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March 26, 2019

  1. maths

    In a class of 60 students,the number of students who passed biology is 6 more than the number who passed chemistry.Every student passed at least one of the two subjects and 8 students passed both subjects.How many students passed biology and chemistry.

    asked by Ernest
  2. Calc 3

    The region W is the cone shown below. The angle at the vertex is 2π/3, and the top is flat and at a height of 5/sqrt(3). Write the limits of integration for ∫WdV in the following coordinates (do not reduce the domain of integration by taking advantage

    asked by ally
  3. career

    Which ability does the following example represent? as a financial planner, you advice people about where to invest their money. assertive%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% persuasive systematic

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    A white billiard ball with mass mw = 1.43 kg is moving directly to the right with a speed of v = 3.4 m/s and collides elastically with a black billiard ball with the same mass mb = 1.43 kg that is initially at rest. The two collide elastically and the

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  5. career

    what is the key to finding personal fulfillment in your job? to have a high salary to engage in lifelong learning to interview people in the field to reevaluate your career choice annually

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physics

    An object with total mass mtotal = 15.8 kg is sitting at rest when it explodes into three pieces. One piece with mass m1 = 4.5 kg moves up and to the left at an angle of θ1 = 18° above the –x axis with a speed of v1 = 27.6 m/s. A second piece with mass

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  7. Physics

    A racquet ball with mass m = 0.238 kg is moving toward the wall at v = 12.5 m/s and at an angle of θ = 31° with respect to the horizontal. The ball makes a perfectly elastic collision with the solid, frictionless wall and rebounds at the same angle with

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  8. Chemistry

    a piece of Aluminium weighing 2.7g is titrated with 75 mL of H2SO4(specific gravity 1.18 and 24.7% H2SO4 by weight). after the metal is completely dissolved the solution is diluted to 400 mL . calculate the molarity of free H2SO4 in the solution.

    asked by glorious
  9. Math

    What is the value of the digit 9 in the number 597,184?

    asked by Jk
  10. Math

    A bucket holds 10.5litters. A cup holds about 320ml. Estimate the number of cups of water that the bucket holds

    asked by Kehinde
  11. science

    A book that weighs 0.35 kilograms is kept on a shelf that’s 2.0 meters above the ground. A picture frame that weighs 0.5 kilograms will have the same gravitational potential energy as the book when it’s raised to a height of meters.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    1. The sum of a number and 2 is 6 less than twice that number. 2. A rectangular garden has a width that is 8 feet less than twice the length. Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 20 feet. 4. Six times a number is less than 72. What numbers satisfy this

    asked by Naim
  13. Social studies

    The United States is the largest exporter of wheat. Canada is the second-largest. Today there are fewer Canadian farms. How is it possible that the number of farms has decreased but the Prairie Provinces continue produce most of Canada’s wheat? A.Large

    asked by Bro
  14. Physics

    A bumper car with mass m1 = 109 kg is moving to the right with a velocity of v1 = 4.9 m/s. A second bumper car with mass m2 = 83 kg is moving to the left with a velocity of v2 = -3.5 m/s. The two cars have an elastic collision. Assume the surface is

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  15. Algebra

    1. Graph the function and identify the domain and range. y=-5x^2 oo=infinite A) Domain: (-oo, oo) Range: [0, oo) B) Domain: (-oo, oo) Range: (-oo, 0] C) Domain: (-oo, oo) Range: (-oo, 0] D) Domain: (-oo, oo) Range: [0, oo) 2. How is the graph of y=-6x^2-4

    asked by Venus
  16. chemistry

    Assume that the balloon is filled with carbon dioxide gas at 20°C and standard pressure. Use the ideal gas law to calculate the number of moles and mass of CO2 in each balloon at maximum inflation. balloon 1 volume-150.53 balloon 2 volume- 248.47 balloon

    asked by madison
  17. algebra

    Bill Granger is a parts clerk. He worked a total of 46.25 hours from Monday to Friday this week. If his regular pay is $12.75 per hour, how much overtime pay did Bill earn? $119.56 Please help me understand by explaining the steps to solve these kind of

    asked by Esther Munoz
  18. Math - Repost for Glory

    This is reposted because the original was tacked on to another student's thread. One gallon of water fills 231 cubic inches of space. About how many gallons of water are needed to fill the aquarium? (Hint: There are 1,728 cubic inches in a cubic foot.) 0 0

    asked by Ms. Sue
  19. Math

    Use the given graph of the function on the interval (0,8] to answer the following questions. Where does the function f have a local maximum? Answer (separate by commas): x= Where does the function f have a local minimum? What is the global maximum of f?

