Questions Asked on
March 10, 2019

  1. Math

    How many 250ml glasses can be filled with 2l of water

    asked by Blake
  2. Algebra

    Translate this sentence into an equation. The product of Gail's savings and 7 is 126. Use the variable g to represent Gail's savings.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Health records

    _______ starts with patient scheduling and continues through collection of payments for services rendered. A. Financial cycle B. Payment cycle C. Revenue cycle D. Patient cycle C

    asked by blue
  4. math

    how much do you need to subtract from 43/10 to make 4 ??

    asked by kaylee
  5. bus math

    ______ is the amount of money owed in additional to the original amount A. Principle B.Available C.APR D.APY

    asked by demolisher1224
  6. Science

    Identify the percent yield when 28.16 g of CO2 are formed from the reaction of 456.93 g of C8H18 with 256.0 g of O2. 2C8H18 + 25O2 → 16CO2 + 18H2O

    asked by Nicolas
  7. Science

    Witch of the following describes an example of land reclamation. Connexus academy (HELP)

    asked by Broke
  8. Health records

    The American Medical Association developed a set of codes called _______ to standardize claims for services provided. A. Correct Procedural Terminology B. Calculated Procedural Terminology C. Current Procedural Terminology D. Contemporary Procedural

    asked by blue
  9. Statistics

    Susan is a sales representative who has a history of making a successful sale from about 67% of her sales contacts. If she makes 12 successful sales this week, Susan will get a bonus. Let n be a random variable representing the number of contacts needed

    asked by Tamia
  10. English

    Which of the following sentences shows INCORRECT use of subject-verb agreement A) The team members yells at one another to keep their momentum going after half-time. B) The entire Congress voted unanimously to repeal the law. *** C) The audience claps its

    asked by Spring Allergies
  11. math

    Jamie is riding a Ferris wheel that takes 15 seconds for each complete revolution. The diameter of the wheel is 10 meters and its center is 6 meters off the ground. When Jamie is 9 meters above the ground and rising, at what rate is Jamie gaining altitude?

    asked by will
  12. science

    In a combustion experiment, 32.05 mg of alcohol, R-OH produced 44.01mg of carbondioxide and 36.04mg of water calculate the mass of carbon hydrogen and oxygen and their percent in alcohol

    asked by fatty
  13. math

    If g(x)=(ax square root of 1-x)^2. Express g(10) in simplest form I did g(10)=(a(10) square root 1-10)^2= (a*10)^2(1-10)=1000^2(-9)= -9000^2 Is this correct? thanks for checking my work

    asked by sara
  14. Life orientation

    How each of the following personality deal with interpersonal conflict:Introverts,Bullies and extroverts

    asked by Hope Mere
  15. History

    Hello, May help me! Drag and drop the groups of people to the appropriate box. women poor males wealthy foreigners slaves farmers The boxes to put them in: Excluded from Athenian Democracy Included in Athenian Democracy

    asked by Skylar
  16. history

    Based on this excerpt from the text, in what way would interchangeable parts best help businesses? (1 point) Parts made by machines could be made more cheaply. Customers had to wait longer to obtain the new parts made by machines. Machines could quickly

    asked by Reb
  17. Math

    A turtle and a snail are 300 feet apart when they start moving towards each other. The turtle is moving at a speed of 5 feet per minute, and the snail is moving at a speed of 1 foot per minute. a How fast are they approaching each other?

    asked by stuff
  18. chemistry

    30cm^3 of a mixture of methane and ethyne require 70cm^3 of oxygen for complete combustion. Calculate the composition of the mixture

    asked by emilie
  19. English

    A Rose For Emily by Faulkner Character analysis Why is Emily the round character? Why is Homer Barrom the flat character?

    asked by Marquita
  20. Maths

    Question : Find x values which satisfies the following equation 2|x| > |2x -5| + |x+1| I squared all the terms in both sides of the = sign to get (x+4)^2 + 10 < 0 Where have I made a mistake as I'm getting imaginary values for x?

    asked by Arya_S
  21. Mathematics

    Peter used 5 litres of paint to paint a wall that is 8m long and 5m high.How many Square meters can Peter paint with 1 litre of paint

    asked by Nonceba
  22. Social studies

    which of the following best illustrates how a president can use the news media to reach the largest segment of the public? 1. hold a state dinner for foreign dignitaries 2. hold a conference with cabinet members 3. meet with heads of congressional

    asked by Erica
  23. Math

    What is the length of the radius of the larger cone? The cones are similar. the smaller cone has a radius of 5 and is 15ft. The larger one is only 18ft 5 6 My answer 7 8

    asked by Enna
  24. Literature

    Why does king use the rhetorical technique of parallel structure in his speech

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    Find the polar equation of the conic with focus at the pole, having eccentricity 5 and directrix y = -6. Thank you so Much!

