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March 24, 2019

  1. Physics

    A 25g ball slides down a smooth inclined plane. 0.850m high, that makes an angle of 35 degrees with the horizontal. The ball slides into an open box of 200g mass and they slide off the end of the table 1m high. How far from the base of the table will the

    asked by Lory
  2. physics

    a copper calorimeter of 100g mass containing 200g of water was used. The thermometer contained 0.8 centimeter cube of mercury and 3 of glass. what error is introduced by neglecting the heat capacity of the thermometer?

    asked by cho
  3. Social Studies

    The governments of most Central Asian countries today can best be characterized as democracies

    asked by dori
  4. Social Studies

    (1) The Renaissance shifted the direction of learning to reflect the ideals of ________________. A. Humanism B. Revolution C. Conservatism D. Communism (2) What incentive did Spanish explorers have for settling the Caribbean islands? A. Spices and skills

    asked by Hi😱
  5. Social Studies

    What has been a result of protests in Central Asia and the Caucasus such as the protests in Kyrgyzstan? A. Protests have ended corruption throughout the region. B. Protests have failed to lead to positive results.++ C. Some protests have led to greater

    asked by dori
  6. History

    If you had been a united states citizen in 1807, would you have supported war against Great Britain after the attack on the Chesapeake?

    asked by Tr0ller6000
  7. Math

    1. Compare using , or =. 1 point -15 _______ -21 A. C. = 2. Which number is greater than –24. 1 point A -42 B -27 C-16 * D -32

    asked by OwO
  8. math,calculus

    A clock has a minute hand that is 8 inches long, and an hour hand that is 6 inches long. How quickly is the distance between the tips of the two hands changing at 3 pm?

    asked by Mike
  9. Science

    Solid cupric chlorate decomposes with heat to give cupric chloride and oxygen gas. Express your answer as a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your answer.

    asked by first
  10. Science

    A steel ball A of mass 20.0 kg moving with a speed of 2.0 ms−1 collides with another ball B of mass 10.0 kg which is initially at rest. After the collision A moves off with a speed of 1.0 ms−1 at an angle of 30º with its original direction of motion.

    asked by Kalash
  11. Math

    1. Georgie wants to make a cake. She needs to use 2L of milk for each tier. If she has 6 tiers how many liters of milk does she use? A. 12 **** B. 64 C. 6 D. 2 Part 1. Angle makes 17 braclets for her friends. Each braclet uses 21 beads. If Angle wanted to

    asked by Likewhat?!
  12. math

    if 3 dozen cookies cost $9,what is the cost per cookie?

    asked by jayla
  13. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of magnesium, chlorine, and oxygen atoms in 6.10 moles of magnesium perchlorate, Mg(ClO4)2.

    asked by Landis
  14. Maths

    OABCDE is a right triangular prism with OA = 2units , OD= 2units and AB = 4 units. The unit vectors i,j and k are parallel to OA,OD and OC respectively. a) Find the unit vector parallel to DB.

    asked by Dani
  15. Chemistry

    How many moles of oxygen are needed to react with 170 g of hydrazine?

    asked by Tim
  16. Physics

    A man pulls a drum of oil 10kg upon an inclined plane OA.if OA=5m and AB=3m as shown below in a triangle. Calculate the A the potential energy at A and workdone by the man.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Chemistry

    Data Electrodes: V Electrolyte: V(NO3)2 Amps: 6.0 Time (mins): 800 1. Calculate the charge in coulombs that passes through the cell during electrolysis. 2. What is the anode and cathode reaction of this cell? 3. Calculate the mass of metal deposited on the

    asked by Isabella
  18. math

    A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground with an initial velocity of 110ft/sec. Use h=−16t2+v0t+h0 I have no idea what i am doing

    asked by amber
  19. Physics,Science

    Two point charges Q1 = 10µc and Q2 = -2µc are arranged along the x-axis at x = 0 and x =4m respectively. Find the positions along the x-axis where v = 0

    asked by Mike
  20. Organic Chemistry

    What is the order of reactivity from fastest to slowest in an SN2 reaction for the following substrates? a. t-butyl bromide b. isopropyl bromide c. neopentyl bromide d. ethyl bromide e. methyl bromide So far have methyl bromide> ethyl bromide> neopentyl

    asked by Rob
  21. Science

    We're studying input, outputs and side effects of systems right now. One of the questions we were given is "What are two inputs of a healthcare system? What are two outputs of a healthcare system? What are two secondary/side effects of a healthcare

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    The length of a rectangle is 4 times the width. The area is 900 square centimeters. Find the length and width of the rectangle

    asked by keirstin
  23. English

    Hey, does this forum allow for drafts (~800 words in my case) to be submitted and proofread for grammar mistakes, structure, etc.?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    Robert needs to cut four shelves from a board that is 2.5 meters long. The second shelf is 18 centimeters longer than twice the length of the first shelf. The third shelf is 12 centimeters shorter than the first shelf. The remaining shelf is 4 centimeters

    asked by ella
  25. Math

    Every Saturday, Greg walks 2 1/4 miles to the park to play basketball with friends. He walks 2/3 of this distance when he walks to school. How far does Greg walk to school?

