Questions Asked on
April 10, 2019

  1. Science

    6) A nurse is evaluating discharge instructions for a client following a right cataract extraction. Which of the following client statements indicates the teaching is effective? A. I will take a stool softener until my eye is healed. B. I will expect to

    asked by Charwan
  2. Science

    1) A nurse is collecting data from a client who has open-angle glaucoma which of the following findings should the nurse expect? A. Loss of peripheral vision B. Headache C. Halos around lights D. Discomfort in the eyes 2) A nurse is collecting data from a

    asked by Charwan
  3. Chemistry

    What mass of H2 would be produced by the complete reaction of the iron bar. Hydrobromic acid dissolves solid iron according to the following reaction: Fe(s)+2HBr(aq)→FeBr2(aq)+H2(g)

    asked by just need help
  4. American History

    What was a turning point in the domination of the United Nation forces of the Korean Peninsula? It was North Korean forces capturing Seoul. It was the Chinese army’s second offensive along the 38th parallel. It was the North Korean forces invasion of

    asked by Quinn
  5. Maths lit, life science, geography and business

    What can I do in future if I choose this subjects (Maths lit, life science, geography and business studies)?

    asked by Lipalesa
  6. Chemistry

    The figure (Figure 1) shows the reaction of element A (lavender spheres) with element B (tan spheres). Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction in terms of A and B.

    asked by just need help
  7. math

    some money is shared between Ali,Ben & Carl in the ratio 5:3:2.Ben receives $60.How much money is shared?

    asked by math
  8. English

    "Cynthia in the Snow" by Gwendolyn Brooks 1 It SUSHES 2 It hushes 3 The loudness in the road. 4 It flitter-twitter, 5 And laughs away from me. 6 It laughs a lovely whiteness, 7 And whitely whirs away, 8 To be 9 Some otherwhere, 10 Still white as milk or

    asked by i'm lazy and so are you
  9. Chemistry

    What mass of HBr (in g) would you need to dissolve a 3.7 −g pure iron bar on a padlock?

    asked by just need help
  10. Social Studies

    Where do most people living in Australia and New Zealand descend from? A. Most people living in Australia descend from Germany, while most people living in New Zealand descend from France. B. Most people living in Australia descend from Spain, while most

    asked by 7th grade connexus student
  11. Math

    Evaluate the expression 3x + (z + 2y) - 12, if x = 3, y = 8 and z= 5. A. -116 B. 18 C. 53 D. 42

    asked by Bianca milani
  12. Calculus

    Find the sum of the infinite series whose sequence of partial sums, Sn, is S sub n equals= 10-1/(n+1) a) 10 b) 0 c) 9.99 d) Sum does not exist

    asked by Alice
  13. Math

    23rd term: 7, -21, 63, -189,..

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    A 1000kg compact car is travelling north at 15m/s when it collides with a truck travelling east at 10m/s. All occupants are wearing seat belts and there are no injuries, but the two vehicles are thoroughly tangled and move away from the impact point as one

    asked by Avril
  15. pre algebra

    Can anyone simplify the plane art portfolio item? I can copy and paste the directions if you need.

    asked by Bleaktuber
  16. biology

    What is the easiest and best way to determine which phase of mitosis a cell may be in? time since division amount of protein chromosome appearance amount of DNA Is it the third one?

    asked by dianni
  17. math

    Jake spent a total of $20 on the items below. ·2 movie tickets for $6 each ·1 bag of popcorn for $3.50 ·2 drinks for $2.25 each What percent of the $20 did Jake spend on movie tickets? A 40% B 12% C 60% D 8%

    asked by i go to wild about cheer
  18. Calc 3

    Let F⃗(x,y,z)=7x^2i⃗−sin(xy)(i⃗+j⃗). Calculate the divergence: div F→(x,y,z)=

    asked by ally
  19. mathematics

    Solve the inequality: 3(x+1) < 5(x+2) = 15?

