Questions Asked on
April 9, 2019

  1. english

    john followed the doctors to get more rest which of the following options correctly completes the sentence above?

    asked by juliet
  2. math

    The yearly cost in dollars, y, at a video game arcade based on total game tokens purchased, x, is y = x + 60 for a member and y = x for a nonmember. Explain how the graph of a nonmember’s yearly cost will differ from the graph of a member’s yearly

    asked by reese
  3. History

    Which best describes the beginning of the American Revolutionary War? A. Great Britain and France declared war, known as the French and Indian War. B. American colonists fought the British at the Battles of Lexington and Concord. C. Great Britain signed

    asked by Alyssa
  4. physics

    (a) Calculate the wavelengths in air at 20 C for sounds in the maximum range of human hearing, 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. (b) What is the wavelength of a 10-MHz ultrasonic wave?

    asked by Remie
  5. Math

    Which quantity is proportional to 45⁄3? Check all that are true. Help 90⁄10 90⁄6 15⁄1 135⁄6 30⁄1

    asked by Mia
  6. math

    6 less than a number t is 7

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Chemistry

    write a balanced equation for the reaction between dilute tetraoxosulphate(vi)acid and ammonia?

    asked by khadijat muhammad
  8. Math

    A ball is kicked off the top of a cliff that is 30 feet tall at an angle of 45° to the horizontal with an initial velocity of 25 feet per second. The quadratic equation shown below models the height, h(x), of the ball when it is x feet from the cliff’s

    asked by Gyro Zeppeli
  9. Math

    Use a system of equations to find the quadratic function f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c that satisfies the equations. Solve the system using matrices. f(−2) = 4, f(1) = −2, f(2) = −12

    asked by anonymous
  10. MATH

    A study is conducted to compare the average square footage of homes in different communities. If squares are drawn so that their areas are in proportion to the average square footage, is the resulting graph misleading? Why or why not?

    asked by ANNIE
  11. maths

    If 14 men cultivates 42 acres of land in 18 weeks, how many weeks will 21 men working at the same rate take to cultivate 56 acres of land.?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  12. maths

    A workers period of duty increases from 56 hours to 72 hours but the wages decrease by 15%. By what percentage do the new total wages increase or decrease?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  13. Physics

    The particles as shown in the figure below are connected by a very light rod. They rotate about the y axis at 1.9 rad/s. a. Find the speed of each particle, and use it to calculate the kinetic energy of this system directly from 1/2 mivi2. speed of m1 = 1

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  14. chemistry

    According to Avogadro's law, if temperature and pressure are held constant, the volume and number of moles of a gas are directly proportional inversely proportional

    asked by Meep
  15. Physics

    A body of density 9.0g/cm^3 appears to have a mass of 27.0g in a liquid of density 1.2g/cm ^3. What is the volume of the solid

    asked by Chris
  16. maths

    If 10 students consume 1185kg of meat in 21 days, find how much 16 students will consume in 14 days, if consumption takes the same rate.?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  17. maths.

    1) the 1st digit of the square of the second digit 2) the sum of the 2nd and the 3rd digit is 4 3) if the 4th digit is equal to 2nd digit plus 1 4) if the 3rd and the 5th digit are 15 5) the sum of all the digit is 30 i.e when you add all your workings it

    asked by POPPY
  18. math

    express 35c to $2.25 as a ratio in its lowest term

    asked by tt
  19. math

    A shopkeeper made a loss of 30%by selling two paires of shoes at 700.what profit would he have made had he solid it at sh.1150 ?show calculation..

    asked by Tyson
  20. Math

    If m∠CBD = 148°, what is m∠ABE

    asked by Sophia
  21. maths

    in a basket of25 mangoes,9 are bad.what percentage is good?

    asked by favor
  22. Math

    A square with a perimeter of 20 units is graphed on a coordinate grid. The square is dilated by a scale factor of 0.4 with the origin as the center of dilation. If (x, y) represents the location of any point on the original square, which ordered pair

    asked by Lil Star
  23. Living environment

    The graph indicates that the non flying beetles probably

    asked by ...
  24. math

    ∆PQR has vertices at P(2, 4), Q(3, 8) and R(5, 4). A dilation and series of translations map ∆PQR to ∆ABC, whose vertices are A(2, 4), B(5.5, 18), and C(12.5, 4). What is the scale factor of the dilation in the similarity transformation?