    asked by Jake
  20. Chemistry

    Balance and classify (show work ) LiOH + Fe (NO3)3 ->>>

    asked by Maria
  21. biology

    Which of the following steps is appropriate for preparing a wet mount slide? (Select all that apply.) Lower the coverslip onto the slide quickly in order to trap air bubbles near the specimen. Remove excess water from the slide with a paper towel. Place

    asked by dianni
  22. math

    A flagpole casts a shadow that is 30 feet long. At the same time, a man standing nearby who is 6 feet tall casts a shadow that is 60 inches long. How tall is the flagpole to the nearest foot?

    asked by iker
  23. Chemistry

    A butyl rubber bag of total volume 3.0 m3 is used as a biogas digester. Each day it is fed an input of 0.20 m3 of slurry, of which4.0 kg is volatile solids, and a corresponding volume of digested slurry is removed. (This input corresponds roughly to the

    asked by Avneel
  24. Math

    Mr. Randall has wrenches in a toolbox. The total mass of the wrenches in the toolbox is 3 kilograms. Mr. Randall takes out one wrench that has a mass of 350 grams. What is the mass of the wrenches left in the toolbox?

    asked by Blake
  25. Algebra

    The first side of a triangle is 3 inches shorter than the second side, and 2 inches longer than the third side. How long is each side, if the triangle has a perimeter of 28 inches?

    asked by Vernice
  26. English

    The following lines of poetry demonstrate what type of line break? From "Sequestered Writing" by Carolyn Forché: "What ghost comes to the bedside whispering You? -- With its no one without its I -- A dwarf ghost? A closet of empty clothes? Ours was a

    asked by Moody Blues
  27. Physics

    A train car with mass m1 = 591 kg is moving to the right with a speed of v1 = 7.3 m/s and collides with a second train car. The two cars latch together during the collision and then move off to the right at vf = 4.7 m/s. a. What is the initial momentum of

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID
  28. Chemistry

    A butyl rubber bag of total volume 3.0 m3 is used as a biogas digester. Each day it is fed an input of 0.20 m3 of slurry, of which 4.0 kg is volatile solids, and a corresponding volume of digested slurry is removed. (This input corresponds roughly to the

    asked by Avneel
  29. history

    Which important idea did the Romans adapt from Athens? A. the use of democratic government B. the use of gladiators for entertainment C. the use of the arch in architecture D. the use of the maniple army unit

    asked by bleep bloop i need help quicc ploop
  30. physics

    A 14.8-mH inductor carries a current i = Imax sin ωt, with Imax = 5.40 A and f = ω/2π = 60.0 Hz. What is the self-induced emf as a function of time? (Express your answer in terms of t where e m f is in volts and t is in seconds. Do not include units in

    asked by ScienceTutor
  31. Math

    1. The sum of a number and 2 is 6 less than twice that number. 2. A rectangular garden has a width that is 8 feet less than twice the length. Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 20 feet. 3. Complementary angles sum up to equal 90 degrees. Find the

    asked by Naim
  32. Science

    What volume of hydrogen is produced when 70 grams of phosphoric acid react with aluminum

    asked by dkdd
  33. biology

    You are viewing a specimen for biology lab. You place the slide on the microscope and turn away from it to make sure your data table is set up for your observations. When you turn back to the specimen and look at it through the eyepiece, you notice that

    asked by dianni
  34. Chemistry

    Balance and classify (show work) Ag2O —>>>> ____+___

    asked by Maria
  35. history

    how have technology companies shaped texas economic development A. they have hurt the state economy by relocating else where B. they have forced the state economy to be dependent solely on technology industries C. they have brought more workers into the

    asked by rororoyourboat
  36. biology

    Which describes an example of an organism responding to its environment? a child pulling his or her hand away from a hot plate a tadpole developing into a frog cells organizing to form tissue plants using sunlight to make food Is it the third one?