    asked by POPPY
  20. Social Studies

    The first British settlers to Australia were 1 wealthy plantation owners 2 convicted prisoners 3 part of the British royal family 4 Puritan missionaries

    asked by Dewey
  21. History

    1. Which of the following describes a power that allows states to check changes to the national government? A. States may tax their own residents B. States hold and manage elections for federal officials C. States have the right to make their own laws D.

    asked by Charlotte Dunois
  22. Math

    Which of the following points are more than 5 vertical units away from the point (0, -2) choose all that apply A. (6, -2) B. (-8, -2) C. ( 0, -8) D. (0, 4) I think its C and D Can someone plsssss help!

    asked by bubbles
  23. chemistry

    when the temperature of 4 dm3 of an ideal gas is increased from 200K to 400K and the pressure is halved, caculate the volume of the gas?

    asked by POPPY
  24. Math.

    A rectangle park has an area of 1/6 square kilometer. The length of the park is 1/2 kilometer. Write an equation to find the width. Solve your equation to find the width

    asked by Ada
  25. Calculus (Help please!)

    (Re-posting because I think the first one got lost in all the questions) This isn't a test or assignment, it's a review for studying. I'm trying to catch up in my lesson as I have fallen quite behind due to health issues. I'm here for help because I have

    asked by Rose
  26. math - probability

    What is the probability that this year's graduation will fall on the birthday of exactly one of the 336 Seniors? What is the probability that there is more than one such Senior?

    asked by maath
  27. Calculus

    What is the nth term of the sequence whose first three terms are 2A + 2, 2A + 4, 2A + 6, …? a) nA+n b) 2nA+n+(2n+1) c) 2A+2n --------> my answer. Can you check for me pls? d) 2A+2n+1

    asked by Alice
  28. science

    What is required for a vibration to occur?

    asked by secret pancakes
  29. Social Studies

    Throughout much of Latin America, people use rushing water to create..... A Waterparks B Hydroelectricity C Swimming pools D Wells I think the answer is D. Thanks to whoever could help me!:)

    asked by Cashmere<3
  30. Algebra

    Which is and example of the symmetric property? A. If 3x + 2=a + 6 then a + 6= 3x +2 B. If a= B and B = 5, than a=5 C. If y= 6, then y +12 becomes 6+12 D. X + 2 = x+2

    asked by Bianca milani
  31. Algebra

    The reflexive property of equality says: A. For any numbers a and b, if a = b then then b =a B. For any numbers a, b, and c, if a =b then a - c =b - c C. For any numbers a,b and c, if a =b then a + c = b +c D. For any numbers a,a =a

    asked by Bianca milani
  32. English

    In act 2 scene 3 of a Christmas carol: Scrooge and Marley, what is Scrooge's first reaction on seeing Cratchit's family? A. He thinks Cratchit has too many children B. He is afraid tiny Tim will not live C. He is touched that Cratchit toasts him D. He

  33. civics

    How did Shays' Rebellion lead to the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

    asked by Maycol
  34. Math

    If a 10 pound bag of rice costs $4.99, what is the unit price per pound?

    asked by Montez
  35. Math

    Without actual calculating the cube the value of (28)^3 +(-15)^3 +(-13)^3 is (a) 16380 (b)-16380 (c)15380 (d)-15380

    asked by wizard
  36. algebra 2

    How do you write a function for a sinusoid? My Probelm has a Max of (9pi/8,1) and a Min of (3pi/8,-5)

    asked by Please Geniuses!!!
  37. Science

    Which of the following best explains which planet is farther from the sun? Planet W, because gravity is inversely proportional to the square of distance Planet X, because gravity is inversely proportional to the square of distance Planet X, because the sun

    asked by Zach
  38. Science

    The following table shows the period of revolution of some unknown planets of equal mass. Planet Period of Revolution W 1.9 years X 11.8 years Which of the following best explains which planet is farther from the sun? Planet W, because gravity is inversely

    asked by Zach
  39. Science

    Use the concepts of force, acceleration, and speed to explain how a parachute works. Make sure your answer explains how Newton’s laws of motion play a part.

