Questions Asked on
April 16, 2019

  1. Life Orientation

    Define the meaning of service delivery protests

  2. Math

    Find the particular antiderivative that satisfies the following conditions dy/dx=7x^[−2]+8x^[−1]−6;y(1)=2.

  3. Fashion

    Factors to consider when choosing methods of arranging fullness

  4. English

    Which answer most accurately describes how the author introduces the three brothers in “The Lost Boys”? She describes them as frightened but determined to look tough. She describes them as overwhelmed but still taking care of themselves. She describes

  5. Math

    A car moves along a straight road in such a way that its velocity (in feet per second) at any time t (in seconds) is given by v(x) = 3x sqrt(9-x^2) on an interval of 0,3. Find the distance traveled by the car in 3 seconds.

  6. chemistry

    why water is not suitable solvent in paper chromatography

  7. science

    (a) Find the concentration of H+, HCO3 - and CO3 2-, in a 0.01M solution of carbonic acid if the pH of this is 4.18. Ka1(H2CO3)=4.45 10–7 andKa2 =4.69 10–11 (b).Calculate the pH at the equivalence point of the titration between 0.1M CH3- COOH ( 25 ml)

  8. Biology

    Which of the following statements about virus structure is true? a. All viruses are encased in a viral membrane. b. The capsomere is made up of small protein subunits called capsids. c. DNA is the genetic material in all viruses. d. Glycoproteins help the

  9. Math

    Consider the graph given above. Add an edge so the resulting graph has an Euler trail (without repeating an existing edge). Now give an Euler trail through the graph with this new edge by listing the vertices in the order visited.

  10. Calc 3

    Let S be the square in the xy-plane, oriented with the normal pointing in the positive z-direction. Estimate ∬S F⋅dS where F is a vector field whose values at the labeled points are F(A)=⟨9,3,5⟩, F(C)=⟨9,8,−4⟩, F(B)=⟨−9,8,−7⟩,

  11. chemistry

    you have to prepare 200ml of a 0.2M NaCl solution. calculate the mass of NaCl you will need

  12. Math

    The line 2y+3x=24 and y=mx+1 are parallel. Find the value of m

  13. Chemistry

    Bomb calorimetry is best for determining heat values. Because we cannot have a bomb calorimeter for every pair of students, we use what is readily avaliable. Why would two styrofoam cups be an economical way of determining these heat values and what is the

  14. trig

    Describe how the graphs of y + 3 = 2sin (3x + 90°) compares to the graph of y = sin (x).

  15. History

    1. Which elected officials have the most power in county government? A. managers B. magistrates C. commissioners*** D. voter registration workers 2. Which of the following correctly orders municipal governments from smallest to largest? A. town, village,

  16. world history

    Which natural resource from West Africa had a significant impact on the growth of Ghana? A. gold B. salt C. silver D. wood I think salt am I right?

  17. Math

    Afton made a chicken dish for dinner. She added a 10 ounce package of veggies and a 14 ounce package of rice to 40 ounces of chicken. What was the total weight of the chicken dish in pounds?

  18. math

    Write the general solution to y = arcsin 0.

  19. psychology

    Georgie had blood drawn because of his medical condition. feels nervous anytime she sees same nurse

  20. social studies

    The German and British governments invest heavily in human capital. How does this lead to a higher standard of living? Order the sequence to answer the question. higher literacy rates and good education leads to productive workers leads to higher wages

  21. Chemistry

    A sample is taken that has 400,000,000 particles in it. If 20 of these particles are a dangerous chemical, what is the concentration of this chemical in parts-per-million (ppm)?

  22. Statistics

    Random samples of size n = 80 were selected from a binomial population with p = 0.6. Use the normal distribution to approximate the following probabilities. (Round your answers to four decimal places.) (a) P(p̂ ≤ 0.63) = (b) P(0.57 ≤ p̂ ≤ 0.63) =

  23. ELA

    hroughout the poem, the speaker describes sounds and lists what is NOT making the sounds. What is making the sounds?

  24. math

    an airplane flew from a city x on a bearing 225 to another city y a distance 200 km away.It then flew from city y on a bearing of N30 W to city Z a distance of 250 km. calculate 1.the distance from city x to city z correct to the nearest whole number. 2.

  25. Texas State History

    Which of the following is a requirement of all service sector occupations A, expertise B, transportation C, haste D, enthusiasm

  26. life orientation

    how fraud and corruption affect the offenders career?

  27. English

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous language?

