Questions Asked on
April 2, 2019

  1. Life orientation

    Discuss six ways in which individual group and the broader south African community can be influence by human right violation

    asked by Marble
  2. Biology

    The lignin present in the cell walls of both the sclerenchyma and xylem cells caused these tissues to dye the same color when exposed to the toluidine blue O stain. Speculate on the function of the lignin.

    asked by Pls answer
  3. social studies

    Which region was the center of Moorish culture on the Iberian Peninsula i need to get my grades up please gimme some help

    asked by Hayden
  4. Music

    Bach's musical compositions included A. arrangements for a wide range of instruments =^.^= B. arrangements for brass instruments C. Arrangements for keyboard and brass instruments D. lesser known compositions

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  5. Math

    Find the area of a parallelogram with base b and height h. B=87cm h=18.6cm A) 105.6 cm^2 B)211.2 cm^2 C)809.1 cm^2 D)1618.2 cm^2

    asked by Broadway karkat
  6. MATH

    this is for the math Mid-Unit Review Quiz Part 2 Note: enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. TRAPEZOID Calculate the area of the trapezoid, which is not drawn to scale.PLEASE HELP MR.SUE PLEASE

    asked by DJ Marshmello
  7. Social Studies

    Why are North America and South America considered to have the most diverse societies in the world today? Why did the Puritans come to North America? Explain why the capitalist system developed in Europe. Describe the hardships and indignities faced by

    asked by school rules
  8. Chemistry

    Does anyone have the CORRECT answers for the international connections academy Chemistry 10B Unit 2: Solutions, Acids, and Bases Lesson 12:Unit Test? Preferably all of them, but at least the multiple choice.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    Sam is 10 years younger than one-half the age of his aunt. Let a represent his aunt’s age. Which shows his aunt’s age written as an algebraic expression and Sam’s age if his aunt is 40? mc020-1.jpg; when mc020-2.jpg Sam is 2 years old mc020-3.jpg;

    asked by johndasha
  10. Math

    A rectangular tank 40cm wide by 50 cm long by 30 cm high is filled up with water up to 2/3 of its height .water flows from a tap into the tank at a rate of 0.5 liter per minute. Find the amount of water in the tank after 30 minutes. Give your answer in

    asked by Patrick
  11. math

    the following graph shows the number of customers who purchased something from the store in September and October what is misleading about the graph

    asked by dj4kjg
  12. algebra

    whta do they call people who like to turn the lights on and off

    asked by exsibeli
  13. Science

    Calculate the molality of 48.2 percent by mass KBr solution?

    asked by Donna
  14. social studies

    Which of the following was the main cause of the Great Famine? a. warfare b. bubonic plague c. heavy rainfall d. population increases

    asked by lolamusic5
  15. Algebra

    A flight attendant packed two rectangular suitcases for her trip to Hawaii. Both hold the same volume of clothes. Her brown suitcase has a length of 3y, a width of 2y – 1, and a height of y. Her black suitcase has a length of 4y − 2 and a width of y.

    asked by AshBlueRaven
  16. chemistry

    Which of the following salts is slightly soluble in water? A. AgCl B. CaSO4 C. Na2CO3 D. PbCl2?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  17. Social Studies - Repost for jaffit

    This question was originally posted on another student's thread. Cuba, in contrast to other nations in the Caribbean, has which type of government? A. democratic B. anarchist C. republican D. communist 0 0 posted by jaffit today at 5:18pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  18. american history

    Why did John Jacob Astor want to establish Astoria? Astor wanted to establish a fort in the Pacific Northwest because that is where Americans were migrating. The best animal furs could only be found in the northwestern part of the United States. Astor

    asked by dianni
  19. Math please check my answers!!

    1. What is the term for data that are closely grouped together? A. Outlier B. Linear C. Positive D. Clustering*** 2. What association would you expect if graphing height and height? A. Positive*** B. Nonlinear C. Negative D. None of these 3. What

    asked by Nicole :)
  20. Physics

    A sound of constant frequency is produced by the siren on top of a firehouse. Compared to the frequency produced by the siren, the frequency heard by the fire fighter approaching the fire house is what?

    asked by Darren
  21. World history

    What major difference between the Eastern and Western churches led to their schism? A. They disagreed about the use of icons. B. They disagreed about the divinity of Christ. C. They disagreed about Church leadership and authority. D. They disagreed about

    asked by Umbrella academy fan
  22. Career explanation

    1. Melanie assesses risk both financial and physical. She has a graduate degree she is: A. A financial planner B. A business Analysts actuary D. A securities trader This is really confusing to me so it would mean a lot if you can help me

    asked by Nichole
  23. Social Studies

    Which phenomenon most directly led to Christianity separating from Judaism?