    asked by Tina
  26. math

    The difference between two positive integers is 3. If the smaller is added to the square of the larger, the sum is 417. Find the integers

    asked by keirstin
  27. math

    One integer is 5 less than another. The sum of their squares is 157. Find the integers.

    asked by keirstin
  28. Algebra

    are the answers correct? evaluate the value of the following trig functions 7. sec 54° 23’ answer: -1.051 8. cos 36° 10’ answer: 1 9. cot 35° 21’ 45’’ answer: 3.732

    asked by anonymous
  29. health

    what type of muscle is only found in one place in the body

    asked by sue
  30. English

    After they heard the winner announced, Greg’s friends congratulated him. Then teased him to take them out for pizza. Help with sentence structure please

    asked by Erica
  31. science (joint probability)

    A certain system can experience three different types of defects. Let denote the event that the system has a defect of type i. Suppose that P(A1) = .12 P(A2) = .07 P(A3) = .05 P(A1∪A2) = .13 P(A1∪A3) = .14 P(A2∪A3) = .10 P(A1∩A2∩A3) = .01 a. What

    asked by majido
  32. Algebra

    Describe how the graph of y = -x^2 + 1 differs from y = x^2. Then find the axis of symmetry and the vertex.

    asked by Connor Steelwood
  33. math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 times the width. The area is 720 square centimeters. Find the length and width of the rectangle.

    asked by amber
  34. Math

    Mr Graham buys clay for the art class in 25-pound blocks. He gave out a total of 15 pounds of clay to a class of students for a project. Each student got 1/2 pound of clay. How many students are in the class?

    asked by AC
  35. math

    Kendra has a painting canvas that is 20 inches wide by 38 inches high. She painted a red rose, which covered 40% of the canvas. What was the area of the canvas which was covered by the red rose?

    asked by jeremias
  36. math

    One integer is 2 less than another. The sum of their squares is 34. Find the integers.

    asked by keirstin
  37. algebra

    USE THE VARIAble j to represent jenny age one more than the product of 23 and jennys age

    asked by trinidi
  38. Chemistry

    Why must a hole be made in the aluminium lid

    asked by Allan
  39. Science

    A ray of light hits a mirror at 27 from the normal what is the angle between the reflected ray and normal

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    15. A scale model of a building is 5 inches wide by 7 inches long. If the scale is 1 in.:15 ft, how long is the building?

    asked by Miyah
  41. math

    Canadian soldiers are practicing maneuvers in the Arctic, and all soldiers are starting at the same location. Platoon 1 is ordered to maintain their present location, Platoon 2 is ordered to march due north 1000 m, and Platoon 3 is ordered to march 800 m

    asked by A
  42. Algebra

    Maizie earns a base salary of $200 per month and 8% commission on all sales she makes. Maizie's monthly pay in dollars can be calculated by using the equation P = 0.08s + 200 if she sells s dollars of merchandise.

    asked by Willie
  43. Probability

    Find the indicated probability given that Z is a random variable with a standard normal distribution. (Round your answer to four decimal places.) P(0 ≤ Z ≤ 0.33)

    asked by eb
  44. math

    mr williams bought a plot of land for 40,000. the value of the land appreciated by 7% each year. calculate the value of the land after a period of two years

    asked by melesia
  45. Chemistry

    Is there any difference between oxalic acid and oxalic acid dihydrate? Is there difference in their molar mass? Is the molar mass of any substance always g/mol no matter the substance?

    asked by Nsp
  46. chemistry

    A certain volume of mass A recquired 120 seconds to diffuse out.An equal volume of oxygen recquired 85 seconds to diffuse out under the same conditions.what is the relative molecular mass?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    how to find two consecutive positive even integers such that the square of first increased by 2 is equal to 3 times the second.

    asked by james
  48. math

    how much more will pewdipie have in a monthh if he gets 250 a day

    asked by Swayam Shashikumar
  49. math

    ou are a pirate captain trying to determine how long it will take you to get to an island where you expect to find buried treasure. You are heading due North, toward the island. 60° West of North, you spot a light house. According to your sea chart, the

    asked by A
  50. Math

    A kite, 135m higher above the ground has a string 200m long.Determine the angle formed by the string and the ground.

    asked by Carrie
  51. maths lit

    Can I become a paramedic while I'm doing maths lit?

    asked by Nomfuneko
  52. MATH


    asked by trinidi
  53. Math

    The numbers 2,p and q are consecutive terms of a GP, and the numbers p,30 and q are consecutive terms of an AP. Find the possible values of p and q

    asked by Jimmy
  54. Maths : Vectors

    1) The position vectors of A and B are OA= -i+2j+k and OB = i+bj+k respectively. a) Find ,in terms of b, the unit vector in the direction of AB b) Given AB = 2, find the value of b.

    asked by Rachel
  55. physics

    the velocity ratio of a machine is 4

    asked by mustapha
  56. PHysics

    WHy is the expression thrown off a bad one?

    asked by Tokuma