Questions Asked on
April 21, 2019

  1. L.O

    Name and explain one law/legislation that protects citizens against xenophobia

    asked by Nolwazi
  2. L.O

    What roles and responsibilities do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner?

    asked by Thato
  3. Social Studies

    What factor contributed to the weakening and decline of Medieval Empire? Plz no links Ms. Sue, because I have a feeling that is exactly what u are going to do if u see this

    asked by Hi😱
  4. Social Studies

    1 Greece's economy prospered thanks to A. the arts. B. philosophy. C. trade. D. architecture 2. Nation-building began in Europe as a result of war and the A. end of Muslim rule. B. war with France. C. merchant guilds. D. more democratic government 3. The

    asked by Hi😱
  5. Social Studies

    Most people in China and Taiwan belong to what ethnic group? A. Han B. Manchu C. Mongol+++ D. Tibetans

    asked by dori
  6. Social Studies

    How did the a Industrial Revolution change European industry and trade?

    asked by Hi😱
  7. Life Orientation

    Six suggestions on how to address the example of human rights violation \discrimination

    asked by Mantlatso
  8. Social Studies

    How has the geography of Western Europe influenced the growth of large European urban area?

    asked by Hi😱
  9. Chemistry

    Identify the substance liberated at each electrode during the electrolysis of AgNO3 with inert electrodes. I know that Ag is liberated at the cathode, but how about the anode? Thanks in advance!

    asked by Autumn

    Eleza maana ya misemo ifuatwayo a)giza la ukata..... b)meza mate machungu

    asked by Christine
  11. Life Orientation

    Choose Three examples of human rights violation/discrimination and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Koketso
  12. Math

    Steve earned $27 mowing lawns. He earned $12 less than that washing windows. He earned 3 times as much money walking dogs as he earned washing windows. How much money did Michael earn walking dogs?

    asked by Star
  13. Math

    Consider the pair of linear equations below. 4x+6y=12 2x+3y=6 What is the relationship,if any, between the two equations Does the system of equations have one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions.Explain How can you verify your answers to

    asked by Jupiter
  14. life orientation

    Name ab and explain one law/ legislation that protects citizens against human trafficking

    asked by siphe
  15. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals,groups and broader South African Community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Lefa
  16. Economics

    1.what are welfare payments or consumer subsidies? 2.what is the South African government providing and to whom? 3.what are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare? 4.are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be

    asked by Asenathi Ndzimande
  17. Social Studies

    17.which region of western europe experiences an artic climate? A.the iberian B.italy and greece C.the british isles D.northern scandinavia (MY ANSWER) western europe,the land closest to the mediterranean sea experiences? A.wet winters and dry

    asked by Hi😱
  18. maths

    D is partly constant and partly varies with V. when V=40, D=150 and when V=54, D=192. (i)find the formula connecting D and V (ii) find D when V =73.

    asked by gift
  19. Statistics

    Thickness measurements of ancient prehistoric Native American pot shards discovered in a Hopi village are approximately normally distributed, with a mean of 4.9millimeters (mm) and a standard deviation of 1.5 mm. For a randomly found shard, find the

    asked by Tamia
  20. Physics

    In 2002, a gargantuan iceberg broke away from the Ross Ice Sheet in Antarctica. It was approximately a rectangle 218 km long, 25.0 km wide, and 250.0 m thick. What is the mass of this iceberg, given that the density of ice is 917 kg/m3? How much heat

    asked by Blake
  21. Physics

    1. Yellow light of wavelength 5.5 x 10^-7 m is incident normally at a diffraction grating with 300 lines per mm. Calculate the angle between the first-order and second-order maxima. 2. Blue light of wavelength 4.5 x 10^-7 m is incident normally at a

    asked by Matt
  22. Math

    How long is the edge of a cube whose volume is twice that of the cube below? Round to the nearest tenth. The pic is of a cube with 8 as the length

    asked by A BTS stan who needs help in Math
  23. Math

    Find the following indefinite integral ∫ (x^2 -8)/ (x^2 -16) dx My work ∫ (x^2 - 8) * ∫ (1/(x^2 - 16) ∫ (x^2 - 8) = [(x^3)/(3) - 8x)] + C ∫ (1/(x^2 - 16) = ∫ [(-1/8)/(x+4)] + [(1/8)/(x-4)] = (-1/8)*ln|(x+4)| +(1/8)*|(x-4)| + C So I get this,

    asked by Georges
  24. geometry

    FH bisects

    asked by queen
  25. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals, groups and broader South African community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Sara
  26. Math