    asked by dianni
  37. history

    which of the following best describes how advances in science and technology affect the economic interdependence between texas and other nations. A.other nations rely on texas health care industry B.the financial services industry now employs more than

    asked by hola how are you
  38. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the correct effects of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation on Europe. Effects may be used once, more than once, or not at all. Protestant sects spread across Europe. returned to choices list. Protestant sects spread across Europe.

    asked by Hurry Please
  39. Math

    Your friend sends out a chain letter e-mail to 12 people and by the next day 15 people have received the letter. Assuming an exponential growth pattern, how many new people will receive it by the 30th day?

    asked by Vincent
  40. US History

    Why were the Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional? The laws violated states’ rights to popular sovereignty. The laws attempted to use searches and seizures improperly. The laws violated the equal-protection clause of the Fourth Amendment. The laws

    asked by dianni
  41. English

    Which sentence below contains a dependent clause? know you’re busy tonight and you c A.I know you’re busy tonight and you can’t join us. B.The moon is supposed to be especially bright in the sky tonight. C.We should practice the song again. D.I’ve

    asked by asdfdsfasfdsf
  42. Ed tech

    Check my answers please! 1) What is blogging? A- online journaling B- posting in photo galleries C- uploading movies online D- sharing photos on a social network *** 2) which of the following is not a danger of blogging? A- cyberbullying B- slander C-

    asked by :)
  43. history

    Unit 4 Lesson 7 Industry and the environment 1. The dust bowl most likely caused which of the following? A- urban factory workers often lost their jobs. B- prices on nearly all goods rose significantly. C- Farmers were faced with low crop yields. D- People

    asked by Cage The Elephant
  44. math

    the data set below shows the weight (in pounds) of 5 different pumpkins. what is the following set of data? 7, 5, 9, 5, 12 a: 7.3 pounds b: 7.4 pounds c: 7.5 pounds d: 7.6 pounds

    asked by tøpboiiii
  45. Algebra

    A group of scientists studied the effect of a chemical in various strains of bacteria. Strain A started with 6000 cells and decreased at a constant rate of 2000 cells per hour after the chemical was applied. Strain B started with 2000 cells and decreased

    asked by Taylor
  46. English

    Many wonder why superhero flaming carrot wears flippers. What is the adverb clause

    asked by Debbie
  47. World History

    Drag the elements of Chinese culture that influenced Japanese culture into the box. clothing Buddhism stupas tributes architecture

    asked by David S.
  48. Maths

    In an arithmetic progression the term is 25,nth term is -17 and the sum of n terms is 132.find n and the common difference

    asked by Poojan
  49. biology

    give two disease caused by rounded worms

    asked by Anisa
  50. life orientation

    discuss of aims and reasons for taking action through democracy and human rights

    asked by lwandokazi
  51. Math

    Supply function 300_p2+29=0. Demand function p2+4q=16. Find the equilibrium price

    asked by Chiamaka
  52. Math Algebra

    Simplify ((3x^2)/(5y)) / ((5yz)/(6x))

    asked by Eloise
  53. chemistry

    H2(g)+I2(g)------>2Hi(g) exothermic is -13kj/mol

    asked by mustekeem
  54. Electricity

    can someone please help me on unbalanced Wheatstone bridge. I tried search this on google and i didn't understand it. i understand the balanced Wheatstone bridge but not the unbalanced.

    asked by anonymous
  55. Math

    The fifth term of an eponential sequence is 4375 and the second term is 35. Find the third , sixth term and sum of the of the first five term

    asked by Yunusah Amen
  56. Health

    Riley goes to the drug store to buy some eye drops, she sees her friend, cami getting cigaretts. Riley knows she has to tell but she dosn't want to hurt her friend. What should riley do? (2 points.) A. Tell cami's mum, Cami will understand in the future.

