Questions Asked on
April 27, 2019

  1. Math

    An equation is given. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round terms to three decimal places where appropriate. If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) Find the solutions in the interval: √3tan(3θ)-1 Interval

  2. math

    find how many six-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2,3,4,5,6,7 (with repetitions) if a) numbers formed must be even b) the numbers formed must be divisble by 25 c) the odd digits must occupy even position (2nd, 4th, 6th) and the even digits must

  3. math

    Find the exact area of the region that lies beneath the curve y = 3(x^[1/3]) 0 ≤ x ≤ 27

  4. Trigonometry

    Find the maximum value of |r| and any zeros of r. (Assume 0 ≤ θ < 2π. Enter any zeros as a comma-separated list.) r = 5 + 10cosθ

  5. calculus II

    (a) Use differentiation to find a power series representation for f(x) = 1/(5 + x)^2 What is the radius of convergence, R? (b) Use part (a) to find a power series for f(x) = 1/(5 + x)^3 What is the radius of convergence, R? (c) Use part (b) to find a power

  6. math

    A two digit number is such that, the sum of its digits is 13. When the digits are interchanged, the original number is increased by 9. Find the original number.

  7. Life orientation

    Suggest two ways on how the geographical distribution of media can be improved in South African

  8. Math-Statistics

    Use a calculator to verify that Σx = 133, Σx2 = 6837, Σy = 148, Σy2 = 4674, and Σxy = 3004. Compute r. (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

  9. math

    Find the area of the region enclosed between y=2sin(x) and y=3cos(x) from x=0 to x=0.7π. Hint: Notice that this region consists of two parts.

  10. Chemistry

    Q: The value of ΔS° for this reaction is 177 J/K. At what temperatures is this reaction spontaneous at standard conditions? Assume that ΔH° and ΔS° do not depend on temperature. I got 300.768 K through dG = dH-TdS and T=dH/dS but it's still

  11. Trigonometry

    Convert the rectangular equation to polar form. Assume a > 0. x^2 + y^2 - 9ax=0

  12. math

    Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Then find the area of the region. y=5x^2,y=x^2+3

  13. maths

    A girl starts at A and walks 2km south to B.she then walks 3km west to C.find the distance and bearing of C from A.

  14. Physics

    Traffic police examine the scene of an accedient involving two cars and measure a 72 metre long skid mark of one of the cars, which nearly came to stop before colliding.The accdient occured on a section of highway that had a 100 kilometre per hour speed

  15. chemistry

    Hi, I need help figuring out this question. An impure sample of barium hydroxide, Ba(OH)2 (aq), has a mass of 0.540 g. It is dissolved in water and then treated with excess sulfuric acid, H2SO4(aq). This results in the formation of a precipitate of barium

  16. Statistics

    A study of 40 bowlers showed that their average score was 186. The standard deviation of the population is 6. Find the 95% confidence of the mean score for all bowlers.

  17. Social Studies

    The governments of most Central Asian countries today can best be characterized as A. Monarchies

  18. algebra

    The population of a city in 2005 was 18,000. By 2010, the city’s population had grown to 45,000. Economists have determined that the population growth follows an exponential model. If they are correct, what is the projected population for 2015?

  19. Trigonometry

    Find the maximum value of |r| and any zeros of r. (Assume 0 ≤ θ < 2π. Enter any zeros as a comma-separated list.) r = 19 - 19sinθ

  20. Math

    The lengths of three wires were 30m, 36 m and 84m. Pieces of wire of equal length were cut from the three wires. Calculate the least number of pieces obtained.

  21. Math

    A photograph print measuring 24cm by 15 cm is enclosed in a frame. A uniform space of width x cm is left in between the edges of the photograph and the frame. If the area of the space is 270cm', find the value of x.