  28. Career choice

    Hello there.. If I study maths literacy+Geography+life science+History at school which careers do I relate with because I wish to help people medically or either way

  29. Math

    4 people pick some apples. They each pick the same amount. If they pick 10pounds in all, how many pounds does each person pick?

  30. math

    6 square feet equals how many square inches

  31. English

    1. I get up at seven. 2. I get up around at seven. 3. I get up at around seven. 4. I get up around seven. 5. I get up round seven. -------------------------- Which expressions can we use?

  32. Math

    Suppose the number of hours a type of light bulb will burn is normally distributed with a mean 84 with a standard deviation of 9 hours. what is the probability one of these bulbs will burn for more than 90 hours? If a sample of 24 of this type of bulb is

  33. science

    The radius of the moon is one eighty-first that of the earth. If the accelaretion due to gravity on the earth is 9.8m/s^2 , what is its value on the moon's surface.

  34. English

    1. I see a fly on my leg. 2. I saw a foreigner on the street. 3. I saw the foreigner on the street. --------------------------------------- In #1, 'on my leg' modifies 'a fly'? Am I right? What about #2? Does 'on the street' modify 'a foreigner'? Or does

  35. English

    What does overview mean?

  36. world history

    Which ecosystems show where early civilizations developed because the area allowed people to grow crops even during times with little rainfall? Select all that apply. -Desert -RainForest -Savanna -sahel

  37. Physics

    The radius of the moon is one eighty-first that of the earth. If the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth is 9.8m/s^2 , What is its value on the moon's surface.

  38. Life orientation

    Discuss six ways in which individual group and the broader south African community can be influence by human right violation

  39. Chemistry

    What volume of Al metal have density 2.70 g/cm3 is required to produce o.752 g per mol of H2 gas by following reaction 2Al +6HCL ----- AlCl3+3H2

  40. Life orientation

    Discuss six bro

  41. life orientation

    Discuss six ways in which individual, groups and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

  42. psychology

    Georgie feels nauseated anytime she sees the Wendy's sign

  43. Career

    If I do history , Geography , Life sciences , mathematical Literacy, sepedi , Life orientation and English which job I supposed to work?

  44. Life orientation

    Six way in which individuals,group and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

  45. Life orientation

    Three example of human rights violation

  46. History

    Hi! Can anyone help me? Links are very encouraged!! What countries had the largest number of immigrants come to the United States? Why did immigrants leave these countries? Where did immigrants often settle when they arrived in the United States? Why were

  47. psychology

    I need sample questions on Learning; classical conditioning and operant conditioning

  48. Calc

    A rectangular box with a volume of 64 ftcubed is to be constructed with a square base and top. The cost per square foot for the bottom is 15cents​, for the top is 10cents​, and for the sides is 2.5cents. What dimensions will minimize the​ cost?

  49. Geometry

    If AC equals 2x + 13 and DB equals 4x - 1 what is DB

  50. Math

    Given that the graph of f passes through the point (1, -4) and that the slope of its tangent line at (x,f(x)) is 2x+1, find f(-1) (graph is hypothetical).

  51. Math

    Find f if f′(x)=2/x,x

  52. Social Studies

    Between 2011 and 2017, which groups were involved in the conflict in Yemen

  53. Math

    Find f if f′′′(x)=sin(x),f(0)=−8,f′(0)=−7,f′′(0)=−7.

  54. math

    A bookshelf is 9 feet wide. A set of mystery books fills 1/6 of the shelf space. Each book in the set is 3/8 inch thick. How many books are in the set?

  55. science

    why do dry sodium chloride, the solutions of sodium nitrate and solution chloride all impart the same color to the flame?

  56. Life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways in which individuals, groups and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

  57. computer sience

    what are 4 different ways to transfer unicode to omniform protical in a batch file?

  58. math


  59. Math

    I am a number between 30 and 60 . My ones digit is three less than my tens digit . I am a prime number . What number am I ?

  60. science

    When are thunderstorms most likely to occur

  61. Life orientation

    Ways in which individuals, groups and broader south African can be influenced by human rights violation

  62. Science

    Which of the following is an example of heat transfer by radiation? A. Wind currents. B. A pot of water on a boiling stove. C. A bare foot on a hot sidewalk. D. A microwave oven heating food. Is it B?

  63. Chemistry

    Assume you are performing the calibration step of Experiment 8 and you begin with 80 g of water at 20 oC and 80 g of water at 80 oC. After adding the two portions of water into your calorimeter setup and following the procedure outlined in the experiment,

  64. english

    English is the language of opportunity??

