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March 20, 2019

  1. Math

    The letters r and θ represent polar coordinates. Write the following equation using rectangular coordinates (x, y). Given equation r=5

    asked by Jolyne Kujo
  2. ed tech

    1. Which of the following information is safe to share online? (1 point) when and where you will have a soccer game this weekend where you work or study that you like playing sports which community center you like to play ball at 2. Which of the following

  3. math

    which of the following tables of values is correct for the equation y=-3x^2. A. X Y (X,Y) -2 12 (-2,12) -1 3 (-1,3) 0 0 ( 0,0) 1 3 (1,3) 2 12 (2,12) ______________________ B. X Y (X,Y) -2 -6 (-2,-6) -1 -3 (-1,-3) 0 0 (0,0) 1 3 (1,3) 2 6 (2,6)

    asked by nebula🌌
  4. social studies

    Why did farmers let some fields lie fallow? A. to reduce the surplus of crops B. to bring new land under cultivation C. to increase the soil's productivity D. to allow serfs to grow their own food

    asked by Hayden
  5. Precalculus

    Find the distance that the earth travels in nine days in its path around the sun. Assume that a year has 365 days and that the path of the earth around the sun is a circle of radius 93 million miles. [Note: The path of the earth around the sun is actually

    asked by Laura
  6. Social studies

    Infer which "great victory" the author references in the excerpt? election of the first female governor success of the first women's labor strike*** passage of the Equal Rights Amendment passage of the 19th Amendment *** = my answer Am i right?

    asked by rachael
  7. Music

    1. The mass is an example of A. Sacred Music ** B. Modern Music C. Electronic Music D. Romantic Music 2. An opera A. Uses only instruments to create dialogue on stage B. Uses singers and an orchestra to portray musical theatre. ** C. Uses a soloist to play

    asked by ;p
  8. math

    A cylinder has a height of 12cm. The circumference of the cylinder is 20π cm. Calculate the volume of the cylinder in terms of π

    asked by cmarie
  9. math

    The New network cell phone company charges $20 a month for service and $0.02 per minute of talking time. The mobile company charges $15 a month for service and $0.03 per minute of talking time.. (q) write expressions for the total bill of each company

    asked by Rosa
  10. English

    1. The following question asks about one or more selections from your Literature textbook. You may use your textbook to answer this question. From the following list, choose two poems for this constructed response: ‟Concrete Cat,” ‟Haiku,” and

    asked by Love WINS
  11. Physics

    At some point during their orbit, the location of the Earth and Moon relative to the Sun will be as shown in the figure below. What are the magnitude, in N, and direction of the force experienced by the Moon, in degrees below the Sun-Moon line, due to the

    asked by Kiki
  12. History

    The wealth of East African city-states was based on A. Gold mining. B. Trade. C. Farming D. Control of natural resources. Is it A?

    asked by Phebe
  13. Math

    The sum of two integers is 12. Rhe difference in their reciprocal is 2/9. Determine the 2 integers.

    asked by Anonymous
  14. English

    to marguerite-continued by matthew arnold poem yes in the sea of life enisled,with echoing straits between us thrown,dotting the shoreless watery wild,we mortals live alone.the islands feel the enclasping flow,and then their endless bounds they know.but

    asked by Joshua
  15. Math

    what are the mean median mode and range of the data set 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 26, 26

    asked by math kid
  16. Math

    Perry makes 4 2/3 ounces of red paint and 3 1/3 oz of yellow paint to make the right shade of orange paint he needs 40 oz of orange paint to paint the top of a desk how many ounces of red and yellow paint should Perry use to make enough orange paint to

    asked by G
  17. History

    "I am quite certain that . . . (Rome) would never have been able to be so great had not the immortal gods been placated." –Cicero, from The Nature of the Gods According to Cicero, what was the reason why Rome was so great? A. The government adopted

    asked by Sliverstream
  18. History

    How did Ghana’s rulers make sure that gold remained an important trade good? A. They made beautiful jewelry from it. B. They traded it for salt. C. They controlled how much of it was available. D. They required that all coins be made from it. Is it B?