  22. history

    How do the Schenck and Dennis cases illustrate that the United States Constitution is a living document? a. The Congress did not have the power to take action beyond the specific powers listed in Article I. b. The president as commander in chief failed to

  23. Calculus

    These are all the questions I missed on my practice quizzes, however I was never given the correct answers. I was hoping someone could give me the answers to these so I'd be able to study them! (I know some of them were simple/dumb mistakes :')) 1. Which

  24. Grammar

    One of my favorite genres of tv and movies is crime drama. There are constantly characters demanding other characters to either “put the gun down” or “put down the gun”. I’m confused as to which usage of “down” is correct. Can you please

  25. calculus

    How using the power rule for (-1)^n equal (-1)^n+1? Should it equal n(-1)^n-1?

  26. physics

    A 20V supply is connected with a resistor of 4.0A/s 200ohm in an a.c circuit find the phase angle in the circuit?

  27. English

    1. I bought bundle fonts at 1,000 dollars. 2. I bought font bundles at 1,000 dollars. 3. I like this bundle font. 4. I like this font bundle. ---------------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Which word order is correct, bundle font or font bundle?

  28. Math

    Make a scale drawing to answer the question A boy starts at A and walks 3km east of B he then walks 4km north to c find the distance and bearing of c from a

  29. Chem

    if 25 cm^3 of a 0.1 M na2co3 solution neutralised a solution containing h2so4, in 250 cm^3 of solution. calculate the molarity of h2so4 and the volume of the acid used.

  30. Life orientation

    Choose three examples of human rights violations /discrimination and give reasons for your choice

  31. LO

    6 pratical solution of humah right violation and dicrimination

  32. science

    What are wrlfare payment

  33. physics

    the electric gun in television tube is to acelerate electrons from rest to 3×10^7m/s with in adistance of 2cm. what is electric field is required?

  34. Math

    (1/4)^4 x (1/3)^2

  35. Science

    accelaration of a projectile fired veriticaly downwards

  36. math

    Find the area of the region below y=x^2−2x+3 and above y=9 for 3≤x≤5. Area =

  37. Physics

    The equation y=25sin(120t-4x) represent a Wave motion.Determine the frequency and period

  38. English

    Speech about English is the language of opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages?

  39. Statistics

    The control group's score of 47.26 on the pretest put it at the 26th percentile. Does this percentile score represent nominal, ordinal, or interval scale data?

  40. Statistics

    The control group had a standard deviation of 7.78 on the pretest. Does this standard deviation represent nominal, ordinal, or interval scale data?

  41. Life orientation

    three example of human rights violation /discrimination and give reasons for your choice

  42. Life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways in which individual,groups and broader of South African community can be influenced by humans rights violations

  43. Home economics

    Scope of home economics

  44. Calculus

    Find the area of a shaded region whose bounded by equations x = y^2 - 4y, x = 2y - y^2, over the point (-3,3). Based on the subtraction/integration I did the answer should be 36. I'll show what I did below. ∫ (-3,3) 2y - y^2 - y^2 - 4y But this is

  45. Trigonometry

    Convert the polar equation to rectangular form. θ = 4π/3

  46. Trigonometry

    Find the maximum value of |r| and any zeros of r. (Assume 0 ≤ θ < 2π. Enter any zeros as a comma-separated list.) r = 3sin(2θ)

  47. Chemistry

    Cells use the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate, abbreviated as ATP, as a source of energy. Symbolically, this reaction can be represented as ATP(aq) + H2O(l) → ADP(aq) + H2PO4−(aq) where ADP represents adenosine diphosphate. For this reaction ΔG°

  48. Social Studies

    What has been a result of protests in Central Asia and the Caucasus such as the protests in Kyrgyzstan? A. Protests have ended corruption throughout the region. B. Protests have failed to lead to positive results.

  49. Math

    What is the product of all the numbers on a phone pad?

  50. math

    solve for cos^2x=secx note: cos square root of 2 x.

  51. Geometry

    The cheese pizza has a diameter of 10 in. Find the circumference. Find the length of the crust of one piece of pizza if the central angle is 72

  52. English Language

    We anticipated the movie to be a very interesting but it turned out to be a big dash

  53. Maths

    If (1+px)^n = 1 + 15x +90x^2 +... , find the values of p and n. Answer: p=3, n=5 Thanks for any help