    asked by Likewhat?!
  57. Math

    which equation has (2 -1) as a solution? A.y=2x - 1... B.y=x + 3 C.y=x - 3 D.y=(-2x) + 1

    asked by Party girl
  58. MATH

    How do I put these into equations? Five times the difference of a number and two is seven more than that number. Twice a number decreased by two is equivalent to than number increased by five. I am so lost

    asked by Anesha
  59. math

    use the diagram to identify a segment parallel to EF 1.HG 2.HE 3.DC 4.GF 2.The measure of angle a is 124. classify the angle as acute,right,obtuse or straight help!!!!!! pls check my answers thanks you

    asked by Jake the great
  60. Social studies

    How did the role of the church in education change over time? A.Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. B.Priests became the only teachers at universities. C.Schools began to provide education beyond religious instruction.

    asked by SubToElijahBoyOnYT
  61. Math

    PLEASE HELP ME When keeping records, expenses should be A. added B. subtracted C. multiplied D. divided

    asked by that guy that needs help
  62. math

    find the measures of complementary and supplementary of an angle with a measure of 60

    asked by Jake the great
  63. math

    During a game, a basketball team scored 38 points worth of two-pointers, 33 points worth of three-pointers, and 8 points worth of free throws. How many shots did the basketball team make during the game? (Hint: A free throw is worth one point).

    asked by Ceili
  64. social studies

    A baker in Arkansas wants to sell expensive cakes she has already determined the tools and resources she will need to produce them which of the following list answers the third basic economic question for her business A. Her Bakery would be allocated in an

    asked by Origami Killer
  65. History

    Which best describes the Vatican’s relationship with Spain during the 15th century? A) Spain was fervently Catholic and Spanish gold raised numerous buildings in Rome. B) Spain and the Vatican formed the Schmalkaldic League to fight the French. C) Spain

    asked by Alyssa
  66. social studies

    One of Arkansas's main Imports is trailer tractor trucks what is this fact suggest about the economy of Arkansas and its interdependence with other state and world economies?

    asked by Origami Killer
  67. Science

    Describe, using specific details, the spacecraft that you and/or other explorers will use to travel to your destination. Be sure to include descriptions of all the technology that will be needed to provide life support to the astronauts and to keep them

    asked by LQSx MTH
  68. Math

    A random group of 5 boys and a random group of 5 girls were selected to determine whether boys or girls text more. The table shows the number of texts sent by each person during one day. Comparing the data sets, which inference can be made? Who Texts More?

    asked by hEk YoUr IdEaS
  69. Economics

    To minimize the cost of producing a given quantity of output, the input bundle must be chosen so that the marginal products of all inputs are identical. True or false?

    asked by Ray
  70. math

    Write in scientific notation 0.00000694 = ?

    asked by i suck at math
  71. history

    Operation Torch involved the Allied powers gaining control over which region?

    asked by k
  72. Life orientation

    Three examples of human rights violation

    asked by Conny
  73. Physic

    A inclined plane resis to aheight of 2m over adistanse of 6m calculate

    asked by Abubakir
  74. Algebra

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. f ( x ) = 9 x 3 + 2 x 2 − 5 x + 4 and g ( x ) = 5 x 3 − 7 x + 4 . what is f ( x ) − g ( x ) ? Show all of your steps and write your final answer

    asked by depressed kiddo
  75. English

    please check my answers 1.Mr.Peters comes to bed one night and finds leita calling out in her sleep. How does this scene reveal her internal conflict? her dream, she is talking of her fear of leaving Mr.Peters her dream, she is afraid of the

    asked by kim
  76. Science

    How does a star’s life begin?

    asked by Correct ✅
  77. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the words and phrases to match the empire. Byzantine empire Roman empire centered on Rome, centered on Constantinople, Greek was the official language, Latin was the official language, Eastern Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church

    asked by panda girl
  78. Science

    Is it possible to see a black hole?

    asked by The Meme Kop (YT) (TTV)
  79. physics

    Describe briefly the verification of boyle`s law, stating all precautions

    asked by mujitabah
  80. social studies

    Which of these best expresses the goal of pan Africans of late 1960s

    asked by jeff
  81. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 0.56 grams of benzoic acid (HC6H5CO2, MM = 122.12 g/mol, Ka = 6.4 X 10-5) in enough water to make 1.0 L of solution. Calculate the pH of this solution at equilibrium. 2. Calculate the pH of the system in Question 1 when

    asked by meow
  82. Math

    The dimensions of Mr. Mallory’s rectangular sun room is 13.6feet by 12.75 feet. He will cover the floor with tile. One box of tiles covers 10 square feet and costs $15.75 per box. How much will the floor project cost Mr. Mallory?

