Questions Asked on
April 13, 2019

  1. statistics

    A jar contains 2 pennies, 6 nickels and 4 dimes. A child selects 2 coins at random without replacement from the jar. Let X represent the amount in cents of the selected coins. a. Find the probability X = 11. b. Find the expected value of X

    asked by Karen
  2. math

    Which point has the coordinates(-0.5,- 2.5 )? A.point A B.point B*** C.point C D.point D What are the coordinates of point C? A. (-1, 2) B. (- 2,2) C. ( 1.5 ,2)*** D. (- 1.5, 2) Which statement is true about the ordered pair (1.5,- 0.5) ? A. The

    asked by Street fighter
  3. Riddles

    All my relatives are black but am not

    asked by Faith
  4. physics

    The magnitude of the force involved in a certain collision (measured in newtons) is equal to the change in momentum (measured in kilogram meters/second). What is the time interval of the collision?

    asked by samntha Chavez
  5. Math

    Two candles have different lengths and thickness. The longer one can burn for 6 hours and the shorter one for 9 hours. After 3 hours of burning, both candles have the same length. The shorter candle's length divided by the longer candle's length was?

    asked by Sandavi
  6. Chemistry

    If exactly 14.563g of KMnO4 were dissolved to yield 750mL of solution, what is the normality? I know the equivalent weight is 31.61g. This is how much I got. (14.563g/.750L)(1 mol KMnO4/158.03g)(5 e-/1 mol) = .615 This answer does not seem right however.

    asked by CodyJinks
  7. History

    What factors contributed to the growth of organized labor in the 1930s?

    asked by Layla
  8. history

    How were the ideas of Enlightenment thinkers influenced by the Scientific Revolution?

    asked by Soo
  9. Math

    From midnight to 6:00 am, the temperature rose 8°C. At 6:00 am, the temperature was -20*C. What was the temperature at midnight? I belive this is a equation I have to write out such as 8x20=T or such. Please explain how to do this! Thanks.

    asked by Likewhat?!
  10. chemistry

    identify the substance that is is the oxidizing agent and the substance that is the reducing agent

    asked by fred
  11. Math

    1.which measure correctly completes the statement? 321.517 L = ML A. 0.0321517 ML B. 3,215,170 ML C. 321,517 ML ***** D. 32,151.7 ML 2. A bean plant was 1.5 meters high one week ago. in 7 days it grew 15 centimeters.Find the current height of the bean

    asked by chill
  12. Math

    Find the circumference of the circle. Use 3.14 for pi. Round to the nearest unit The circle only has the diameter which is 17cm Please do step by step so I understand it A)53cm B)227cm C)20cm D)27cm I think its B but I don't know. Please help

    asked by ♡school lover♡
  13. Life Orientation

    Choose three examples of human rights violation and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Thidziambi Phuluso
  14. Life orientation

    Three examples of human rights violations/ discrimination and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Miyelani
  15. History

    What was the experience of African Americans and Hispanics during the Depression? What kind of discrimination did these groups face? What government policies affected Hispanics and Native Americans?.

    asked by Layla
  16. science

    what would happen to a plant if its leaves were covered with water proof petroleum jelly

    asked by memoona
  17. english

    what opportunities does english makes to peaple who study it

    asked by thamsanqa
  18. English

    1. The situation is okay. 2. The situation is okay for you to talk. 3. The situation is bad. 4. The situation is bad for you to move. [Can we use the sentences? Is there no grammatical problem?]

    asked by rfvv
  19. Maths - Calculus

    x^y=y^x ; then find dy/dx

    asked by Raj
  20. Engish

    Which person did he see? 1. He saw the person in the room. 2. He saw a person in the room. [Which answer is correct? Are both okay? Is there any difference between them? Does #1 mean that there is only one person in the room?]

    asked by rfvv
  21. Life orientation

    Six suggestions on how to address the examples of human rights violation and discrimination

    asked by Nsovo
  22. Math


    asked by Kumar
  23. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals, group and SA community can be influenced by human rights violations

    asked by Lejane
  24. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals , group and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violations six ways in which individual growth and the broader South African community committee influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Mpho
  25. science

    what is the smallest unit of measure and what are the parts it is made of?

    asked by michelle
  26. Differential equations

    My homework question is to find the Laplace transform of the function f(t)=e^(10-2t)*step(t-5). I am not sure how to handle the e^(10-2t) portion of the equation. Thanks in advance.

    asked by frustrated
  27. life orientation

    what are six actions can you take to address human rights violation

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Life orientation

    Critical discuss six ways in which individuals groups and the broader south african community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Xihluke
  29. english speech

    Why is traditional african marriage an advantage to men only not women

    asked by esihle
  30. English speech

    African ritual slaughter should be allowed in surbabs

    asked by ntokozo
  31. English

    #speech under the topic 'African slaughter should be allowed in the suburbs'.

    asked by Slindile
  32. Life orientation

    6 ways in which individuals,groups and the broader south african community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Frank clement lambritte

