Questions Asked on
April 30, 2019

  1. math

    your car gets 33 miles per gallon of gasoline, and you drive at an average speed of 44 miles per hour. How much gas do you use in an hour?

  2. Setwana

    Tlhamo ya 200-250 ka ditlamorago TSA go kgwetsa o nole bojalwa

  3. math

    A number N is multiplied by 3. The result is the same as when N is divided by 3. What is the value of N?

  4. Calculus

    The graph of f ′(x), the derivative of x, is continuous for all x and consists of five line segments as shown below. Given f (5) = 10, find the absolute minimum value of f(x) over the interval [0, 5].

  5. Behavior Stats

    If alpha is changed from .05 to .01, it is easier or harder to make a Type I Error?

  6. science

    the basicity of tetraoxosulphate 6 acid is 2 explain the statement with an equation and show the reaction between tetraoxosulphate 6 acid with potassium hydroxide

  7. math

    A goat is tied to a peg in the ground. the rope is 4.5m long. calculate the area of grass that the goat can eat.

  8. English

    1. Which of the following best illustrates the extreme nature of Phoebe's suspicion of others? She calls the strange young man at her door a lunatic She does not want Mrs. Partridge to touch her face She does not offer to help Mrs. Cadaver with her

  9. math

    In a paragraph, compare and contrast constant rate of change and average rate of change.

  10. math

    Write the recursive formula and the explicit formula for the sequence {3,6,12,24,48,...}. Show all work.

  11. Math

    Find the diameter and the height of a cylinder of maximum volume which can cut from a sphere of radius 12cm

  12. Math:Odds

    In a carnival drawing, a green ticket wins $1, a yellow ticket wins $5, and a blue ticket wins $10. There are 100 green tickets, 25 yellow tickets and 5 blue tickets. In simplest form, what are the odds in favor of winning $5 or more?

  13. Math

    Anthony is making a collage for his art class by picking shapes randomly. He has five squares, two triangles, two ovals, and four circles. Find P(a triangle or a square is chosen first). What would be the fraction for this question?

  14. math

    a) Enter your desired amount of money you wish to receive each month while retired = $ 2000 b) Upon retirement (40 years from now) you want to receive "x dollars" (amount of money you choose in Part a) each month for a period of 28 years. This money

  15. English

    Find the antecedent of the relative pronoun (who, which, or that) in each sentence. Choose the verb that agrees with the subject of the sentence. 1. Arizona is one cotton-producing region that ___ not lose crops to the boll weevil. A. does B. do*** (Not

  16. Math

    Which shape doesn't have two pairs of parallel sides? A. Parallelogram B. Trapezoid C. Rhombus D. Square

  17. Chemistry

    Given the following compounds: H2, HBr, HCl, HF A. Which will form an ionic bond? B. Which will form a nonpooar covalent bond? C. Which will form a polar covalent bond?

  18. math

    7/8 divide 1/2=

  19. Math

    A local foundation has offered to pay 75% of the cost of infant care classes. The hospital will cover any remaining costs. There are 28 parents enrolled in the upcoming class. Find the amount the hospital will pay.

  20. Physics

    An object A of mass 20kg moving with an initial velocity of 3m/s makes a head on collision with object B mass 10kg moving with a velocity of 2m/s in opposite direction if A and B stick together after collision calculate their common velocity

  21. math

    In a paragraph, explain whether or not all geometric sequences are exponential functions.

  22. math

    12 + 4m = 24 A. m = 9 B. m = 8 C. m = 3 D. m = –6

  23. chemistry

    calculate the energy released when 0.5g of uranium 235 undergoes a fission reaction.

  24. Maths

    A cone shaped candle whose height is 3 times its radius is melting at the constant rate of 1.4 cm^3 s^-1. If the proportion of radius to height is preserved, find the rate at which the radius will be decreasing when it is 3.7cm. Answer: -0.01

  25. Life Orientation

    Give your own position on this specific problem in our country

  26. Modern World Studies

    How does climate affect the ways that Latin Americans live? Climate only affects the success of crops. Climate does not affect the way people live. Climate affects the variety and success of crops and they type of clothing and shelter needed to survive.

