Questions Asked on
April 8, 2019

  1. social studies

    How did an agricultural surplus relate to expanded trade during the High Middle Ages? A. Trade increased because surplus crops could be traded. B. Trade decreased because surplus crops were needed to feed local populations. C. Trade decreased because

    asked by NikeRetro
  2. Life orientation

    Six ways in which individuals , groups and the broader South Africa community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Morongwa
  3. social studies

    Look at the timeline of a span of European history. A timeline of select events of the Middle Ages is shown. The timeline ranges from the year 500 to the year 1500. The timeline shows that in 597, Pope Gregory I sent missionaries to Britain. It shows that

    asked by Hayden
  4. Social studies

    What is the current political status of Australia and New Zealand? A. Both remain British colonies and members of the British Commonwealth of Nations. B. Australia is independent; New Zealand is still a British colony. C. New Zealand is independent;

    asked by hi i exist
  5. Social Studies

    Which statement describes how geography influenced the cultural development of Southeast Asia? A. Open seas protected the indigenous cultures of the island nations from outside influence. B. Distance from Oceania prevented the migration of Austronesian

    asked by Hii!!
  6. Social Studies

    1.Use the passage to answer the question. In the text, you read this about the healthcare issue during Bill Clinton's presidency: "In 1994, some 37 million Americans had no health insurance. Clinton called for a national system of health insurance for

    asked by anonymous
  7. social studies

    Look at the timeline of a span of European history. A timeline of select events of the Middle Ages is shown. The timeline ranges from the year 500 to the year 1500. The timeline shows that in 597, Pope Gregory I sent missionaries to Britain. It shows that

    asked by Hayden
  8. social studies

    (55) All fines that have been given to us unjustly and against the law of the land . . . shall be entirely remitted [given back] or the matter decided by a majority judgment of the twenty-five barons . . . together with [the] archbishop. . . . --Magna

    asked by NikeRetro
  9. life orientation

    critically discuss six ways in which xenophobia impact on individuals and groups and the consequences of the xenophobia have on the individual as well as on the community

    asked by sizwe
  10. Quadratics

    Find the equation of the line of symmetry. Equation: y=a(x-6)(x+12)

    asked by Moe Lester
  11. Quadratics

    Find the vertex of the equation given. Equation: y=-2(x-5)(x-1)

    asked by Dylan
  12. History

    Which accurately describes Isaac Newton’s clockwork universe theory? A. It compares the universe to a mechanical clock wound up by God, with its gears governed by the laws of physics. B. It compares the universe to London’s Big Ben clock tower,

    asked by Alyssa
  13. History

    Which analyze effects of World War I on the internal politics of Russia? (Select all that apply.) Communists were able to gain power through a second revolution in the political chaos of the war. Russia’s alliance with emerging democracies of France and

    asked by Kambrie
  14. Science

    What characteristic best identifies it as a comet? Comets are streaks of light. Comets are larger than asteroids. Comets enter the Earth's atmosphere. Comets develop a fuzzy, cloud-like shell called a coma, as well as a tail.

    asked by anonymous
  15. History

    What was the purpose of the sextant during the Age of Discovery? A. It was a navigational tool used to determine longitude and latitude by calculating the angle between the horizon and a celestial body such as the moon, sun, or a star. B. It was a

    asked by Catrina
  16. Social Studies

    Study the graph. A graph shows the number of carbon emissions in Scandinavia. Emissions are shown in metric ton. In Denmark, there were 8 in 2009 and a little over 8 in 2010. In Finland, there were 10 in 2009 and a little over 11 in 2010. In Iceland, there

    asked by Hi
  17. Social Studies

    What form of mass entertainment took place here? A. chariot races B. dramatic theater C. gladiator battles D. political oratory i think it is c or a

    asked by Killer of lolkiller
  18. Language arts

    in the story "Rose Pogonias" which type of figurative language is found in lines 6 and 7? anonymous HELP ME MS.SUE HELP MEEEEEEEEE

    asked by DJ Marshmello
  19. History

    How did Japan attempt to solve its economic troubles during the Great Depression? The Japanese government began to invest in less capital-intensive industries to reduce overhead and promote international trade. The collapse of the US stock market caused

    asked by Kambrie
  20. Social Studies

    Drag and drop events in Indochina leading up to the Vietnam War. Put them in the correct order from the most distant past (at the top) to the most recent (at the bottom). 4. France fights communist forces in Indochina. 5. France recognizes an independent