    African slaughter rituals should be allowed in the suburbs

    asked by Fiona
  34. Physics

    Suppose the force of kinetic friction on a sliding block of mass m is 2.5 N [backward]. What is the force of kinetic friction on the block if another block of mass 2m is placed on its upper surface?

    asked by Ray
  35. life orientation

    the role players for corruption and fraud

    asked by Blessing
  36. Life orientation

    In one and half to two pages describe any recent corruption and fraud case that made the headlines in the media, Mention the role players involved, The extent to which fraud and corruption is linked to other crimes, The role played by the media and the

    asked by Trocia
  37. Life orientation

    describe any recent corruption and fraud case that made the headlines in the media, Mention the role players involved, The extent to which fraud and corruption is linked to other crimes, The role played by the media and the state in dealing with this

    asked by Trocia
  38. Life orientation

    What is the played by the media and the state in dealing with crime ?

    asked by ROTSHIDZWA
  39. Math,set

    In a group of 120 students, 72 play chess, 65 play Scrabble and 53 play dice if 35 play both chess and Scrabble, 30 play both chess and dice 21 play both Scrabble and dice and each play at least one of the game. (1) illustrate the information via ven

    asked by Adam
  40. Physics

    An object is ocsillating in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 10cm and a period of 2sec.find the magnitude, velocity and it displacement from equilibrium is 10cm & -5cm.

    asked by Ismaeel Rukayyat
  41. English

    i need help .i want to write prepared speech about english is the of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language

    asked by siphesihle
  42. Math

    4. Megan wants to build a fence around her pool. The pool is 28 feet long by 23 feet wide. The fence is to be 15 feet from the edge of the pool. A What are the outside dimensions of the area surrounding the pool B how many feet of fencing will she need A.

    asked by I Am The Flash
  43. World History

    Analyze the ways in which interdependence has affected both developed and developing nations. In your answer, be sure to use examples and evidence to explain the benefits and risks facing each type of nation. In your analysis, evaluate a problem that

    asked by Bill
  44. programming

    compute the income tax due on taxable income entered by the user, given the data as shown in the following table. Be sure to include error checking to make sure the user does not enter a negative number assume all entries are integer values Taxable Income

    asked by austen
  45. Electricity

    1) consider two charges q1 =3 uc and q2=-2 uc, a) state whether the electric force between these charges is attractive ore repulsive b) what happens to the electric force if the distance between the charges is double (multiplied by two). 2) if the current

    asked by anonymous
  46. life orientation

    define and desrcibe the human right violation that you have chosen between [human trafficking and xenophobia].

    asked by kabelo
  47. Chemistry

    Suppose 10.2 G of copper a state is dissolved in 350 mL of a 3-0 molality solution of sodium chromate calculate the final molarity of copper assume the volume stays constant

    asked by Sabrina
  48. Social Studies

    Frederick Douglas argued that slavery kept the American people from living up to the principles of the Constitution. What do you think he meant by that? -pls help me understand this, i dont understand this, help me? or give me hints? @ms.sue help :3

    asked by 요웅화
  49. art and music

    Restricting children's computer use to drill-and-practice software is likely to reduce a child's: Question 9 options: intelligence. creativity. multicultural awareness. conflict resolution. Creativity?

    asked by Bev
  50. chemistry

    in the website below, i requested to delete this question because i already answer 1a) and 2. please delete the link below: and help me answer

    asked by anonymous
  51. World history

    if Hitler won both or one of the world wars, how would the world be like? I think there will be like Nazi officers walking every where. the officers would be asking everyone how they are feeling and making them talk back in German language. Everyone would

    asked by anonymous
  52. Electricity

    if the current through resistor is 5 mA. how many coulmobs of charge flow through this resistor in one minute?

    asked by anonymous
  53. Electricity

    This is a multiple choice question. The current in a given is not to exceed 19 A. which value of fuse is best? a) 22 A b)a fuse is not necessary c)21 A d)25 A

    asked by anonymous
  54. Science

    Draw the path of a parcel from the surface to 200 mb. At what pressure level is the Lifted Condensation Level (LCL) located at? Please help ASAP! I'm struggling a lot with this question! :(

    asked by Andrea
  55. Life orientation

    Research on human rights violation that has taken place in your community

    asked by Mashudu
  56. Statistics

    1) A null Hypothesis assumes that a process is producing no more than a maximum allowable rate of defective items. The Type II error is to conclude that the process? 2) If 95% confidence limits for the mean Mu turn out to be (6.5,8.5)

    asked by Frank
  57. Chemistry

    Why do we assume 100% ionization for acetic acid (a weak acid)? This is a titration problem. The titrant is sodium hydroxide, if that helps.

    asked by AJ
  58. Math

    In a certain class, percentage of students who increased their average grade during spring term compared to that of the fall term was recorded between 6.9% and 7.1%. What could be the least possible number of students in that class?

    asked by Sam