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March 29, 2019

  1. Chemistry

    N2(g) + 3H2(g)  2NH3(g) at STP How many litres of ammonia gas is produced using 5 litres of H2? N2 + 3H2 ---> 2NH3 - the ratio between H2 and NH3 is 3 : 2 - it's given 5 litres of H2, so the volume of NH3 formed is 5/3*2 = 10/3 = 3.33 (L) Sig FIG ANSWER

    asked by Lauren
  2. Chemistry

    2 C8H18(g) + 25 O2(g)  16 CO2(g) + 18 H2O­(g) at STP How many moles of O2 are needed to react with 60.0g of C8H18 (octane)? mole of 02 = 60/114 = 53 mols 2 moles of octane =25 mols of 02 0.53/2 x 25= 6.625 answer is 6.6 mols How many litres of CO2 are

    asked by Lauren
  3. Chemistry

    Zn(s) + 2HCl(l)  ZnCl2(s) + H2(g) at STP What mass of zinc is needed to produce 115 mL of hydrogen? - it's given 115 mL of hydrogen, so can convert to 115/1000/22,4 = 0.0051 moles H2 - the ratio between HCl and H2 is 2 : 1, so the moles of HCl needed

    asked by Lauren
  4. chemistry

    2 KOH(l) + H3PO4(l) --> K2HPO4(l) + 2 H2O(l) a) How many mL of 0.450M KOH is needed to react with 60.0mL of 0.250M H3PO4? a) 0.060L x 0.250M = 0.015 mol H3PO4 0.015mol H3PO4 x 2mol KOH / 1mol H3PO4 = 0.03 mol KOH 0.03 mol KOH x 1L/0.450 mol = 0.06667L =

    asked by Lauren
  5. Geometry

    Two sides of an isosceles triangle have lengths of 3 and 10. Find the length of the third side.

    asked by Vernice
  6. Math for oobleck

    Find the values of b such that the function has the given maximum value. f(x) = −x^2 + bx − 14; Maximum value: 107 (smaller value): b= (larger value): b= oobleck said "just solve -14 - b^2/-4 = 107" but i really don't know how to solve what oobleck

    asked by anonymous
  7. Physical education

    Identify ten branches of physical education

    asked by Aliyu gambo
  8. chemistry

    Calculate ∆H0 for the reaction 2 N2(g) + 5 O2(g) −→ 2 N2O5(g) given the data H2(g) + 1 2 O2(g) −→ H2O(ℓ) ∆H0 f = −290 kJ/mol N2O5(g) + H2O(ℓ) −→ 2 HNO3(ℓ) ∆H0 = −77.8 kJ/mol 1 2 N2(g) + 3 2 O2(g) + 1 2 H2(g) −→ HNO3(ℓ)

    asked by dayana
  9. Math

    Application of integers practice 1.which of the following is a true statement? A.-9>-4 B.(-10)>(2) C.(-3)-12

    asked by help
  10. Math

    For a certain shade of pink paint, the ratio of white paint to red paint is 5 to 2. Explain how to use the strip diagram shown below to find at least 6 different quantities of white and red paint that will be in the ratio 5 to 2 (and so will make the same

    asked by Ginny
  11. Trigonometry

    If sinA=3/5 and cosB=5/13 and if A and B are measures of two angles in Quadrant I, find the exact value of the following functions. cotB = sin2A= 3)cos(5pi/6 + B) = tan(A - pi/4) =

    asked by snoopy
  12. trigonometry

    Given tanx=8/15 when pi < x < 3pi/2, find tan x/2.

    asked by snoopy
  13. calculus

    Determine whether the sequence converges or diverges. If it converges, find the limit. (n^2)/√ (n^3+ 9n)

    asked by KKK
  14. chemistry

    A solution contains 0.142 g of dissolved lead. How many moles of sodium chloride must be added to the solution to completely precipitate all of the dissolved lead?

    asked by Gabby
  15. HiStOrY

    based on this excerpt which of the following statements is most opposed to congress stance in 1994

  16. Calculus

    Consider a rectangle cardboard box without top and bottom. The diagonal of the box has length 1. Use lagrange multipliers to find the maximum surface area of the paper used to make this box. What are the dimensions of this optimal box?

    asked by ally
  17. Maths

    The total distance from Timothy's house to school was 9.18 km.He travelled by bus for part of the journey and walked the rest of the way.The distance he walked was 7.95 km less than the distance he travelled by bus.How far did Timothy walk.

    asked by Namrata uttamchandani
  18. us government

    The power to establish local units of government such as counties and to control education are examples of

    asked by Makayla
  19. math

    How many 1-inch cubes do you need to fill a cube with an edge length of 1/4 foot?

    asked by gabriel
  20. Math

    Hi! So, I'm doing a test, and I've answered all my answers except for one: Find the missing angle measure. Then classify the triangle by its measures. Because this will not let me post a photo, I will write what all the angles are: 40 degrees (less than

    asked by TreatPPLHowUWant2BTreated
  21. science

    In a cell, what is the function of the cell membrane?