    asked by Phebe
  19. Science

    Lesson 10: Introduction to Planet Earth Unit Test Science 6 B, i have my answers i need someone to check them please!! and thanks you. connexus academy answers only pls thanks.

    asked by Jake from connexus academy
  20. English

    Please check answers? 1. How would you correct the following run-on sentence? I wanted to go to the mall I wasn't able to go because my car would not start. a. Add a semicolon between the two independent clauses where the second independent clause begins

    asked by Moon
  21. Math

    Which expression is the same as 6 times 52? A) 2(50 + 6) B) 6(50 + 2) C) 6(5 + 2) D) 50(6 + 2)

    asked by Anna
  22. Math

    The letters r and θ represent polar coordinates. Write the following equation using rectangular coordinates (x, y). r=1+sinθ I chose: x²+y²=√(x²+y²+y) (I am not completely sure about this)

    asked by Jolyne Kujo
  23. Math

    The volume of a cone is 56 cubic inches. What is the diameter if the height is equal to 8.5 inches?

    asked by notgonnahappen
  24. Algebra 2

    Use technology or a z-distribution table to find the indicated area. The weights of grapefruits in a bin are normally distributed with a mean of 261 grams and a standard deviation of 9.4 grams. Approximately 20% of the grapefruits weigh less than which

    asked by student
  25. Math

    Mabel has a total of 54 decorative beads. Some are black and some are white. The ratio of the number of black beads to the number of white beads is 7 : 2. How many more black beads than white beads are there?

    asked by Jade
  26. Math- Algebra

    A popular designer purse sells for $500 and 45,000 purses are sold each month. The marketing specialists have done some research and discovered that for each $20 decrease in price, they can sell 5,000 more purses each month. How much should the company

    asked by Emm's browser
  27. Computer Science

    The compare_and_swap() instruction (CAS) can be used to design lock-free data structures such as stacks, queues, and lists. The program example shown below presents a possible solution to a lock-free stack using CAS instructions, where the stack is

    asked by Grace
  28. Physics

    A copper rod has a length of 1.117m

    asked by Tetaake
  29. History

    Describe two ways that WWII created more oppurtunities for African-Americans. Be sure to use key terms, such as A. Philip Randolph, Executive Order 8802, the "Double V" campaign, and/or the NAACP. Describe two way that WWII stripped away the Constituitonal

    asked by help!!!
  30. Science

    Lesson 10: Introduction to Planet Earth Unit Test Science 6 B, i have my answers i need someone to check them please!! and thanks you. connexus academy answers only pls thanks. 1. which of earths spheres contains most of its mass A. atmosphere

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Spanish Help

    Which of the following is always a part of celebrations and holidays in the Spanish-speaking world? (1 Point) A.) quinceaneras B.) Spanish-style cod and tamales C.) family *** I think it's family but I'm not sure. I wanted to check with you to make sure

    asked by Some Random Girl
  32. Math

    Perry makes foreign 2/3 ounces of red paint and 3 1/3 oz of yellow paint to make the right shade of orange painthe needs 40 oz of orange paint to paint the top of a desk and 30 oz of another color paint to paint the rest of the desk how many ounces of red

    asked by G
  33. English

    Mr. peters comes to bed one night and find leita calling out in her sleep. how does this scene reveal her internal conflict? A. in her dream, she is talking of her fear of leaving Mr. peters. B. in her dream, she is afraid and calling for help. C. in her

    asked by nebula🌌
  34. @Connexus Student - Repost math

    Ms.Sue can you help me. Use the proportion to convert meters to centimeters. 100 cm x ----------- = ---------------- 1m 7.2 m A. x= 0.72 cm B. x= 7.2 cm C. x= 72 cm D. x= 720 cm Pls don't hate on me and don't put improper language and I think the Answer is

    asked by Ms. Sue
  35. Health

    Which term best describes the occurrence of conjoined twins? A Frequent B Uncommon C Typical D impossible Is it C?

