Questions Asked on
April 25, 2019

  1. social studies

    how did forced assimilation affect aboriginal children?

    asked by i need help to see my freinds
  2. math

    a cashier gives one person a 5$ bill and 15 1$ bills in exchange for a 20$ bill he gives a second person a 10$ bill a 5$ bill and five 1$ bills in exchange for a 20$ bill which characteristic of money does this illustrate

    asked by sgt-clyde
  3. Biology

    Write with the aid of map describe the local biotic community in Nigeria

    asked by Chiabonefu Kelly obinna
  4. Statistics

    The time to complete a standardized exam is approximately normal with a mean of 70 minutes and a standard deviation of 10 minutes. (Z=(x-u)/standard deviation If students are given 85 min to complete the exam what Probability that students will not finish?

    asked by Tonya
  5. Algebra

    kind of function best models the data on the table used to differences or ratios 0 0.6 1 4.2 2 29.4 3 205.8 4 1440.6

    asked by Alex
  6. Science

    Which of the following statements about topography is correct? A. The topography of an area includes the area’s elevation, relief, and landforms. B. The topography of an area includes the area’s oceans and seas. C. The topography of an area includes

    asked by Kaylaa
  7. History

    1. Why did conflict arise between Henry II and Thomas Becket? A. Henry refused to appoint Becket as archbishop of England. B. Henry resisted the Norman invasion of England. C. Becket refused to recognize Henry as king. D. Becket supported the authority of

    asked by Your mom
  8. Algebra

    A trebuchet launches a projectile from a hilltop 30 feet above ground level on a parabolic arc at a velocity of 40 feet per second. The equation h = −16t2 + 40t + 30 models the projectile's h height at t seconds. How long will it take for the projectile

    asked by Spring Allergies
  9. Science

    Hi. Can someone check my answer? A factory wants to build a big tank to store chemicals. The tank would be near a river. Which of the following is a possible result of building the chemical tank? A) The chemicals from the facility will positively effect on

    asked by ღMs. Marieღ
  10. history

    Which statement best analyzes effects of aid given by the United States to reconstruct Europe? The Marshall Plan sought to restore World War II production levels in Europe. The United States Congress believed that by creating the European Union it would

    asked by michael
  11. history

    Which Middle Eastern trading partner has the United States supported the most? Egypt Turkey Iraq Israel A??

    asked by michael
  12. Science

    An example of a product made from a renewable resource is A) electricity made from coal. B) coal slurry made from coal. C) ethanol fuel made from corn. ****? D) plutonium made from uranium.

    asked by ღMs. Marieღ
  13. English

    using the answer line provided, complete each item below with the correct word from the box.use each word once. commemorate consensus diligent empathy transcend complacent deplete menial niche waive 1. the old man decided to _________ any claim he had to

    asked by Carrie
  14. math

    Joe sold a total of 10 baked goods at the fundraiser. Each cookie costs $1.25 and each brownie costs $2.50. Joe made $20 at the fundraiser. How many cookies did Joe sell?

    asked by Pierto
  15. Science

    Over the last several decades, scientists have addressed the problem of nonrenewable natural resources such as fossil fuels. Humans are using fossil fuels at a rapid rate and scientists believe that one day we will run out of them. To solve this problem,

    asked by ღMs. Marieღ
  16. History

    Which of the following best summarizes how the environment impacted the growth of the Maya? A. The Maya had to adapt to living in high elevations with thin oxygen. B. The Maya had to learn farming techniques to clear the dense rain forest. * C. The Maya

    asked by Joe
  17. Life orientated

    Discuss three contributing factors that lead Xenophobia

    asked by Siba
  18. geography

    How is this map related to African issues in the mid-to-late-20th century?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Science

    which characteristic describes organisms classified as animals? Unicellular Prokaryotic Eukaryotic Autotrophic help please

    asked by ashliipops
  20. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.3kg, moving at a velocity of 20ms-1 is suddenly hit by a force of 5N for a time of 0.03 sec. find its new velocity

    asked by Stephen
  21. history

    How did the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) carry out the United States policy on containment? SEATO sought to provide regional security in Southeast Asia by establishing alliances. SEATO promoted the creation of United Nation military bases to

    asked by michael
  22. physics

    what is the resistance of a toaster if 120v produces a current of 4.2 a

    asked by Remie
  23. physics

    Given three capacitors 0.3uF, 0.5 uF and 0.2 uF, the joint capacitance when arranged to give minimum capacitance is?

