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March 12, 2019

  1. history

    What was the significance of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Korea during World War II?

    asked by simon
  2. Calculus

    The function is continuous on the interval [10, 20] with some of its values given in the table above. Estimate the average value of the function with a Trapezoidal Sum Approximation, using the intervals between those given points. x 10;12;15;19;20 f(x)

    asked by Alice
  3. math

    1. which graph represents the equation y = x^2 - 2? 2. which graph represents the equation y = 6x^2? 3. which graph represents the equation y = |x|+2? graph I is a wide V-shape going through quadrants I and II. graph II is a slim U-type shape going through

    asked by spearitt
  4. Math

    A spinner has 4 equal sections: red, white, blue, and green. john spins the spinner and tosses a coin. which shows the sample space for spinning the spinner and tossing the coin? I have a chart but I cant figure out how to get into this question.

    asked by Katie
  5. math

    For a​ long-distance person-to-person telephone​ call, a telephone company charges $ 0.51 for the first​ minute, $ 0.34 for each additional​ minute, and a $ 2.06 service charge. If the cost of a call is $ 6.65 comma how long did the person​ talk?

    asked by van
  6. Physic

    Calculate the mass of a bus if it produces o force of 14,000N while accelerating at a rate of 5 m/s^2

    asked by Sagar Chhetri
  7. Languages

    How would you use classifiers in ASL? A. to organize your topics B. to sign about topics related to the classroom C. to give additional information about the sign D. to avoid using signs that you don’t know Which classifiers would be best used to

    asked by I <3 2 CHEAT
  8. Algebra

    Write a trigonometric equation for which the solutions lie in quadrant I and II. Then solve the equation for 0

    asked by Blank
  9. english

    Which of the following editing techniques helps keep screen direction constant

    asked by tracey
  10. precalculus

    The height of an object moving up and down is described by 𝑦 = 72 + 40𝑐𝑜𝑠18𝑡 (in degree mode). This is an example of simple harmonic motion. To at least three decimal places, confirm that the average speed of the object is 2/π times its

    asked by will
  11. Statistics

    Scores on an IQ test are normally distributed. A sample of 15 IQ scores had standard deviation s=10. The developer of the test claims that the population standard deviation is =15. Do these data provide sufficient evidence to contradict this claim? Use the

    asked by steph
  12. Algebra

    what is a Trigonometric equation with solutions x = 5pi/6, 7pi/6

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Social studies

    1. Which effect did Marco Polo’s The Travels of Marco Polo have on East Asia and Southeast Asia? A. It prompted the Chinese to send out explorers of their own. B. It caused the collapse of the Japanese shogunate. C. It drew European interest in the

    asked by Banana
  14. Sciemce

    What do the gas giants have in common?

    asked by MarieNeko
  15. Math

    i need help with problem d Graph the arithmetic sequence an = –4, –1, 2, 5, 8, … a. What is the 8th term in the sequence? a_ n = a_1 + (n – 1) d. a_8 = -4 + 7(3) = 17 b. What is the recursive formula for this sequence? A_n+1 = a_n + 3 c. What is

    asked by Anon
  16. math

    Make a box-and-whisker plot of the data. 60,63,53,66,65,58,51,55,58,51,58,62,53,66,61,51,65,52,54,50 Can I have some help with this?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Social Studies

    Artifacts archaeologists studying early humans are likely to examine__ B.written records of the past C.diary entries D.fossils What is the answer plz I need help! :(

    asked by Jekhia
  18. history

    What impact did the evacuation of American troops in Vietnam have on the United States?

    asked by simon
  19. Lifeorientation

    How sports can detract nation building

    asked by Yvette
  20. science

    1. A type of biotechnology that has allowed scientists to automate the process of building DNA molecules is known as (1 point) A. genetic engineering B. gene therapy C. DNA fingerprinting D. polymerase chain reaction**** 2. Which of the following uses of

    asked by Helper
  21. English

    What is the best way to revise the following sentence so it used a pronoun in the nominative case? Lauren handed Sarah the keys after locking the door. A. She handed Sarah the keys after locking the door. B. Lauren handed her the keys after locking the

    asked by Please Help!
  22. physics

    A battery X of emf 6volt and internal resistance 2(ohms) is connected in series with a battery Y of emf 4volt and internal resistance 8(ohms) so that the two emf act to oppose each other, calculate the terminal P.D of X and Y

    asked by ronald
  23. Calculus

    Find the range of the function F(x)= integral from negative 6 to x of √(36-t^2) dt

    asked by Karen
  24. Math

    In the following figure , triangle abc and triangle DEF are similar. What is the value of x You would know if u go to connections Academy

    asked by Cristian
  25. Math

    You and 3 friends went out for dinner. The bill is $85.36. How much does each person owe?

