Questions Asked on
May 3, 2019

  1. psychics

    A hiker leaves her camp and walks 3.5 km in a direction of 55° south of west to the lake. After a short rest at the lake, she hikes 2.7 km in a direction of 16° east of south to the scenic overlook. What is the magnitude of the hiker’s resultant

    asked by Anonymous
  2. government

    Which of the purposes of government listed in the Preamble of the United States Constitution were also the declared purpose of the Articles of Confederation? A. national welfare B. national defense C. national currency D. equal individual rights for all I

    asked by dbh
  3. history

    Why are rising sea levels a concern in Australia and New Zealand? A. High tides and storm surges may damage property in coastal areas. B. Australia and New Zealand may disappear completely if sea levels continue to rise. C. Rising sea levels are changing

    asked by YOUR FATHER
  4. chemistry

    if 465 cm3 of sulphur iv oxide can diffuse through porous partition in 30seconds how long will an equal volume, 620cm3 of hydrogen sulphide take to diffuse through the same partition (h=1,s=32,o=16

    asked by Alex
  5. Math

    A rectangle has sides of length 6.1cm and 8.1cm correct to 1 decimal place. Find the lower and upper bound for the perimeter of the rectangle

    asked by Alam
  6. math

    The region between the graphs of x=y^2 and x=5y is rotated around the line y=5. What is the volume?

    asked by Sean
  7. Phy1311

    A dental technician uses a small mirror that gives a magnification of 4.0 when it is held 6.0cm from a tube. What is the radius of carvature of the mirror

    asked by Adamu
  8. government

    The ban on quartering soldiers in civilian homes without consent is an illustration of the fact that A. the Bill of Rights required Congress to elaborate. B. the Bill of Rights depended heavily on the compliance of states. C. the Bill of Rights was written

    asked by dbh
  9. Algebra 2

    The equation of a parabola is 12y=(x-1)^2-48. Identify the vertex, focus, and directrix of the parabola.

    asked by T
  10. Algebra

    Which inequality is equivalent to -x < 8? A. X< 8*** B. X> 8 C. X< -8 D. X>-8

    asked by Nakayla
  11. Math

    Triangle S(-6,10)T(-9,3)U(-3,3) is translated right 2 units and 3 units down. What are the coordinates of the vertices of the image? s'(-9,12), t'(-12,5), u'(-6,5) s'(-4,7), t'(-7,0), u'(-1,0)****** s'(-8,13), t'(-11,6), u'(-5,6) s'(-4,10), t'(-7,32),

    asked by Mini Kid
  12. Algebra 2

    A hyperbolic mirror can be used to take panoramic photos, if the camera is pointed toward the mirror with the lens at one focus of the hyperbola. Write the equation of the hyperbola that can be used to model a mirror that has a vertex 4 inches from the

    asked by T
  13. Math

    Numbers are drawn from the 27 integers 1 to 27. At least how many number(s) is / are drawn at random to ensure that there are two numbers whose difference is divisible by 4? Please help me to solve this one😩🙏🙏

    asked by Natni
  14. government

    The ban on quartering soldiers in civilian homes without consent is an illustration of the fact that A. the Bill of Rights required Congress to elaborate. B. the Bill of Rights depended heavily on the compliance of states. C. the Bill of Rights was written

    asked by dbh
  15. science

    what causes the current in a loudspeaker to go backwards and forwards

    asked by noor
  16. history

    Based on current climate trends, which type of event caused by physical environmental processes do scientists think is the most likely threat to Australia in the future? A. overfishing B. flooding C. coral bleaching D. drought

    asked by YOUR FATHER
  17. math

    Which inequality represents all real numbers x that are greater than 500,000?

    asked by Haley
  18. Chemistry

    How many moles of water vapour are formed when 10L of butane gas C4H10is burned in oxygen at STP

    asked by Shakiri
  19. Physics

    In a Young's Double Slit experiment, the separation of four bright fringes is 2.5mm, the wavelength of light used is 6.2*10^-7m. If the distance from the slits to the screen is 80cm, calculate the separation of two slits. I applied 4*¥D/d=1.5*10^-3m but

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  20. government

    Why are bureaucracies impersonal by design? A. Impersonal bureaucracies are cost efficient. B. Impersonal bureaucracies assure equal treatment of all. C. Impersonal bureaucracies assure the success of the merit system. D. Personal bureaucracies were not

    asked by dbh
  21. math

    Mr. Hauseman has 17 students in his class, three of whom are freshmen, and the rest are from other classes. He is going to draw two students randomly to be partners. He calculates the probability of drawing a freshman and then a junior to be 9 136 . How

    asked by tymeasha
  22. Math / Algebra

    Check My Answers ?? 1. What are the next three terms in the sequence -3,6,15,24 ….. A. 35,46,57 B. 34,44,54 C. 33,44,56 D. 33,42,51 *****

    asked by Kayleigh
  23. physics

    Two vertical parallel conductors X and Y are 0.12m apart and carry currents of 2A and 4A respectively in a downward direction. Draw the resultant flux pattern between X and Y. ignoring the earth's magnetic field, find the distance from X of a point where