    asked by Please Help Me
  21. history

    What strategy did the Allies agree upon in order to win World War II? A. move in on Germany from all sides, then attack Japan by going through the Soviet Union B. defeat Germany and Italy first, then combine their forces against Japan C. defeat Germany’s

    asked by anonymous
  22. Social Studies

    Which holy writing do Christians, but not Jews, uphold as scripture? A. Hebrew Bible B. the Talmud C. New Testament D. the Koran I think it is c or d

    asked by Killer of lolkiller
  23. History

    What role did Otto von Bismarck play in the unification of Germany? He instituted lebensraum to formally give Germans more living space by taking over Prussian territory. He unified the 29 independent states under the Weimar Republic using the Treaty of

    asked by Kambrie
  24. life orientation

    Critically six way in which individual group and the broader south African community can be influenced by human right violation

    asked by kgaugelo
  25. Math

    The difference between a pole that is 95 feet long and a pole that is 1482 cm long Pls pls pls help I don’t get it.

    asked by 3 grade
  26. Pre-Calculus

    If a varies directly as the square of b and inversely as the cube of c , how does the value of a change when the values of both b and c are halved? a remains the same a is halved a doubles a is 25% of its original value

    asked by Quinn
  27. Math Help

    Which quadratic rule represents the data in the table? (1 Point) X : -1 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 Y: 6 | 5 | 6 | 9 | 14 Y = -2x^2 + 5 Y = -x^2 + 5 *** Y = -x^2 - 5 Y = x^2 + 5 Help ASAP!

    asked by Some Random Girl
  28. history

    What was the purpose of the War Productions Board? A. to tell the factories how many planes or tanks each factory had to produce B. to help factories shift from making consumer goods to making war materials C. to ship war materials overseas to Allies D. to

    asked by anonymous
  29. History

    Which of the following is the best description of the purpose of a folk festival? to celebrate various Hispanic cultural items to celebrate European immigrants' heritage to celebrate the practices and traditions of the past in a culture *** to provide a

    asked by Orangey
  30. History

    Which explains the significance of the Battle of Verdun in World War I? A loss to the Central powers caused Russia, which was not well equipped, to sign a separate peace treaty with Germany. Massive casualties for both the Allied and Central powers, with

    asked by Kambrie
  31. Language arts

    Part A: In act 2 scene 3 of a Christmas carol Scrooge and Marley what is Scrooge's first reaction on seeing Cratchit's family? A: He Thinks Cratchit has too many children B: He is afraid Tiny Tim will not live. C: He is touched that Cratchit toasts him. D:

    asked by sparkles
  32. Math

    Please help me!! i really don't know how to do it. can someone show me how to do it. A propane gas tank consists of a cylinder with a hemisphere at each end. Find the volume of the tank if the overall length is 20 feet and the diameter of the cylinder is 6

    asked by anonymous
  33. Java programming

    without running on java, what is the final answer, please show your work. public class sample { public static void main(String[] args){ Sample x = new Sample(); int i = 10; int b = x.g(i); System.out.println(b + i); } public int f(int d){ int n = 0;

    asked by anonymous
  34. Calculus

    The components of a position vector of a particle moving in the plane are components t cubed, 2 times the sine of t. What is the distance traveled by the particle from t = 1 to t = π? Type your answer in the space below and give 3 decimal places. If your

    asked by Alice
  35. History

    1) how did the Nez Perce delegation to William Clark affect westward settlement? A) The delegation asked Clark to return with them and assume the position of chief to protect the Nez Perce from white settlers. B) The delegation was reported as requesting

    asked by lover<3
  36. Math

    Use a system of equations to find the equation of the parabola y = ax^2 + bx + c that passes through the points. Solve the system using matrices. Use a graphing utility to verify your result. The points are (1,6), (4,3), (5,-2)

    asked by anonymous
  37. algebra

    i need help with the sample work Exponents and Exponential Functions Unit Review

    asked by .
  38. Math

    1. What is the ratio of the radii of two circles with area = 3 π square units and 75π square units? b. What is the ratio of their circumferences? 2. What is the ratio of the sides of two trapezoids with area = 8 square units and 72 square units? b. What

    asked by anonymous
  39. Math

    Jordan drove for 6 hours at 55 miles per hour, while Matt drove for 3 hours at 60 miles per hour. If Isaac drove 82 miles longer than Jordan and Matt drove combined, for how many miles did Isaac drive? (Hint: Rate × Time = Distance)