    asked by Klauus
  40. Social studies

    plz help! 3.Which of the following was an effect of the Crusades? A. People became more isolated in their home regions. B. Christianity was limited to European countries. C. Muslim advances in science and medicine spread to Europe. D. Trade declined

    asked by Bamboo
  41. Science

    1. Which of the following is true regarding the carbon cycle and food webs? A. Food webs and the carbon cycle are closely related because all living organisms are composed of carbon. B. Food webs and the carbon cycle are closely related because carbon

    asked by Helper
  42. English

    What can you infer about the speaker in "Rose Pogonias"? Support your answer with evidence by citing examples of three words or phrases from the poem. explain why each word or phrase helps you know more about the speaker.

    asked by DJ Marshmello
  43. Calculus

    Evaluate Σ from n=1 to infinity of 3/2^n-1 a) 12 b) 6 c) 3 d) 0 ----> my answer. Can you check for me, please? Thanks in advance

    asked by Alice
  44. History

    1. How did the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s affect American Society? a. teenage marriages increased b.sexually transmitted diseases declined c. individuals talked openly about sex. ***** d. Divorce rates decreased 2. Which event helped create

    asked by Lesson 1, Unit 3 The Counter Culture
  45. Social Studies

    Why did the Flemish support Edward III's claim to the throne of France? A. The French had been seizing Flemish territory. B. They wanted the English to rule Flanders. C. Their textile industry depended on English wool. D. They had been at war with the

    asked by well im confused
  46. Math

    A mother is 20 years older than her daughter if the daughter is y years old how old is the mother in terms of y how old was the daughter four years ago in terms of y how old was the mother four years ago four years ago the ratio of their was 7:3 find the

    asked by Chidimma
  47. Algebra

    Since Gottfried works a desk job as a lawyer, he likes to exercise on his lunch break. His wings get a workout when he flies to and from work, so he needs to exercise his legs. To do this, he runs around a circular track. If he can run 4 laps in 2 minutes,

    asked by Math repost for Emily
  48. Calculus

    If t is a constant and the curve y=2x^3+3tx^2+6x+131 has NO horizontal tangents, what conditions must t satisfy? (a) t >-2 (b) t < 2 (c) t > 2 (d) t < -2 (e) none of these Apparently, the correct answer is (e). So for the curve to have no horizontal

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Algebra

    Your school wants to take out an ad in the paper congratulating the basketball team on a successful​ season, as shown to the right. The area of the photo will be half the area of the entire ad. What is the value of​ x? The photo that is suppose to be

    asked by Nobody
  50. algebra

    The volume V of a gas varies directly with the reciprocal of the pressure P. What happens to the volume of the gas if the pressure is tripled?

    asked by Felix
  51. algebra

    If f(x)=x+7 and g(x)=1/x-13, what is the domain of (f x g)(x)? Please explain.

    asked by mel
  52. Chemistry

    After 0.69 g of CoCl2⋅6H2O is heated, the residue has a mass of 0.333 g . Calculate the % H2O in the hydrate.

    asked by cant tell ya
  53. Chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 53 mL of a 12 M stock HNO3 solution to obtain a 0.138 M HNO3 solution?

    asked by cant tell ya
  54. history

    What promise did Stalin make and break after Soviet occupation of several Eastern European countries? A. to allow the people to hold free elections B. to educate the population about communism C. to give financial assistance to war-torn families D. to

    asked by anonymous
  55. Chemistry

    After 0.69 g of CoCl2⋅6H2O is heated, the residue has a mass of 0.333 g . Calculate the % H2O in the hydrate.

    asked by just need help
  56. chemistry

    What volume of a 1.35 M solution contains 6.2mol of MgCl?

    asked by isaac
  57. science

    Refer to Equilibrium Constants. Calculate the pH of a solution resulting from the addition of 50.0 mL of 0.30 M HNO3 to 50.0 mL of 0.30 M NH3.

    asked by Addy
  58. Life orientation

    Six suggestion on how to address the examples of human rights violation

    asked by Nsovo
  59. physics

    I=V/R so I= 1.6/4 = 400mA with 1.2V across the load.