    asked by poppy
  24. Math

    1 This coordinate grid shows the location of 4 tents around a campfire. Which tent is located at point (-4,3) A Tent P B Tent Q C Tent R D Tent S

    asked by 💞Wolfie
  25. calculus

    Find the general solution of this de (1+cosx)y'=sinx(sinx+sinxcosx-y) I need full step have tried but nothing good is coming out

    asked by matt
  26. Social Studies

    The main goal of Reconstruction was to A.Readmit the former Confederate states into the Union. B.Revive the economies of the northern states after the Civil War. C.Establish a new national government following the Civil War. D.Provide newly freed slaves

    asked by Dark Clouds
  27. Math

    Gabriella went skiing. She paid $35 to rent skis and $15 an hour to ski. If she paid a total of $95, how many hours did she ski? Write an equation to represent the situation and solve it. I know the answer is about 6, but how I write the equation?

    asked by Helen Doe🤔
  28. Economics

    Which characteristics of capitalism drive retail companies to produce better goods and services by the best workers? (Select all that apply.) voluntary exchange and trade innovation freedom competition profit motivation

    asked by Bri
  29. history

    What impact did Korea have on the people’s perspectives on United States foreign policy? Americans volunteered for the army to thwart the efforts of the Chinese Communists. Americans swiftly turned against America’s involvement in Korea. Americans

    asked by michael
  30. English

    When Scrooge tells Marley that Marley was always “a good man of business,” in Act 1, Scene 3 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, Marley responds, “BUSINESS!!! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy,

    asked by help
  31. Chemistry

    Conditions under which sodium hydroxide react with chlorine to form sodium hypochlorite

    asked by Anonymous
  32. geography

    Cecil Rhodes, the 19th Century British colonialist, created huge fortunes by controlling diamond exports from which region of the world?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. life orientation

    definition of xenophobia ,give a description of xenophobia 2016-2018 example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community, give your own position on this specific problem of xenophobia in South Africa

    asked by Nelly
  34. Math

    Alonzo plans to retire as soon as he has accumulated $250,000 through quarterly payments of $5,000. If Alonzo invests this money at 5.4% interest, compounded quarterly, how long (to the nearest year) until can he retire?

    asked by Tafa
  35. history

    Read the quote: From what I have seen of our Russian friends and Allies during the war, I am convinced that there is nothing they admire so much as strength, and there is nothing for which they have less respect than for weakness, especially military

    asked by michael
  36. Science

    I'm not really sure what the answer is to this one. Please help! Pollution hanging over urban areas that causes reduced visibility is called A) Air Pollution **** B) Light Pollution C) Temperature Inversion D) Smog

    asked by ღMs. Marieღ
  37. science

    a race car moves at a constant speed around an oval tracks. is the car accelerating? why or why not

    asked by kimberly
  38. Science

    1. Which of the following statements about mechanical waves is true? Mechanical waves require a medium to travel through. Mechanical waves do not have amplitude and wavelength.** Mechanical waves do not have frequency. Mechanical waves can travel through

    asked by Tristan Seymour
  39. calculus

    these too dy/dx-m2y=c1e^(m1x) where c1,m1,m2 are constants and m1≠m2 the number like m1 m2 c1 are inform of base but I don't know how to write it pls help me

    asked by matt
  40. government

    Excerpt from the Brown v. Board of Education decision "Segregation of white and Negro children in the public schools of a State solely on the basis of race, pursuant to state laws permitting or requiring such segregation, denies to Negro children the equal

    asked by dbh
  41. Physics

    Two blocks ( m1 = 6.8kg, m2 = 5.2kg) are in contact with each other while sitting on a friction less surface. M2 is not resting on the frictionless surface, rather to the side of m1. The coefficient of static friction between the blocks is 0.60, and the

    asked by David
  42. physics

    A rectangular block of wood floats in water with two-third of its volume immersed. When placed in another liquid, it floats with half of its volume immersed. Calculate the relative density of the liquid.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Science

