Questions Asked on
April 28, 2019

  1. physics

    An average of 120KW of electric power is sent to a small town from a power plant constant 10km away.the transmission lines have a total resistance of 0.4ohms, calculate the power loss if the is transmitted at 240v.

    asked by poppy
  2. Life Orientation

    Give your own position on this problem in your community

    asked by Sisipho
  3. physics

    a man of mass 50kg ascends a flight of stairs 5m high in 5seconds .if the acceleration due to gravity is10m/s,the power expended is

    asked by etuk
  4. Special topics in guidance

    14. Which of the following most accurately describes self-awareness? A. It's the evaluation that a child makes about her "self." B. It includes those behaviors that allow us to control our impulses. C. It refers to viewing the self as separate from others.

    asked by Diana
  5. maths

    P(6,3), Q(3,7), and R(4,2) are three points in a plane. A is the midpoint of QR and B is the foot of the perpendicular from Q to PR. Find;- (A) the cordinates of A; (B) the equations of the lines PA and QB; (C) the point of intersection of the lines PA and

    asked by matt
  6. Special topics in guidance

    Describing oneself by using moral principles such as honesty, kindness, and fairness is called A. self-esteem. B. self-concept. C. self-awareness. D. moral identity. my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  7. math

    A baseball is thrown up in the air from a height of 3 feet with an initial velocity of 23 feet per second. When does the baseball hit the ground?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    A locker combination has three nonzero digits, and digits cannot be repeated. If the first digit is 3, what is the probability that the next digit is odd? A.4/9 B.1/5 C.1/2 D.5/9

    asked by Sophia
  9. math probability

    A fair tetrahedral die (with face 1,2,3 and 4)and a fair coin are tosses together Construct a table of sample space of a random experiment Use your sample space to.find the probability that (1):a tail and an odd number show up (2):a head and a square show

    asked by Stephen
  10. government

    Which amendment from the Bill of Rights has been fully incorporated by Supreme Court decisions? A. First Amendment B. Third Amendment C. Seventh Amendment D. Eighth Amendment I really don't know about this one

    asked by dbh
  11. calculus II

    If f ^(n) (0) = (n + 1)! for n = 0, 1, 2,... , find the Maclaurin series for f.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Economics

    The demand function for two commodities A and B in a market are given as follows. QA=96-2PA-3PB, QB=30-25PA+0.32Y. Where PA and PB are prices of commodity A and B respectively, and Y is consumers average money income, given PA=#2, PB=#4, and Y=#1000.

    asked by CUPSON
  13. Chemistry

    In a eudiometer, 20 ml of a gaseous hydrocarbon A is mixed with 150 ml of oxygen gas. The combustion of A is initiated by an electric spark. After cooling and condensing the vapour, the volume of the gaseous mixture is 110 ml, of which 80 ml causes

    asked by Ali
  14. Math

    Solve : 2tan3x+cos2x+1=tan3x+2cos2x

    asked by Bishal Poudel
  15. Maths

    A rope is wound 50 times round a c ylinder of radius 25cm .how long is the rope(use pie as 22/7

    asked by Sandra
  16. Math: Probability

    A bag has 2 red marbles, 1 blue marble and 4 gold marbles. What is the probability of drawing two gold marbles, if the first marble is replaced after it is drawn?

    asked by Sophia
  17. math

    how do you write 1.11x10 to the power of 24 in expanded form?

    asked by Zeniah
  18. Pre-calculus

    State whether the sequence is arithmetic or geometric, write a recursive and explicit formula and find the 10th term. 81, -27, 9, -3, 1... Sequence Type: geometric Recursive: _______ Explicit: ______ 10th Term: -1/243

    asked by HELP
  19. Math

    The base of a right pyramid is a rectangle of length 80 cm and width 60 cm. Each slant edge of the pyramid is 230 cm. Calculate the volume of the pyramid.

    asked by Kd
  20. Pre-Calculus

    Determine whether each of the following is always, sometimes, or never true. If the answer is sometimes true, state the conditions under which it would be true. sn+1 - sn = an+1

    asked by HELP
  21. History

    Which was a benefit Georgia received as a result of the French and Indian War?

    asked by Omaria
  22. Special topics in guidance

    Stress that originates within the child would be considered _______ stress. A. external B. internal C. healthy D. lingering my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  23. Special topics in guidance