    asked by amber
  25. math

    226.08 rounded to the nearest hundredth

    asked by hjikj
  26. Math

    The Ice-Cream Palace's sundaes include 1 cup of ice-cream, 2 ounces of chocolate syrup, and 1 ounce of sprinkles. How many ounces of ingredients do the sundaes contain?

    asked by Mia
  27. Social Studies

    Of the following statements, which best describes the changes in the economy and society after the war? A. The economy initially experienced a brief downturn but rebounded during the 1920s B. Racism decreased in the South becuae black and white sol6fouhgt

    asked by Unicorn lover
  28. Math

    Adam mixes the letters r e a d i n g s and a thoroughly without looking Alan draws one letter expressed as a fraction decimal and percentage what is the probability that Alan will not select a constant 9/5 1.8 18% 9/4, 2.25, 22.5% 4/9, 0.44 for, 44.4% Five

    asked by Plz help me I am mental retarted
  29. Physics

    A crate of mass 42kg moving with a speed of 8m-1 on a rough horizontal floor is brought to rest after sliding a distance of 5m on the floor.calculate the coefficient of sliding friction between the crate and the floor

    asked by Okiki
  30. Social Studies

    9. What strategy did both Toyotomi Hideyoshi and, later, Tokugawa Ieyasu use to create peace in Japan? A. They both banished the daimyo from Japan. B. They both asked the daimyo to get rid of their samurai. C. They both forced the daimyo to pledge loyalty

    asked by Girl From Connexus
  31. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the words and phrases to complete the sentences. disparities equalities overpopulated underpopulated emigration urbanization Rapid______ in Southeast Asia puts too much burden on infrastructure and services in cities. This leads to

    asked by Poppy
  32. math

    I need help PLEASE ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS WITH EXPLANATION. I need to finish this test please thank you. 1.Compare. Use < , = , or >. 11 _____ –7 A. > B. = C. < 2.Which of the following is a true statement? A. │–7│ > │5│ B. │–7│ <

    asked by Street fighter
  33. direct and indirect guidance

    Cognitive development in the first year of life enables infants to A. sense their status in social interaction, realize that they cause things to happen, and remain passive partners. B. sense their status and remain passive partners in social interaction.

    asked by Diana
  34. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the correct descriptions to identify the effects of agricultural improvements on Europe. A. Less land was cleared for farming. B. Population increased. C. Trade and industry grew. D. More people moved to rural areas to farm. E. More people

    asked by Rainbowz4Life
  35. Computer programming

    Design a flow chart that will accept the scores of 100 students in 8 courses.the flow chart should compute and display the average score of each student in 8 courses

    asked by Agim ijeoma
  36. Science

    Two electrons are placed one at north pole and other at South Pole of earth find force between them given diameter of earth is equal to 12800 kilometre

    asked by Jeeban
  37. maths

    9 men do a piece of work in 28 days. How many men will do it in 56 days?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  38. science

    Which of the following is the best course of action when it comes to using natural resources? A. Only nonrenewable resources should be carefully managed.* B. Only renewable resources should be carefully managed. C. Conservation should be implemented for

    asked by Jokerkid
  39. algebra

    The owner of the Koffee Shop pours the remainder of her old house blend, which is 45% Colombian beans, into a 40-pound bin, and fills it up with her new house blend, which is 20% Colombian beans. Let h stand for the number of pounds of the old house blend.

