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March 21, 2019

  1. History

    How did the role of the church in education change over time? A. Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. B. Priests became the only teachers at universities. C. Schools began to provide education beyond religious

    asked by wolfie
  2. social studies

    Which challenge do volcanoes pose to East Asia? A. ** They sometimes threaten densely populated areas. B. They reduce the arability of land for farming. C. They make island terrains ill suited for settlement. D. They produce a steady stream of air

    asked by spearitt
  3. social studies

    How did the church try to reshape the code of chivalry? A. by supporting military conquest B. by rewarding bravery C. by emphasizing generosity D. by eliminating knighthood

    asked by Hayden
  4. Chinese

    1. To whom would it be most appropriate to say please or thank you in the Mandarin-speaking world? to a waitress at a restaurant * to a brother or sister to a close friend 2. How are meals balanced in the Mandarin-speaking world? usually equal portions of

    asked by hi
  5. world history

    what condition made the byzantines vulnerable to attack by muslim turks? A. The Council of Nicea B. the death on Constantine =^.^= C. ongoing wars with Sasanian Persians D. invasions by Huns and Germanic peoples

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  6. world history

    Drag and drop actions to match the emperor who is famous for doing them OPTIONS: A split the empire into an east and west B Traveled the empire and built a wall in Britain C Built a new capital city in the East BOXES THEY GO IN: 1 Constantine 2 Diocletian

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  7. social studies

    Which would be most likely to happen in a country run by a military regime? A. ** The military would try to implement an absolute monarchy with military personnel and their family in power. B. The president would direct the military and rely on it to

    asked by spearitt
  8. World History

    Which are examples of the influence of British imperialism in India? (Select all that apply.) Britain built up Indian infrastructure, which included the construction of the fourth largest rail network in the world. Britain did not invest in

    asked by Help
  9. world history

    If you learned oratory, what could you do? A. give good speeches =^.^= B. understand the law C. make fun of people D. race chariots I think A. plz help!

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  10. social studies

    What is the correct order of the social pyramid of Spanish colonial society? Place the highest class at the top and the lowest class at the bottom. creoles, mestizos and mulattoes, Africans and Native, Americans, peninsulares

    asked by TheMainKain
  11. social studies

    Study the chart. *Large and Complex Empires* | *Blending of Cultures* Big cities filled with riches | Destroyed cities; the construction of Mexico City Populations of many millions of people | Millions of deaths due to disease Traditional religions | The

    asked by TheMainKain
  12. Math

    Vector u has a magnitude of 5 units, and vector v has a magnitude of 4 units. Which of these values are possible for the magnitude of u + v? I believe there are more than one answers: A: 1 Unit B: 9 units C: 11 Units D: 13 Units

    asked by chris
  13. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of CaCl2 formed when 5 moles of chlorine reacts with chlorine metal?

    asked by Bilal mengistie
  14. Government

    Is the U.S. or Texas Constitution better? I know the facts and amendments of each but I cannot choose which is better. Can someone list some reasons why one might be better than the other to help me get some ideas for my essay. Thanks.

    asked by |-/
  15. algebra

    1. find the volume of a square pyramid with side length 4 ft and a height of 9ft? 36 48** 108 144 2.find the volume of a square pyramid with side length 6 cm and a height of 2 cm? 8 12 24** 72 3.find the volume of a cone with a radius of 3 cm and a height

    asked by lol
  16. Social Studies

    Brazil’s economy today can best be described as 1. relying mainly on agriculture 2. modern and diversified 3. dependent on single product 4. focused on coffee and sugarcane.

    asked by Anthony
  17. history

    I need help please 1.Why did Native American tribes want to bury the remains of Kennewick Man rather than allow them to be studied by scientists? A. Because they believe he is an ancestor, they want to give him a proper burial. B. Because they believe he

    asked by need help
  18. Math

    Hi! My math teacher hasn't responded to me so I need help! The question is asking me to find lateral area of a pyramid, but I don't know the formula to do so.

    asked by Help please!
  19. business law

    Lois was charged with embezzling money from her employer. She was tried in court before a jury who found her innocent of the crime. After the trial, the police found additional evidence clearly showing Lois was guilty of the crime. Since Lois cannot be

    asked by business law
  20. Math

    Classify the angles A.acute B.right C.obtuse D.Straight

    asked by Me(connexus student)
  21. math

    find the surface area of the cone. use 3.14 for pi it has a base diameter of 8in and a height of 7in can you show me how to do it I don't need the answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. history

