Questions Asked on
March 31, 2019

  1. computer science.

    Question 1. Consider an automated teller machine (ATM) in which users provide a personal identification number (PIN) and a card for account access. Give examples of confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements associated with the system and,

    asked by MR TRUMP★★★
  2. maths

    if a=log 7, b=log 2, express log 35 in terms of a and b?

    asked by MR TRUMP★★★
  3. English

    What does he wear? 1. He wears an umbrella. 2. He carries an umbrella. 3. He has an umbrella. [Which expressions can we use?] What is he wearing? 4. He is wearing an umbrella. 5. He is carrying an umbrella. 6. He is having an umbrella. [Which expressions

    asked by rfvv
  4. Chemistry

    What happens when chlorine gas is bubbled through a solution of iron (II) salt in a boiling tube

    asked by Kakraba
  5. Social Studies

    1. Despite having little freedom, people under Incan rule benefited from A. The use of quipus B. Government support during crises C. The support of their ayllu D. A strict social hierarchy

    asked by BTSislife
  6. Accounting

    Which of the following is a reconciling item on the bank side of a bank reconciliation? a. both "outstanding checks" and "NSF checks" b. canceled checks c. outstanding checks d. NSF checks

    asked by Bill
  7. Chemistry

    Calculate the wavelengths: -A muon (a sub particle with the mass of 1.884 X 10^-25g) traveling at 320.0 m/s -an electron (me=9.10939 x 10^-28g) moving at 3.85 x 10^6 m/s -An 83.0kg athlete running a "4 minute mile" (i.e. 400min/mile)

    asked by Erin
  8. Math

    the drawing is composed of rectangle and a semicircle . Find the area of the figure to the nearest unit the left side is 22 the top is 10 A.41 B.220 C.410 D.820 thanks for ur help! :)

    asked by Playtime
  9. Algebra

    What's the way to solve algebra with pizzazz page 6

    asked by Donna
  10. Accounting

    How will the customer's bounced checks be handled on a bank reconciliation? a. add to the balance from the company records b. add to the bank statement balance c. subtract from the balance from the company records d. subtract from the bank statement

    asked by Bill
  11. Math

    Solve for X using the matrices below. 2A + 4B = −2X A= ((8,-5) (9,0) (5,-6)) B= ((0,7) (4,0) (-6,-1))

    asked by anonymous
  12. Math

    A “Set” within quantitative theory represents

    asked by Belinda Bell
  13. History

    Put the following eras of Georgia's history in chronological order starting with the Antebellum Era: Civil War Era, New South Era, Antebellum Era, Reconstruction Era, Bourbon Triumvirate Era, Progressive Era, Populist Era My answer- Antebellum, Civil War,

    asked by Lafayette
  14. Social Studies

    Which form of government does India have? A. parliamentary democracy B. constitutional monarchy C. Islamic republic D. communist state I think its A or D

    asked by Klaus Hargreeves
  15. Science

    Magnesium oxide is not very soluble in water, and is is difficult to titrate directly. It's purity can be determined by use of a back-titration method. 4.06 g of impure magnesium oxide was completely dissolved in an excess of 0.20 mol/L for neutralization.

    asked by Cleopatra
  16. statistics

    a manufacturing process has a 70% meaning that 70% of the products are acceptable and 30% are defective. If three of the products are selected, find the probability that all of them are acceptable.

    asked by anonymous
  17. Math

    Hank has cards that are 8 inches by 4 inches. A stack of these cards fit inside the box shown and uses up 32 inches of volume. How tall is the stack of cards? What percent of the box's volume is taken up by the cards?

    asked by Jamilah
  18. Math

    1) What is the dimension of AB given A is a 5 × 6 matrix and B is a 6 × 3 matrix? for the second questions, it is a fill in a blank question. 2) A point of intersection of the graphs of the equations of a system is a ? of the system. the ? is where one

    asked by anonymous
  19. Physics

    Find the effort of a machine whose mechanical advantage is 3 where load is 30N

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics

    a mass sits at rest on top of a table. which two forces are action-reaction pair forces and thus are equal and opposite?

    asked by sheida
  21. Math

    cosecθ⋅cotθ=2√​3 ​ ​​

    asked by Md fuadul islam
  22. Math

    What are the coordinates of the point labeled A? h ttp s:/ /www e&idCourse=75 160&id Unit=74116&idLesson=786493&page=1&idWebuser=1 6233 03&idSectio n=1273986& self=Tr ue&menu=

    asked by Connexus Studen! ^W^
  23. geography

    map of Nigeria show the biotic community

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    True or False and why: |-x| = x, x