    asked by GOPokemon
  24. Science

    Which choice most accurately explains what happens to the bonds between atoms when water changes to steam, and what becomes of the energy added during this phase change? A. When water changes to steam bonds between molecules break apart. After reaching the

    asked by Dean
  25. Calculus

    Use Euler's Method with three equal step sizes to estimate the value of y(0.3) for the differential equation y ′ = y, with y(0) = 1. Type your answer in the space below and give 3 decimal places. If your answer is less than 1, place a leading "0" before

    asked by Alice
  26. social studies

    Which of the following is a result of the increase in trade during the High Middle Ages? A. Lords gained greater power. B. The feudal system remained important. C. Towns grew and prospered.***** D. The population declined.

    asked by pandabear
  27. Math

    A toddler crawled 3 yards, stopped, then continued to crawl 11 more feet. How many feet did he travel in feet?

    asked by ?somebody?
  28. Social studies

    In 1994, some 37 million Americans had no health insurance. Clinton called for a national system of health insurance for almost all Americans. After heated debate, however, congress deafened the plan. Many Americans worried that it would be to costly and

    asked by HELP (also your welcome)
  29. Setswana

    Ke kopa tlhamo ka setlhogo se se erile fa ke thanya ka fitlhela ele toro

    asked by Gomolemo
  30. Guiding young children

    7. An authoritative communication style includes all of the following except A. validation. B. blaming. C. honesty. D. nurturance. My answer is B.

    asked by Diana
  31. maths

    The weight of potatoes produced by one particular farm are found to be approximately normally distributed, with the mean weight of 147 g and a standard deviation of 23g. i. What proportion of the potatoes produced by this farm will weigh less than 160 g?

    asked by ranjini
  32. economics

    demand function of a monopolist is given as Q=50 - 0.5p while the cost function is given as C= 50 + 40q. calculate equilibrium quantity and profit maximizing output.

    asked by kazeem
  33. math

    Hi, Would you please check to see if I did this problem correctly? Your distance from lightning varies directly with the time it takes you to hear thunder. If you hear thunder 10 seconds after you see the lightning, you are about 2 miles from the

    asked by Carly
  34. Guiding young children

    Older children process information _______ younger children. A. more slowly than B. at an unknown rate compared to C. at about the same rate as D. more quickly than My answer I think is D.

    asked by Diana
  35. math

    Jack swam 3.4 miles in the same time that Christine swam 4.1 miles. How many more miles did Christine swim? in miles

    asked by anonymous
  36. Calculus

    Calculate the area under the graph of f of x equals the negative of the natural logarithm of x above the x-axis on the interval (0, 1] a) infinite b) 2 c) 1 d) 0

    asked by Alice
  37. Physics

    Two crates are pulled across a floor together, as shown in the diagram. The co-efficient of kinetic friction between the boxes and the surface is μ = 0.25. Calculate: a. the acceleration of the crates. b. the contact force between the two crates.

    asked by Megan
  38. science

    Which cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or mechanical methods such as filtering, boiling, or sifting? A. a crystalline solid B. a sublimation C. a pure substance D. an amorphous solid I think it is A am I right?

    asked by marie
  39. Math

    Customers arrive at a movie theater at the advertised movie time only to find that they have to sit through several previews and prepreview ads before the movie starts. Many complain that the time devoted to previews is too long. A preliminary sample

    asked by tasha
  40. Guiding young children

    5. A teacher or parent who requires unquestioning obedience would most likely be classified as A. indulgent. B. authoritative. C. uninvolved. D. authoritarian. my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  41. Math

    In a shipment of 850 widgets, 32 are found to be defective. At this rate, how many defective widgets could be expected in 22,000 widgets? Round to the nearest whole number.

    asked by Gaby
  42. maths

    Joe is playing a game of chance at the hibiscus festival, costing $1 for each game. In the game two fair dice are rolled and the sum of the numbers that turned up is found. If the sum is seven, then Joe wins $5. Otherwise loses his money. Joe play the game

    asked by ranjini
  43. physics

    an ammeter of resistance 0.1ohms has a full scale deflection of 50mA . Determine the resultant full scale deflection of the meter when a shunt of 0.0111 ohms is connected across its terminals?