    A landform characterized by high elevation and a more or less level surface is called a? I am an connexus student i am not trying to cheat just need a little help reply back ASAP i think the answer is C

    asked by Kaylaa
  44. Grammar

    I need help please I'm so I don't know what a prepositional phrase is never looked it up and it's hard I do online school and I don't know so I need help the question is what is the prepositional phrase in the sentence? sentence is put lasagna in the oven

    asked by In all caps I need help
  45. government

    Which part of the Fifth Amendment has not been part of selective incorporation? A. indictment by grand jury B. self-incrimination C. double jeopardy D. the right to bear arms (Not sure) Is it A?

    asked by dbh
  46. English

    Choose the sentence that uses the active voice. I think A or B. A. The cookies were baked by Max’s mom. B. The team won the state championship. C. The sink was broken by the plumber. D. The room was being redecorated.

    asked by Chris
  47. Math

    what is area?

    asked by Mojohayeah
  48. math

    Given that sec θ = -2 and θ lies in the third quadrant, calculate the value of cot θ.

    asked by j
  49. L.O

    Give a description of Xenophobia recent(2016-2018) example of how this problem has displayed itself in your community.

    asked by Faith
  50. Math

    One day at 3:00 am the temperature was -13 F in kodiak, Alaska. At 10:00 am the temperature was 22 F. What was the average change in temperature per hour? Please help

    asked by Chicka
  51. chemistry

    What volume of 0.140 M HCl is needed to neutralize 2.93 g of Mg(OH)2

    asked by rakesh
  52. Math

    The ceiling in Mr. Smith's storage shed is 4 meters high he has 5 boxes each 3/4 meters high. Each box on top of another how many centimeters of space will there be between the ceiling and the top of the stack explain how you found your answer

    asked by Sebastian
  53. Math

    Write five-digits numbers at random but written numbers are not to be written again. How many times of writing at least can guarantee that a five-digit number divisible by 3 is written? Answer : 60001 The answer is 60001,how to get it? Please help me to

    asked by Natni
  54. math

    identify the initial amount in the following exponential function y=2.3(1.32)x

    asked by mike
  55. math

    if you rounded a number to the nearest hundred and got 800 what could the number be

    asked by maria
  56. Math

    You roll a number cube numbered one to six 12 times. P(5)=2/3. What type of probability is illustrated and why? A. Experimental; The result is based on the number of possible outcomes. B. Experimental; The result is found by repeating an Experiment. C.

    asked by MarineCat6
  57. English

    Choose the pair of words that have a relationship similar to the first pair. 1. Indigenous:nominative A. Bizarre:common B. Believe:wish C. Soft:flexible D. Merry:practical 1. A

    asked by Chris
  58. Math

    Lydia pays $3 sales tax on a $50 purchase. Find the sales tax rate in her state.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    A cookie recipe calls for 5/8 cups of flour and 5/6 cup of sugar. What is the least common denominator of the fractions?

    asked by Brooke
  60. Chemistry

    Can someone please explain why reactions go to equilibrium? Does it have something to do with entropy? Are k values random and full of exceptions, or is there some pattern behind it? What makes something thermodynamically favorable in terms on entropy? I

    asked by Reagan
  61. English

    Chinese sounded *pedestrian* I’m thinking the answer is D. A. Musical B. Smoothing C. Common D. Abrasive

    asked by Izzy
  62. math

    Jose's savings increased by 20 is 42 Translate this sentence into an equation.

    asked by jaylon
  63. social studies

    What idea spread through Europe with Napoleon's conquests? A. totalitarianism B. constitutionalism C. militarism D. communism

    asked by TheMainKain
  64. Math

    How do you convert Milligrams to grams?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  65. math

    After the gold and ivory statue of Athena was damaged, it was requested that Socrates select the most qualified craftsman to undertake the necessary repairs. He interviewed four recommended craftsmen. Their statements were not all truthful. However, each

    asked by anonymous
  66. Math

    y - 6 > 12

    asked by Helen Doe🤔
  67. Math

    Just one more question and then I got the rest... c/4 - 5 = 4 2?

    asked by Helen Doe🤔
  68. math

    Describe a real-world context that matches the equation 6 x (-2) = -12. Explain what the product represent

    asked by plzzz help me
  69. Math

    Find the limit of the sequence 2ln(1+3n) - ln(4+n^2) What I did: lim as n approach inf of an = 2*lim ln (1+3n)/(4+n^2) = 2 * lim ln (1/n^2 + 3n/n^2) / (4/n^2 + n^2/n^2) = 2 * lim ln (1/n^2 + 3/n) / (4/n^2 + 1) = 2 * lim ln (1/inf^2 + 3/inf) / (4/inf^2 +1)

    asked by Helloo
  70. history

    What impact did President Kennedy have on the civil rights movement? President Kennedy instructed his cabinet to fight racism by establishing regional offices that would integrate schools. The Kennedy administration promoted cases throughout the United

    asked by michael
  71. History

    Why would an emperor or a wealthy citizen hold gladiatorial games? What was the Roman idea of citizenship? How did citizenship differ for women and men?

