lies on each other

  59. calculus

    Why is the f '(x) = 2xe^(x^2) the derivative of f(x) =e^(2x)?

  60. math

    A circle has a diameter of 46 centimeters. A. 6,644 cm2 B. 72 cm2 C. 144 cm2 D. 1,661 cm2

  61. History

    Why is the Battle of Midway considered a turning point in World War II?

  62. History

    Which of the following is the best example of the spread of mass culture? Start of the Harlem Renaissance The Scopes Trial popularity of Charlie Chaplin The election of a catholic presidential candidate

  63. Math

    What happens to the area of a circle when the radius is doubled

  64. social studies

    "When Andrew Johnson took upon himself the duties of his high office he swore to obey the Constitution and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. The, indeed, is and has always been the chief duty of the President of the United States. The duties

  65. Math

    Copying the question word for word: Investigate different rules for integration. You should include polynomials, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, sine functions, cosine functions and a function made up by a quotient. Give an example of

  66. Science

    You have a 31.5-volt batteries and a 1ohm, 2ohm, and 3ohm bulb. Draw a parallel circuit that has 2.5 A of total current. What would this look like?

  67. Physics

    A stream of water exits from the bottom of a can and lands in a second can. The top of the second can is 0.50m below the hole in the first can, which has water in it to a depth of 0.150m. Find the distance D.

  68. physics

    velocity of light in air and glass are 3.0*10^8m^-1 inverse 1.8*10^8m^-1 respectively one is for air and one is for glass. find the angle of refraction in glass. if the light travel from air to the glass.?

  69. Math

    Given that a*b = a + b + ab a) evaluate 3*5

  70. Spanish

    Listen to the following audio clip. You may listen to it as many times as you need to answer the following question. A man is talking to a server in a restaurant. Answer the questions in ENGLISH. The questions go in order of the audio clip. 1) What two

  71. English

    1. What time does the train arrive in Los Angeles? 2. What time does the train arrive at Los Angeles? --------------------------------------------- Which preposition do we have to use? Are both okay?

  72. teaching kindergarten

    I just found this article about a (relatively?) recent trend for incoming kindergarteners. I was wondering if anyone on here had heard of (or had personal experience) regarding this type of pattern before. I have replaced the periods with the word DOT:

  73. English

    1. I don't like to eat popcorn at the movies. 2. I don't like to eat popcorn at the movie theater. 3. I don't like to eat popcorn at the cinema. 4. I don't like to eat popcorn in the movies. 5. I don't like to eat popcorn at the movie. 6. I don't like to