Questions Asked on
March 30, 2019

  1. Chemistry

    Phosphorus pentachloride is produced by the reaction b/w phosphine and chlorine gas.what mass of chlorine gas would be required to produced 0.015kg of phosphorus pentachloride

    asked by Florence
  2. Math

    One clay brick weighs 5.76 pounds. The brick is 8 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide. If the clay weighs 0.08 pounds per cubic inch, what is the volume of the brick? Find the height of the brick. ________________________________________________ Please help!

    asked by Jamilah
  3. biochemistry

    how many grams of tris and tris Hcl are needed to make up 500ml of 1m tris buffer with a pH of 0.8?

    asked by seth
  4. precalculus

    There are two boxes. The red box contains four red marbles and one blue marble, and the blue box contains five blue marbles and three red marbles. The following experiment is done a hundred times: A marble is randomly drawn from one of the boxes, its color

    asked by will
  5. Science

    Humberto measured the length of a stick's shadow from sunrise to sunset during the day. What did he notice from his observations? A. Shadow length increased from sunrise to sunset. B. Shadow length increased from sunrise to noon. C. Shadow length decreased

    asked by Agent_KING#1
  6. Math -- nth term

    What is nth term of 41?

    asked by Ms. Sue
  7. Social Studies

    (7) How was the Northern Renaissance similar to the Italian Renaissance? How was it different? (8) How did the Columbian Exchange encourage the growth of European colonies? (9) Explain two types of divisions that existed in Europe during the Cold War. (10)

    asked by Hi😱
  8. physics

    a load of 20N gives an extension of 2.04cm in a wire which obeys hookes law. what is the extension produce by a load of 80N

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Maths

    stevie is moving up to the attic and wants to paint the wall white. the wall is a triangle with a base of 17 feet and a height of 12 feet. what is the area of the wall? A; 204 ft B; 58 FT C; 102 FT D; 51 FT I'm from connexus, ty for ur helpingz! ;3

    asked by Playtime
  10. Math

    Which measure correctly completes the statement? 538.826 L = ? Ml A. 538,826 mL B. 5,388.26 ML C. 528.826 ML D. 53,882,600 ML i'm from connexus tysm for your help

    asked by Playtime
  11. Science

    Arrange the following compounds in order of their increasing solubility in water. 1) H3C - CH3 2) HO - OH 3) H3C - OH

    asked by Gautam
  12. chemistry

    what volume ( in mL) of a 0.680 M KBr solutionwould you need if you want 4.00 grams of KBr?

    asked by Tina
  13. English language

    Choose the word that has the same sound 1)Man a) atmosphere b)speech c)harsh d)killed 2)Cock a)Gun b)cook c)catch d)cease 3)love a)book b)kite c)loose d)look 4)key a)quay b)lick c)kite d)fixed 5)Teach a)catch b)tick c)kite d) fixed?

    asked by MR TRUMP★★★
  14. Math

    A box of Brand A laundry detergent washes 20 loads of laundry and costs $6. A box of Brand B laundry detergent washes 15 loads of laundry and costs $5. In the ratio tables that follow, fill in equivalent rates of loads washed per dollar. Include some

    asked by Ginny
  15. Science

    What is the equivalent weight of HCL in given reaction : k2cr2o7+14hcl=2kcl+2crcl3+3cl2+h2o

    asked by Pooja
  16. Career guidance

    Maths lit, geography, business and economics What can I become with those subjects..... Or what careers can I do

    asked by Ntokozo
  17. Computer Science

    Project 2 is a continuation of Project 1. Modify the code from Project 1 to read and process information from a file named Computers.txt. The text file contains profiles about a set of computers. Each computer should be processed. The text file contains

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    5 9 5 2 1 1 6 3 9 5 1 0 7 0 2 3 6 7 8 2 1 8 3 0 9 Key: 9|6 means 69 Key: 5|8 means 58 Calculate the mean of each data set. Calculate the mean absolute deviation (MAD) of each data set. Which set is more variable? How do you know?

    asked by BlackNike
  19. Chemistry

    a) Calculate how many cm3 of 1.00 moldm-3 HCL are needed to decrease the pH of 1.00 dm3 of HCL by one unit. Ignore the small change in volume b) Calculate how many cm3 1.00moldm-3 NaOH are needed to increase the pH of 1.00dm3 of HCL by one unit. Ignore the

    asked by Aaliyah
  20. math

    Pls help. The question is : Blake the rabbit has a ramp with equation 2y + x = 7. His friend at the pet shop has a ramp with equation y = 12 – 0.5x. Will the rabbits ever meet?