    asked by Jacklyn
  26. math

    If the length and breadth of a rectangular , field is in the ratio 9:5. If the length of the field is 54 cm . Find its breadth.

    asked by Prashik
  27. Calculus

    Find the center of mass for a shape consisting of three quarters of the unit circle, removing the quarter in the third quadrant

    asked by Lol
  28. Civic education

    List and explane ways that leaders can protect the interest of their followers

    asked by Usman Nuhu Usman
  29. Math

    b. Alice’s school is selling tickets to the school carnival. On the first day of ticket sales, the school sold 3 adult tickets and 9 student tickets for a total of $75. The second day, the school sold $67 by selling 8 adult and 5 student tickets. What is

    asked by Anon
  30. English

    1. He is driving in the road. 2. He is driving on the road. 3. He is driving at the road. [Is #2 correct? What is the difference?] 4. He is playing at the playground. 5. He is playing in the playground. [What is the difference between 'at' and 'in'? Are

    asked by rfvv
  31. Science

    PLANTS AND ANIMALS 18. Plants can cause mechanical weathering. The seed of a tree, bush, or other plant may sprout in soil that has collected in a cracked rock. As the roots grow, they ___, eventually breaking the rock into pieces. 19. Animals that ___,

    asked by Barry Vacker
  32. Social studies

    Question 1 of 10 Drag the words to the boxes in the sentences. Burmese khmer porcelain reservoirs Indonesia Mekong By the ninth century, the__________ empire had emerged in eastern Indochina. It developed around agriculture and used____________to store

    asked by Banana
  33. chemistry

    why the suction of a vacuum filtration apparatus is broken before the vacuum is turned off

    asked by natasha
  34. Math

    Identify the function rule shown in the table. n: 3, 4, 5, 6 y: 2, 1, 0, -1 A. y= 2+n*** B. y=5n C. y=5-n D. not enough info

    asked by hi
  35. Math

    the control group score of 47.26 on the pretest put it at the 26th percentile. Does this percentile score represent nominal, ordinal, or interval scale data?

    asked by Gul
  36. Social studies

    1. Drag and drop each statement into the box with the economy it best reflects. command economy market economy Business owners make decisions about how to run their companies. The government decides how much of an item should be produced. Legal policies

    asked by Banana
  37. History

    What is the main reason other members of the EU are concerned about the British decision to leave the EU? A. They are concerned that other nations will want to leave the EU after Britain. B. They are concerned that English will not be spoken in the EU any

    asked by U DONT KNOW ME
  38. Social Studies

    Why did Henry the Navigator sponsor voyages of exploration? A. to establish colonies in the Americas B. to find better trade routes to asia C. to search for gold and other riches*** D. to engage in triangular trade am i right?

    asked by LQSx MTH
  39. Math

    One of my co-worker created math quizzes for class 7 . How can i check if that quiz is plagiarized or not? Any recommendation?

    asked by Jesper
  40. Math

    Evaluate the expression (7 - 3)3 + 4 2 (The 4 has the power of 2) Please help! Maybe just explain it? When I tried, I got 18, and 18 isn't a answer choice. TIA!

    asked by MarieNeko
  41. English

    How does the poet use personification to describe trees? (Almost summer sky by Jacqueline Woodson) A. trees upstate think they are better then other trees B. the hundred year old trees act like men C. the top of the tree reach up and touch the sky D. trees

    asked by HI
  42. Social Studies

    Which of the following was true of people moving to suburbs and purchasing automobiles? A. Women were allowed to drive and thereby gained more freedom. B. It was a lifestyle only the wealthy could afford. C. Women were left isolated all day as men took the

    asked by Martha
  43. Math

    Danielle wants to determine the median age of the 300 people attending a music festival. She selects 3 people at random and determines the median. What may be concluded about the results? A. The results are a good predictor of the median age of the

    asked by MarieNeko
  44. Social Studies

    What Role did marco polo play in the age of exploration? A. He found the first sea route to asia. B.he conquered native peoples in the americas C. he invented new tools and methods of navigation D . he increased european interest in foreign lands.

    asked by LQSx MTH
  45. algebra

    the speed of the current in a river is 6 mph a ferry operator who works that part of the river is looking to buy a new boat for his business everyday his route takes him 22.5 miles against the current and back to his deck and he needs this trip in a total

    asked by stan loona
  46. Math

    I really need help with this pre test. Thank you all so much! 8th grade Slope and Functions pre-test. 1. What is the function to the system of equations pictured below? A. (-3,5) B. (-3,-2) C. (3,4) D. (1,2) E. (6,-2) F. I don’t know I also need help

    asked by JiskhaDude
  47. Algebra

    (Note): Hello! I am really stuck on this problem and am trying to figure out how to solve it! I don't want the answer, I just want to know how to solve an equation like this: Consider a sequence whose first five terms are: -1.75, -0.5, 0.75, 2, 3.25 Which

    asked by Amelia
  48. History

    Who was George Washington?

