Questions Asked on
April 20, 2019

  1. Life orientation

    1 .Choose three examples of human rights violation /discrimination and give reasons for your choice 2.from your research ,describe each of the three ways of human rights violation/discrimination mentioned in the question above and give at least ,two

    asked by Pretty
  2. English

    1. My father drives me to school. 2. I go to school in my father's car. 3. I go to school by my father's car. [Can we use 'by' in the sentence?] 4. I go to school by car. 5. I drive a car to school. 6. I drive my car to school. [Does #4 mean #5 or #6? When

    asked by rfvv
  3. Calculus

    Find the range of the function F(x)=integral from 0 to x of √(4-t^2) dt a) [0,4π] b) [0,π] c) [-4,0] d) [0,4]

    asked by Alice
  4. Calculus

    Evaluate exactly the value of the integral from negative 1 to 0 of the product of the cube of quantity 2 times x to the 5th power plus 6 times x and 5 times x to the 4th power plus 3, dx. Your work must include the use of substitution and the

    asked by J
  5. Chemistry

    What pressure (in atm) is exerted by a column of mercury 1.10 m high? The density of mercury is 13.5951 g/cm3.

    asked by Phuc Nguyen
  6. Math

    Mia goes for a jog every morning. The line plot shows the number of hours she jogged for five days. 2/4=xx 3/4=xx 1=x Number of hours How many total hours did she jog for those five days? possible answer: 5/4; 10/4; 11/4; 14/4 hours.

    asked by Student
  7. Physics

    You are a traffic accident investigator. You have arrived at the scene of an accident. Two trucks of equal mass(3,000 kg each) were involved in a rear-end accident at a stop sign. here is what you know: Truck 1 approched the intersection from the top of a

    asked by Terry
  8. physics

    a body weighs 400N in water.if the upthrust force is 20n.calculate its weight in air.

    asked by rose
  9. Social Studies

    1. What current states did New Mexico Territory include in the 1800s? 2. Where did the Santa Fe start and end? Why was it important? 3. How were Native Americans treated by the Spanish and the Mexicans? 4. Why did James K. Polk want war with Mexico? How

    asked by Kitten
  10. science

    A rectangular block of wood floats in water with two-third of it's volume immersed .when placed placed in another liquid ,it floats with half of it's volume immersed .calculate the relative density of a liduid.

    asked by Lenny Festus
  11. math

    If there are 2 yellow, 3 purple, 1 pink, 2 orange, and 2 black marbles in a bag, find the probability of randomly selecting a pink and a black marble.

    asked by Jessica
  12. Calculus

    Which of the following functions of x can be integrated with respect to x without integration by parts, and purely using integration by u-substitution and the knowledge of the antiderivative of the tangent function? a) x^2tan(x^2) b) xtan^2(x) c) x^2tan(x)

    asked by Alice
  13. Civics

    Why don't we do civics for 7th grade on Jiskha??

    asked by Me
  14. Physics

    Given a plastic rod and fur, how would you charge the electroscope

    asked by Mary
  15. algebra

    Sam is playing songs on her mp3 player. She has 7 hip-hop songs, 9 rock songs, and 7 pop songs. If she has the mp3 player play the songs at random without repeating, what is the probability that the first song will be a rock song and the second song will

    asked by Billy
  16. algebra

    A bush cricket jumps from the ground into the air with an initial vertical velocity of 4 feet per second. Write an equation that gives the cricket’s height (in feet) as a function of the time (in seconds) since it left the ground. After how many seconds

    asked by Brandon
  17. Algebra

    Each student in Mr. Johns class donated $15 to a charity. There are 25 students in a class. Which expression could have been used to calculate the total amount donated?

    asked by Stive
  18. What subject?

    methods of controlling fullness

    asked by rufaro
  19. direct and indirect guidance

    Appropriate limits encourage children to develop A. multiculturalism. B. control within themselves. C. emotional dependence. D. an external focus of control. my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  20. Science

    State three example of human right violation/discrimination and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Pfunzo
  21. Life orientation

    Make six suggestion on how to address the examples of human rights violation

    asked by Solomon
  22. math

    A group of people was surveyed about whether the council should collect recycling once a week instead of once a fortnight. Two-thirds of the people said ‘Yes’, and one-third said ‘No’. A year later the same group of people was surveyed again and

    asked by Nora
  23. English

    1. Kevin checked out an invention book because ---------had a lot of information. 2. I said, "Show--------the book." 3. Maggie typed up the notes- -------wrote about the invention 5. Ms. Jones said -----was proud of the students' hard work. 6. After

    asked by Ahmed
  24. Math

    A small cone has a vertex touching the base of a large cone. The base of the small cone is parallel to the base of the larger cone. a.) Find h and r so that the smaller cone has a maximum volume. b.) State the maximum volume c.) explain how you know

    asked by Kate
  25. math

    This square sheet of paper P QRS measures 40 cm × 40 cm. The top-left corner P is folded down to meet M, the midpoint of the bottom side RS, making a single straight crease. Where does the crease cross QR, the right-hand side of the sheet of paper?