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  60. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals,groups and the boarder South Africa community can be influenced by human rights violations

    asked by Vanencia
  61. physics

    Two cells, each of e.m.f. 1.5V and an internal resistance 2 Ohms are connected in parallel. Calculate the current flowing when the cells are connected to a 1 Ohms ?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  62. physics

    A load of 20cm gives an extension of 2.04cm in a wire which obeys Hooke's law.what is the extension produce by a load of 80N

    asked by david
  63. English

    what is the subject and predicate in "the scene looked eerie."

    asked by Pencer
  64. history

    Which elements of Chinese culture spread throughout the world? Select all that apply. A. **** gunpowder B. Hinduism C. feudalism D. ***** Buddhism E. celadon**

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  65. maths

    Number of Pets 0 1 2 3 4 Number of Students 8 4 5 10 3 The table above shows the number of pets kept by 30 students in a class. If a student is picked at random from the class, what is the probability that he/she kept more than one pet?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  66. English speech

    English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language

    asked by sqiniseko
  67. maths

    A cuboid has a diagonal of length 9 cm and a square base of side 4cm. What is its height?

    asked by POPPY
  68. English

    1. He will hit the boy with a pen. --------------------------------------- Does 'with a pen' modify 'will hit' or 'hit'? 'Hit' is a verb. "Will hit' is a verb phrase. Does 'with a pen' modify the verb phrase or the verb? Does 'with a pen' modify 'the boy'

    asked by rfvv
  69. Calculus

    If limit n->∞ Σ (from n=1 to n) of "a sub k" exists and has a finite value, the infinite series Σ (from n=1 to n) of "a sub k" a) unbounded b) convergent c) increasing -----> my answer. Can you check for me, pls? Thanks d) divergent

    asked by Alice
  70. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements best describes the spread of Islam during the Arab conquests? A.Islam spread only within the lands conquered by Arabs. B.Everyone in conquered lands was forced to convert to Islam. C.Few non-Arabs ever converted to Islam

    asked by Briiii
  71. science

    How do the speeds of light waves and sound waves compare? Sound waves can travel faster depending on the medium. Sound waves always travel faster than light waves.**** Light waves travel at the same speed as sound waves. Light waves travel about 1 million

    asked by noodles
  72. science

    What is the ability to do work? a wave energy force a medium PLEASE HELP MEEE!!!

    asked by donuts and coffee
  73. physics

    A Screw Jack With Pitch Of 0.2cm And Handle Of Length 50cm Is Used To Lift A Car Of Weight 12000N the efficiency of screw is 30%, what is its velocity ratio

    asked by Qwizny
  74. Algebra

    To properly use the addition property of equality what number would have to be added in the equation14 = x - 6 A. -14 B. 14 C. -6 D. 6

    asked by Bianca milani
  75. Math

    The equation y - 9 + 9= -17 + 9 is an example of which property of equality? A. Substitution property of equality B. Addition property of equality C. Reflexive property of equality D. Symmetric property of equality

    asked by Bianca milani
  76. maths

    1. Expand and simplify a) (2-x)^-2 b) (2+x)^-2 c) General formula for i) (x+y)^-n ii) (x-y)^-n iii) (x+y)^1/n iv) (x+y)^n/m v) (x+y)^-1/n vi) (x+y)^-n/m vii) (x-y)^1/n viii) (x-y)^n/m ix) (x-y)^-1/n x) (x-y)^-n/m Using Binomial theory and combination

    asked by POPPY
  77. World studies

    1. What was the short-term effect on Russia’s economy of the breakup of the Soviet Union? financial boom and prosperity a slow beginning to growth a tightening of the communist system economic chaos*** 2. Which statement is true? The EU began with six

    asked by adamissmart
  78. Algebra

    For which equation is the solution 6? A. X + 6 =10 B. 4x =24 C. X - 6 =12 D. X/4 = 24