    asked by Sliverstream
  36. Math

    Kayla had a 14-foot rope that she cut into three pieces. Now two of the pieces are the same length, and the third piece is 2 feet long

    asked by Delilah
  37. social studies

    what natural resources most attracted European traders to the lands that later became Canada?

    asked by alexa
  38. algebra

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (8,3);m=6

    asked by chuchuye
  39. Quadratics

    The path of a bottle rocket being launched into the air and falling back to the ground can be modeled by the equation s=1/2 at^2+v_o t+s_o where s is the height of the object, a is the acceleration, vo is the initial velocity, and so is the initial height.

    asked by Lost
  40. Algebra

    what is the length of a radius of a circle with a central angle of 3π/5 and an arc length of 24π/5 The length of a radius of the circle is units.

    asked by anonymous
  41. maths

    if the line x+y+k is a normal to the hyperbola xsquare/9-ysquare/4=1 then k=

    asked by rakesh
  42. Math

    The drama club sold shirts and caps to raise money for the new stage equipment the club sold each shirt for $20. The club made a profit of $4 for each shirt sold. The drama club sold a total of $480 worth of shirts. How much profit did the club make from

    asked by OwO
  43. English

    Use the sentence parts below to create a sentence with two prepositions. Remember, a preposition conveys a relationship such as source or direction. Read the model sentence: Mrs. Constantine sold her painting of the town from many locations. of a meeting

    asked by Anonymous
  44. History

    1. Which country finally agreed to sponsor Columbus' voyage? A. Italy B. Portugal C. Spain D. England 2. Because of the Treaty of Tordesillas, the language and background of Brazil are____. A. Spanish B. French C. English D. Portuguese 3. Which of the

    asked by i go to wild about cheer
  45. science

    Describe magnetic fields in your own words pleas help me i need it to pass 6 th grade

    asked by Nathan
  46. Science

    1. A(n)_____ is a material that permits the transfer of heat. A(n)____is a meterial that does not permit the flow of heat.* 1 point A: Insulator, Conductor B: Conductor, Electric Field C: Insulator, Electric Field D: Conductor, Insulator 2. The image below

    asked by Cardi B
  47. English

    What impact did your Independent Reading selection have on you as a reader? Would you recommend your selection to a friend? Why or why not? Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your Independent Reading selection. Be sure to give

    asked by drippy-kingkey
  48. science

    the three lines of defense your body has against disease include all except A: physical and chemical defence's B: inflammation C: immune system D : scarring

    asked by Star
  49. Math

    The letters x and y represent rectangular coordinates. Write the following equation using polar coordinates (r, θ). xy=1 possible solutions: 2rsinθcosθ=1 r²sinθcosθ=1 rsin2θ=2 r²sin2θ=2 I chose: r²sinθcosθ=1 Am I wrong?

    asked by Jolyne Kujo
  50. Math

    The letters x and y represent rectangular coordinates. Write the following equation using polar coordinates (r, θ). Given equation: y=x I chose: r=cosθ

    asked by Jolyne Kujo
  51. Math

    There is a poster with 32 cm width and 28 cm length what would be the dimension of the poster 1/4 times its current size

    asked by Kaila Brackett
  52. Physics

    The equation of a transverse wave travelling along a string is given by "y=5 sin π (0.5x-40t)". Find the: a.Amplitude b.Wavelength c.Frequency d.Velocity e.Period

    asked by Christianah
  53. science

    what does not increase the rate of a reaction? my answer is decreasing the concentration of the reactants. am i correct

    asked by student
  54. math

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot. Show your work. please help me i need to get this grade up by friday

    asked by Hayden
  55. algebra

    the sum of 4 times a number and -2 is equal to the sum of 5 times the number and -2. find the number.

    asked by Sylvia
  56. math

    At the local bank, 60% of the employees have 2 or more children. There are 240 employees that have fewer than 2 children. How many employees does the bank have?

    asked by bob
  57. Science

    Beginning at spores, place the following words in the cycle. It starts at spores, and has 4 blanks. Words that fill in the blanks are; Sporophyte, gametes, zygote, and gametophyte. I think the order is: Spores, Sporophyte, Gametes, Gametophyte, and Zygote.

