Questions Asked on
March 18, 2019

  1. Maths

    in a class of 25 students 15 of them have a cat 16 of them have a dog and 3 of them have neither

    asked by Lovema
  2. Trig

    A road has a grade (slope) of 15%. What is the angle of elevation of the road, to the nearest degree?

    asked by Ash
  3. History

    Which Renaissance technique was used in this painting to make it look more realistic and three- dimensional? O A. use of negative space O B. use of colorful paint colors O C. use of gesture drawing OD. use of linear perspective Please halp me for this all

    asked by lil work
  4. Science

    The density of liquid mercury is 13.6 g/mL. What is its density in units of lb/in^3 ? (2.54 cm = 1 in., 2.205 lb = 1 kg)

    asked by Riio
  5. Biology

    An organism that is eukaryotic, multicellular, and lacks a cell wall would be classified in which kingdom. Protista Fungi Animalia Archaebacteria Eubacteria I really don't know which ones it is I tried 13 times. Choose all the applies.

    asked by Kay
  6. Calculus

    (I know it looks like a lot but it's just 10 questions) (part 1 [It also explains my situation]: (If your willing to do this part along with part

    asked by George
  7. Math

    Use the formula v=lwh to find the volume of a rectangular prism with following dimensions length=7 in. width=4 in. height =3 in.

    asked by help
  8. math help

    make a table and graph some points for each function use -2,-1,0,1,and 2 for x 7. y = x + 2 8. y = x - 2 9. y = 2x 13. suppose a library charges a fine of $0.2 for each day a book is overdue. The function f = 0.25d shows how the number of day d relates to

    asked by i go to wild about cheer
  9. Social Studies

    To supply the towns and cities with fresh water, the Romans built.. A) Aqueducts***B) Railroads C)Public baths D)Walls

    asked by h e l p
  10. Physics

    A body whose mass is 40kg runs up a flight of 30steps each 150mm high in 6seconds find the average power developed (take g=10m./5)

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Trial Balance

    Given the following balances, the total debits in the trial balance would equal: Equipment $ 37,000 Accounts Payable 2,000 Sales 49,000 Accumulated Depreciation 4,000 Accounts Receivable 7,000 Retained Earnings 16,000 Salary Expense 6,000 Cash 8,000 Share

    asked by Jade
  12. Math

    A man having 20 litres of petrol in his car, uses it for 600 km. How many kilometers will the same man travel with 19.25 litres.

    asked by Elijah
  13. Social Studies

    How did the catholics and the protestants interact with each other?

    asked by Blueberry
  14. math

    Which of the following ordered pairs is a solution of the equation y= -4x^2? A. (-2, 16) B.(1, -8) C. (0, -4)***** D. (2, -16)

    asked by nebula🌌
  15. math

    A man is standing in the corridor of a ten storey building and looking at a tall tree in front of the building he sees the top of the tree at an angle of depression 30degree if the tree is 200metre tall and the man's eyes are 300metre above the ground

    asked by oyinkansola
  16. physics

    a delivery person pulls a 20.8 kg box across the floor. the force exerted on the box is 95.6n (35 above the horizontal). the force of kinetic friction on the box has a magnitude of 75.5n. the box starts from rest. using the work-energy theorem determine

    asked by emma
  17. Math

    1) Use the point on the line and the slope m of the line to find three additional points through which the line passes. (There are many correct answers.) (1, 6), m is undefined the options for 2 are a) (1, -2), (-1, -2), (-2, -2) b) (1, -6), (3, -6), (5,

    asked by anonymous
  18. Maths

    Question : Integrate [x/(1+(sin a*sin x))] from 0 to pi My first thought was to apply integrate f(x) dx= f(a-x) dx method Which simplified the integral into; 2I = integrate [pi/(1+(sin a*sin x))] dx , cancelling out x Then I made the integral into the form

    asked by Ashley
  19. Math

    Find the 8th term of an exponential sequence whose first is 3

    asked by Ibrahim
  20. History

    Why did Russia's withdrawal from the war hurt the Allies? A. The Russians had almost won the war before they had to withdraw. B. Germany was able to travel through Russia to attack the Allies. C. The Russians began to fight against the Allies. D. Britain

    asked by Anonymous
  21. algebra

    consider the infinite geometric series n=1 -4(1/3)^n-1 . i need help with writing the first four terms of the series and finding the sum if it has a sum.