    asked by Bianca milani
  79. Math

    1/2 x -8 =20, x= A. 14 B. 6 C. 24 D. 56

    asked by Bianca milani
  80. Chemistry

    What mass of Pb(NO3)2,would be required to yeild 9g of PbCl2,on d addition of excex NaCl?Pb=207,N=14,O=16,Na=23,Cl=35.5

    asked by Cally
  81. Math

    Which statement is not true? A. -6 B. 0> -1 C. -8 D. -6 > 6

    asked by Bianca milani
  82. geography

    In 2001, what country's government was over thrown by the united states because it sheltered terrorists?

    asked by jai
  83. science

    i dont want the answers just a link or explanation name and wattage requirements of all electronics in room • types of light bulbs in room with wattage and lumen output • possible high efficiency products in the room • water fixtures and leaky water

    asked by girl from connexus
  84. spanish 1

    Hello, can anyone check my spanish grammar, please? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hola, me llamo Kayla. My pasatiempo es leer un libro y juego voleibol con mis amigas. Yo prefiero leer un libro porque

    asked by Kayla
  85. math

    Tara will draw a scale model of the garden she wants to plant. Her scale will be 1cm. = 2.5 ft. What will be actual dimensions of Tara's garden?

    asked by fred
  86. math

    evaluate c>1+8

    asked by Akera
  87. Math

    Which is likely to have a mass close to 3 kilograms? A. a 5- year old child B. A bowling ball C. a Lemon D. An adult lion. Is it B?

    asked by Sliverstream
  88. World studies

    Please help 1.In what way did Lenin’s followers deal with Tsar Nicholas II? They took the throne from the tsar and made his whole family leave the country. They killed the tsar and his entire family.*** They imprisoned the tsar and his family in Siberia

    asked by please help me tutors
  89. Algebra 2

    How do you write a function for a sinusoid? My Probelm has a Max of (9pi/8,1) and a Min of (3pi/8,-5).

    asked by Ty
  90. Math


    asked by Mohamed
  91. math

    IF I have 2 cups of juice and add 5 times as much water How much fluid ounces do I have?

    asked by
  92. Social Studies

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1: How did the role of the church in education change over time? A. Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. B. Priests became the only teachers at universities. C. Schools began to provide education

    asked by Blossom cherry
  93. science

    an advantage of using an electromagnet shown on the crane the image below instead of a regular magnet to move cars in a junk yard is that an electromagnet can easily be turned on and of

    asked by Nathan
  94. social studies

    Why can families like Yasmin easily move from place to place in Europe

    asked by Nathan
  95. Life orientation

    Examples of human rights violations and give reason for choice

    asked by Anonymous
  96. English

    I was supposed to make a connection between the Adichie Ted talk and the benefit of reading through black spruce. I have read this paragraph many times but I am not sure if it will make sense to others. Adichie uses different stories to share the core

    asked by Tay
  97. information technology

    Your sister owns a small clothing store. During a conversation at a family dinner, she mentions her frustration with having to manually track and reorder high demand items. She would like an automated system but has a very small budget. Write a 4-5 page

    asked by titus
  98. Geometry

    Which pair of translations to the figure shown below would produce an image that is on top of the original (same position, shape, and size?)

    asked by Evan
  99. social studies

    Which events have had a lasting impact on the Texas economy? Select all that apply. A. Bolivar B. Galveston C. Spindletop D. Victoria

    asked by I
  100. Calculus

    Find the limit of the sequence of partial sums whose general term is an=10^n/n! a) 10 b) 0 ----> my answer. Can you check for me, please? c) 1 d) Does not exist Note: I am between b and d answers

    asked by Alice
  101. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals,group and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Kgotlelelo
  102. English

    Help me to write prepared speech about Traditional African Marriage Is An Advantage For Men Not Women

    asked by Fortunate
  103. math

    . The probability that a student passes in Statistics test is 2/3 and the probability that he passes both Statistics and Mathematics test is 14/45.The probability that he passes at least one test is 4/5.What is the probability that the student passes the