    Express the function in the form f ∘ g. (Use non-identity functions for f and g.) u(t) = cot(t) {f(t), g(t)} =

    asked by Miguel
  27. Physics

    A 5 ohms resistor is connected in parallel with the series assemvly of 2 ohms and 3 ohms resistors. The voltage drop across the 2 ohms resistor is 6V. What is the current through the 5 ohms resistor?

    asked by Lyn
  28. Social Studies

    1. What did Herman Davis do that inspired Arkansans to name a state park after his honor A) He represented Elaine Riots defendants in their Supreme Court case. B) He founded the red cross to support the war effort. C) He served bravely as a sharp shooter

    asked by Marie
  29. math

    Eight children in a swimming race are John, Iain, Hans, Ivan, Giovanni, Beth, Liz and Elisa. They are put in lanes 1 to 8 randomly. What is the probability that Beth, Liz or Elisa is in lane 1?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Java

    Hi guys, how to configure spring boot so it supports CORS?

    asked by Izzy
  31. Maths

    A rectangular room 8cm along by 5cm wide contains 120x120x120m of air. Calculate the height of the room.

    asked by Opeyemi
  32. History

    "There is nothing in which mankind have been more unanimous; yet nothing can be inferred from it more than this, that the multitude have always been credulous, and the few artful." Which Constitutional principal does this quote defend? - consent of the

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    Evaluate the limit using the appropriate Limit Law(s). (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) lim t → −1 (t2 + 1)^4(t + 3)^5

    asked by Miguel
  34. math

    The perimeter of an isosceles trapezium ( having non-parallel sides equal ) is 7.07 cm. If the parallel sides of the trapezium measure 37/20 cm and 58/25 cm, find the measure of the equal non parallel sides.

    asked by Manoj
  35. Math

    Using the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus solve: F(x)= ∫ Cos(t^2) + t dt on interval [x to 2] FTC = [∫f(x)]' on interval [0 to x] Switching a and b change the sign of the function, since we want to x to be the upper bound, then we exchanged the t terms

    asked by Celine
  36. Psychology

    A woman gives birth to a set of fraternal twins: a girl and a boy. She also passes on a color-blindness gene. Which of the children is more likely to be color-blind? I think the answer is B. A. The girl is more likely to be color-blind from birth B. The

    asked by Iz
  37. Life orientation

    Discuss ways in which individuals , groups and the broader South African community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    Land area of US states Stem-Leaf

    asked by nfKBJadk
  39. science

    A 4.0-kg block and a 2.0-kg block are connected to opposite ends of a relaxed spring of spring constant 300 N/m. The blocks are pushed toward each other for 0.5 s. The 4.0-kg block is pushed with a force of 53 N , and the 2.0-kg block is pushed with a

    asked by gatanga
  40. math

    Express the function in the form f ∘ g ∘ h. (Use non-identity functions for f, g, and h.) H(x) = 9 - (5)^x^2 {f(x), g(x), h(x)} =

    asked by Miguel
  41. English

    That small room is our kitchem.

    asked by mess
  42. English

    I need points about the topic that says, English is the language of opportunity, why bother to teach indigenious languages.?

    asked by Mfundo Lancelot
  43. english

    English is the language of opportunity .Why bother to teach indigenous languages

    asked by Puleng
  44. Physics

    Two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 2.70 × 10-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As

    asked by Brandon
  45. Java

    In a directed graph, are the vertices along a path sorted?

    asked by Izzy
  46. physics

    The radius of the moon is one-fourth, and its mass is one eighty-first that of the earth. If the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth is 9.8 m/s2, what is its value on the moon’s surface.

    asked by Roswitha
  47. English

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe in hospitals and clinics

    asked by Alicia
  48. Physics

    A balance scale has unequal arms. The scale is balanced with a m = 1.2-kg block on the left pan and a M = 1.91 kg block on the right pan (see figure). If the 1.91-kg block is removed from the right pan and the 1.2-kg block is then moved to the right pan,

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  49. Physics

    A resistance r1=12ohms is connected in series with another resistance r2= 8 ohms. What resistance r3 must be connected in parallel with the combination of r1 and r2 so that the equivalent resistance is equal to the resistance r1?

    asked by Lyn
  50. physics

    Find the Gravitational Potential at a point on the earth’s surface. Take mass of earth as 5.98 X 10 24 kg, its radius as 6.38 X 10 6 m and G = 6.67 X 10 – 11 Nm2 kg – 2.

    asked by Roswitha
  51. English

    Mythical character /legendary hero who fear/ admire

    asked by Syabonga
  52. life orientation

    Choose three example of human right violation/discrimination and give reason for your choice

    asked by cootjo
  53. Physics

    When does electrostatic force appear? Does moving a bent finger closely to a van degraff generator considered to exhibit electrostatic force?