    asked by
  22. Math

    Which expression is equal to "five less than a number multiplied by 3"? my answer is 5-3x is the answer right

    asked by Johnnie
  23. Calculus

    Hi, I missed school due to illness (and my school isn't very forgiving) so I would really appreciate some help answering these questions, tbh I have no idea how to do these (it was a short unit and I missed all of it) but If I just see how they are solved

    asked by George
  24. Newtonian Mechanics

    The 3.0 m long, 94 kg rigid beam in the following figure is supported at each end. An 70 kg student stands 2.0 m from support 1. How much upward force does the support 1 exert on the beam? How much upward force does the support 2 exert on the beam?

    asked by Megan
  25. Newtonian Mechanics

    An athlete at the gym holds a 3.0 kg steel ball in his hand. His arm is 62 cm long and has a mass of 3.8 kg, with the center of mass at 40% of the arm length from the shoulder. What is the magnitude of the torque about his shoulder due to the weight of the

    asked by Megan
  26. math

    You purchase 2.4 meters of nylon cord to make 8 friendship bracelets. How many centimeters are in each bracelet? A. 0.3 cm B. 3 cm C. 7.2 cm D. 30 cm~~~

    asked by FOMO
  27. English

    6. The imagery creates which mood in the poem? (1 point) flirty cheerful

    asked by Real ANSWERS
  28. English

    23. Which is the best conjunction to join these two sentences together? Serena lives in an apartment. It is on the first floor. (1 point) and or but

    asked by Love WINS
  29. Math

    47x^5 − 17x^2y^3 + y^2 is a trinomial but how do I get 5 from this problem? is it bcuz of the 47 and -17

    asked by Josh
  30. math

    Mike has 700 dollars in a bank account. The bank account earns 4.5% interest, compounded annually. a) Write an equation that models this situation b) How much interest will have Jerome have earned in 10 years?

    asked by lilly
  31. Social Studies

    Which outcomes did the end of the Vietnam War have? Select all that apply. A. European powers colonized Indochina. B. South Vietnamese troops invaded the North. C. Vietnam united under a communist government.* D. U.S. troops withdrew from the country.* E.

    asked by Palindrome Bob
  32. statistics

    A sample of four different calculators is randomly selected from a group containing 15 that are defective and 26 that have no defects. Find the probability that at least one of the calculators is defective

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Chemistry

    Rank the following 0.10 M solutions in order of increasing pH. (Use the appropriate symbol to separate substances in the list.) HONH3NO3, HOBr, RbNO3, RbOH, HNO3, HONH2, RbOBr HONH3NO3 (?) HOBr (weak acid, so lower pH value but higher than bases) RbNO3

    asked by .
  34. English

    Choose the correct word in parentheses. Don't leave without Ian and (me,I)! me * I

    asked by Maxwell
  35. Social Studies

    Drag and drop the countries to classify them according to the type of government that they have. (Predominantly Authoritarian) (Democratic in Some Form but Authoritarian in Practice) (Predominantly Democratic) _________________________________________ You

    asked by Palindrome Bob
  36. physics

    A nonconducting sphere 1.9 m in diameter with its center on the x axis at x = 4 m carries a uniform volume charge of density ρ = 7.6 µC/m3. Surrounding the sphere is a spherical shell with a diameter of 3.8 m and a uniform surface charge density σ =

    asked by katie
  37. chemistry

    Calculate the pH after 0.014 mole of gaseous HCl is added to 227.0 mL of each of the following buffered solutions. (Assume that all solutions are at 25°C.) (a) 0.089 M NH3 and 0.17 M NH4Cl (b) 0.74 M NH3 and 1.25 M NH4Cl

    asked by .
  38. Economics

    Assume that output is defined by K0.5 (EL) 0.5, where K denotes capital, L denotes labour, E denotes labour efficiency; K = 400, L = 100, E = 900 Consumption (C) is given by the equation: C = 500+0.5(Y - T) Investment (I) is given by the equation: I = 3500