    asked by cr
  72. Algebra

    Please Help! Could someone please give me an example of an irrational number and explain why it is irrational?

    asked by Bethany
  73. history

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. The Tale of Genji provides a glimpse of life in the Heian court because

    asked by pp
  74. ECO561

    the size of the MPC is assumed to be

    asked by tony
  75. Algebra

    a model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field the path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y = -0.06x^2 + 9.6 + 5.4 where x is the horizontal distance in meters from the starting point on the roof and y is the height in meters of the

    asked by Alex
  76. science

    which term means that organisms have chromosomes exactly the same

    asked by ur mum
  77. Math

    Drawing a red marble from a bag of 6 red and 4 blue marbles, replacing it and then drawing a blue marble

    asked by Brandi
  78. world studies

    please check 1. How has the Polish economy changed since the fall of the communist government? Collective farms were built. A socialist system was adopted. The foreign debt was paid. People own and run their own businesses. 2. Serbs, Croats, and Bosniaks

    asked by Adamissmart
  79. English

    Choose the pair of words that have a relationship similar to the first pair. 1. Misnomer:Misleading A. fade:memory B. hoop:sunny c. illusion:false D. paragraph:paper 1. C

    asked by Chris
  80. Chemistry

    5.6g of an organic compound on burning with excess oxygen gave 17.6g of carbon dioxide nd 7.2g of water what is the organic compound

    asked by Abira
  81. Chemistry

    What is the function of water in an experiment where dry hydrogen chloride gas is passed through heated zinc turnings and then the gas produced is bubbled through water and then passed through heated lead (2) oxide

    asked by Anonymous
  82. English

    Choose the pair of words that have a relationship similar to the first pair. 1. Misnomer:Misleading A. fade:memory B. hoop:sunny c. illusion:false D. paragraph:paper 2. Indigenous:Nonnative A. bizarre:common B. believe:wish C. soft:flexible D.

    asked by Karson
  83. Math

    Pablo has 40 marbles. Carmen has 10 more marbles than Pablo.Andrew has 10 more than Carmen.How many more marbles does Andrew have than Pablo?

    asked by Lisa
  84. English

    Choose the pair of words that have a relationship similar to the first pair. 1. Exhaustive:partial: A. Attach:join B. Baker:bread C. Poor:pauper D. Definite:vague 1. D

    asked by Chris
  85. geography

    file:///C:/Users/MPC/Pictures/map.PNG use this to go to map 1.Identify countries 1 and 6 A.Romania and Hungary B.Bulgaria and Russia C.Czech Republic and Belarus D.Poland and Ukraine 2.Identify bodies of water A and C A.Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea

    asked by halp me
  86. reading

    what is the answer to 6 4 and 3 on the crossword

    asked by bolt
  87. Algebra

    I'm having a problem with this warm-up. I know it's recirsive formula, but I have no idea how to correctly find the first five terms. a1= 3, an = an - 1 +2(n-2), n is greater or equal to 2.

    asked by Kathy,
  88. Physics

    a 1000kg car has a speed of 32 m/s. If it takes 7s to stop the car, what is the impulse and average force acting on the car.

    asked by Alia
  89. Mathematics

    A survey about the student government program at a school finds that of 245 students: -218 students like the program -27 students think the program is unnecessary If a circle graph were made from this data, what would the measure of the central angle be

    asked by Help
  90. English

    Choose the pair of words that have a relationship similar to the first pair. 1. Pamper:Spoil A. globe:orange B. stress:emphasize C. borrow:steal D. discover:grow 2. Misguide:Lost A. salute:bow B. lie:deceived C. burn:fire D. deceive:studious 1. B 2. B

    asked by Jake
  91. Social studies

    If one part of a country breaks away from that country and declares itself a new nation, what is that action called? (I don't have multiple choice answers I have to type it)

    asked by conexus user
  92. Chemistry

    h2so4 solution containing 551.6 gram of h2so4 per liter of solution at 20 c has density of 1.3294 g/ml. molality?