    asked by Lyn
  54. Physics -- Homework Dump

    A disk with mass m = 5.8 kg and radius R = 0.47 m hangs from a rope attached to the ceiling. The disk spins on its axis at a distance r = 1.46 m from the rope and at a frequency f = 18.7 rev/s (with a direction shown by the arrow). a. What is the magnitude

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  55. English

    How to write a speech under the topic of poverty

    asked by thomani
  56. English

    Is Traditional African Marriage An Advantage For Men Only Not Women

    asked by Sphiwosakhe
  57. Math

    A submarine submerged at a depth of -15m, dives 20m more .what is the new depth of the submarine? solution with explain

    asked by Integers
  58. physics

    A rectangular block of wood floats in water with two-third of its volume immersed. When placed in another liquid, it floats with half of its volume immersed. Calculate the relative density of the liquid. (5

    asked by Roswitha
  59. Physics

    A gymnast with mass m1 = 44 kg is on a balance beam that sits on (but is not attached to) two supports. The beam has a mass m2 = 109 kg and length L = 5 m. Each support is 1/3 of the way from each end. Initially the gymnast stands at the left end of the

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  60. maths

    The formula P=9d + 320 is the cost of buying an article "p" while "d" is the number of articles bought. if P=N797.00 find the number of articles.

    asked by gift
  61. Physics

    Julie has been hired to help paint the trim of a building, but she is not convinced of the safety of the apparatus. A 4.9 m plank is suspended horizontally from the top of the building by ropes attached at each end. She knows from previous experience that

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  62. maths

    the angle of elevation of a top of a tree from point P on horizontal ground is 30 degrees.Fromanother point Q 8 METRES FROM THE BASEof the tree,the angle of elevation of the top of the tree is 48 degrees. a)calculate to one decimal place the height of the

    asked by Christine
  63. maths

    I added 18 to 3 times a number, the result is equal to 5 times the number. what is the number ?

    asked by gift
  64. MATHS

    The hot dog cost $2.20 each. Greg sold one hot dog every 2 minutes at a festival. At this rate, how many minutes would it take to sell $110 worth of hot dog? Please help! My result is 100 but the actual correct answers is 25.

    asked by LARA
  65. L O

    What are the welfare payments or consumer subsidies

    asked by Rivoningo Holeni
  66. Physics

    A person with mass mp = 74 kg stands on a spinning platform disk with a radius of R = 2.31 m and mass md = 183 kg. The disk is initially spinning at ω = 1.8 rad/s. The person then walks 2/3 of the way toward the center of the disk (ending 0.77 m from the

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  67. calculusII

    Determine whether the series is convergent, conditionally convergent, or divergent.∑from n=1 to ∞〖sin⁡(n)/6^n〗

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physics

    A 10 m beam of mass 295 kg extends over a ledge. The beam is not attached, but simply rests on the surface. A 63 kg student intends to position the beam so that he can walk to the end of it. How far from the edge of the ledge can the beam extend?

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  69. physics

    A hammer head of mass 600g produces a force of 360N when it strikes the head of a nail. Explain how it is possible for a hammer to drive the nail into a piece of wood, yet a weight of 360N resting on the head of the nail would not

    asked by The Okome
  70. Physics

    A solid disk of mass m1 = 9.4 kg and radius R = 0.25 m is rotating with a constant angular velocity of ω = 36 rad/s. A thin rectangular rod with mass m2 = 3.1 kg and length L = 2R = 0.5 m begins at rest above the disk and is dropped on the disk where it

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  71. Physics

    A ladder of length L = 2.1 m and mass m = 18 kg rests on a floor with coefficient of static friction μs = 0.57. Assume the wall is frictionless. a. What is the normal force the floor exerts on the ladder? b. What is the minimum angle the ladder must make

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  72. Physics

    A pole AB of length 10.0m and weight 800N from the end A and lies on horizontal ground. The end B is to be lifted by a vertical force applied at B calculate the least force that is required to do this.

    asked by Anita
  73. Physics

    A thin uniform rod 98 cm long is balanced 32.6666666666667 cm from one end when an object whose mass is (2m + 2.0 grams) is at the end nearest the pivot and an object of mass m is at the opposite end (Figure a). Balance is again achieved if the object

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  74. physics

    A hammer head of mass 600g produces a force of 360N when it strikes the head of a nail. Explain how it is possible for a hammer to drive tie na4l into a piece of wood, yet a weight of 360N resting on the head of the nail would not

    asked by Anonymous