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    A box of Brand A laundry detergent washes 20 loads of laundry and costs $6. A box of Brand B laundry detergent washes 15 loads of laundry and costs $5. In the ratio tables that follow, fill in equivalent rates of loads washed per dollar. Include some

    asked by Ginny
  26. Jehovah Witnesses

    Can you plz help me? Who are Jehovah witnesses? What are their meetings like? What does it mean to get baptized?

    asked by 0~0
  27. Math

    Does 2 3/4 cups of flour 2 cups of sugar 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 1/4 cups of butter 2 teaspoons of extract 2 eggs Make 30 cookies

    asked by Princess
  28. Life Orientation

    What roles and responsibility do the media have in reporting human rights violation in a responsible manner?

    asked by Latty
  29. Accounting

    The Starks own a home in New York. They paid $1.2 million for the home several years ago. They originally took out a $1 million mortgage on the home. In the current year, the Starks refinanced their home at a time when the home was worth $2 million and the

    asked by Alex
  30. physics

    Emily is testing her baby’s bath water and finds that it is too cold, so she adds some hot water from a kettle on the stove. If Emily adds 2.00 kg of water at 80.0° C to 20.0 kg of bath water at 27.0° C, what is the final temperature of the bath water?

    asked by Alex
  31. science

    What causes hurricanes to form in Central and the Caribbean?

  32. Math

    A box of Brand A laundry detergent washes 20 loads of laundry and costs $6. A box of Brand B laundry detergent washes 15 loads of laundry and costs $5. In the ratio tables that follow, fill in equivalent rates of loads washed per dollar. Include some

    asked by Ginny
  33. Math

    On Afternoon job Chris took 42 minutes to run 3 3/4 miles. How many miles can he run in 60 minutes

    asked by Guadalupe
  34. Chemistry

    The following table shows how the initial rate of this reaction depends on the concentrations of the two reactants [NO] [O2] Initial rate 0.0050 0.0050 0.02 0.0050 0.0075 0.03 0.010 0.0075 0.12 Use the data to determine the order of reaction with respect

    asked by Autumn
  35. math

    A rental car company charges a fixed fee of $15.00 plus $.12 per mile. Write an equation to find the total cost, y, for any number of miles, x

    asked by jara
  36. Discount Math

    The retail price of a gaming system is $270. What is the wholesale price? (There is an 80%) markup.

    asked by Kim
  37. Math

    A box of Brand A laundry detergent washes 20 loads of laundry and costs $6. A box of Brand B laundry detergent washes 15 loads of laundry and costs $5. In the ratio tables that follow, fill in equivalent rates of loads washed per dollar. Include some

    asked by Ginny
  38. Mechanics

    A soccer player kicked a ball at an angle of 37 to the horizontal if the range covered by the ball is 240.3m calculate What is the initial velocity of projection? The time of flight? The maximum leight attained

    asked by Ikpa olaguaziba
  39. physics

    When the Sun is directly overhead, a hawk dives towards the ground with a constant velocity of 5.1 m/s at 45° below the horizontal. Calculate the speed of its shadow on the level ground. m/s

    asked by leo
  40. General chemistry

    Phosphorus pentachloride is produced by the reaction between phosphine and chlorine gas. What mass of chlorine gas would be required to produce 0.015kg of phosphorus pentachloride?

    asked by Samuel
  41. General chemistry

    If 10g of phosphine is made to react with 15g of chlorine gas, calculate the percentage yield if 5.5g of phosphorus pentachloride was experimentally produced

    asked by Samuel
  42. Geography

    What is map reading

    asked by Esther
  43. American History

    What is one reason a substantial number of Americans favored the central powers in WW1? A.) their family heritage was German B.) their family heritage was french C.) their family heritage was Scottish D.) their family heritage was Swiss

    asked by Iron man
  44. Math

    The random variable X has the following density function: f(x) = { x^2 if 0 < x < 3 { 0 otherwise a) Find the distribution function F(x) of X b) Draw the distribution function c) Calculate the following probabilities: P(X > 1.5) = P(1/2 ≤ X < 3/2) = P(-2

    asked by Manny
  45. Math

    Jasmin paints a border around the wall in her room. The border will be 60 feet long. She has enough paint to cover 15 square feet. a. If the border is 1/3 foot wide, how much of the border can she cover with paint?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Ed Tech

    Inform what spyware, adware, and viruses are and that they may be bundled into downloads

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Ed Tech

    Identify four ways to prevent downloading of spyware, adware, and viruses to computer

    asked by Anonymous