    asked by vfdghgh
  22. math

    square root of 185x

    asked by Ruric
  23. Art

    What did the Vogel's artworks communicate about their historical interests? They collected works that were culturally popular. They collected works that depicted revolutions. They collected works that depicted the history of cities. ( my choice ) They

    asked by Kaitlyn
  24. math

    If a 54 pound boy falls off the top of the grand canyon which is 5996 feet deep, how many seconds will it take for him to hit the bottom?

    asked by kristy
  25. Math

    If M is the midpoint of segment XY and XM= 3x + 1 and MY=4x - 2, what is the measure of XY?

    asked by TeCora
  26. Algebra

    The back-to-back stem and leaf plot below shows the ages of patients seen by two doctors in a clinic one day. Compare the ages of patients of Doctor 1 and Doctor 2 using the mean and the median of each data set.

    asked by Gabriel
  27. Social Studies

    Which of the following drew tribes to migrate to europe around 300 its waterways and fertile soil its centralized government its vast trade networks its major cities

    asked by Anonymous
  28. History

    Draft a speech for a Populist politician in Georgia: The Farmers Alliance became part of a political movement that supported a third party, the Populists. If you were listening to a Populist Party politician during an election in Georgia, what would you

    asked by Garcia
  29. "ICT"

    list the use of ICT in timing and control

    asked by tope
  30. Geometry

    Help for the slope of this I get 2 and 1/3 but i need to get a negative reciprocal (4,5),(8,13)(-4,9) I need to show triangle ABC is a right triangle

    asked by Cindy
  31. Chemistry

    I'm not sure how to do this one At 22 °C an excess amount of a generic metal hydroxide M(OH)2 is mixed with pure water. The resulting equilibrium solution has a pH of 10.26. What is the Ksp of the salt at 22 °C? Please help thank you!

    asked by Jeffery
  32. English

    1. He is moving in the seat. 2. He is moving on the seat. 3. He is moving at the seat. [Which prepositions can we use? Are the three have the same meaning? Which one is commonly used?]

    asked by rfvv
  33. Career guidance

    what can i do when im done with schoool

    asked by sthembele
  34. physics

    an object of mass 100kg is released from a height of 4m.calculate it's kinetic energy just before it hits the ground.take g=10m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Chemistry

    1.104g of impure sample of NaNO2 was acidified and analysed using excess iodine ion. The reaction is 2HNO2+ 3H+-----2NO + 2H2O+I3- . Then I3- is titrated with 0.300M Na2S2O3. S2O3 2- + I3- ------ I- +S4O6 2- if the titre volume is 29.25cm3, calculate the %

    asked by Neville
  36. math

    The control group 47.26 on the pretest put it at the 26th percentile. does this percentile score represent nominal,ordinal or interval scale data?

    asked by sadaqat khan
  37. English

    1. Water freezes at zero degree. 2. Water freezes at zero degrees. [Which one is correct?] 3. My best friend has the new cellphone. 4. My best friend has a new cellphone. [What is the difference between #3 and #4? Why is 'the new cellphone' used in #3?]

    asked by rfvv
  38. English

    1. Tom 2. John 3. Bill 4. Ted 5. 6. 7. Sam 8. Don 9. Matt 10. David ------------------------- Number one is Tom. Number two is John. Number 5 moved to another state. Number 6 moved to a far away state. In this case, how can we say? 1. Number 5 is empty. 2.

    asked by rfvv
  39. AP calculus

    Consider the sequence t0 - 3, t1-3^3, t2-3^3^3 , t3-3^3^3^3,….. , defined by t0-3 and tn+1-3tn for n ≥ 0. What are the last 2 digits of t3-3^3^3^3 ? Show that the last 10 digits of tk are the same for all k ≥ 10

    asked by olivier
  40. English

    Who is usually the intended audience

    asked by A
  41. English Essay

    Hello, I have edited my essay myself and went through Grammarly. Can you please help me re-edit it. Akiwenzie-Damm's Compassion for the Characters in Chloe Perfection and flaws are the opposite, surprisingly they also go hand-in-hand with each other as

    asked by Sarah
  42. Programming

    1. Create a pseudocode algorithm that will accept the name of the motorists and the type of offence for the ticket. Determine if the tickets will be awarded a demerit point and check the current point(s) each motorist has on his or her licence. Display the

    asked by azikeecampbell
  43. math

    Andrew has 45 rock songs, 82 dance songs, ad 65 rap songs on his play list. If his music player randomly selects a song, what is the probability that it is not a dance song?

    asked by matt
  44. History

    What destroyed much of Georgia's cotton crop in the early 1900s?

    asked by Khaliyl
  45. math

    Stephanie has a bag of individual star stickers she is using on her birthday party invitations. Which of these images shows that the probability of randomly choosing a yellow sticker next is 3/12?