    asked by vladek
  40. Social studies

    Which statement about ethnic groups in Southwest Asia is accurate? A. Arabs are the majority in every country in the region. B. Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the region. C. Kurds make up the largest ethnic group on the Arabian Peninsula. D. People

    asked by Jack-o-lanter
  41. Science

    While driving to the store, your vehicle traveled 30 miles. While you were traveling, your vehicle traveled at an average speed of 15 miles per hour due to traffic. How long did it take you to get to the store? Calculating Time Formula: Work: I have been

    asked by Cashmere<3
  42. social studies

    it is difficult to grow crops in much of inland Africa MAINLY because of the region's lack of A}soil B}sun C}Land D}Water

    asked by lashanti
  43. Math

    While driving to the store, your vehicle traveled 30 miles. While you we traveling, your vehicle traveled at an average speed of 15 miles per hour due to traffic. How long did it take you to get to the store? Calculating Time Formula: Work:

    asked by Cashmere<3
  44. English

    is "try it, you'll like it" a simple, run on, or compound sentence ( i think its a simple im not sure)

    asked by Pencer
  45. Social Studies

    What is a Direct Democracy? HELP

    asked by Mia
  46. Math

    Can someone please help me with this question. I have no idea where to start and also if I got started I wouldn't know what to do. Evaluate the integral ∫(1x−3)/(x^2+2x+4)^2 dx Note: Use an upper-case "C" for the constant of integration.

    asked by R
  47. Math

    Use a system of equations to find the quadratic function f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c that satisfies the equations. Solve the system using matrices. f(−2) = 4, f(1) = −2, f(2) = −12 The answer i got is f(x)=-2x^2-4x+8 this is the steps of how i got

    asked by anonymous
  48. calculus

    Find the volume generated by revolving the region bounded by x=1, y= e^x/2, y= e^x about the x-axis? Using the washer method or would it be the shell method. I'm having trouble finding that the boundaries would be? Thank you.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Algebra

    Gary has 3y comics. Shaun has 8 comics. They share their comics equally. How many comics does each of them have?

    asked by robin
  50. Chemistry

    A test solution is prepared by pipetting 2.0 mL of an original sample into a 250 mL volumetric flask and then diluting to the mark. The concentration of iron in the test solution is determined (from a calibration curve) to be 1.66 μ g / mL or 1.66 ppm.

    asked by Bob
  51. Math

    I don’t understand the question or concept at all please help. On a floor plan drawn at a scale of 1:100, the area of a rectangular room is 30cm^2. What is the actual area of the room? Answer: 30 m^2

    asked by Josh
  52. Physics

    A spherical bowling ball with mass m = 3.7 kg and radius R = 0.103 m is thrown down the lane with an initial speed of v = 8.9 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sliding ball and the ground is μ = 0.31. Once the ball begins to roll

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  53. Physics

    A wheel free to rotate about its axis that is not frictionless is initially at rest. A constant external torque of +49 N·m is applied to the wheel for 16 s, giving the wheel an angular velocity of +685 rev/min. The external torque is then removed, and the

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  54. Physics

    A 4 kg block resting on a frictionless horizontal ledge is attached to a string that passes over a pulley and is attached to a hanging 2 kg block. The pulley is a uniform disk of radius 9 cm and mass 0.2 kg. a. Find the speed of the 2 kg block after it

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  55. Physics

    A 0.2 kg yo-yo consists of two solid disks of radius 5.5 cm joined together by a massless rod of radius 1 cm and a string wrapped around the rod. One end of the string is held fixed and is under constant tension T as the yo-yo is released. a. Find the

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  56. Physics

    Ms. Sue, If you see this answer it. "This website is not meant for cheating" Nobody would't need it if it wasn't. If you're not here to give answers leave.

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  57. chemistry

    According to Boyle's Law, a gas has a volume of 5.0 L at a certain pressure. How must the pressure be changed to double the volume of the gas at constant temperature? The pressure must be halved. The pressure must be quadrupled. There is not enough

    asked by Meep
  58. math

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. A circle has a diameter of 28 centimeters. Estimate the area of the circle. Use 22 7 for π .

    asked by connexus is my name
  59. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals groups and south African community can influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Gundo
  60. Botany

    A plant of brassicaceae family with tetradynamous androecium possess 20 flowers what will be the total number of microsporangia in that plant?

    asked by Vidya Sabu
  61. life orientation

    what roles and responsibilities do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner

    asked by Tumelo
  62. math

    a television set is selling at sh.15000.Tyson is offered 4% discount for paying cash.How much does Tyson pay for the TV.asked by Tyson April 19 2019.