  27. physics

    a 25 kg boy on a 10 kg sled is coasting at 3.0 m/son level ice toward 30kg sister the girls jumps vertically and lands on her brothers back what is the final speed of the siblings and sled? neglect friction

  28. Language

    I need help on walk two moons chapter 15-18 quiz

  29. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a result of cultural blending in the Spanish empire? A. Most people eat only Spanish foods. B. Most people are Catholic. ***(my answer)*** C. Most people speak Native American languages. D. Most people worship African gods.

  30. Science

    When a bar magnet is cut into two halves repel each other. Why? What becomes of the original north and south poles of that magnet?

  31. Sci

    Are there magnets with a single magnetic pole? Is it possible for the pole strength to be different for the north and south poles of the same bar magnet?

  32. Scie

    If 2 bar magnets are brought together, north to north and south to south is the resultant pole strength of the combination equal to the sum of their pole strengths?

  33. math

    Write a real world situation for the function f(x) = 3(1.06x) + 2. Be sure to identify all key features of the function as what they represent in your situation.

  34. Science

    What happens in the Phloem A.water Moves up from roots moves down from leaves moves up from roots D.water moves down to roots

  35. science

    Will the Sun Always shine plz help

  36. Social studies

    How does free trade effect the United States? Select all that apply. A. Lower prices B. decreased wages C. higher farm profits D. less variety in business E. more low-skill jobs F. increased customer choice I need help :)

  37. math

    so on one of my 6th grade practice test for the big test tomorrow and it said " which of the ratios below are equivalent to 10:12 circle all that may apply" and i was wondering how i find the equivalents

  38. Algebra

    Hayley can sell zucchini bread for $4 and banana bread for $3. What is the greatest amount of money she'll collect with 22 cups of sugar and 4 sticks of butter? Recipes: Banana bread- 2 cups of sugar, .25 sticks of butter Zucchini bread- 1.5 cups of sugar,

  39. Spanish

    I need help with a Spanish word search thanks

  40. science

    what made the planets

  41. History

    1. what means did Portuguese explorers use to establish trading posts in India, Persia, and Southeast Asia? A. They signed agreements between local rulers and the Portuguese king B. They worked with the native people to establish diverse colonies*** C.

  42. Math:Mode

    0 0 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 6 Which of the following could be the one missing data item for the above set, if the mode is 4? A.0 B.3 C.4 D.5 Can somebody plz check this, I think it's D

  43. Math

    You start at the origin on the coordinate plane. you go 4 units to the left and 5 units up. what are the coordinates of your location then? 1. (-4, 5) 2. (-5, 4) 3. (12, 5) 4. (5, -4)

  44. government

    How was the Fourteenth Amendment used to end the doctrine of “separate but equal”? A. The Court declared that an equal number of black and white schools had to be created. B. The Court extended “the equal protection of the laws” to the use of

  45. Math

    If a Sequoia tree is 285 ft. High and has a diameter of 36.45 ft and an estimated wait of 2150 tons, what is the circumference to the nearest tenth?

  46. government

    Which part of the Eighth Amendment was incorporated at the state level using the Fourteenth Amendment? A. due process B. equal protection C. rights of national citizenship D. protection from cruel and unusual punishment I asked this a while ago and someone

  47. Math


  48. math

    Find the x-intercepts of the polynomial y = x^2 - 4x + 3 I'm not sure how to approach this -- do I first factor it and then my x intercepts are (#, 0)? So, for example, factored would be (x - 3)(x - 1) I set those equal to 0 so my x intercepts would be (3,

  49. math

    Jen has 6 yards of fabric and wants to make a new dress and shorts she used 3 1/3 yards of the fabric on her new dress how much fabric does Jen have left for the shorts?

  50. chemistry

    what is the energy released when 0.5 grams of uranium 235 under goes a fission reaction?

  51. history

    Why was the Cuban missile crisis significant? A. Cuba threatened to invade the United States. B. It came close to starting a full-scale nuclear war. C. The United States almost fell under communist rule. D. It promoted nuclear research in the Soviet Union.

  52. history

    Which of President Nixon’s actions likely had the most positive influence on the suffering economy? A. naming conservative justices to the Supreme Court B. increasing trade with the Soviet Union C. continuing aid to South Vietnam after the end of the war

  53. maths

    solve 2x-3y plus 2 equals x plus 2y minus 5 equals 3x plus y?