    asked by Palindrome Bob
  58. agebera

    what is the slope of the line joining (4,-8) and (-4,8)?

    asked by jmoney
  59. science

    A. the time for Earth to complete one revolution B. the time for stars to complete one rotation C. the time for Earth to complete one rotation D. the time for the sun to complete one rotation

    asked by Agent_KING#1
  60. math

    the verticals of ABC are A(2, -5), B (-3, 5), and C ( 3,-3). The triangle is reflected over the x-axis. use arrow notation to describe the original triangle and its reflection. A. A (2,-5), B(-3,5), C(3, -3) --> (2,-5), (-3,5) (3, -3)***** B. A (2,-5),

    asked by nebula🌌
  61. history

    Which statement represents an effect of world war II on Texas? (1 point) - People moved to cities to work in wartime industries. - People move to cities because there was no work on farms. - Most of the military beses were located in cities. - People moved

    asked by Ms.sue help
  62. Maths


    asked by Tsegaye
  63. History

    what role did colonialism play in the settling of the pacific northwest select all that apply

    asked by idk
  64. Chemistry

    I've been trying to figure out how to go about answering this question and don't even know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated The oxidation of NH3 to NO in the Ostwald process must be very carefully controlled in terms of temperature,

    asked by Jess
  65. math

    Tickets cost $6 for children and $9 for adults and aunt Eve and uncle took us three kids mom said she would pay half the cost of the five tickets how much did she pay

    asked by cailin
  66. Science (Physics)

    If you are traveling at 30 m/s (about 60 mph) and see a deer in the middle of the road, how far will you travel before you even hit the brakes? Your reaction time is 6.904 m/s

    asked by Patel
  67. math

    Mr. Green teaches band, choir, and math. This year, he has 57 students that take at least one of his classes. He teaches band to 25 students. There are 48 students who take either band or choir or both. There are 9 students who take both math and choir

    asked by applesauce penguin, stef
  68. Science

    PLZZZZ HELP PLZZZZ HELP HELP HELP!!!!How does the position of a constellation change seasonally? Choose all that apply. A. It shifts from west to east. B. It shifts from east to west. C. It rotates around Earth. D. It revolves around the sun. E. It may be

    asked by Agent_KING#1
  69. Chemistry (AP)

    2. Suppose you measured out 0.20 g of tartaric acid, a diprotic acid, H2C4H4O6 , determine the volume of 0.15 M sodium hydroxide required to neutralize this acid.

    asked by Piper Larin
  70. Texas History

    in what ways had the agricultural industry moedernized since world war II select all that apply (3points) - Agribusiness devlopment - Hybrid seed production - The use of row cropping - Technologically advanced mechanization** I only know one of the

    asked by Ms.sue help
  71. Calculus

    I was worried the last response in: ( would get lost so I just re-posted it here just in case: Thank you so much for including both methods on 2C

    asked by George
  72. chemistry

    A mixture of 0.2mole of alcohol A and 0.5mole of alcohol has a total vapour pressure of 40mmHg at 298k,if the mixture obey's Raoult's law,find the pure pressure of B at 298k given that the pressure of A is 20mmHg at 298k

    asked by Smile
  73. Physics

    An electric circular saw is designed to reach its final angular speed, starting from rest, in 1.50s. Its average angular acceleration is 328 rad/s^2. Obtain its final angular speed.

    asked by Remie
  74. Math

    Mean_____15, Median______16, Mode___none, __________Range____12 19,16, 20, 12, 8 Do I have Mean, Mode, Median, and Range right

    asked by Johnnie
  75. history

    Which events were major contributors to the American Civil War? (Choose more than one answer.) Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election. Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass was published. Commodore Perry opened Japan to world trade. The Dred Scott decision

    asked by michael
  76. math

    If the demand function for a commodity is given by the equation p2 + 16q = 1800 and the supply function is given by the equation 500 − p2 + 2q = 0, find the equilibrium quantity and equilibrium price.