    asked by MS undercover s--u----=e
  46. History

    What did the portion of Germany that was united to resist Soviet agrwsssiom become known as?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Social studies

    Drag and drop the words to complete the sentences. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church permit the use of ____. However, the Roman Catholic Church uses _____ for worship services while the Eastern Orthodox Church uses _____. For 1

    asked by Could I please get these corrected?
  48. History

    Which BEST describes how the bubonic plague affected the feudal system in medieval Europe? A) The plague caused most of the artisans to leave Europe, so the peasants did not have the proper tools for farming. B) The plague shut down all trade routes

    asked by >>>Wolfie<<<
  49. Kansas history

    The Progressive Movement in Kansas 1. Which of the following was a goal of politicians during the Progressive Era? A. Allow indirect election of senators. B. Ensure safe working conditions. C. Provide more common drinking cups. 2. During the Progressive

    asked by Sky, The Coder
  50. Social Studies

    Characteristics of Julius Caesar's Rule. (Select all that apply) A. Gave women the right to vote B. Made himself dictator for life C. Helped the poor D. Gave members of the senate more power

    asked by Something something
  51. Math

    Enter the value for x that makes the given equation true. 2(–2x – 4) + 6 = 5 – 3(x + 1)

    asked by Jesus
  52. Chemistry

    Aluminum chloride as acid

    asked by Anonymous
  53. math

    In a soccer league, the ratio of boys to girls is 4 to 6. There are a total of 50 players in the soccer league. Determine how many girls play in the soccer league

    asked by zoey
  54. math

    Write an expression to describe a rule for the sequence. Then find the 100th term in the sequence : 5,13,21,29,37,45,... A) 8n;800 B) 8n-3;797 C) 3n-8;292 D) 5+8n;805*** please correct me and thanks

    asked by :)
  55. science

    If 1 kilogram of glass at 30℃ losses 800 joules, what is the new temperature?

    asked by melon
  56. Social Studies

    Select all that apply. geographical features that helped Rome flourish A. mountains B. plateaus C. plains D. rivers E.desert

    asked by BeAnS
  57. geometry

    Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of angle B. A measures 72 degrees and C measures 113. My answer: A + B + C = 180. 72 + B + (180-113) = 180, 72 + B + 67 = 180, B = 180 - 72 - 67 = 41 degrees Am I right? TYSM

    asked by help
  58. biology

    22. Discuss how farmers (or dog breeders) use artificial selection to take advantage of natural variation to "improve" a species of organism over time. (3 points) 23. As you can see, these tortoises have different shaped shells and necks. Make a hypothesis

    asked by Mgk_best_music
  59. Algebra

    The back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot below shows the ages of patients seen by two doctors in a family clinic in one day. Compare the ages of the patients of doctor 1 and doctor 2 using the mean and the median of each data set. Doctor 1 Doctor 2 | 3 | 5 9 2

    asked by E
  60. English

    When the car suddenly swerved to avoid hitting the motor-cyclist,it.....out of control and overturned

    asked by Mwanje
  61. Science

    If the relative atomic mass of CH2O is calculated it's empirical formula (C=12,H=1,O=16)

    asked by Daniels venelope
  62. Language Arts

    1. Which group of words is a phrase? A. you will nail the test B. in the rain C. the time was up D. she is busy E. the statue Answer: B 2. Which phrase begins with a preposition? A. could not run B. for her sake C. signs on the wall D. sailing in the sea

    asked by Anonymous
  63. SS

    Which has contributed to a reduction of income inequality in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru? A. a decrease in trade with other countries B. move from dictatorship to presidential republics****** C. switch from command economies to mixed economies D. an

    asked by Party girl
  64. chemistry

    Calculate the standard entropy change for the following reaction. 2 Al(s) + Fe2O3(s) → 2 Fe(s) + Al2O3(s)

    asked by Kymora
  65. Geometry

    List the sides of triangle ΔMNP in ascending order (shortest to longest) if: m∠M = 37°, m∠P = 104°

    asked by Vernice
  66. Math

    Driving at a constant speed, you drove 14 miles in 20 minutes. On the “double number line”, show different distances and times that would give you the same speed. Use simple, logical reasoning to determine these equivalent rates.

    asked by Ginny
  67. English Essay

    Please, help me edit this. The imperfections of the characters in Chloe “All of us are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world.” This quote by Haruki Murakami speaks of how there is no such thing as perfection. In Chloe by Kateri

    asked by Sarah
  68. History

    Okay so I was just wondering if you could check my answers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the text, you read this about the health issue during Bill Clinton's presidency: In 1994, some 37 million

    asked by T.Kimbrough
  69. math

    Does 1/x^2 the same as √ (x)?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    How does 1/√x^3 =√x?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    Solve the equation |x^2 - 2x - 6| = 4 algebraiclly, using the quadratic formula

    asked by Anonymous