    asked by POPPY
  44. science

    substances are made of basic particles called ________. A. Compounds B. Atoms C. Crystal D. Mixtures I think it is A am I right?

    asked by marie
  45. Physics

    A brass rod is 2.0 metres long at a certain temperature. What is its length for a temperature rise of 100 kilogram if the linear expansivity of brass is 10/10^5k^1?

    asked by Edwin
  46. Social Studies

    what features of Arkansas promote interdependence between Trucking and Manufacturing Industries? select all that apply. A. Its centralized location in the United States 🔽B. its busy Seaport on the Gulf of Mexico C. its factories that ship by air 🔽D.

    asked by N. Jayden
  47. Calculus

    The function f is continuous on the interval [2, 10] with some of its values given in the table below. Use a trapezoidal approximation with 4 trapezoids to approximate of integral from 2 to 10 f(x)dx x 2 4 7 9 10 f(x) 0 3 8 15 18 a) 30.5 b) 78.0 c) 40.0 d)

    asked by Alice
  48. History

    How have geographic factors such as limited water resources affected the economic development of Texas? A. The lack of readily available surface water has led to the draining of underground aquifers faster than the aquifers can be replenished, costing the

    asked by Cookiz
  49. Business

    Which of the following BEST explains why the United States government regulates marketers' anticompetitive behavior? To ensure consumer safety To ensure public safety To promote the welfare of the country's economic system To control the country's economic

    asked by Angela
  50. science

    Which of the following is an example of Heterogeneous Mixture? A. Coffee B. Oil and Water C. Salt Water D. Mouth Wash I think it is C am I right?

    asked by marie
  51. chemistry

    Elements in the same period in the periodic table have the same A. number of shells B. atomic number C. chemical properties D. physical properties?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  52. Physics

    A mountain climber (m1= 75kg) hangs vertically from a cliff, tied to her friend standing on an inclined plane at 22° degrees above the horizontal. If the force of friction between the rope and the plane is 72 N, What minimum mass of her friend will stop

    asked by Megan
  53. math

    the second term of geometric sequence is 6 and the fifth term is _48. find also, in simplified form, of the first n terms of this sequence.

    asked by Watson
  54. science

    A chemist mixes two liquids together. The reaction produces a gas and a solid. According to the law of conservation of mass, what should the chemist observe when she compares the total masses of the substances before and after the reaction? (1 point) A.The

    asked by marie
  55. science

    calculate the normality and molariy of 1.7g sodium oxalate solutionof 250ml

    asked by mongare
  56. math

    Hi, would you please check to see if I did this problem correctly? A recipe for 2 dozen corn muffins calls for 3 cups of flour. The number of muffins varies directly with the amount of flour you use. a. Write a direct variation equation for the

    asked by Carly
  57. physics

    A train accelerates uniformly from 30 km/hour to 60 km/hour in 30 seconds. What are the acceleration anddistance covered?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  58. Guiding young children

    9. What do the side effects of negative discipline include? A. Less aggression by the child B. Less self-control by the child C. Greater levels of obedience in the child D. Greater self-control by the child my answer is B.

    asked by Diana
  59. Guiding young children

    3. A child exhibits self-control when he or she _______ gratification. A. repudiates B. achieves C. postpones D. demands my answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  60. Guiding young children

    Lily sidled up to another child at the water table and grabbed the toy with which the child was playing. Lily has demonstrated A. mesocentrism. B. allocentrism. C. sociocentrism. D. egocentrism. I think the best answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  61. Social Studies

    Which industry has thrived in Arkansas thanks to the states location in the country and its system of highways? A. Commercial fishing B. Automobile Manufacturing 🔽C. Trucking D. Entertainment

    asked by N. Jayden
  62. chemistry

    which of the following is the entropy change positive? A. Thermal dissociation of ammonium chloride B. Reaction between an acid and a base C. Addition of concentrated acid to water D. Dissolution of sodium metal in water? please give the answer and

    asked by POPPY
  63. MATH

    Factor by identifying a common factor in each term. g) 6xy2 = (3x) (?) h) 25a3b2 = (5a2b2) (?) i) 6x + 6y + 6p Factor: j) x(x+2) + y (x + 2) - 5(x + 2) k) 5y2 - 10y3 l) ax + ay + az Factor: m) yx(y+1) + 4x(y + 1) - 5(y + 1) n) 6p2 - 3p3 o) 4x4 + 2x Please