    asked by Ashley Lanneau
  49. Social studies

    Which holy writing do Christians, but not Jews, uphold as scripture? 1 A. Hebrew Bible 2 B. the Talmud *** 3 C. New Testament 4 D. the Koran Please help

    asked by Likewhat?!
  50. economics

    Hello, This is silly but as the gas prices increase, demand for gas also stays high correct? This is one of the weirder situations where that happens. I feel like that's wrong but double checking.

    asked by T
  51. math

    Ryan showed Brandon the following four-digit number: 2002. He then told Brandon “I am thinking of a six-digit where I have added two ones to the original number. If you can guess my six-digit number in one guess, I’ll do your chores for a week.” What

    asked by S
  52. Math

    Which solid has one base that is a rectangle and four lateral surfaces that are triangles? A.Triangular pyramid B.Cone C.Rectangular prism D.Rectangular pyramid I think it’s D Am I right?

    asked by Steel_Shock
  53. science

    which generally describes grantie.

    asked by jake
  54. biology

    do birds have true cavity, false cavity, or no cavity?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Social studies

    The social hierarchy of the Incas A. ranked people according to there importance B. ranked people according to there skills C. assigned the same ranking to all nobles*** D. divided commoners by age rather than by gender

    asked by hi
  56. English

    Shay is writing a story. Here is the prompt: You are riding on a bus and you realize that the person sitting next to you is a famous person. Write a story telling what happens next. Now read what Shay has written so far: My mind is racing! I cannot believe

    asked by April lanneau
  57. Algebra

    A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results: 190 students like the program 135 students think the program is unnecessary 220 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph were made

    asked by Chara
  58. Math

    You are baking loaves of zucchini bread for the bake sale. The recipe requires 2/3 cup of oil for each loaf. You have 6 cups of oil. How many loaves can you bake? help would be appriciated!

    asked by LQSx MTH
  59. Math

    The radius of a circular disc is 5.8 in. Find the circumference. Use 3.14 for pi choices: A: 18.212 B: 36.424 C:42.34 D:54.63 My guess is option D. I hope someone answers this. This is a question I am stuck on.

    asked by Starfire
  60. Life orientation

    Compare in three similarities and differences between NSAFAS and other student loans

    asked by Nkule
  61. Social Studies

    Use the passage to answer the question. “This great nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified

    asked by Martha
  62. Science

    in an experiment of rolling a car and measuring on how far it went and how much time it took it to reach the far. which is the dependent variable and which is the independent variable?

    asked by Brian Griff
  63. Social studies

    Why did the Incas build terraces? A. to improve travel and communication through the empire B. to allow them to build homes on the sides of mountains*** C. to make it easier to climb high mountains D. to increase the amount of fertile farmland

    asked by hi
  64. math

    A cylinder has a circular base with a diameter of 12 ft. The height of the cylinder is 4 ft. What is the volume of the cylinder rounded to the nearest whole number? Use 3.14 for pi.

    asked by TheMainKain
  65. Math

    This was originally posted on another student's thread. Express the side length of a square as a function of the length d of the square’s diagonal. Then express the area as a function of the diagonal length 0 0 posted by Anonymous today at 3:17pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  66. english

    Is this a fact or a statistic? According to the National Institute of Justice, "child abuse and neglect have been shown to increase the risk of later forms of antisocial behavior, including violence perpetration and crime in adulthood."

    asked by Sara123
  67. science

    True or false, and explain answer. Boiling point is the temperature at which a solid melts

    asked by helpme
  68. algebra

    help asap please. suppose c and d cary inversely, and d = 2 when c = 17. a. write an equation that models the variation. b. find d when c = 68. what i have so far is d = k/c 2 = k/17 k = 2(17) = 34 ^^ is that all or do i do more? i’m not so sure

    asked by
  69. Math

    The length of a piece of lumber is 6.5 meters. How many centimeters is this? A).65 cm B)65 cm C)650 cm D)6,500 cm Is the answer C?

    asked by Sliverstream
  70. english

    what is the theme of january The days are short, The sun a spark, Hung thin between The dark and dark. Fat snowy footsteps Track the floor. Milk bottles burst Outside the door. The river is A frozen place Held still beneath The trees of lace. The sky is