    asked by Mia
  40. geometry

    A plane is located at C on the diagram. There are two towers located at A and B. The distance between the towers is 7,600 feet, and the angles of elevation are given. A. Find BC, the distance from Tower 2 to the plane, to the nearest foot. B. Find CD the

    asked by Bry
  41. L.O

    Critical discuss six ways that the human rights violations influence individual, groups and the broader south African community

    asked by Thendo
  42. Math

    ms sue im sorry about my previous name and i need to know the answer to this, If a firefighter found stray cat stuck in a tree hole, and the circumference of the hole is 3.8 feet and the volume of the cat is 15 cubic inches, would the cat be able to get

    asked by gatorade drinker
  43. math

    Alex lives 500 yards from the park.How many inches does Alex live from the park ?

    asked by barbara
  44. Math

    Calculate the volume of the following shape in the link below.

    asked by anonymous
  45. texas history

    1. what is supply in the free market a the amount of a good or service b the benefits of a good or service **** c the demand of a good or service d the quality of a good or service

    asked by hia
  46. Social Studies

    Drag and drop events in Indochina leading up to the Vietnam War. Put them in the correct order from the most distant past (at the top) to the most recent (at the bottom). 4. France fights communist forces in Indochina. 5. France recognizes an independent

    asked by Please Help Me
  47. history

    Drag and drop the texts to complete the sentences. Hebrew BibleEpistlesBook of GenesisChristian BibleBook of RevelationGospelsTen Commandments Christians believe in the ----------- as their holy book. This book includes the New Testament and the Old

    asked by Street fighter
  48. science please help asap

    a student fills a paper cup with water and puts it in the freezer overnight. when she takes the cup out the next day she notes that the sides of the cup are pushed out. why did this happen.

    asked by hi
  49. Math

    A propane gas tank consists of a cylinder with a hemisphere at each end. Find the volume of the tank if the overall length is 20 feet and the diameter of the cylinder is 6 feet (round to an exact number) (see figure in the website below).

    asked by anonymous
  50. Math

    One root of the equation x^2+6x+q=0 is twice the other root. Find q and the roots.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Algebra

    Line m passes through points (4, 9) and (2, 2). Line n passes through points (2, 2) and (6, 7). Are line m and line n parallel or perpendicular?

    asked by Nate
  52. English

    English is the alanguage of oppportunity.why brother to teach indegenous language

    asked by Joy
  53. chemistry

    A piece of copper of mass 40g at 200°C is placed in a copper calorimeter of mass 60g containing 50g of water at 10°C. Ignoring heat losses, what will be the final steady temperature after stirring. (Specific heat capacity of copper= 0.4J/g°C, specific

    asked by POPPY
  54. About Jiskha

    Are there mature people running this site? Can you really help kids with their homework? You see, I am a very concerned parent that have a child that really needs some help. His grades in math are failing and the tutors are not available at this time. So

    asked by Jane Doe.
  55. math

    A plant cell has a length of 0.000085 meters. Which is this length written in scientific notation?

    asked by thazzy
  56. MATH

    i need help wiht this question 6/2(1+2)=

    asked by HELP ME
  57. US History

    Before the Civil War the collapse of the Whig Party and the formation of the Free Soil and the Republican parties showed that a. opposing views on slavery affected national unity b. Americans were united in their political views c. major political parties

    asked by maczindahouse
  58. English

    1. What time do your sister and you get up? 2. What time do you and your sister get up? [Which one is grammatical? Can we use both sentences?]

    asked by rfvv
  59. Calculus

    Find the arc length of the curve from t = 0 to t = 1 whose derivatives in parametric form are dx/dt=2-cos(t) and dy/dt=ln(t^2). Type your answer in the space below and give 2 decimal places My work: 2-cost(t) = sin(t) = sin^2(t) ln(t^2)= 2/t= 4/t^2

    asked by Alice
  60. Math

    Am I right on these answers 1.Determine the sign of the sum of –18+11. A. Positive B. Negative*** C. Zero 2.Determine the sign of the sum of –8+8. A. Positive B. Negative C. Zero*** 3.Determine the sign of the sum of 14+30. A. Positive*** B. Negative

    asked by Cate
  61. Direct and indirect guidance

    When a teacher says, "Dennis, please put the baseball equipment away before you leave the playground," the teacher has asked for _______ compliance. A. threatening B. task C. attentional D. contact My answer is B.

    asked by Diana
  62. maths

    the bearing of a point x from a point y 074 degree what is the bearing?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  63. Geography