    asked by Sabrina Rackley
  77. history

    What is the oldest written language? Sanskrit Aramaic alphabet cuneiform hieroglyphics i think c Who was the first Holy Roman emperor? Charlemagne Louis the Pious Henry IV Otto I A is the answer

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  78. History

    Which factors influenced the growth of Christianity in East Africa? Select all that apply. A. Mansa Munsa’s pilgrimage to Mecca B. trade with Greeks and Romans C. influence of a captured Syrian servant D. invasion of Mali’s Christian military E.

    asked by Phebe
  79. Language Arts

    help guys plzzz :) How could the following sentence be correctly rewritten to have an appositive phrase? Stacey is an outgoing girl who enjoys acting in school plays. A. Stacey, an outgoing girl, enjoys acting in school plays. B. Stacey is an outgoing

    asked by Agent_KING#1
  80. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  81. Texas History

    Compare and contrast the fight for civil rights for Mexican Americans and African Americans? (4 points)

    asked by Please help
  82. science

    what are the top wild cats

    asked by Star
  83. math

    If there are 8 rectangluar panes of glass and the wall is 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall about how big are each rectangluar pane of glass?

    asked by Tillie Kowalski
  84. calculus

    Find the area bounded by the given curves y= 7cos(x) and y=7cos^2(x) between x=0 and x= π/2.

    asked by love
  85. Algebra

    what is the equation of the line given the following conditions. 6. Passing through (-8, -10) and parallel to the line whose equation is y = -4x + 3

    asked by anonymous
  86. Language Arts

    Has your Independent Reading selection grabbed your attention? Tell the title and author of your selection, and then in 3–5 sentences explain why it has or has not grabbed your attention. Support your response using evidence from the text. PLEASE HELP!!!

    asked by KingSavage
  87. Math

    Your grandmother has asked you to help her build a rectangular garden for her roses in her back yard. She has 120 feet of fencing and plans to have one side of the garden against the back of her house so it doesn’t need fencing. What are the dimensions

    asked by Emm's browser
  88. Texas History

    Can someone tell me if this fits the question Mexican Americans were allowed to vote, unlike African Americans who didn't have the power to vote. Both have some things in common things they had discrimination and were separated in schools. Question-

    asked by Please help
  89. Math

    A model airplane reaches a maximum altitude and then begin to descend at a constant rate in feet per second. After falling for 12 seconds, the model airplane has an altitude of 212 feet. After falling for 25 second, the model airplane’s altitude is 95

    asked by Dedric
  90. Math

    A 140 kg traffic light is suspended above the street by two cables. What is the tension in each cable? a)Draw a Free Body Diagram and label all the forces on the suspension point for the light. b) Find the angles the cables make with the horizontal. c)

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    In the simplest fraction, what part of 4 yd cubed is 3 ft cubed?

    asked by Tania
  92. Math

    2. Suppose the angle of depression from a race car driver's eyes to the bottom of the 3-foot high back end of the car in front of him is 18 degrees. How far apart, to the nearest foot, are their bumpers? Assume the horizontal distance from the race car

    asked by anonymous
  93. Math

    The International Space Agency is preparing an experiment to determine the acceleration of gravity on a planet. We know the height of a falling object (s) can be modeled by the equation s=1/2 at^2+v_o t+s_o, where a is the acceleration of gravity, vo is

    asked by nonymous
  94. Math


    asked by OLUWABUNMI
  95. Math


    asked by Chahat
  96. self teach calculus

    Can somebody verify my answer my answer is correct or not? answer is 8/π(e-1). Find the average value of the function on the given interval h(x)=(4e^sin(x)) cos(πx)[0, π/2]

    asked by Anonymous
  97. English

    1. We laugh together and go out. 2. We laugh together and go out at the same time. 3. We laugh together and then go out. [There are two actions. Do the two actions happen at the same time? Or after the first action ends, does the second action begin? The

    asked by rfvv
  98. English

    1. Glad to meet you! 2. Glad to see you! [What is the difference between them? Do we use #1 when we first meet a person? Can we use #2 when we first meet a person? Or Do we have to use #2 when we meet somebody again?]