    asked by Sarah
  83. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Drawings not to scale On Quadrilateral A B C D, side A B measures 10 units and side A D measures 6 units. Angle D measures 86 degrees and Angle C

    asked by panda girl
  84. History

    What did the missionaries to the Pacific Northwest Americans do that hindered their missionary efforts A: They argued with and criticized other missionaries and belittled the Native Americans B: They refused to learn the Native American languages because

    asked by Skyler
  85. Math

    Ty needs to cut strips of wrapping paper that are each 9 inches wide if Ty has two rolls of wrapping paper that are each 15 feet long how many 9 inch strips can he cut

    asked by Taniya
  86. Science

    What types of rocks are there on the moon?

    asked by Tr0ller6000
  87. Algebra 1

    A traveler is walking on a moving walkway in an airport. The traveler must walk back on the walkway to get a bag he forgot. The traveler’s groundspeed is 2 ft / s against the walkway and 6 ft / s with the walkway. What is the travelers speed off the

    asked by Taylor
  88. Algebra 1

    A kayaker paddled upstream from camp to photograph a waterfall and returns. The kayaker’s speed while traveling upstream is 4 mi/h and the kayaker’s speed while traveling downstream is 7 mi/h. What is the kayaker’s speed in still water? What is the

    asked by Taylor
  89. Math

    I need help it says I am a odd nurse greater than 30 but less than 40 .the sum of my digits is greater than 10

    asked by Aliyah
  90. biology

    The flowchart below depicts the levels of organization in multicellular organisms. cells --> _____ --> _____ --> organ systems Which correctly completes the flowchart? blood; tissues blood; organs organs; tissues tissues; organs is it the first one?

    asked by dianni
  91. Science

    Explain why you cannot use volume alone to identify substances.

    asked by Vernice
  92. History

    What caused economic system depression during Martin van Buren's presidency?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    Which of the following ordered pairs is a solution of the equation y = -4x². Can someone help me solve it. Could you guys also explain why that answer is. Here are the options/Answers: (-2,16) (1, -8) (0,-4) (2,-16

    asked by -_-
  94. math

    merin earns 1.5 times her normal hourly rate for each hour she works after 40 hours in a week. she worked 48 hours this week and earend 650. What is her normal hourly rate

    asked by jasmine
  95. History

    National security policy in which use of nuclear weapons would cause the complete annihilation of both sides? Mutual Assured Destruction

    asked by Anonymous
  96. algebra

    a volleyball team scored 17 points in its first game than in its third game . in the second game, the team scored 23 points. The total numbers of points scored was less than 60. What is the greatest number of points the team could have scored in its first

    asked by jasmine
  97. math

    a rental car cost 37$ for one day plus an additional 0.29$ per mile. what is the cost of renting a car for one day and driving it 83 miles

    asked by jasmine
  98. English

    He goes to a concert once a month. ------------------------------ In this sentence what does "a" before 'concert' mean? Does 'a' mean 'one'? Or is 'a concert' used in generic use?

    asked by rfvv
  99. Calculus

    I need help finding the value of the trig functions 8. Use special right triangles to state the value of the 6 trig functions for 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Math

    Dee used 2 1/3 cups of sugar for a cake recipe. If the amount of sugar the container holds is 3 times the amount she used, does the container hold more than, less than, or equal to 3 cups of sugar? Explain.

    asked by Natalie
  101. Physics

    If A=250g at an angle of 0 degrees and B=150g at an angle of 120 degrees, what will C be? both magnitude and direction.

    asked by Mpho
  102. Physics

    A blue car with mass mc = 528 kg is moving east with a speed of vc = 17 m/s and collides with a purple truck with mass mt = 1352 kg that is moving south with an unknown speed. The two collide and lock together after the collision moving at an angle of θ =

    asked by MUHAMMAD JUNAID