    Why did the original farms on the prairies turn out to be too small? What happened as a result of this?

    asked by Zenna
  64. Algebra

    A mother wants to invest ​$10000 for her​ children's education. She invests a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit​ (CD account) which earns​ 4% and the remainder in a savings bond that earns​ 7%. If the total interest earned

    asked by Chris
  65. life orientation

    The differences and similarities between NSFAS and Funza Lushaka

    asked by thandokuhle
  66. math

    Dan made a quilt for his cousin's doll. The quilt had a 7 × 7 array of different color square patches. If each patch is 1 3 4 in long, what is the area of the whole quilt

    asked by s
  67. English

    1. It's a quarter to six. 2. It's quarter to six. [I think two expressions are correct. Which one is commonly use in the USA?] 3. It is 10:05. It's ten o five. / It's ten oh five. 4. It is 10:5. It's ten five. [Which one is grammatical, #3 or #4? Do we

    asked by rfvv
  68. Math

    please help me!!! 1. What is the ratio of the radii of two circles with area = 3 π square units and 75π square units? b. What is the ratio of their circumferences? 2. What is the ratio of the sides of two trapezoids with area = 8 square units and 72

    asked by anonymous
  69. Math

    For any series 5+7+9+.....the sum of how many terms will be 480?

    asked by Megha gupta
  70. math

    A spinner that has 5 areas of equal size, blue, red, green, yellow, and purple, is spun 25 times. The results are shown in the table. Are all outcomes equally likely according to the results of the experiment?

    asked by macayla

    calculate the minimum volume of hydrogen gar hn cubic centimetres required to convert 3.18 g of CuO to Cu at s.t.p. (Cu=64, O=16, H=1; molar gas volume at stp = 22.4 dm^3

    asked by The Okome
  72. maths

    Solve the equation 17=3x(x-5) correct to 2d.p?

    asked by POPPY
  73. History

    1. What is a main difference in powers among the branches of the federal government? A. whether its officers can be impeached B. the length of terms of office C. the ability to pass laws without the consent of other branches D. whether they make new laws

    asked by Charlotte Dunois
  74. economics

    What is the demand for workers in your school cafeteria derived from?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math

    The temperature in Toronto at noon during a winter day measured 4°C. The temperature started dropping 2° every hour. Which inequality can be used to find the number of hours, x, after which the temperature will measure below -3°C?

    asked by thazzy
  76. Math

    Can someone help me with this question please. The question is: Name the points with given coordinates. (-4,2). The choices are: 1. H. 2. K. 3. J. 4. G. My answer is: H. Im not sure if this is correct but if it is can someone please help me. Please like

    asked by StrangerthingsAddict
  77. Coding

    = True** False Thx!

    asked by Lola
  78. Direct and indiect guidance

    6. A block area would be most appropriately placed near which of the following? A. Science area B. Dramatic play area C. Puzzles area D. Book area My answer I think is B.

    asked by Diana
  79. Geography

    What are the three general factors that affect rural settlement patterns?

    asked by Zenna
  80. Chemistry

    How to separate the substances of sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, lead chloride and iron fillings from a mixture.

    asked by Faith
  81. maths

    Under surd; simplify the following. 1. 1 all over 2 root 3+ 5 that is 1/2√3+5. 2. 1 all over 1- root 3 all in bracket that is 1/(1-√3)^2.?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  82. social studies

    how did Jeffersons view differ from Hamilton ? focus on the two issues of the national bank and the size and power of the federal government

    asked by treven
  83. Math

    It takes Lin 1 hour to drive 62 miles,2 hours to drive 130 miles,and 3 hours to drive 195 miles. Write an equation for the relationship.Tell what the variables represent

    asked by Sakhya
  84. physics

    when a stone is projected, it's horizontal range is 24m and greatest height 6m. find it's velocity of projection?

    asked by Humble
  85. physics

    "What is the phase difference of a progressive wave [y=0.5sin(2πx-60t] with a phase shift from (-2,0)to(1.5,0)"?

    asked by POPPY
  86. Math

    The figure below is Circle E. Line CF is tangent at point C. Find the measure of Angle ECF. Find the measure of Angle AKB. Find the measure of Angle ACF.

    asked by Meep
  87. English

    1. She has a brother. 2. He has a brother. 3. It has a brother. [Can we use all the expressions? Does "It' refer to "She" or "He"? When 'It' refers to an animal, can we use Sentence 3?]

    asked by rfvv
  88. Statistics

    On a production line making cameras, the probability of a randomly chosen camera being substandard is 0.072. Find the probability that there are fewer than 18 cameras which are substandard.

    asked by Alex
  89. math

    there are 400 seats in a concert hall. 120 of them are occupied. what percentage of the seats are occupied. what percentage of the seats are not ocupied.