  65. Statistics

    How can you know if the original populations are normal?

  66. Science

    Anobject is dropped from 320m high. Find the time of motion and velocity when it hits the ground. Assume gravity is 9.8 meters per second squires.

  67. Geology

    What word is used for this definition? Concrete or filled wire baskets that support a slope and prevents landslides from occurring Please help ASAP I'm so confused!!! :(

  68. Careers

    What will i do if i am doing the following subjects, Geography, Computer Application Technology, Business Studies, maths literacy, English and Afrikaans

  69. Economics

    d. Use the midpoint method to calculate the price elasticity of demand from $25 to $30. Explain whether demand is price elastic or price inelastic and interpret the value of this elasticity. (4 marks)

  70. Physics

    An object is dropped from 320m high. Find the time of motion and velocity when it hits the ground.

  71. Philosophy

    Are there any objections to Thomas Aquinas' first-cause argument?

  72. Life orientation

    Two ways that can be influenced by human rights violation

  73. math

    which of the following statement is true? A. -9>-4 B. |-10|> |2| C. |-3|< |1| D. 6

  74. Social Studies

    Read the paragraphs and answer the question. Think about how different it was when a traveler had to stop at every country’s border to show a passport and to change money to the local currency. Since 2002, the euro has replaced old currencies such as the

  75. Science

    Three examples of human rights/discrimination and give reasons for your choice

  76. java programming

    this is a fill in the black question. 1) The result of compiling a java source file is a file with the extension that contains

  77. Math

    Julio has $40.00 to rent bikes for himself and a friend for 5 hours. Each bike rental costs $3.25 per hour.

  78. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a result of cultural blending in the Spanish empire? A. Most people eat only Spanish foods. B. Most people are Catholic. C. Most people speak Native American languages. D. Most people worship African gods.

  79. social studies

    how did war world 1 affect south carolina's economy

  80. history

    Roman glory had lasted for approximately how long before the last emperor was defeated? A. 500 years B. 2,000 years C. 1,500 years D. 1,000 thanks so much!

  81. math

    what is the median for 25,26,31,39,32,57

  82. English

    traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics

  83. Life orientation

    What can you conclude about argument about human rights violation?

  84. math

    Kathleen invited 28 people to her party. She plans to seat 8 people at the dining room table. She will put the rest at round tables with 4 people at each table.

  85. language arts

    I need to know what prejudice is I can't find it anywhere Plz help as fast as you can

  86. java/programming

    is source files a design-time or run-time or both (design-time and run time)

  87. Algebra 2

    Which of the functions has a vertical asymptote at x = -8? a. x - 3/ x - 8 b. x/-4 c. (x + 1)(x + 8)/ x + 8 d. x^2 - 6 + 5/ x + 8 I believe the answer is d, but I just wanted to confirm.

  88. History

    Religions in Europe PortfolioChristianity vs. Islam in Feudal Europe Catholics vs. Protestants in Renaissance and Reformation Christianity vs. Native American religions in Global Convergence 2. Develop a Research Question You may use the guiding questions

  89. Social studies

    HELP Question 1 of 21 Which factors led to the downfall of Ghana? Select all that apply. A.Ghana was engaged in conflict with people to the north. B.Ghana lacked nearby water resources. C.Ghana was unwilling to participate in trade. D.Ghana's large

  90. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only not for women

  91. English

    Prepared speech about the topic that says traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicine in hospital and clinics

  92. life orientation

    three example of human rights violation and discrimination and give reason

  93. Life orientation

    Three example of human rights violation and give reasons for your choice

  94. math

    The volume of a rectangular prism is 1,000 cubic millimeters. Use the formula V equals l w hto determine which statements are true. Choose all that apply.

  95. Career choice

    im doing grade 11 from Nkombose High School.If I'm doing tourism, geography, history, mathematical literacy.what career choice I'm supposed to do??

  96. math

    what are functions

  97. Maths - A.P.

    In an A.P. having 100 terms. Its first term is 3, M=5n and Sm/Sn does not depend on n then find second term.

  98. Lo

    Discuss three contributing factor that led to xenophobia

  99. Lo

    Three examples of human rights violations or discriminating and give reasons for your choice

  100. life orientation

    How fraud and corruptlon affect the offenders' career

  101. Science

    what will happen to fish if they have lived with low oxygen and then the oxygen goes up???

  102. Bible Journaling

    how do you start bible journaling