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  24. math

    evaluate (sin 30°-sin60°)/tan60°

    asked by kd
  25. Physics

    If two bar magnets are brought together, north to north and south to south is the resultant pole strength of the combination equal to the sum of their pole strengths?

    asked by Lyn

    (The book is walk two moons, by sharon creech)I really need help! I know your gonna' say "Read the book again" or something, I just desperately need help!! Please, I know I sound stupid, but help! Here is the short answer response question... Read the

    asked by SmartNoodle
  27. Math

    to calculate the total number of students registered for class.Write an algorithm in steps in plain English class and to calculate the percentage of male and female students in both decimal and percentage notation.?

    asked by kamal
  28. Geology

    Give your best forecast of Dean’s U.S. landfall location, time period (date/time of day), and strength. Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  29. Geology

    Label the areas of sand build up and erosion. Please help immediately!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  30. Geology

    Label the zones: berm, beach face, breaker zone, swash zone, surf zone Please help right now!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  31. English

    Speech about why traditional marriage is an advantage for men only, not women

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Mathematics

    A fruit recipe requires 2 apples and 3 Mangoes.A baker has 37 Mangoes.What is the smallest number of apples he will need to bake as many fruit tarts as possible?

    asked by Ali
  33. Mathematics

    A cylinder cup has a circujar base of radius 7cm and height of 10cm.taking the value of 22/7 calculate (a)its curved surface area

    asked by Kelechi
  34. Science

    When a bar magnet is cut into two halves repel each other. Why? What becomes of the original north and south poles of that magnet??

    asked by Carl
  35. government

    Which of the following statements is proof that presidents can exercise only limited public leadership even with the best communication technology? A. Presidents tend to be less popular in Congress. B. Americans tend to vote in congressional but not in

    asked by dbh
  36. Earth science

    which parks of the ocean floor would you expect there to be the greatest amount of living organism

    asked by Nita
  37. science

    if 2 north poles are brought together, is the resultant pole strength of the combination equal to the sum of their pole strengths?

    asked by Carl
  38. government

    3. Money from the government that does not have to be paid back. 6 letter word My answer "grants"

    asked by old town road
  39. Algebra

    PLease help I am struggeling You roll a number cube numbered one to six 12 times. P(5) = two over three. What type of probability is illustrated and why? (1 point) Unselected answer (0 pts) experimental; the result is based on the number of possible

    asked by Please help
  40. government

    6. Living and eating campus is called _____ My answer "tuition??"

    asked by old town road
  41. Chemistry

    1.A description of fuel cells of redox reactions, including a description of the product or procedure that the redox reaction is used in, and what are the products and reactants of the redox reactions. 2.The benefits of using electrochemical processes and

    asked by please!
  42. science

    Is the earth flat or round?

    asked by Errrrreeeeeeee
  43. Technology

    Is it save too say that any type of job you are applying for or are eligible for has to have some type of technology? I am typing an essay on this so just a couple of facts would be good enough for me.

    asked by Michael
  44. life orientation

    three examples of human right violation and givevreasons for your choice

    asked by jennifer
  45. Math

    2. Which ordered pair is a solution of y = x – 4? (1 point) (−1, −5) (0, −3) (2, 6) (3, 1) 3. Which is a graph of the equation y = 2x − 4? (1 point) 4. Which equation has (2, −1) as a solution? (1 point) y = 2x − 1 y= x+ 3 y= x– 3 y = −2x

    asked by Kevin
  46. Art

    Writeacher asks: Was your question something like this? Which Renaissance technique was used in this painting? (The answer choices don't match the question!) ---------------------- A. a copy of the Gutenberg bible B. The Odyssey, by the Greek poet Homer C.

    asked by Bratty
  47. Algebra

    What is the answer for 2-11×^2-8×+6×^2

    asked by Jose
  48. calculus

    Please help. I got stuck on this problem all week. And please show steps. Use Taylor Inequality to estimate approximation f(x)Tn(x) when x lies in the given interval. Round your answer to six decimal places. a=3, n=3, 2.5

    asked by Anonymous
  49. English

    Think about what you know of A Midsummer Night's Dream so far: -The play was written by Shakespeare around 1600. -It takes place in Athens, Greece -There are people in love, magic spells, fairies, and mix-ups... - A lot of the play happens in the woods...