    asked by Tyson
  63. physics

    An elastic spring of force constant 20Nm is stretched through 8m within its elastic limit calculate the energy stored on thestring?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  64. Physics

    Joe drives his car 7 km north.he stops for lunch for 10 mins then drives 5 km south, except lunch time he took 20 mins. Calculate displacement

    asked by Raisa
  65. maths

    5kg of ginger costing N24 per kg, is diluted with 10kg of garlic costing N18 per kg. Find the cost of the mixture per kg.?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  66. Math

    Directions: A large pizza at Tony's Pizzeria is a circle with a 14-inch diameter. Its box is a rectangular prism that is 1 14 8 inches long, 1 14 8 inches wide, and 3 1 4 inches tall. Your job is to design a crazy new shape for a large pizza. It can be any

    asked by Jake
  67. physics

    A waterfall is 420m high, calculate the difference in temperature of the water between the top and the bottom of the waterfall = 4.20 × 10^3 jkg [k^-1= 10^-2]?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  68. history

    Which of the following is a reason so many people have migrated from Middle America to other regions? D- They want to live under a democratic government. c- They hope to escape poverty. B- They want to gain an education. A- they dislike the region's

    asked by overdrive
  69. Science

    How does sea-floor spreading occur? A. New materials are beaing added to the asthebosphere B. Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor C. Sediment accumulates at the area of spreading D. Molten materials beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface

    asked by Bae
  70. Social Studies

    Which of these statements best contrasts the ideal of the United Kingdom and Norway? A. The United Kingdom values the usage of democracy, but Norway does not.** B. The United Kingdom values interdependence with its European neighbors, but Norway does not.

    asked by whatever
  71. Social Studies

    How dis Arkansas contribute to the war? A. Military leaders went above a d beyond their call of duty. B. They supplied the German army with ammunition and army supplies. C. They fought against communist Russia. D. Military leaders spied on British

    asked by Unicorn lover
  72. math

    A ship,A moves due north at a speed of 30km/h while a second ship B moves at a speed of 20km/h on a bearing of 300' determine (a) the magnitude and direction of the velocity of B relative to A. (B) the shortest distance of approach of the two ship,if ship

    asked by POPPY
  73. Social studies

    which statement best describes the relationship between a nation's literacy rate and its standard of living A. Higher literacy rates lead to a lower standard of living B. higher literacy rates lead to a higher standard of living *** C. Lower literacy rates

    asked by anonymous
  74. Calculus (Help please!)

    I know this is probably a common "sob story" but because of health issues and some circumstances, I need help solving these questions. If you could explain it but also give your final answers it would be very much appreciated ^0^ (there are 10 question! I

    asked by Rose
  75. Life orientation

    Discuss six ways in which individuals,groups and the broader South Africa community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Anonymous
  76. math

    The measure of angle abc is 85. The measure of angle abd is 45. The measure of angle dbc is x. Find the value of x.

    asked by aiden
  77. Math

    8 lees than one third of x is y.

    asked by cristina lopez
  78. Social Studies

    Can someone check this question to see if I got it right please? How has the United Kingdom reduced air pollution? Select all that apply. A. it has developed new technologies to reduce pollution. B. it has eliminated all use of fossil fuels. C. it has

    asked by Godlives
  79. heath and pe

    What reason do studies show why more people with high blood pressure and diabetes live In the suburbs than in the city? There is four answers that I don't know if their corect; 1.There are much better doctors in the city who treat those diseases more

    asked by Kaitlyn
  80. Lo

    The role players involved in recent corruption and fraud

    asked by Prudence
  81. science

    A fuse prevents a circuit from overheating by _____. connecting the circuit to a ground wire increasing the resistance in the circuit opening a switch and breaking the circuit melting and breaking the circuit

    asked by hi
  82. Christianity

    Is God real? what evidence is there?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  83. math