    During early childhood, which of the following statements is true about children and anger? A. They don't feel anger. B. They feel, express, and understand anger. C. They feel but don't express or understand anger. D. They feel and express but don't

    asked by Diana
  24. Careers

    Life science, tourism ,geography ,maths literacy What career choice can u take with those subjects

    asked by Nonhlanhla
  25. economics

    evaluate y=3+2x,the dependent variable when the independent variable has the value 2

    asked by pastor
  26. Chemistry

    In a redox reaction, explain why the oxidizing agent undergoes reduction?

    asked by HELP PLEASE!
  27. Math

    There are F cups of flour in a bag. First, 3/8 of the flour in the bag was used. Then, 1/5 of the remaining flour was used. At that point, there were 10 cups of flour in the bag. Write an equation involving F that corresponds to this situation Can someone

    asked by Ginny
  28. L O

    In one and half page to two pages describe any recent corruption and fraud case that made the headlines in the media. Mention the role players involved, the extent to which fraud and corruption is linked to other crim es, the role played by the media and

    asked by Unarine
  29. Life orientation

    Explain how organization addresses the violation and if it is a worthy cause

    asked by Asemahle
  30. Chemistry

    A saturated solution of salt x contain 0.28g of the salt in 100cm^3 of solution at 25°c what is the solubility of the salt in (i) mom/dm^3 (II)g/dm^3

    asked by Anonymous
  31. science

    Why is traditional marriage an advantage for men not for women

    asked by thabo
  32. Math: Probability

    A bag has 2 red marbles, 1 blue marble and 4 gold marbles. What is the probability of drawing two gold marbles, if the first marble is replaced after it is drawn? C. 4/7 D. 7/13 ( I didn't add A or B `cause i knew those were wrong)

    asked by Sophia
  33. Math: Probability

    A bag has 2 red marbles, 1 blue marble and 4 gold marbles. What is the probability of drawing two gold marbles, if the first marble is replaced after it is drawn? is it 16/49 or 7/13

    asked by Sophia
  34. Maths

    The p

    asked by C
  35. Geometry

    Points A, B, and C lie on a circle with center Q. *The area of sector AQB is twice the area of sector BQC *The length of arc AB is 28 centimeters What is the length, in centimeters, of arc BC?

    asked by Jessica
  36. Math

    Mr Kim gave $3600 to his wife and two children altogether. His wife received $500 more than his son. His son received twice as much as his daughter. How much did Mr Lim's wife received?

    asked by Leyla
  37. Geometry

    Right triangle FHG is shown *The sine of angle F is 0.53 What is the cosine of angle H? Round the answer to the nearest hundredth

    asked by Jessica
  38. Math

    tell whether each ordered pair is a solution of the eguation 3x + y = -11, (-4,1) 2x -y = 4, (3, -2)

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Chemistry

    H3PO4 + 3KOH = K3PO4 + 3 H2O What would be the percent yield if you reacted 49.0g of H3PO4 with 112g of potassium hydroxide, and collected 25.0g of water?

    asked by Glenda
  40. Physics

    A sample of helium behaves as an ideal gas as it is heated at constant pressure from 278 K to 353 K. If 40 J of work is done by the gas during this process, what is the mass of the helium sample? The universal gas constant is 8.31451 J/mol · K. Answer in

    asked by Melody
  41. Maths urgent

    Solve: x^2=16^x

    asked by manish
  42. Physics

    Two moles of helium gas initially at 213 K and 0.17 atm are compressed isothermally ton1.19 atm. Find the final volume of the gas. Assume that helium behaves as an ideal gas. The universal gas constant is 8.31451 J/K · mol. Answer in units of m3 Part 2

    asked by Raven
  43. calculus II

    How do I calculate (42/81)/3!?

    asked by KKK
  44. Pre-Calculus

    Determine whether s -s =a is always, sometimes, or never true. n+1 n n+1

    asked by HELP
  45. python

    Using functions and two lists write a Python program that asks the user to input each students ID number and a final grade for each student in the class (grades can be from 0 -100). The class has 10 students. The program should display the each student id

    asked by mike
  46. math

    Michele is a photographer. She sells framed photographs for $100 each and greeting cards for $5 each. The materials for each framed photograph cost $30, and the materials for each greeting card cost $2. Michele can sell up to 8 framed photographs and 40

    asked by Nick
  47. Science

    How would you hook up 3 resistors in a circuit to get the maximum current and the minimum current?