    When were the first black slaves brought to America? 1900 1492 1783 1619 answer is 1619 i think Who made himself head of the English church in 1533/1534, after being excommunicated by the Pope? Philip II Henry VIII Henry IV Sir Francis Drake i think Philip

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  23. Computers

    The Command Prompt found on Windows 10 is very similar to the interface of what past operating system?

    asked by john
  24. Math

    Which event is considered neither likely nor unlikely? (1 point) rolling a number greater than 1 on a six-sided number cube rolling a 1 on a six-sided number cube getting heads when flipping a coin choosing an X, Y, or Z from a bag containing all the

    asked by Kevin Crim
  25. Math

    Al and Bob, who live in North Vancouver, are Seattle Mariners fans. They regularly drive the 264km from their home to the ballpark in Seattle. On one particular day, Bob drove to the game. On the return journey, Al was able to increase their average speed

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    The point c(3, -1) is translated left 4 units up and 1unit. . write the rule for this translation . what are the coordinates of the image point A. (x, y) --> (x+4, y+1);(7, -2) B. (x, y) --> (x- 4, y-1);(-1, 0) * C. (x, y) --> (x+4, y-1);(7, 0) D. (x, y)

    asked by Math
  27. world history

    Today, the A. Caesar B. Bishop C. Pope D. Tsar still heads the Roman Catholic Church, which is centered on Rome. There is no longer a Byzantine emperor, but each country has its own A. Governor B. Patriarch C. Prefect D. Council to lead the Eastern

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  28. Math

    In the following figure, triangle ABC and triangle DEF are similar. What is the value of X? A) x=16.5mm B) x=24 mm****** C) x=25.5 mm D) x=30 mm I think it's B?

    asked by pandazz
  29. Language arts

    Riley, Geo, Sarah And Sue went hiking, Sue stumbles on top of a rock, it has hard, Geo also falls, Riley found a bug, and Sarah, looks for bird. Name two errors wrong with this sentence. A. It has hard, Geo also falls. B. The commas, looks for bird, C. It

    asked by Likewhat?!
  30. Math

    which function rule would help you find the values in the table? N= 2, 4, 6 M= -6, -12, -18 A. m= -3n B. m= n - 6*** C. m= n - 3 D. m= -6n

  31. Math

    What’s the coordinates of point A

    asked by Michael
  32. Computers

    Your company has 1,500 desktop computers running Windows 7. You want to upgrade them to Windows 10. Which type of Microsoft license would be best-suited in this situation?

    asked by john
  33. Math

    write a rule for the sequence 3, -3, -9, -15 A. starts with 3 and add -6 repeatedly*** B. starts with -6 and add 3 repeatedly C. starts with 3 and add 6 repeatedly D. starts with 3 and subtract -6 repeatedly

    asked by HI
  34. math

    you buy a ring box as a birthday gift that is in the shape of a triangular prism. What is the least amount of wrapping paper needed to wrap the box? The lengths of the box are 14.5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 10.5 cm

    asked by robin
  35. Math

    5. A certain wall is 13' by 9'. A can of paint will cover 50 square feet. Will it be enough? Explain. Area or Perimeter Answer ______________

    asked by Barry Vacker
  36. Career guidance

    maths lit ,consumer, tourism and drama What can I do with these subjects because I want something stable and that can help financially

    asked by nana
  37. Social Studies

    How did economic changes influence women's decision to fight for suffrage? A. Women were now working outside the home****(I think A)*** B. Women joined the temperance to reduce alcohol use C. Women who lived in rural areas worked on farms but not factories

    asked by HELP
  38. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause? A. My mother, who never wastes anything, rinsed and saved the take-out boxes. B. We were running late, and we had to skip stopping by the post office. C. I had never been to New York before this

    asked by Unknown
  39. Algebra

    Out of 30 kids that came to a Halloween party 4 wore Harry Potter costumes, 3 were dressed as Ron Weasley, and 5 were dressed as Hermione Granger. What percent of all kids at the party were dressed as Hogwarts students?

    asked by Vernice
  40. Chemistry

    If 100g of Methane are burned in this reaction to cook my dinner, How many moles of Carbon dioxide are produced?

    asked by Jose
  41. math

    ( i need a full explanation please :) Students in school were asked what activity they like to do in gym class.  The results are shown below. ( graph info below questions ) A - What percent of females picked volleyball? B - What percent of males picked

    asked by i suck at math lol
  42. Math

    A cow is tethered by a 110-ft rope to the inside corner of an L-shaped building, as shown in the figure. Find the area that the cow can graze. (Let a = 10 ft, b = 60 ft, c = 110 ft, d = 70 ft, and e = 60 ft. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)

    asked by Janet
  43. Math

    Two consecutive even whole numbers are selected. The difference between the reciprocals of the two numbers is 1/60. Determine the numbers.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Statistics