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math repost for Jessica

    Compare using < , > , or =. –15 _____ –21 A. < B. > C. = 0 0 posted by Jessica today at 3:33pm

    asked by Writeacher
  105. history

    Which of these values was central to the Transcendentalist writers? (5 points) Charity for the poor Patriotism for the United States Connection with urban life Connection with nature

    asked by jake
  106. history

    Which of the following is a reason so many people have migrated from Middle America to other regions? A. They dislike the region's climate. B. They want to gain an education. C. They hope to escape poverty. D. They want to live under a democratic

    asked by bro
  107. Math

    A flower store has 24 roses and 36 carnations. It puts the same number of flowers in each of 6 bouquets. How many flowers are in each bouquet?

    asked by Nailah
  108. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following provides the definition of a nation?

    asked by Student
  109. Rational Expression

    Determine the Values for Which a Rational Expression is Undefined In the following exercises, determine the values for which the rational expression is undefined 4x^2y/3y....y=0 Whats the best way for me to grasp this concept. I have reread the examples

    asked by Josh
  110. Spanish

    -ir and -er ending verbs are very similar in their endings when they are conjugated. How do they differ in their endings when they are conjugated? I need help ! Any spanish speakers or people that know? Please help !

    asked by magic
  111. science

    which waves have the longest wavlength and lowest energy on the electromagnetic spectrum? A. x-rays B. infrared C. radio waves D. gamma rays plz help i have three days to complete this lesson.

    asked by wait hold up
  112. maths

    If in an investment, a man can make profit of 5,000 with probability of 0.8 or loss 1,000 with probability of 0.2, what is the expected profit of the man?

    asked by POPPY
  113. Math

    Top of a tree broke and fel over. Remaining tree trunk is 5 feet tall . Tip if tree rest on ground is 12 feet from the base of the trunk. What is the length of the broken tree?

    asked by Hannah
  114. Math

    A quilt design uses parallelogram-shaped pieces that have a base measure of 6 inches and a height of 8 inches. If 15 pieces are used in the quilt, what is the total area of the parallelogram-shaped pieces in the quilt? A) 170 in. B) 180 in. C) 210 in. D)

    asked by Sliverstream
  115. science

    Which of the following correctly identifies the methods of heat transfer? A. A ‒ convection B ‒ radiation C ‒ conduction B. A ‒ conduction B ‒ radiation C ‒ convection C. A ‒ convection B ‒ conduction C ‒ radiation D. A ‒ radiation B

    asked by anonymous
  116. Law Studies

    What are some precedent emancipation cases?

    asked by Georgina White
  117. algebra

    Bob is 8 years older than Martin. IF the sum of their ages is 38, find their ages.

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Calculus

    use a 6th degree maclaruin polynomial to approx the value of the integral from 0 to 1 of sin(x^2)dx. WHat is the max error of this approx? i got 1/6.

    asked by Yang2020
  119. Math

    May someone teach me how to convert 28123653.6 into a whole #? Thanks

    asked by Sliverstream
  120. Math

    This book is confusing. Im using a website calculator and the answers are not lining up at all for both problem

    asked by Josh @oobleck
  121. Social Studies

    Which factors led to the downfall of Ghana? Select all that apply. A. Ghana was engaged in conflict with people to the north. ++ B. Ghana lacked nearby water resources. C. Ghana was unwilling to participate in trade. D. Ghana's large population began

    asked by dori
  122. Chemistry

    When a chemist burns hydrogen sulfide according to the reaction below she finds that the reaction releases heat. (It is exothermic.) 2H2S(g) + 3O2(g) 2SO2 + 2H2O(g) The enthalpy of the reaction DH = -1037 kJ. What is the enthalpy change per gram of

    asked by Oakley
  123. computer science

    I have a computer science project that uses the coding software called Processing but I don't know where to start. I would like someone to help me start the project

    asked by Anisa
  124. Social Studies

    Who were the Moors, and how did they affect Spain during their rule?

    asked by well im confused
  125. Math

    The bases of a right prism are parallelograms with length of one of its sides a=8.5 cm and altitude to that side ha = 4 cm. Find the volume of the prism, if the height is h=14 cm.