    asked by HERON NITA
  39. Economics

    Assume that output is defined by K^0.5 (EL)^0.5, where K denotes capital, L denotes labour, E denotes labour efficiency; K = 400, L = 100, E = 900 Consumption (C) is given by the equation: C = 500+0.5(Y - T) Investment (I) is given by the equation: I =

    asked by HERON NITA
  40. math

    Thrice divided by y minus 12 multiply by m

    asked by kevi
  41. Statistics

    Four people working independently on an assembly line all perform the same task. The time (in minutes) to complete this task for person i (i = 1, 2, 3, 4) has a uniform distribution on the interval [0, i]. Suppose each person begins the task at the same

    asked by HERON NITA
  42. Statistics

    Customers at a Publix grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina, can pay for purchases with cash, a debit card, or a credit card. Fifty-five percent of all customers use cash and 38% use a debit card. Careful research has shown of those paying with cash,

    asked by HERON NITA
  43. chemistry

    Q: Calculate the pH of a solution that is 0.56 M HC3H5O3 and 1.28 M NaC3H5O3. I used the H-H equation for this and got this so far: HC3H5O3 acid NaC3H5O3 base pH = pKa + log([NaC3H5O3]/[HC3H5O3]) = -log(Ka of HC3H5O3) + log(1.28/0.56) = -log(1.4*10^-4) +

    asked by .
  44. English

    After a serialized drama peaks, its ratings usually fall in a downward ________ as infrequent viewers perceive themselves to be further and further behind the story. A. Allocation B. Acrobat C. Trajectory D. Cantata

    asked by Barry Vacker
  45. math

    If you have 24x3 then add 46 and then times two what do you have.

    asked by kizarh
  46. math

    sorry i dont know how to explain it but here is an image of the problem imgur dot com/a/33DOYwt

    asked by eazy
  47. Social Studies

    Question 1 of 21 How did the role of the church in education change over time? A. Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. B. Priests became the only teachers at universities. C. Schools began to provide education beyond

  48. Algebra

    Find the sum of all multiple of 7 between 100 and 300

    asked by Raphael
  49. Algebra

    Given a1=28,an=-77 and Sn=-196 in an A.P, find the 10th term and the sum of the first 10 terms.

    asked by Raphael
  50. Social studies

    Question 2 of 21 Look at the timeline of a span of European history. A timeline of select events of the Middle Ages is shown. The timeline ranges from the year 500 to the year 1500. The timeline shows that in 597, Pope Gregory I sent missionaries to

    asked by I have
  51. Math

    Graphing, Equations, and Inequalities practice 1. identify the function rule from values in the table the table input output -1 -2 0 -1 1 0 2 1 a. output equals input times 2 b. output equals input minus 1 c. output equals input minus -1(mine) d. output

    asked by i go to wild about cheer
  52. english

    need help with a 1 and a 1/2 page essay on compare and contrast the pleasantville and the crucible

    asked by ashley
  53. music

    the sonata became a great innovation of the classical period. the parts of a sonata include

    asked by invisible aria
  54. espanol

    which of the following objects would you find in the cocina of a house A. la Cama estufa C.el sofa

    asked by why you lokkin at me
  55. physics

    What force would be required for Steve to do as much work when he pushes at ϕ=40∘ as when he pushes in the ϕ=0 direction?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    The top horizontal edge of the rectangle measures 17 centimeters, the left vertical edge of the rectangle measures 22 centimeters, and the bottom horizontal edge measures 17 centimeters. The left vertical leg is on the right edge of the rectangle, with v

    asked by Sliverstream
  57. MATH

    Determine the slope m and y-intercept (if possible) of the linear equation. (If the slope is undefined, enter UNDEFINED. Enter NONE if there is no y-intercept.) y = 18 slope: m= y-intercept: (x,y)= describe it's graph: a) The line is vertical and passes

    asked by anonymous
  58. Art

    An ancient artist created a grass basket for grain storage. Woven into the surface is a image of the cultural god of the harvest. Which statement best describes the purpose of this basket? A. This basket is purely a function for dry goods such as grain or

    asked by MarieNeko
  59. math

    why is math so inportant

    asked by yesiro
  60. science

    1. What can expose rock to weathering? mountain building igneous processes metamorphic processes compression and heat

    asked by SS_CPA
  61. Physics

    An electric motor is used to lift a load of bricks through a vertical height of 20m.the tension in the cable attached to the electric motor is 2000N.calculate work done by the electric motor on the bricks

