Questions Asked on
March 16, 2019

  1. science

    potential energy is energy that a body possess by virtue of its position, while kinetic energy is energy that a body possess by virtue of its speed. could there be an energy that a body possess by virtue of its acceleration?

    asked by help
  2. physics

    17. At what distance of separation, r, must two 5.87 x 10^-8 Coulomb charges be positioned in order for the repulsive force between them to be 64.9 N? You must show your work for credit

    asked by lula
  3. English

    In “The Story of An African Farm,” why does Bonaparte choose to repeatedly bang his head against the storeroom wall? The Story of An African Farm He hopes to persuade Otto to allow him to move in with him. He fears he has been accidentally locked in

    asked by Kambrie
  4. physics

    16. A positive and a negative charge, each with a magnitude of 3.65 x 10-4 C, are separated by a distance of 0.67 m. Find the force on each of the particles. You must show your work for credit.

    asked by lula
  5. Calculus

    Which of the following integrals cannot be integrated using partial fractions using linear factors with real coefficients? a) integral of (x^2-1)/(x^3+x) dx b) integral of 1/(9x^2-4) dx c) integral of (x^3-x+3)/(x^2+x-2) dx d) All of these can be

    asked by Alice pleaseeeeee
  6. Business Math

    Marcus invests $8,000, at 8% interest, compounded annually for 15 years. Calculate the compound interest for his investment.

    asked by Jasmine
  7. Math

    find the missing number for a parallelogram a=244in^2 h= b=12.6in (1in=2.54cm)

    asked by Chidozie
  8. Math

    The following data sets can be modeled linearly. Data Set M: {(14,95), (9,85), (4,65), (6,80), (3,73), (12,107), (7,64), (12,86), (10,96), (9,64), (1,44)} Data Set N: {(13,109), (9,85), (4,65), (6,80), (3,63), (12,107), (7,76), (11,100), (10,96), (8,85),

    asked by Zaphior English
  9. math

    A plane takes off at an angle of 20 degrees. Assuming a constant speed and trajectory, by the time it has travelled 25 kilometres horizontally, how high will it be flying?

    asked by JD
  10. Calculus

    Use Euler's Method with three equal step sizes to estimate the value of y(0.3) for the differential equation y ′ = y, with y(0) = 1. Type your answer in the space below and give 3 decimal places. If your answer is less than 1, place a leading "0" before

    asked by Alice pleaseeeeee
  11. english

    1. After reading the two poems "america " and "the tropics in new York" by Claude McKay, compare and contrast the poems. Consider imagery, rhetorical devices, and tone. Which do you think is more peaceful? Why? Support your answer with evidence from the

    asked by regenia
  12. Math

    Two men P and Q set out prospecting for oil from a base camp R. P moves 20km on a bearing of 205 degree and Q moves 30km on a bearing of 060. Calculate The distance from Q to P

    asked by Attah Diana
  13. java/programming repost please help me!

    The ascending order was displaying the same as descending order. how do i get the ascending order to be different from descending order? public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner in = new Scanner(; int n =10; int a[] = new int[n];

    asked by anonymous
  14. English

    An ad showed a fish with a straw in its mouth with the caption, "don’t suck the life from our oceans" How can I analyze this?

    asked by Sally111
  15. english

    2. Compare the two poems "Theme for English B" by Langston Hughes and "Incident" by Countee Cullen. Compare and contrast the tone of these works. Consider both diction and rhetorical devices. Determine which poem speaks more to you. Why? Support your

    asked by regenia
  16. Calculus

    What is the best method to evaluate the integral of 1/(4x^2-9) dx a) Integration by parts b) Rewrite the integral using long division c) Rewrite the integral using partial fractions d) Use a substitution -----> my answer Can you check for me, please

    asked by Alice pleaseeeeee
  17. Physics

    A proton travels to the east at 3.5*10⁶ m/s as it enters a region of uniform magnetic field. The magnitude of the magnetic field is 0.15 T and its direction is 30° north of east. Find the magnitude of the force on the proton at the moment it enters the

    asked by Denz
  18. Physics

    A thin straight wire carries a current of 10 mA and makes an angle of 60° with a constant magnetic field of magnitude 10^-6 T. The portion of the wire in this field has a length of 10 cm. Calculate the magnitude of the force on this segment of the wire

    asked by Denz
  19. Physics

    Calculate the percentage increase in length of a wire of diameter 2.2 mm stretched by a load of 100 kg.Young's modulus of wire is 12.5 × 10^10 N/m^2

    asked by Robert
  20. English 1 Foundations B

    Yeah so I doubt anyone is going to be able to help which is fine I guess but, My mom never told me when the second semester started and actually did my homework for me which I generally don't understand why she did that because that messed me up

    asked by Sarah
  21. English

    In this class, students learn about various kinds of jobs. They go out and visit several workplaces so that they can get to know what to do in these kinds of workplaces. Then, what is the suitable subject name for this class? 1. career 2. course 3. _______

    asked by rfvv
  22. Probability

    In a large crowd, there are three times as many men as women. Three people are chosen at random. Assuming that there are so many people that choosing three has a negligible effect on the proportion of men to women , find the probability that they are a.

    asked by Kayode
  23. geometry

    For each sets of lengths determine if it is possible or not to form a triangle: 1) AB = 4 cm, BC = 6 cm, AC = 12 cm 2) AB = 2 cm, BC = 8 cm, AC = 5 cm

    asked by Vernice
  24. math

    witch of the following triangles cannot be drawn acute triangle scalence triangle obtuse triangle Equilateral triangle

    asked by kendrea brunson
  25. English

    The school nurse is in charge of teaching students. What is the suitable name for the subject? 1. health 2. health education 3. ___________

    asked by rfvv
  26. Career guidance

    can i be able to study veterinarian?if not possible what are the courses available for me to study

    asked by makhado musiiwa