    18. A survey of voters explored the relationship between the ages of voters and whether or not they support building skateboard ramps at a local park. (3points) Round answers to the nearest whole percent. What percentage of surveyed voters in the 58 and

    asked by help me plz
  84. English

    Which of the following is an internal conflict? A. A sailor struggles to survive a shipwreck. B. A child struggles to make the right decision. C. A runner struggles to complete a marathon. D. A hiker without a map or supplies struggles and becomes lost in

    asked by jay
  85. Spanish

    Which of the following Latino astronauts was honored for his contributions to science and his community? A. José Herández B. Micheal E. Lopez-Alegía C. George D. Zamka I think it is A am I right? Just want to make sure.

    asked by Anna
  86. science

    What would be the independent and dependent variable when trying to figure out if mold grows better on homemade bread or store brought bread?

    asked by A
  87. Algebra

    Hi, I just started learning about direct, joint, and inverse variation. I was doing a practice question and got -18 when the answer is -8. I'm having trouble solving the problem because my book only shows me how to find y not x. Please help me. If y varies

    asked by Algebra
  88. Life orientation

    Make six suggestions on how to address the examples of human rights violations and discrimination

    asked by Emmanuel Masilela
  89. health

    Which structures are at the end of the smallest tubes in the lungs?

    asked by DATNUGGET
  90. English

    Why traditional healers should be allowed to practice and practise medicine in hospital and clinics

    asked by Zinhle
  91. English

    Write a paragraph in which you describe three things about the character that are revealed by the sorts of things he says and how he says them. Support your ideas with examples from the drama.

    asked by help plz
  92. life orientation

    critical discuss six ways in which individual;group and the broad south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by kagiso
  93. maths

    A man spend 3/4 of his salary on food,rent and transport and 1/10 of the remainder on clothes.what percentage of his salary is left?

    asked by POPPY
  94. English

    prepared speech about traditional healers should be allowed to practice an prescribe medicine In hospitals and clinics

    asked by khulekani
  95. American Constitutional Law

    In view of canons of construction and interpretation, name and explain three necessary elements that you must consider before drafting language to amend the U.S. Constitution. Where do I find the three necessary elements?

    asked by Sylvia
  96. Health and P.E.

    A dandruff shampoo claims it can eliminate all dandruff flakes for 6 months. Which would be a good strategy for proving the claim is true? A.) Ask the one person you know who used it to verify if it worked for her. B.) Ask the cashier if a lot of people

    asked by Kaitlyn
  97. social studies/history

    Why did northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales gain their own legislatures? A. The EU ordered that change to take place B. The UK government is growing more regional C. The British parliament had grown to far to be official D. The two countries had gained

    asked by conexus user
  98. Physics

    a) When a material is heated, the change in temperature of the material for any given amount of energy is dependent on the material’ s heat capacity. How much energy will water requirements for each 1C increase in temperature? b) On average, 1370 W of

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Social Studies

    Which concept best identifies American attitudes about world war 1 when the war began in Europe. A. isolationism. b. imperialism. c. militarism. d. nationalism.

    asked by justin
  100. Math

    Eloise's car breaks down on a country road. She starts walking toward home at a rate of 1.5 miles an hour. After 2 hours, she is 10 miles from home. Which equation in point-slope form models this situation? y+10=1.5(x−2) y+1.5=10(x−2) y−10=2(x+1.5)

    asked by Kambrie
  101. Math

    Find the volume of a triangular prism with the following dimensions. Round to the nearest whole number. triangle base: 7 ft triangle height: 4 ft prism height: 8.5 ft 20 ft 65 ft 119 ft 238 ft

    asked by Helpmepleaseandty
  102. Math

    Point A(4, 2) is translated according to the rule (x, y) (x + 1, y - 5) and then reflected across the y-axis. A) In which quadrant of the coordinate plane is point A located. B) What are the coordinates of translated points A'? In which quadrant plane is

    asked by Hi
  103. Science

    Distance(m) Time(sec) 1. Does this graph represent constant or changing speed?How do u know 10 20 2. Find the average speed 20 40 35 70 65 130 85 170 100 200

    asked by Cashmere<3
  104. Life orientation

    Critically discuss six ways in which individuals groups and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violations

    asked by Justice
  105. Physics

    a piece of charcoal containing 25.0g of carbon is found in some remains of ancient city. The sample shows carbon 14 activity R of 250decays/min. How long has the tree from which this charcoal came from been dead?