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Chemistry

    How many unpaired electrons are there in an atom of an element with the following configuration?1s2 2s2 2p6. A.0 B.1 C2 D6 E8

    asked by Ahmodu
  91. Math

    12x+16y=1/5 and 13x+14y=1/4 Find the x, y value

    asked by Chaitanya
  92. math

    a line from top of cliff to ground just passes over the top of a pole 20m high. the line meet the ground at point 15m from the base of the pole. if it 120m away from this point to the base of the cliff, how high is the cliff

    asked by betselot
  93. Social studies

    What type of map would you use to locate the rocky mountain

    asked by Jessa
  94. US History

    "...To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof." This clause was

    asked by maczindahouse
  95. Math

    The school production of​ 'Our Town' was a big success. For opening​ night, 497 tickets were sold. Students paid ​$2.50 ​each, while​ non-students paid ​$4.50 each. If a total of $ 1450.50 was​ collected, how many students and how many​

    asked by Chris
  96. Math

    Using a number cube, how could you use it to simulate a 66% chance?

    asked by Natalie
  97. direct and indirect guidance

    Which of the following is a characteristic of authentic assessment? A. It relies on paper-and-pencil fill-in-the-blank tests and is performance-based. B. It's performance-based, relies on paper-and-pencil fill-in-the-blank tests, and emphasizes real-world

    asked by Diana
  98. history

    West African villages were made up of people of different a.religion b.clans c.ethnic groups d.cultures I think its c.ethnic groups

    asked by ninja random
  99. Math algebra

    What is a real world problem for 4x+5=37

    asked by Jennifer
  100. US History

    In explaining why the nullification of the 1828 Tariff of Abominations was justified, John C. Calhoun contended that a. the people had ratified the Constitution and, therefore, could decide on the constitutionality of a federal law. b. the states were

    asked by maczindahouse
  101. calc

    The base of a solid enclosed between the graphs of y = sinx and y= -sinx from x=0 to x = pi . Each cross-section is perpendicular to the x-axis is a semicircle with the diameter connecting the two graphs . Find the volume of the solid. I know the definite

    asked by Anonymous
  102. chemistry

    What is the percentage by mass of water of crystallization in a molecule of Na2co3.10h2o?

    asked by POPPY
  103. History

    How did the French Revolution change England?

    asked by suru
  104. maths

    Using synthetic division find the remainder when f(x) =2x^4+12x^3+6x^2÷5x+75 is divided by x+5?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  105. Physics

    A baseball is thrown at an angle of 20º relative to the ground at a speed of 25.0 m/s. If the ball was caught 50.0 m from the thrower, how long was it in the air?How high did the baseball ravel before beginning it's descent? Please help me!!!

    asked by Amber
  106. Algebra

    A grocery store sells four different jars of peanut butter. Determine which is the best​ buy, based on the cost per unit. 10 ounces for ​$1.06 24 ounces for ​$2.45 32 ounces for ​$3.07 34 ounces for ​$4.01

    asked by Chris
  107. Math

    A salesperson is paid a fixed rate of R1300 per week plus 2.5% of Sales. If he sells R35000 of goods during one week , what will his earnings be for that week?

    asked by Nomusa
  108. math

    a cylinder of radius 14 cm contains water. a metal solid cone of base radius 7 cm and height 18 cm is submerged into water.find the change in height of the water level in cylinder.

    asked by shirleen
  109. Calculus

    What is the velocity vector for a moving particle with a position vector r(t)=(2/t, ln(t))? a) (2,e^t) b) (2ln(t), tln(t)) '/> c) (-2/t^2, 1/t) d) (ln(t), 2/t) My answer is "c" but is negative. Can you tell me if my answer is correct?

    asked by Alice
  110. Physics

    1. A vector is defined as having magnitude of 15 m and a direction of East. Multiply this vector by the scalar value of –6. What is the resultant vector’s magnitude and direction? A. 90 m East B. 90 m West C. -90 m East D. -90 m West 2. What are the

    asked by Amber
  111. english

    1. I arrived there at two quarters past three. 2. I arrived there at half past three. 3. I arrived there at three thirty. 4. I arrived there at three-thirty. [Which expressions can we use? Do we need to use "-" as in #4?]