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Social Studies

    Describe the purpose, outcome, and effects of the Reconquista.

    asked by well im confused
  127. Social Studies

    Which of the following is an effect of the desertification taking place in parts of Africa? A. Some Africans struggle to get clean drinking water. +++ B. Africa's infrastructure is highly developed. C. The majority of Africa is experiencing political

    asked by dori
  128. English

    I have an essay about polyamory and I need to identify: 3 simple sentences 2 compound sentences 2 complex sentences 2 compound complex sentences if there aren't this many, you can reword some parts. I have just finished reading your article on polyamory,

    asked by AAAAAAA PLS HELP
  129. Math

    On the way home from rug shopping, Sophia stopped and bought a rectangular cake. The bottom is not frosted, but all other sides are. The cake is 8 x 11 x 2 inches. Sophia also bought a cylinder shaped pineapple upside down cake. Only the top of the cake is

    asked by Rainbowz4Life
  130. Social Studies

    Read the passage by a man discussing his country, Senegal, immediately after independence. “Forty years ago, we had nothing—no doctors, no engineers, no writers. We had no university. We thought a flag and a national anthem were enough for

    asked by dori
  131. Social Studies

    Which of the following is an example of specializing in the service sector? A. a country growing mainly coffee beans B. a country exporting minerals C. a country investing in education D. a country focusing on call centers++

    asked by dori
  132. Linear Algebra

    Demonstrate that t T: P3 -> P3, Tp = p' is a linear function. I know that to demonstrate if something is a linear function I must, check if the sum and multiplication with a scalar is linear. But I am a bit concerned cause when I derivate P3 it will always

    asked by Lara
  133. Chemistry

    calculate the mass of chlorine gas contained in 5.00dm³ flask at 25°C and 98 kpa pressure?

    asked by Jessica
  134. physics

    A 50.0 g ball is fired horizontally with initial speed v0 toward a 100 g ball that is hanging motionless from a 1.10 m -long string. The balls undergo a head-on, perfectly elastic collision, after which the 100 g ball swings out to a maximum angle θmax =

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Physics

    Find the percentages of the total kinetic energy associated with rotation and translation for the following objects that are rolling without slipping. a. a uniform sphere K rot = b. K trans = c. a uniform cylinder K rot = d. K trans = e. a hoop K rot = K

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  136. algebra

    The strength of a rectangular beam varies jointly as its width and the square of its depth. If the strength of a beam 10 inches wide by 20 inches deep is 3400 pounds per square inch, what is the strength of a beam 9 inches wide and 18 inches deep?

    asked by Felix
  137. Math

    I know this question might sound really dumb but I cant think of the answer... Why is it important to LABEL answers or responses in math? again, I know this is probably really easy but I cant think right now :P please help meh...

    asked by MyStErYrAiNbOw
  138. Math

    17. A cube has a surface area of 108 square feet. What is the area of one face? Please help me!!

    asked by Barry Vacker
  139. Math

    There is 7/8 of a cup of broccoli in a bowl, how many 1/2 cup servings can be made

    asked by A nice student
  140. algebra

    mario’s comic book colection, which was worth $1500 seven years ago, has been increasing in value by 12% per year since then. Which expression gives the current value of the collection?

    asked by simon
  141. math

    The lengths of two insects are given below. · Ladybug: 10 millimeters · Walking stick: 30 centimeters What is the difference in length of these two insects in millimeters? A 70 mm B 20 mm C 290 mm D 2,990 mm 35. Which statement best describes purchases

    asked by i go to wild about cheer
  142. English

    Write a paragraph of at least five sentences in the box below it. The given sentence does not have to be the topic sentence, but must exist somewhere within the paragraph. 5. It can be hard to find things to write about.

    asked by Sam