    asked by Harrison
  106. Math

    How can I write a parabola in standard form?

    asked by Gyro Zeppeli
  107. math

    what is the quadratic formula

    asked by sadboy
  108. Reading

    In adventures of Isabel the only one of Isabel's enemies who survives is a....? A.The bear B. The witch C. The giant D. The doctor I think the answer is D, but here is the poem:Isabel met an enormous bear, Isabel, Isabel, didn't care; The bear was hungry,

    asked by Sliverstream
  109. math

    f(x)= |x|/x for x cannot equal 0 and 0 for x=0 the value from integral -5 to 3f(x)dx is -2? How do I get the graph of this without using a calculator and solve for this

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Reading

    is These bees had a savage reputation a sentence or fragment

    asked by Pencer
  111. gym

    for a 13 year old is 6:40 a good mile time and is 3:35 a good 1k time

    asked by Pencer
  112. English

    is "six inches of snow are predicted, I'd better find my boots" a run on, simple or compound sentence. I am pretty sure its not a compound because there is no coordinate conjunction but i am not sure if it is a simple or run on sentence

    asked by Pencer
  113. Math

    I am Already working on this, and i am doing most of it already, but i need to know this. How long can a rabbit run at top speed?

    asked by A very Speedy Boi
  114. math

    what is the mean median and mode of 13, 11, 16, 12, 42, 8

    asked by Grace
  115. physics

    A solid weighs 10.5N in air and weighs 55N when immersnd in a liquid of density 900kgm-3. calculate the volume of the solid.?

    asked by POPPY
  116. Math

    1- What is the surface area of the prism? h ttps:// Please help me understand it. And just take the space between h and the

    asked by Sliverstream
  117. maths

    1 + root 2/ 2- root 3?

    asked by POPPY
  118. calculus

    A function f is defined on the interval [0,4], and its derivative is e^sinx-2cos3x a. on what interval is f increasing? b. at what value(s) of x does f have a local maxima? c. how many points of inflection does f have? *calculator is allowed for this

    asked by Mattia
  119. math

    c arpenter needs 60 dowels each must be 6 inches long cutting the doels from 4 foot lengths what is the least number of 4ft lengths he will need

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Math

    A manufacturer uses a mold to make a part in the shape of a triangular prism. The dimensions are shown below (An image of a triangular prism is shown. Its measurements are b1(base 1) = 20.5 mm, b2 = 12.3 mm, h = 8.2 mm, and the sides measure 10.25 mm for

    asked by Neru
  121. SCIENCE

    What is the difference between a igneous intrusion and a surface basalt flow?

    asked by loopdeloop
  122. english

    what is the symbolism in the story the summer by shirly

  123. English

    What would happen if stories did not have settings?

    asked by Marquita
  124. Algebra

    A $60,000 machine depreciates in value at a rate of 11% per year. About what will its value be in 5 years?

    asked by TJ
  125. Social Studies

    What is the differences between ancient Greece and Ancient Rome? Telling me will really help me with my essay.

    asked by Sliverstream
  126. Math

    Look at the shaded triangle in the drawing below. Describe in detail the transformations needed to create the rest of the square design. You can use a combination of translation, reflections, and rotations of the shaded triangle (Figure I) to create the

    asked by Hi
  127. calculus

    Find the volume generated by revolving the region bounded by x=1, y= e^x/2, y= e^x about the x-axis? Using the washer method?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. algebra

    please help i is stuck and go to connections academy 1. find the slope please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by turtlekiller_gunner
  129. life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals , groups and the broader south african community can be influenced by human rights violations

    asked by lehlogonolo
  130. math

    after a sleep over 3/4 of a large pepperoni pizza remained . the next day Mr.Maxwell ate 1/8 of of what was left over. what fraction of a large pizza did Mr.Maxwell eat?

    asked by lilly