    asked by Lyn
  48. Physics

    A car applies brakes which produce a retardation of 5m/sec 2. If the car stops in 6sec then what is the distance traveled till it stops.

    asked by Shaloni
  49. physics

    An airplane travel 1000k/h in a region where the Earth's magnetic field is about 5*10-5T. what is the potential diffenrence induced between the wing tips that are 70 m apart?

    asked by poppy
  50. math


    asked by ab
  51. Science

    A toy rocket of 5.0 kg is launched from rest and reaches a height of 100 M in two seconds. What is the work done by the engine during this non acceleration stage?

    asked by Richard
  52. Careers

    What career choices can I study with these subjects? Maths lit, Tourism and Geography and Maths lit

    asked by Shuping
  53. Careers

    Which career should I follow with those subjects

    asked by Prudence
  54. special topics in guidance

    When a child knows he is an individual and can influence events (like pointing to his father and exclaiming "Daddy!"), the child demonstrates A. self-concept. B. self-awareness. C. self-control. D. self-esteem. my answer is B.

    asked by Diana
  55. English

    English is the language of opportunity, why we bother to teach indigenous languages?

    asked by Buhle mngadi
  56. Special topics in guidance

    Josh looked at his block structure and said to the teacher, "I can't finish the tower because Sam took all the skinny blocks. He said he'd punch me if I tried to get them back." This reflects the _______ "building block" dimension of self-esteem. A. worth

    asked by Diana
  57. Life Orientation

    discuss 5 ways in which human rights violation influences individuals,groups and broader south african community

    asked by Thandiswa
  58. LO

    5 interview question use to evaluate understanding of service delivery protest by learner

    asked by lathitha
  59. maths

    solve n² - 16ˣˣˣ⁺ᵅⁿⁱˣ= 0

    asked by manish
  60. government

    Which right has become important to prevent government infringement on other rights although it is not explicitly included in the Bill of Rights? A. the freedom of religion B. the right to counsel C. the right to privacy D. the freedom from unreasonable

    asked by dbh
  61. English

    Why English is the opportunity .why bother to teach indegous languages?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. 6th grade Math

    How many 34-centimeter cubes do you need to create a cube with an edge length of 12 centimeters?

    asked by TheDitzyblondegirl
  63. Bmt

    Find the value of k if 3 k, 48 is gp

    asked by Mahi
  64. government

    Which issue did the Nineteenth Amendment address? A. coverture B. segregation C. citizenship D. sexual harassment Would it be B?

    asked by dbh
  65. Life orientation

    Three examples of human rights violations or discrimination and give reasons of your choice

    asked by Awelani
  66. Science

    1) You have been collecting data to determine the average monthly temperature for a particular year. You have 30 samples recorded in degrees Celsius each month. You want to show temperature trends over the entire year. What would be the BEST way to

    asked by Love WINS
  67. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals groups and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Dimakatso
  68. L O

    Six reason for human Rights violation

    asked by Grace
  69. Life orientation

    Are individuals empowered and do they understand their human rights or when their rights are being violated provide five reasons for your analysis and standpoint

    asked by Sihle
  70. Lo

    Three ways of human rights violation and give at least two examples of each

    asked by Lindani
  71. government

    Which of the following is an example of symbolic speech? A. gun ownership B. running for office C. distributing pamphlets D. flag burning I'm picking D since distributing pamphlets doesn't seem "symbolic"

    asked by dbh
  72. Math

    A locker combination has three nonzero digits, and digits cannot be repeated. If the first two digits are even, what is the probability that the third digit is even? A) 7/9 B) 1/3 C) 1/6 D) 1/7

    asked by Sophia
  73. Life orientation

    Six ways in which the broader South African community can be influenced by human rights

    asked by Mutshidzi
  74. OK History

    Please help ASAP!!! ***Describe how oklahoma's economy has become more diversified in the last 20 years. Cite specific non traditional industries that have come to the state. How has diversification helped the state?**** I was thinking that it would be

    asked by Sierra
  75. Math: Probability

    My locker combination has three digits. None of the digits are zero. What is the probability that the first digit of my locker combination is less than 4? A) 3/10 B) 1/3 C) 2/5 D) 4/9

    asked by Sophia
  76. Life orientation

    How fruad nd corruption affects the offender's career

    asked by Divine
  77. Life orientation

    Write your personal mission statement that clearly indicates your own position in engaging in service delivery protest that will be a good model to the youth

    asked by Nokwe