  54. maths

    2x-3y 2=x 2y-5=3x y?

  55. programming

    how do you design a program that asks the user to enter a store's sales for each day of the week. the amount should be stored in an array. use a loop to calculate the total sales for the week and display the result.

  56. Chem

    What is the longest wavelength of electromagnetic radiation capable of ionizing this hydrogen atom in an excited state? Report your answer in nanometers. Δ𝐸=−2.178×10−18 J(1𝑛2final−1𝑛2initial)

  57. social studies

    Explain the biological diversity in Oceania.

  58. Science

    A certain type of laser emits light that has a frequency of 4.0 × 1014 Hz. The light, however, occurs as a series of short pulses, each lasting for a time of 2.3 × 10-11 s. (a) How many wavelengths are there in one pulse? (b) The light enters a pool of

  59. history

    JFKs policy that suggests a communist government in one nation would quickly lead to communist takeovers in neighboring states? Domino theory or domino effect? Which is correct?

  60. English

    What would be a good conclusion for my thesis statement? Dance is effective in the elementary education classroom because dance teaches empathy and movement allows for cultural expression, and dance and movement both integrate academic learning with

  61. Algebra

    A garden store has the following miscellaneous bulbs in a basket: 5 amaryllis 6 daffodils 4 lilies 3 tulips A customer bought 4 bulbs from the basket, one of each type of flower. If the next customer selects 1 of the remaining bulbs at random, which is

  62. calculusII

    ∑((-1)^n)*n*sin(π/6^n) which test should I use for this one?

  63. Maths

    Is dy/dt +(t*(y^2)) = 0 a non-linear differntial equation? Is it because of the y^2 term involved with t? Many thanks!

  64. physics

    A 2.50-kg object is moving along the x -axis at 1.60 m/s. As it S S passes the origin, two forces F 1 and F 2 are applied, both in the y -direction (plus or minus). The forces are applied for 3.00 s, after S which the object is at x S = 4.80 m, y = 10.8 m.

  65. life orientation

    three contributing factors that lead to human rights abuses

  66. math

    the ages of two brothers are 11 and 8 in how many years time will the broduct of their ages be 208 ?

  67. French

    French Help! I'm having a very rough time figuring out the correct verb conjugation for each of these passé composé sentences. Can somebody that is experienced with the language lend a hand? Nous (avons allé, sommes allé, sommes allés) au cinéma hier

  68. Math:Odds

    A coin toss is used to determine which team will receive the ball at the beginning of a football game. The Cougars always choose heads in the toss. What are the odds in favor of the Cougars winning the toss in exactly two of three games? A.3:5 B.3:8 C.5:3

  69. maths

    A curved surface of a cone, based diameter 18cm, is formed from a sector of a circle, radius 15cm. find (a) the angle of the sector. (b) the total surface area.?

  70. Reading

    Copernicus was a mathematician and astronomer during the Renaissance. He was the first person to argue that the Sun is at the center of the solar system, not the Earth. The appearances of objects in the heavens have from the earliest historic ages filled

  71. Social Studies

    The most likely location of the Inaugural Address was in what country? A) Ghana B) India C) Rwanda D) South Africa

  72. Reading

    Passage 1 People started collecting postage stamps as soon as the first stamps were produced. Today, an estimated 25 million Americans collect stamps. People collect stamps for a variety of reasons. Some collectors enjoy studying the history of stamps,

  73. Algebra 1

    HELP ME!!! write each polynomial in standard form 1. 4r + 3 - 9r^2 +7r 2. 10x^2+8-6x-10x^2 Simplify each polynomial. Write each in standard form. HINT: Watch for the operation! Add? Subtract? Or Multiply? 3. (2v^3-v+8)+(-v^3+v-3) 4.

  74. Math

    What is 26cm 8cm = to

  75. Science

    Awake on astring is described by the following equation y=(15cm)cos(3.14/5.0cm x_3.14/12s t.what is the amplitude of this wave?what is its wavelength?what is its period? What is its speed? In which direction does the wave travel

  76. SS

    Humans migrated to the following areas in which order?