    asked by rfvv
  99. English

    Is Harper a male given name or a female given name?

    asked by rfvv
  100. Chemistry

    A is a solution of HNO3 of unknown concentration. B is a standard solution of Naoh 25cm3 portion of solution B required an average of 24.00cm3 of solution A for complete neutralization. (1) suggests with reason a suitable indicator for the reaction

    asked by Gideon
  101. Science

    Determine the mass % (m/m) of a NaCl solution if 58.5 grams of NaCl was dissolved in 50 ml of water (assume the density of water to be 1.0 g/ml).

    asked by Ravisha
  102. Mathematiics

    The control group score 47.26 onthe pretest it at the percentile. Does this percentile score represent nominal ordinal or interval scale data.

    asked by Annaa
  103. Ed Tech

    You are researching the following question: What causes tornadoes? Choose the best query to use when searching for the answer. 1. Causes NOT tornadoes 2. Tornadoes OR causes 3. ''tornado causes'' 4. causes - tornadoes

    asked by Random User
  104. history

    *christianity and islam in feudal europe* how did both religions interact?

    asked by Soooo
  105. English

    This is a title of several kinds of activities or subjects. Should we call the title "subject choice" or "subject selection"? Do we have to capitalize the expression?

    asked by rfvv
  106. English

    For one year, students have no mid-term exams and final exams. They can do a lot f activities such as career exploration activities, club activities, arts/PE activities. They can also learn many subjects. Because they don't have exams, they can have a good

    asked by rfvv
  107. Physics

    How to compute the amount of heat neede to raise 10g of aluminum & 10g of Iron from 30°C to 60°C

    asked by Coleen
  108. Math

    Which explains why the sequence 81,3,1/9,... is arithmetic or geometric? I think it's geometric, but I not sure why It either because: It decreases by 3 or It decreases by 1/27. I think it could be because it decreases 1/27.

    asked by Party girl
  109. math

    A band that will be the opening act for a concert charges a $500.00 flat fee as well as 10% of all profits from ticket sales. If the band earns $1,200, how much was made in total ticket sales for the show?

    asked by addisyn
  110. ALGEBRA 1

    1. The sum of a number and 2 is 6 less than twice that number. 2. A rectangular garden has a width that is 8 feet less than twice the length. Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 20 feet. 3. Complementary angles sum up to equal 90 degrees. Find the

    asked by Jallai
  111. Science

    Three point chatges are placed onthe x axis .Acharge of+2micro c at the100cm mark .what are the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force which acts on the charge at the origin

    asked by Mariam
  112. math

    the ratio of strawberry to banana is 2:3 we need 30 cups of batter total what is the percent of 18 cups of banana

    asked by Amnl
  113. economy

    List the types of potential segmenting dimensions, and explain which you could try to apply first, second and third in a particular situation. If the of nature of the situation would affect your answer. Explain why

    asked by nicolas
  114. Science

    The driver of a car slams on the brakes when he sees a tree blocking the road. The car slows uniformly with an acceleration of -5.60 m/s^2 for 4.20 s, making mark straight skid marks of 62.4 m long ending at the tree. With what speed does the car then

    asked by Yamkela mangala
  115. maths

    a tree is 1.5m a year later it becomes 2.2m what is the percentage the trees grow

    asked by ...
  116. history

    why is Africa often treated as one narrative?

    asked by A
  117. Science

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospital and clinic

    asked by Aworna
  118. Math

    Can someone check my work for this quadratic equation? Thank you. b^4 + 2b^2 - 24 = 0 b^4 + 2b^2 = 24 (b^2)^2 + 2b^2 = 24 b^2 + 2b = 24 .... b = -2 +(-) ( Radical 4 - 4 (1)(-24) ) / 2(1) b = -2 +(-) (Radical 100) /2 b = - 2 +(-) 10 / 2 b = -1 +(-) 5 b1 = 4

    asked by Maia