    asked by abdi umar
  93. Life orientation

    Describe the recent human rights violation that is taking place in your community and give your position on this issue

    asked by Katleho
  94. Biology

    I need help A virus kills its host cell at the end of a. Conjugation b. The formation of a prophage c. Assembly of the capsid d. A lytic cycle

    asked by sana
  95. English

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother indigenous language

    asked by Siyanda
  96. life orientation

    Discuss six ways in individual the broeder S.A community ca be influence by human right violation

    asked by mULAMULELI
  97. english

    Traditional heaers should allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospitas and clinics

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    A number cube is rolled 150 times. The number 3 comes up 43 times. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 3? What is the theoretical probability of rolling a 3? A. 43/150; 1/6 B. 43/150; 1/50 C. 1/6; 43/150••• D. 3/43; 1/6 I think that it

    asked by Snake
  99. math

    Eight more than the product of two and a number xxx.

    asked by pokn
  100. math

    stimate the area of a circle with a radius of 27 meters. Use Start Fraction 22 over 7 End Fraction for pi. A. 258 square meters B. 1,125 square meters C. 2,291 square meters D. 5,253 square meters

    asked by jay
  101. History

    How did the Cold War affect American life ?

    asked by Olivia
  102. math

    If the cps is 15; if you upgrade 16 times at +13.2% CPS per upgrade how much is your cps?

    asked by Will NE
  103. Math

    The following advertisement for sporting goods appeared in the newspaper. What percent of the original price is the sale price? Little League Package Magnum bat, tote bag, and youth cleats Only $45.50 Originally $65 A. 20% B. 31% C. 44% D. 70%

    asked by Anonymous
  104. physics

    a child desires to reach a point that is 3.4km from its present location and in a direction that is 35° north of east.however, it must travel along streets that go either north-south or east-west. what is the minimum distance he could travel to reach his

    asked by poppy
  105. Math

    If I had a flower and it grew 4/12 of an inch each day for 5 days how tall would the flower be on the 5th day?

    asked by Bailey
  106. math

    is it likely or unlikely 0.25

    asked by bre
  107. physics

    A Bullet of a mass 10g is shot into a water melon of a mass 0.2 kg which is resting on a platform. At the time of impact, the bullet is travelling horizontally at 20 m/s. calculate the common velocity just after impact

    asked by The OkomE
  108. Chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution in which 0.96g MgCl2 is dissolved in 500ml of solution

    asked by Jason
  109. algebra

    Laura gets an allowance of $25 each month plus an extra $2 for each chore she completes around the house. How much allowance will she earn if she does chores in a month? Write this as an algebraic expression in terms of x here: Make sure to not put in

    asked by mike
  110. Math

    Solve for u. u+5/6=-1/3 I've forgotten how to do this :(

    asked by Barry Vacker
  111. Biology

    Can U Please Tell Me The Difference Between Parasitism And Predation.

    asked by The Okome
  112. geography

    Which has been the center of Polish tradition for centuries? the Polish Orthodox Church the government the university system the Catholic Church

    asked by Adamissmart
  113. life oriantation

    Define and describe the human Rights violation for xenophobia

    asked by ayanda
  114. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individual, groups and the broader South Africa community can be influenced by human Rights violation

    asked by DIPUO
  115. Life orientation

    Ways to address the example of human right violation

    asked by PRECIOUS
  116. English

    English is the only important language as it is the language of opportunity

    asked by Elihle
  117. English

    Should traditional healers be allowded to practise in hospitals?

    asked by Letho
  118. physics

    a hammer head of mass 600g produces a force of 360N whe it strikes the head of a nail. explain how it is possible for the haner to drive the nail into a piece of wood, yet a weight of 360N resting on the head of the nail would not.

    asked by The Okome
  119. Life orientation

    Three examples of human rights violation \discrimination and reasons for your choice

    asked by DIPUO
  120. physics

    If a force of 40N stretches a wire from 20m to 20.02m, what is the amount of force required to stretch the same material from 20m to 20.07m?

    asked by poppy
  121. Life orientation

    Three examples of human rights violations or discrimination

    asked by Princess mogudi
  122. English

    Should traditional healer be used in Clinics and Hospital

    asked by Bongekarh
  123. English

    What is the definition of sole?

    asked by Satyavti