  77. math

    Input(x) Output(y) 32 20 14 2 ? − 6 -6 -2 -14 -10 ? Complete the function table and write the function rule.

  78. US History

    How were the consumer protection movement and the environment movement similar? A Both had successes that resulted in increased government regulation of the economy. B Both relied largely on the political support of the Republican Party. C Both helped

  79. Question

    How do you post a picture on Jiskha? Like if the question asks about the chart that's a picture, how do I post the picture?

  80. Social Studies

    hi, i'm doing corrections and need to know if this answer is correct to turn in. Question: Why was Yemen's Civil war so complex? My answer: The Yemen's Civil War was so complex because no one could agree on things. The governments were 'batteling' for

  81. Science

    Are uniform metre rule of mass 120 grams is 60cm Mark at what point on the metre rule should a mass of 50 grams be suspended for it to balance horizontally

  82. social studies.

    Hai so can somebody plz help me? How did the Cultural Revolution of 1966 impact China? A. Many protest took place and the government became more democratic in response. B. Military forces took over china and made it a military dictatorship. (**) C. Many

  83. Pre-Alegbra

    Directions: Follow the instructions below to design a fair race for the new video game Animal Tracks. 1. Choose two animals at different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2.

  84. Math

    The function rule is y=2x-1 if the input is 3 what is the output? Please Help

  85. Spanish

    The Dominican Republic, along with Haiti, makes us which island? Jamaica Hispaniola Puerto Rico

  86. math

    A triangular prism has bases that are equilateral triangles. Which statements are true about the surface area of the triangular prism? Choose all that apply. A triangular prism is shown. One of the sides of the triangular base is 6 centimeters. The height

  87. History

    Checking Answers: 1. A (Brasilia 2. C (The indigenous people's way of life) 3. D (Salvador) May Check these answers!

  88. Science

    what is mass, like kilograms and all that stuff, what types of grams are in mass?

  89. math

    You have 4 $ 1 dollar bills, two $5 bills, five $10 bills and five 20 dollar bills in your wallet. You select a bill at random, withought replacing the bill you chose a second bill, what is p($1 then $10) A. 9/39 B. 5/ 64 C. 3/80 D. 1/12 2. A basket

  90. Math

    You start at the origin on the coordinate plane. you go 4 units to the left and 5 units up. what are the coordinates of your location then? A.(-4,5) my answer B.(-5,4) C.(12,5) D.(5,-4)

  91. math

    If a car whose horn emits a frequency of 500 Hz is driving toward you at 30 m/s, which frequency might be the one that you hear?

  92. History

    Drag the phrases to the correct boxes. Phrases may be used once or not at all. Roles of Monks and Nuns live a life of religious study and prayer**** provide advice to rulers on political matters work in libraries on manuscripts teach Latin raise a family

  93. science

    What is a form of energy that is always transferred from a warmer substance to a cooler one?

  94. math

    What is the average rate of change of the function g(x) = 3(2x) - 6 over the interval 0

  95. English

    what is the tone

  96. Math

    A pair of fair dice is rolled once. Suppose that you lose ​$8 if the dice sum to 7 and win ​$12 if the dice sum to 10 or 6. How much should you win or lose if any other number turns up in order for the game to be​ fair?

  97. geography

    What is 2 things about the population of Southwest Asia and South Asia

  98. Math

    square root of 36 * square root of 121 - x^3(9 - 14) Answer: 6 4square root 5x^3 + 121

  99. Math

    (m^2-m-4)+(m-5) Add Or Subtract ?

  100. Math

    At a local volleyball game, 330 tickets were sold. Adult tickets were sold for $25.00 each, and youth tickets were sold for $18.00 each. If ticket sales totaled $7,480.00, how many adult tickets and how many youth tickets were sold?

  101. Social Studies

    One reason why many people in Eastern Europe do not belong to a religion is that? A. missionaries are unable to reach the area B.they are more concerned with communist party matters C. religion was discouraged by the Soviet government D. economic hardship

  102. Pengana college of health science and technology

    Shown that alpha =3alpha and beta =2alpha

  103. physics

    A compass with its needle pointing north sits on a table. If you place a straight wire over the compass parallel to its needle and send a current running north to south through the wire, how does the compass needle respond to the current? a. The compass