    The control group score of 47.26 on the pretest put it at the 26th percentile does this percentile score represent nominal oridinL or interval scale data

    asked by Zarlish khan
  45. Social studies

    How is Brazil different from all other South American countries? A. Most of its people live in cities. B. Its culture is a blend of several cultures. C. Its official language is Portuguese.*** D. Most of its people are Christian.

    asked by hi
  46. Computers

    You call the help desk to report a problem you are having on your computer. The technician asks you what operating system you are running. You know it is Windows 7 but you forget which version. How can you find out?

    asked by john
  47. Maths

    Two ships A and B leave port Y at the same time. A sailed on a bearing of 26 degrees for 30km while B sailed due west of Y for 10km, calculate (a) The distance of line AB (b) The bearing of A from B (c) The bearing of B from A

    asked by Ande2
  48. Math

    Find the general solution for differential equation (D4 - 5D3 + 5D2 + 5D - 6)y = 0

    asked by This is fine
  49. Physics

    A baseball is thrown from the rood of a 27.5m tall building with an initial velocity of magnitude 16.0m/s and directed at an angle of 37 degrees above the horizontal. A) Using energy methods and ignoring air resistance, calculate the speed of the ball just

    asked by Tammy
  50. physics

    A body of mass 10kg initially at rest is subjected to a force of 20N for 1 second.calculate the change in kinetic energy during that time ?

    asked by Yongo fater
  51. Math

    If its 8:30 what time will it be in 6 hours?

    asked by 0-0
  52. Chemistry

    What is the molar ratio of oxygen to magnesium oxide in the chemical equation? Show work 2Mg + O2 ->2MgO

    asked by Alexia
  53. Algebra

    I really need help on some sample work. Just need to check my answers: 1. Describe how the graph of y=-x^2+1 differs from y=x^2. Then find the axis of symmetry and the vertex 2. Graph the quadratic equation y=x^2+x-2. Identify the axis of symmetry and the

    asked by Connor Steelwood
  54. Math

    (This is on Imagine math)A data set has 32 data points how many data points are below the third Quartile? Sorry not good at this kind of stuff but its for box plots/box and whisker if you dont know the answer it is fine.

    asked by cluck
  55. American History A

    What were the expectations of the British from the Albany Congress in 1754?

    asked by Genre
  56. Chemistry

    How many grams of Oxygen are needed to react with 100g of Nitrogen monoxide?

    asked by Jose
  57. Chemistry

    Some amount of water is evaporated from a 2.0 L, 0.2 M NaI solution, to from a 1.0 L solution. The molar mass of NaI is 150 g/mol. What is the final concentration of NaI solution in?

    asked by Quinn
  58. social studies

    I am doing an essay in social studies and I need help finding a gun control expert to use I already used Adam Winkler but please help class is almost over.

    asked by Fireheart
  59. Math

    It takes Marty 11/4 hours to get ready for school. If 1/5 of that time is used to shower and 1/3 of that time is used to eat breakfast, how long does it take him to shower and eat breakfast?

    asked by Jamie
  60. math

    $500 principal earning 4% compounded quarterly, after 6 yr

    asked by Diana
  61. biology

    The streamline shape of sharks and whales, similar but not due to a common ancestor is an example of: Why is it Analogous traits? Why is Homologous traits wrong?

    asked by lilly
  62. math

    if a polynomial leaves a remainder of 5 when divided by x-3 and a reminder of -7 when divided by x+1, what is the reminder when the polynomial is divided by x^2-2x-3?

    asked by William
  63. World History

    Which was an early step toward German unification? the proclamation of Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor of the German Empire in 1871 the defeat of Prussia to Denmark in the Second Schleswig War of 1864 the creation of the Zollverein, or customs union, among

    asked by Marz
  64. Science

    What are three qualitative observations about water molecules? Each sentence should describe what you observe about water molecules in their solid ice form. BEGIN WITH A CAPITAL AND END WITH A PERIOD!! 1. 2. 3. For the first sentence, I put in: Water

    asked by Barry Vacker
  65. Educational technology

    Write a definition of bias and write one biased and one unbiased question to illustrate your definition