    asked by Wendy
  62. social studies

    Drag and drop the vocabulary words to complete the sentences. Words may be used once or not at all. Portugal Spain Inquisition Reconquista The was a movement to drive Muslims from . It resulted in the creation of a mostly Christian kingdom there, as well

    asked by Hayden
  63. Math~repost

    The top horizontal edge of the rectangle measures 17 centimeters, the left vertical edge of the rectangle measures 22 centimeters, and the bottom horizontal edge measures 17 centimeters. The left vertical leg is on the right edge of the rectangle, with v

    asked by Sliverstream
  64. Science

    Which of the following appliances uses the most energy? A. Laptop B. Television C. Radio D.Clothes dryer My answer is D please check my work.

    asked by Me
  65. English

    i am a native of north america which choice best describes the authors point of view in writing the passage

    asked by Hayden
  66. chemistry

    the equation 3h2(g)+n2(g)= 2 nh3(g) if we have 3 mols of n2 how much nh3 can be made

    asked by ethel
  67. History

    Which statement best explains the relationship between economic wants and needs? A) People do not need to fulfill either their needs or their wants to survive. B)People must for fulfill their wants to survive but they do not need to fulfill their needs to

    asked by Basketball
  68. Algebra

    So ik I cant post pictures on this site, but I just need help with this question (it’s my last question for the U2L10 FUNCTIONS ALTERNATIVE PORTFOLIO connections academy), it’s ok if you don’t give me the answer I would just want someone to explain

    asked by hehehehe >:D
  69. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations y=2x^2-3 y=3x-1

    asked by Connor Steelwood
  70. math

    $64000 is borrowed at 8.2% p.a. simple interest for 5 years. a) what is the total amount over the 5 years? b) if repayments are made monthly, how much would each payment need to be?

    asked by aila
  71. chemistry

    if 4.5 g of Zn reacts with 5.0 g of HCl which is the limiting reactant

    asked by Jemal
  72. Algebra 2

    I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out this problem and I'm really confused. Could someone check my work so far? The motion of a ball scooped by a field hockey player can be modeled by h = -16t^2 + 40t, where t is the time in seconds and h is the

    asked by Emma
  73. math

    base area 32 cm2 ,height 8 m

    asked by kwesi
  74. history

    why did the putritans come to north america?

    asked by Sophie ;)
  75. math


    asked by karen
  76. Math

    x +5=12 solve as the equation x +7 =12 is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  77. Math

    Determine the slope m and y-intercept (if possible) of the linear equation. (If the slope is undefined, enter UNDEFINED. Enter NONE if there is no y-intercept.) y = 18 slope: m= 0 y-intercept: (x,y)=(0,18) is my answers for slope and y-intercept correct?

    asked by anonymous
  78. Accounting

    Journal Entry Help GST rate 15% MMT Ltd. completed the following transactions and events in the first month of its operation. June 2018 1 Sole shareholder (Jason) invested $65,000 cash. 1 Jason contributed a computer, fair value, $1,495 GST inclusive. 1

    asked by Jade
  79. @ oobleck

    Sorry i called you a rude word when you were help you that person i should not have intervened while you were help a student 🤦‍♂️ ⚡-the flash

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  80. math

    a net for which a3D figure would always have 6 congruient rectangular regions

    asked by Payton Perry
  81. calculus

    How does 0-(1/81)-((te^9t)/81)+(9e^9t/81)=(-1/81)-0+0? Where does the 0 come from?

    asked by KKK
  82. math

    help pls, and quick this is for a thing i'm doing rn 13. use a net to find the surface area of the prism. l = 14 in. w = 5 in. h = 7 in. answers: (a) 203 squared in. (b) 406 squared in. (c) 476 squared in. (d) 540 squared in.

    asked by (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
  83. Recordkeeping?

    For every service request, list the last name and first name of the owner and the category and description of the service. Sort the results by service category.

    asked by Manuel
  84. physics

    A simple mashin has an an efficiency of 0.75 and VR of 12 detrmine the MA and load that can be moved if an effort 100N is appied

    asked by Beti wanyaw