    asked by rfvv
  112. Physiology

    If you have a respiratory minute volume of8.7 L and your tidal volume is 670mL determine breaths per minute?

    asked by Chloe
  113. Maths

    A distributes Rs.180 equally among a certain number of people. B distributes the same sum but gives to each person Rs. 6 more than A does, and gives the same sum to 40 persons less than A does. How much does A gives to each person?

    asked by Rihit
  114. MATH


    asked by JOSHUA
  115. Algebra

    The price p and x the quantity of a certain product sold obeys and the demand equation p= -1/5x+100 where 0< x

    asked by Anonymous
  116. 7th Geometry

    A company that creates model cars uses a 1.5 foot:1 inch ratio when creating the models. If a real car is 12 feet long, how long will the model car be?

    asked by Lisa
  117. English

    What technical does the author us about sergie wishes? What effect does this have

    asked by Joceline
  118. physics

    how many moles of ammonia are produced by 2.8mol of hydrogen?

    asked by POPPY
  119. social studies

    for an additional public green space to be considered public servis what must be tru?

    asked by cece
  120. math

    In which quadrant does the point (-18, 18) lie

    asked by miley
  121. Math

    Mike is a building a model of an antique car. The scale is 2cm=3ft. If the windshield of the car is 6ft wide, what is the width of the windshield on the model?

    asked by Sean
  122. social studies

    a separatist group is a group that wants

    asked by ttevyn
  123. Physiology

    The partial pressure of nitrogen in the atmosphere is 0.7829 arm and the partial pressure of carbon dioxide is 0.0015 atm and water vapor is 0.0089 atm, what is the partial pressure of oxygen at sea level (STP= 1atm)

    asked by Chloe
  124. Chemistry 110

    Mixture of 0.1mol of NO,0.5mol of H2 and 0.1 mol of water is placed in a 1L vessel at 300K , at equilibrium the concentration of No is 0.06M. Calculate the concentration of N, H, and water.the equation is 2NO + 2H2 gives 2No+2H2O

    asked by Jevis
  125. math

    What is the value of x if 15=5x+45? answers (choose one) A. -30 B. -6 C. 12 D. 60

    asked by Hi
  126. history

    Belize's government is different from the governments of most Central American countries because Belize

    asked by overdrive
  127. maths

    In a certain university,the faculties A , B , C , D and E account for 15%, 20%, 25%, 10%, and 30%,respectively ,for the total admission . Suppose 5%, 5%, 8%, 3%,and 16% of the students from the respective faculty are female students. What is the

    asked by POPPY
  128. Math

    Given house insurance is .25 per 100 and contents insurance .50 per much you pay for the house if valid 50,000 and the contents at 10,000?

    asked by Malisa
  129. English

    What does the child in the poem think about his drawing

    asked by Kavi
  130. maths

    PQR is a triangle and PX is perpendicular to QR at X. Given that PR= 6cm, RX=4cm and RQ=9cm, calculate PQ. Leave your answer in surd form?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  131. Physiology

    Air in the alveoli has a partial pressure of nitrogen of 569 mm Hg, oxygen is 104 mm Hg, water is 40 mm Hg, Carbon dioxide is 47 mm Hg. What is the total pressure? What is the percent composition of each gas (partial pressure/total pressure x 10)

    asked by Chloe
  132. physics

    1. The equilibrium constant for a certain system is 50 at 25 celsius. Calculate the free energy change 2. When the fee energy change: a) =0, the position of the equilibrium, temperature * change in entropy, free energy change at standard states

    asked by POPPY
  133. maths

    Solve for x in (4/2x) = 8^(2x)?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  134. Physics

    A car traveling at constant speed of 55 km/hr on a circular track. is the car accelerating?

    asked by Praise
  135. physics

    The speed of sound in air at sea level is 340m/s while that of light is 300,000km/s. how far ( to the nearest metre) from the centre of the thunderstorm is an observer who hears a thunder 2s after the lightning?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  136. maths

    Solve for x in 50x^(3/2) = 32x^(-1/2)?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  137. maths

    Solve for x in 16x^(-3) = 2x^(-6)?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  138. chemistry

    what is the approximate molarity of the NaOH solution you will prepare

    asked by Jackson GITING
  139. physics

    4 ways of reducing/preventing heat losses from a liquid in a calorimeter?

    asked by POPPY