    asked by Lola
  26. Math

    A school Tours is taking a group of 32 students and 6 adults on a tour of historical sites in the city. Each School Tours van will hold 9 passengers. What is the least number of vans that are needed to take all of the students and adults? My answer is 4?

    asked by Stive
  27. math

    two boats a and left a port c at the same time on different route b travelled on a bearing of 150 and a travelled on the north side of b when a had travelled 8km and b travelled 10km the distance between the two boats was found to be 12km calculate the

    asked by adeola
  28. government

    How does due process limit the power of states? A. Due process sets term limits for state judges and other court officials. B. Due process ensures that every defendant will have access to a lawyer. C. Due process guarantees the right to vote in any state

    asked by dbh
  29. Life Orientation

    Identity 3human rights violation and explain an introductory paragraph why you choose the specifio human Rights violation

    asked by Tshegofatso
  30. physics

    the charges 1C and 5C are separated by a distance 20cm.what will be the ratio of electrostatic force acting on them?

    asked by naina
  31. government

    How did Brown v. Board of Education overturn Plessy v. Ferguson? A. The Court ruled that the Plessy ruling applied only to private schools. B. The Court ruled that separate white and black school systems were inherently unequal. C. The Court ruled that

    asked by dbh
  32. math

    Jess has 1/8 of a week's worth of pay in a wallet and 3/8 of a week's of pay in the bank. How many more weeks of pay does Jess have stored in the bank?

    asked by arjun
  33. Calculus

    What are the solutions from 0 to 360 degrees? 2 sin^2 x - 1 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Calculus

    If the integral of 9x-2 /(x-3)(2x-1)dx= (A)Ln|x – 3| + (B)Ln|2x – 1| + constant, then what is the value of A – B? a. 3 b. 4.5 c. 5.5 d. 4

    asked by Alice
  35. computers

    If you need to erase the data on a specialized memory chip, and it requires ultraviolet light to do so, what type of chip should be used? A.EPROM , B. PROM, C. ROM, Do. EEPROM

    asked by Kim
  36. government

    Which powers did Congress use to justify the Civil Rights Act of 1965? A. equal protection clause B. establishment clause C. due process clause D. Tenth Amendment is it A?

    asked by dbh
  37. Biology

    How many chromosome do human have? How many chromosomes do each person give?

    asked by Alicia
  38. Science

    what was the name of 1st monkey born on genetic technology?

    asked by sneha mohit
  39. Physics

    By how much will a 2.05 kg object stretch a spring that is suspended vertically if the spring constant is 126 N/m?

    asked by Daffodil_the_white_cat
  40. Physics

    A bucket of weight 72 N is lifted from a well by the wheel and axle system shown below: If the diameter of the circle of the crank handle (diameter of the wheel) is 120 cm and the diameter of the shaft that the rope is wrapped around (diameter of the axle)

    asked by Latevi
  41. L.O

    What are six suggestion on how to adress the examples of human rights violation

    asked by Veronah
  42. math

    find the values of c if a striaght line y = 2x + c, is tangent to the ellipse: (x^2)/9 + (y^2)/4 = 1

    asked by Khader
  43. gym

    Do you think lesbians in sports today are free to be out? I feel like society is more accepting of it. What about sports ? Say someone did come out would their be consequences? Like would endorsements be stripped?

    asked by Marquita
  44. MATH

    there are 120 question, 1 mark for a correct answer, - 1/2 Mark for wrong answer, - 1/4 Mark for unattempted question. Of 5 mark will get, then how many are incorrect answer.

    asked by Prince
  45. Physics

    The efficient of a single fixed pulley is 80% find its mechanical advantage

    asked by Silas
  46. Physical education

    Did social class impact Althea Gibson life and career? How?

    asked by Niki
  47. dynamic

    A truck traveling along a straight road at 20km/h increase its speed to 120km/h in 15s.if its acceleration is constant. Determine the distance traveled.

    asked by Lelisa
  48. Life Orientation

    Define and describe Xenophobia

    asked by Xenophobia
  49. math

    -3.5(2-3n)-2.5N expression

    asked by Cylint
  50. English

    1. Write an ending to the story. [Is 'to the story' an adverb phrase or an adjective phrase?] 2. Write the ending to the story. [Is 'to the story' an adverb phrase or an adjective phrase? What is the difference between 'an' and 'the' in meaning?]

    asked by rfvv
  51. Java

    Can somebody explain this to me? ``` if( (j & 1) == 0) ```

    asked by Izzy
  52. Math

    how can i solve -10x+y=4?? i think it is impossible with one answer

    asked by jr
  53. mathematics

    Three step P,Q and R are at a see. the bearing of P from R is 300° if (PQ)=8km (PR)=11km. (1).illustrate on a diagram (2).find the distance Q and R (3).find bearing of R from Q

    asked by Ayomide
  54. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only not women

    asked by Zweh
  55. maths

    [x^2/2 -x 1/2] [1/x -1]?

    asked by poppy
  56. English

    1. Keep off the grass. 2. keep the grass off. --------------------------- What is the part of speech of 'off' Is 'off' an adverb or a preposition? Can we use #2?

    asked by rfvv