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Math

    John's family travels 300km from their home to a family reunion. His cousin Suzan and her family take the same amount of time to travel 200km from their home. Determine the speed of both vehicles given that one of the vehicles travels 30km/h faster than

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Algebra

    At first, the price was decreased by 12%, then it was discounted again by an additional 5%. What is the percent of the total discount?

    asked by Vernice
  68. Chemistry

    How many calcium ions are there in 12.6g of calcium Carbonate?

    asked by Phoebe
  69. Math

    I need help with this problem. I need to simplify (-8+3i) - (1+4i). I already did the problem, but i looked back at other examples from this unit and I think I might be wrong. (-8+3i) - (1+4i) (-8 - 3) - (1 - 4) (-8 - 3) + (-1 + 4) -11 + 3 = -8

    asked by Kittybug
  70. Math

    You have 7L feet of fence to make a rectangular vegetable garden alongside the wall of your house, where L is a positive constant. The wall of the house bounds one side of the vegetable garden. What is the largest possible area for the vegetable garden?

    asked by Lou
  71. English

    1. Read all the sentences in a loud voice. 2. Read the whole sentences loudly. 3. Read the whole sentence aloud. [Are they all correct? Do we have to use 'sentence' or 'sentences' in #2 and #3?]

    asked by rfvv
  72. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of 1 M of KI solution is ________ 1 M of glucose solution. This is because vapor pressure depends only on the _________. Which option correctly completes this statement? the same as; concentration of the solute less than; number of

    asked by Quinn
  73. Geography


    asked by SUNDAY
  74. Math

    A lighthouse rotates its light in a circular motion with a constant speed. If the beacon of light completes one rotation every 25 seconds, what is the angular speed of the beacon in radians per minute?

    asked by anonymous
  75. physics

    a ball throws in air at the start velocity 18m/s with an angle 37degre to the ground . what the intial velocity in component form?

    asked by Teshome Deso
  76. math

    Which is the quotient of 15 ÷ 4? a.4/15 b.2 2/3 c.3 3/4 d.4 4/15

    asked by hi
  77. geography

    What is the PRIMARY significance of the Brown v Board of Education of Topeka Supreme Court decision of 1954? A) It sparked years of nonviolent civil rights demonstrations in the South. B) It ruled that segregation in public schools violated the Fourteenth

    asked by lakeeyah
  78. Chemistry

    If 44.8L of carbon dioxide were produced, how many liters of oxygen must have reacted with glucose?

    asked by Toto
  79. Excel

    In Excel, you can format data in cells as all of the following EXCEPT __________.

    asked by simon
  80. music

    What is the missing interval in the pattern for a major scale? W W H W __ W H A. W B. H C. rest D. W W

    asked by Jessica
  81. Math

    How many lines of symetry dpes this figure have i go to conexus plz help

    asked by Meep
  82. statistics

    Based on data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, an estimate of the percentage of adults who have at some point in their life been told they have hypertension is 23.53

    asked by Hussain
  83. geography

    mummy shaped amulet that held farm tools

    asked by Anonymous
  84. English

    Will someone be able to help me edit my essay?

    asked by Sarah
  85. Algebra 2

    Could someone check my work? I want to make sure I got the answer correct because I've never done a problem like this one. Thanks. Determine whether the function f(x) = -x^2 + 4x has a minimum or maximun value. a= -1 b =4 -1< 0 = parabola down

    asked by Maia
  86. math

    what is the number form of six hundred thousand and 38 hundreds put together??

    asked by julia


    asked by MARIA
  88. math

    Look at the system of equations below. 4x minus 5y equals 3 line break 3x plus 5y equals 13 A student makes this argument: Elimination is the best method for solving this system because the y-coefficient in the first equation is the opposite of the

    asked by Anonymous
  89. biology

    The field of view with the medium power objective is 1.6 mm. The large circle in the diagram below shows the field of view with a specimen, the smaller dark circle. Estimate the size of the specimen in mm and μm.

    asked by A
  90. Language Arts

    Which sentence is written in a way that emphasizes that the subject of the sentence is doing the action?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Music

    The note A♯ has the same sound as which other note? A. A B. B♭ C. G♯ D. B Plz help soon😶

    asked by Anonymous 2.0
  92. math

    A lion's heart beats 12 times in 16 seconds. How many heartbeats will it have in 60 seconds

    asked by anonomys
  93. Calculus

    Calculate the area under the graph of y = e^–x above the x-axis for the interval [1, ∞]. a) 0 b) e^-1 c) -e^-1 d) infinity

    asked by Alice pleaseeeeee