    asked by Usman
  21. Physics

    You have been hired to help improve the material movement system at a manufacturing plant. Boxes containing 16 kg of tomato sauce in glass jars must slide from rest down a frictionless roller ramp to the loading dock, but they must not accelerate at a rate

    asked by Mike
  22. science

    A steel strip, clamped at one end, vibrates with a frequency of 20 Hz and a amplitude of 5 mm at the free end, where a small mass of 2 g is positioned. Find (i) the velocity of the end when passing through the zero position, (ii) the acceleration at

    asked by Ali
  23. Language Arts

    A girl from town with mighty charm Who had a fancy for shoes and hats. Which dictionary definition BEST applies to the word fancy as it is used in line 29? A) a critical judgment B) a daydream or reverie C) a delight or inclination D) ornamental or

    asked by Phileena
  24. english

    Write an editorial (persuasive essay) in which you research and present the conflict, being sure to state your sound third person opinions as to why Dr. King's methods for achieving justice would or would not work in this case. Remember that for your voice

    asked by reneae
  25. Algebra

    Draw a number line and show all the numbers that … are 2/3 of a unit to the left of 1/2 … are five units away from 0

    asked by Vernice
  26. Social Studies

    Explain the Chinese merit system in complete sentences.

    asked by hi
  27. maths

    A car has an initial of 44ms¹ and acceleration of -4m/s². calculate it's component velocity after 10 second.?

    asked by please answer my question for 10$
  28. mathematics

    Given an equation sin theta=cos theta tan theta. what does this mean dimensionally?

    asked by please answer my question for 10$
  29. Chemistry

    I I need so much help. Can anyone explain in detail what is going on? The compound is Potassium Carbonate. What would the flame color of potassium carbonate be? What is the cation after the compound reacts with (NH4)2CO3, and (NH4)2SO4? What is the anion

    asked by Jennie
  30. chemistry.

    If 40cm cube of the carbon dioxide were mixed with with 30cm cube of oxygen. Calcatute the volume of carbon diode produced? which reactant is in excess and by how much? what was the total volume of the gaseous mixture at the end of the reaction.?

    asked by please Answer my question for $10.
  31. English

    What is fable?

    asked by Fable
  32. american history

    why was George Washington chosen to lead the continental army?

    asked by abgail
  33. Physics: Newton's Second Law

    A lightweight, frictionless pulley is mounted on the corner of a tall cabinet. A 7 kg cylinder is released from rest 2.4 m above the ground. The cylinder is attached by string to a 3 kg block on a car with lightweight wheels. Find the acceleration of the

    asked by Heather
  34. Physics

    O.90985 to three significant digits

    asked by Anonymous
  35. English

    Order the sentences: In the following three paragraphs, the sentences have been jumbled out of order. Put the sentences in order to make a well-written cohesive paragraph. Number each line by the order it should be placed, and place it in the box below.

    asked by Sam
  36. Algebra

    The f(x)varies directly with x, and f(x)=8 when x=6

    asked by Steve
  37. Algebra

    Draw a number line and show all numbers that … … are between 1 and 20 and have exactly 4 factors

    asked by Vernice
  38. English

    What literary device is used in the following quotation? “‘There are a lot of reasons. For one thing, Miss Maudie can’t serve on a jury because she’s a woman.’ ‘You mean women in Alabama can’t -?’ I was indignant. ‘I do. I guess it’s to

    asked by Jorgeia
  39. Maths

    the man spend two seventh of his pay and left him with $210 how much money he have

    asked by Michael
  40. English

    1. He is moving in the seat. 2. He is moving on the seat. 3. He is moving at the seat. [Which prepositions can we use? Are the three have the same meaning? Which one is commonly used?] 0 0 20 asked by rfvv yesterday at 2:27am If he's wiggling around, then

    asked by rfvv
  41. physics

    A weight of 40N was attached to the end of a wire during modulus experiment, if the length of the wire is 4m and the diameter is 0.44mm and the extension recorded is 0.30mm. calculate the stress and strain of the wire?.

    asked by Anonymous