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  71. Calculus

    Which of the following functions grows at the same rate as e^x as x goes to infinity? a) e^(x+3) b) e^(3x) c) e^(2x) d) e^(-x)

    asked by Alice
  72. math

    Write an expression to describe a rule for the sequence. Then find the 100th term in the sequence. 3,10,17,24,31,38... A. n+7;707 B. 7n;700 C. 7n-4;696++ D. 6n-4;596

    asked by dori
  73. History

    When he died in 743 AD, The Marquess Wenxian of Zhaocheng was popularly known by what name? oof i don't know

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  74. History

    Using the image of the front page and the knowledge you attained from the lesson, identify the headlines that could be described as yellow journalism and explain how these headlines and their stories might have played a major role in U.S. involvement in

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math

    Are the answers correct? The Richter scale is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake. If E, measured in joules, is the energy released during an earthquake, then the magnitude is given by, M = 2/3 log(E/E_0) Where E_0 = 10^4.4 joules 1. If 8 x

    asked by Anonymous
  76. social studies

    Many products are made in foreign countries. To sell those items in Arkansas what must stores do first A. Barter the products B.Import the Products C. outsource the products D. Export the products Arkansas is leading national and international producer of

    asked by Connor model 313 248 317-51
  77. Math

    Please observe the solution for the following two problems : (a) 2x + 18 = x + 25 (b) 3x + 5 = 7x - 15 (a) 2x + 18 = x + 25 2x - x = 25 - 18. -------- (1) x = 7 (b) 3x + 5 = 7x - 15 7x - 3x = 15 + 5 ---------- (2) 4x = 20 x = 5 Explain the rules involved

    asked by Learn
  78. Math

    Use the proportion to convert millimmeters to centimeters. 10mm= 47mm ------------------- 1cm x Will it be x=4.7 cm.

    asked by Sliverstream
  79. social studies

    Many products are made in foreign countries. To sell those items in Arkansas what must stores do first A. Barter the products B.Import the Products C. outsource the products D. Export the products Arkansas is leading national and international producer of

    asked by Elijah Kamski
  80. Calculus

    f(x) and g(x) are a differentiable function for all reals and h(x) = g[f(3x)]. The table below gives selected values for f(x), g(x), f '(x), and g '(x). Find the value of h '(1) Numerical answers expected! x 1 2 3 4 5 6 f(x) 0 3 2 1 2 0 g(x) 1 3 2 6 5 0

    asked by Alice
  81. Algebra

    A pharmacist has an 18% alcohol solution and a 40% alcohol solution. How much of each should he mix together to make 10 liters of a 20% alcohol solution?

    asked by Vernice
  82. Science

    A car traveling north speeds up from 5 m/s to 25 m/s in 10 seconds. What is the car’s acceleration? (1 point) A: 2 m/s2 B: 125 m/s2 C: 2.5 m/s2 D: 10 m/s2 halp? im kinda stumped on this one question. •_•) thx M

    asked by Miko H🦋
  83. math

    The length of a rectangle is 8 feet more than its width. If the width is increased by 4 feet and the length is decreased by 5 feet, the area will remain the same. Find the dimensions of the original rectangle.

    asked by Anomyus
  84. social studies

    Which of the following is an example of the impact trade had on the people of Southern and Eastern Africa? A. Eastern Africans practised the same religions there ancestors did b. those living in southern Africa are isolated from the rest of the world c.

    asked by youssef_badawy
  85. Algebra

    Are my answers correct? 8. The first, second, and the nth terms of an arithmetic sequence are 2, 6, and 58 respectively, i. Find the value of n n = 15 ii. For that value of n, find the exact value of the sum of n terms. S_15 = 450

    asked by Anon
  86. Math

    A box of Brand A laundry detergent washes 20 loads of laundry and costs $6. A box of Brand B laundry detergent washes 15 loads of laundry and costs $5. In the ratio tables that follow, fill in equivalent rates of loads washed per dollar. Include some

    asked by Ginny
  87. Math

    For a certain shade of pink paint, the ratio of white paint to red paint is 5 to 2. Explain how to use the strip diagram shown below to find at least 6 different quantities of white and red paint that will be in the ratio 5 to 2 (and so will make the same

    asked by Ginny
  88. Math

    Martin used some apples to make muffins.Omar used 5 fewer than half as many apples as Martin used

    asked by Eric
  89. History

    what is the connotation and denotations O Brothers mine, to-day we stand Where half a century sweeps our ken, Since God, through Lincoln's ready hand, Struck off our bonds and made us men. Just fifty years--a winter's day-- As runs the history of a race;

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  90. geography

    What are 5 wealthy countries in southwest Asia?

    asked by justin
  91. World studies

    mexicos central plateau is an important region because

    asked by Skye
  92. History

    Which event was most significant in shaping the New South era? In 3-5 sentences, provide evidence to support your claim.

    asked by Khaliyl