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Statistics

    1. Do these data provide sufficient evidence for a real relationship in the population? Test at the .05 level, two tails. Use Pearson Correlation X Y 8 0 6 1 4 4 3 6 4 6 5 1 2. To test the effectiveness of a new studying strategy, a psychologist randomly

    asked by Jo
  65. Math

    1. F(x)=x^3-3x^2-6x+8 2.g(x)=x^3+4x^2-x-4

    asked by Sherman
  66. Language Arts

    What does the /ən/ sound make?

    asked by T.Kimbrough
  67. Math

    b/h means what in integers? multiply?

    asked by T.Kimbrough
  68. MATH

    1. Find the GCF of the following: a) xy, y2x, x2y b) x2, x3, x3 c) y2(2y - 1), 3(2y - 1) how do i do this can someone please explain'

    asked by Gale
  69. English

    what is the appropriate stress pattern for the word IMPOSSIBLE?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  70. Math

    (-2)(-7) equals Answer: -14 4+ -18 Answer: -14 Just so Im not confused

    asked by T.Kimbrough
  71. Maths Lit, CAT,Consumers,Tourism,English,AFrikaan,

    What can I study/do/become with this subjects?

    asked by Thoriso
  72. Science

    What is a subscript? Why is it important?

    asked by Vernice
  73. maths

    A. Four factories are to be randomly selected from a list of eleven factories for a full health and safety inspection i. Calculate the number of ways that four factories can be selected. ii. Two of the factories have the same owner. Calculate the

    asked by ranjini
  74. math

    Which equation is NOT an example of a direct variation? a. y = x b. 4x + 3y = 0 c. y = 5/4 x d. 2x + 6y = 0 Direct variation is y = kx The only one that can't be changed to become this is d. Is that correct?

    asked by Carly
  75. physics

    Two bodies x and y are projected on the same horrizontal plane,with the same initial speed but at angles 30 &60 resepectively to the horrizontal. neglecting air resistance,the ratio or the range of x to that of y is?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  76. math

    70:40 - 21

    asked by dajuan
  77. Calculus

    Use Euler's Method with three equal steps and y(1) = 1 to approximate y(1.3) for the differential equation dy/dx= x+y^2 a) 1.283 b) 1.695 c) 1.785 d) 2.943

    asked by Alice
  78. Pre Algebra

    @Ms.Sue plz help If mImage of an angle symbol1 = 40°, what is an image of an angle symbol5? A. 50° B. 40° C. 35° D. 25°

    asked by Anonymous
  79. math

    two pieces of bread has a mass of 25 grams total and meat and cheese have a mass of 85 grams total what is the mass of the sandwich in all?

    asked by connie
  80. Guiding young children

    13. A teacher who sets firm but fair and reasonable limits on behavior is most likely A. indulgent. B. uninvolved. C. authoritative. D. authoritarian. My answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  81. physics

    The energy of a sound wave is most closely related to its?

    asked by Darren
  82. Guiding young children

    4. Mikey saw his father break off a hunk of bread and share it with a friend at dinner. The next day at school, Mikey tore off a piece of his sandwich and shared it with a friend. He has engaged in A. modeling an experience. B. mediating an experience. C.

    asked by Diana
  83. Geology

    In the movie "Twister," what are some true facts portrayed in the movie that are about tornadoes? Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  84. chemistry

    the value of pkw at 25c is

    asked by Bassel Ejel
  85. Literature

    Hi, I would like to have as many informations as possible for an essay about the wilderness in hawthorne's tales ( concerning these six tales : my kinsman, major molineux ; Roger malvin's burial ; young goodman brown ; the May pole of merry mount ;endicott

    asked by Granet Lucie
  86. Science, Chemistry

    1. The compound KICO3 decomposes according to the following equation: 2KCIO3 -> 2KCL + 3O2 a. what is the mole ratio of KCIO3 to O2 in this reaction? b. How many moles of O2 can be produced by letting 6.0 moles of KCIO3 react based on the above equation?

    asked by Hiba
  87. chemistry

    (1) define the term metallic lustre and nonmetallic lustre ? (2) highlight the different between them as well as given two example of each mineral that exhibit the major types of crystal?

    asked by POPPY
  88. guiding young children

    6. Which of the following best illustrates listening? A. Paying attention to someone's feelings as he or she is speaking B. Interrupting a person to ask questions while he or she is speaking C. Giving advice to someone while he or she is speaking D.