    asked by Meep
  50. chemistry

    0.050 mole of gas was collected in the lab at a temperature of 22.0 degrees celsius and a pressure of 0.987 atm. what volume will the gas occupy under these conditions

    asked by Daniel
  51. geography

    the fertile mouth of the nile river

    asked by kash
  52. Algebra

    Please Help! Which quadratic rule represents the data in the table? x -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 y 6, 5, 6, 9, 14 a. y= -2x^2 + 5 b. y= -x^2 + 5** c. y= x^2 - 5 d. y= x^2 + 5

    asked by Madi
  53. physics

    A car of mass 100kg travelling with a velocity of 20mls was suddenly brought to rest 20m after application of break, find the average retardating force and power expended by the engine.?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  54. Geometry

    If 2 cubic feet of sawdust weigh 25 pounds how much does 9 cubic feet if sawdust weigh

    asked by Taviyunna
  55. Algebra

    Unit 4 lesson7 help

    asked by In eanboy
  56. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Find the measure of x in the triangle. Show all your work. This is for the connexus test Essential Tools of Geometry Unit Test Part 2

    asked by Bella
  57. language arts

    based on what you know about feeling between the American and Chinese community which of the following plot events most likely occurred A. moon shadow will excel in America school setting B. father will save enough money to bring mother and grandmother

    asked by izeck
  58. government

    Which states would have given the strongest approval of Article I, Section 2 of the United States Constitution? A. states with large populations, slave or free B. new states added to the United States later on C. states with small populations but large

    asked by dbh
  59. English Comp

    I have to write a process analysis essay that shows other students how I manage my time when taking online courses, maintaining a job, and focusing on family. Can someone please help me come up with a thesis statement for my introduction? I am having a

    asked by LunarBerry
  60. physics

    what is the difference between an object of mass moving up a smooth inclined plane and that moving up a rough inclined plane?

    asked by poppy👌🤔
  61. History <3

    Which advances in weaponry developed during the Hundred Years' War made war more deadly? Select all that apply. A. the longbow*** B. the cannon*** C. the lance D. the gun**** E. the crossbow*** ***= my answer.... am i correct?

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  62. Language Arts

    1. How many prepositional phrases are in this sentence: Put the lasagna in the oven for me please. A. 1 B. 2***

    asked by Miaaaa
  63. English Comp

    I have to write a process analysis essay that shows other students how I manage my time when taking online courses, maintaining a job, and focusing on family. This essay is in first person. I have written my introduction paragraph and need someone to

    asked by LunarBerry
  64. math

    If you want to include closing costs of 5% with your down payment, how much additional money must you save per month??

    asked by /
  65. Math

    How many different arrangements can be made with the word SPACE?

    asked by Pizza is AWSOME
  66. building science

    with the aid of a diagram, explain the changes in frequency with respect to change in mass, length tension on a sonometer bridge

    asked by ken
  67. science

    1. Which of the following is an example of matter? A. leaves

    asked by bob09smart
  68. Math

    Jerrod received a total score of 1340 on the SAT. His math score was 400 points less than twice his verbal score. What was his math score and his verbal score?

    asked by Perla
  69. Math

    The probability that it will snow over 2 weeks is 1/12 one week and 1/4 another week. What is p snow this week then next week? A. 1/8 B. 1/16 C. 1/24 D. 1/48

    asked by Pizza is AWSOME
  70. math

    find the reciprocal of 0.0247, hence evaluate (3.025)^1/3))/0.0247 correct to 2 decimal places.

    asked by kd
  71. math

    Given that OA =( 2 3) and OB = (-4 5). Find the midpoint M of AB.

    asked by kd
  72. English

    In each sentence, identify the prepositional phrases and each preposition. *********************** *"*"*"*"*"*"*" 1. The spotlight is tight on Scrooge’s head and shoulders. *"*"************* 2. He and I were partners for I don’t know how many years.

    asked by bob09smart
  73. English

    Can a teacher check my work In each sentence, identify the prepositional phrases and each preposition. 1. The spotlight is tight on Scrooge’s head and shoulders. prepositional phrase, and shoulders. preposition, and 2. He and I were partners for I

    asked by bob09smart
  74. ingles

    no se ingles necesito ayuda con una pregunta de ingles porfabor ayuda

    asked by ayuda
  75. physics

    Water discharges from a horizontal, cylindrical pipe at the rate of 5.00x10^-3 m^3/s. At a point in the pipe where the cross-section is 1.000x10^-3 m^2, the absolute pressure is 1.60x10^5 Pa. What is the pipe radius at a constriction if the pressure there

    asked by Tammy