    asked by Diana
  89. Guiding young children

    8. Liza watched as her father was kind to a dog. Her father has _______ kindness. A. imitated B. authorized C. modeled D. observed my answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  90. US History

    The purpose of termination policy was to a. end tribal government and relocate Native Americans to cities*** b. end the bracero program that had begum during world war ii c. assimilate Puerto Ricans into mainstream American culture d. ease the plight of

    asked by maczindahouse
  91. A Chistmas Carol by Charles Dickens

    When scrooge tells Marley that Marley was always “a good man of business,” in act 1, scene 2 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, Marley responds, “BUSINESS!!! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy,

    asked by ILTHSM_
  92. English

    please answer these question and explain. One of the women who ...... in the premises ...... been ordered to quit? A. sells / have B. sell / has C. sell / have D. sells / has?

    asked by POPPY
  93. English

    To make a pencil holder, get a container. Glue old newspapers ______ your container, keeping the edges smooth and without air bubbles. Next, paint the container with your brush. What is the correct preposition to use for the above blank? Thanks.

    asked by Chimingbell
  94. Maths

    2x^2+3px+5q=0 differ by 2,find the value of p and q

    asked by Chidera
  95. Math

    If the Dimensions of a Living Room are 350 cm by 640 cm oder half of the room will be tiled with a tile 20 cm by 20 cm and 50 cm by 50 cm how much of each titles will be needed?

    asked by Jahon
  96. history

    what issues divided Americans

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math

    Use fundamental principle to find number of possible outcomes. Small,Medium,Large Orange juice, Apple Juice, Lemonade, and Milk

    asked by Skk
  98. math

    solve these ⅛ /¾?

    asked by POPPY
  99. Life orientation

    What are the five practical actions that can be taken to address human Rights violations in communities?

    asked by Mbatha Avethandwa
  100. Science

    A 3.8mg sample of an organic compound gave 5.80mg CO2 and 1.58mg H20 on combustion, produce the empirical formula of the compound. Calculate the energy, frequency and wavelength (in nm), associated with a transition of electron from n = 3 to n = 1

    asked by Mhey
  101. biology

    Is Turner Syndrome dominant or recessive?

    asked by Leila
  102. Precalc

    What are two ways to evaluate end behavior of polynomials?

    asked by CJ
  103. Statistics

    Find the area of the standard normal distribution that lies to the left of z=-2.3. Round answer to four decimal places. B) find p (-1

    asked by Jaquoria
  104. Math (Programming)

    You will need to create a program that will help solve any One-to-One cipher. That is a cipher that replaces each letter in the alphabet with another letter. It is not the same as a Caesar Cipher in that there is no shift. Each letter is simple replaced by

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Math

    If one knows a stock price, the current dividend paid on ?stock owned and the current dividend yield, can the total number of stock in that company be figured out

    asked by Carol
  106. Probability

    Tickets at a football match sell at k3, k5 and k7.50. The number of k5 tickets sold was three times more than the number of k3 tickets sold and 500 less than the number of k7.50 tickets sold. If the total gate receipts were k42225, how many of each ticket

    asked by Jonny
  107. Algebra

    Which table represents a function? x|3|-1|1|-1 y|0|4|2|-2 ________ x|0|1|0|2 y|2|3|0|3 _______ x|-2|2|4|-2 y|5|1|5|5 _______ x|5|4|5|1 y|1|5|4|5 I am not sure how to know. So please explain so next time I can know how :).

    asked by katy
  108. English

    1. The bird flies in the sky. 2. Any bird flies in the sky. 3. The specific bird flies in the sky. [Does #1 mean #2 or #3?] 4. The bird is flying in the sky. 5. Any bird is flying in the sky. 6. The specific bird is flying in the sky. [Does #4 mean #5 or

    asked by rfvv
  109. Math

    When is the value of 6(x +15)-12 When x=12 6 x +90-12 6x=78 x=13 is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  110. science

    i need help on the day and night thing

    asked by ryan
  111. maths

    1 simplify 5×^6x5^-3×^4?

    asked by BIZHATOCOTO
  112. English

    Is Jessy a female given name or a male given name? It seems that Jessy is a female given name. Can we use 'Jessy' as a male give name?

    asked by rfvv
  113. Maths

    Two of four angles of a quadrilateral are equal, each being equal to 120°. The ratio of the other two angles is 2:3. Find these two angles.

    asked by Urooj Fatima