    asked by Jonah
  26. chem

    A chemical reaction is run in which 736 Joules of work is done by the system and the internal energy changes by -1370 Joules. pls help me

    asked by alissa
  27. Math

    The question says using the formula P with a small n below it(Pn) Pn=PMT(1-(1+i)^-n/i) the full parenthesis is divided by the I just to be clear Pn=present amountborrowed n=number of monthly pay periods PMT=monthly payment i=interest rate per month A)

    asked by sara
  28. math

    Find the parametric equations of the line through the points (2, -1, 3) and (-1, 4, 0).

    asked by Jonah
  29. math

    Solve by the using the quadratic formula: 2m^2 - 7m - 13 = 10 ( This would be step 2: 2m^2 - 7m - 3 = 0)

    asked by Sandra
  30. calculus

    Use the Table of Integrals to evaluate the integral. 0 to π ∫cos^6(θ) dθ I don't see anything like that on the table of integral. Need some help.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    What is friction

    asked by Daniel
  32. Science

    What is our best option if an asteroid was detected and closing in on an impact with Earth? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  33. math/physics

    chegg com/homework-help/questions-and-answers/3-cylinder-mass-m-lkg-radius-r-010-m-suspended-one-side-length-rope-side-rests-vertical-wa-q35542377

    asked by anonymous
  34. life orientation

    how can sports detract nation building

    asked by daniel
  35. Socials

    Before the uprising in Haiti, would European have believed that a successful slave revolt on this scale was possible? Why or why not?

    asked by Alex
  36. Chemistry

    If 38.5 mL of 8.9 ✕ 10-3 M HBr is added to 27.0 mL of 4.6 ✕ 10-3 M LiOH, what is the pH of the solution?

    asked by .
  37. science

    I don't fully understand this could you help? In this section, you will create a step-by-step procedure for testing and monitoring the number of trout and catfish in Cypress Pond. You must monitor them once per month for 12 months after the park is built

    asked by Turtle
  38. Lo

    Compare in five ways the similarities and differences between NSFAS and other students loans

    asked by Khwezi
  39. Science

    What is physics

    asked by hhh
  40. Life orientation

    How can sports retract national building

    asked by Koketso
  41. Health records

    _______ is legal document that's prepared and signed by an individual outlining the person's wishes if they become incapacitated. A. Advance directive B. Legal directive C. Power of attorney D. Living will A

    asked by blue
  42. Maths

    How do we show that for all x>0 , that x + ln(1+x) > (x^2/(2(1+x))) ? I differentiated the function w.r.t x and got f'(x) =((x+2)^2)/(2(1+x)) , and for x>0, f'(x)>0. Does this prove what's required?

    asked by Ashley
  43. Life orientation

    The similarities and differences between funza lushaka and NFSAS

    asked by Fikiswa
  44. math

    determine which ordered pair is a solution of y -5x + 10. A.(-15,5) B.(2,0) C.(-1,-5) D.(3,25) I think it is A, can someone help?

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  45. Math

    Carla had 2 liters of juice to share. She and her 3 friends each drank an equal amount of the juice. How many millimeters of juice did each friend have?

    asked by Blake
  46. Math

    A small bottle contains 2 cups of juice. Do 5 small bottles of juice have a greater amount of juice than a 1 quart bottle of juice ? Please explain

    asked by Blake
  47. civic education

    Write a report on the movie “Sound of Music” and carry out the following task in the report: a) Identify two parenting styles as depicted by the two major roles in the monumental work of art b) Point out the scenes that touch “emotional adjustment to

    asked by alex
  48. Math

    The iMath college received big quantity of new iPads for all the college students and staff. Students tried to arrange all the iPads in the cabinet of shelves with slots of 80 iPads per shelf but one shelf remained with empty slots and it was not

    asked by Sam
  49. english

    can some add sentences to this: “The fair aimed to give “an overview of the great diversity that waterpipes can nowadays offer” and “to develop both business and private contacts. Please do not respond if you are not going to add sentences to this

    asked by Lovette
  50. Life orientation

    To what extent can interpersonal conflict affect choice of career

    asked by Nosipho
  51. Life Orientation

    Suggest how a minority party may impact the law making process

    asked by Temosho
  52. Math

    Theo filled up a 3 liter watering can to water the garden. He has 750 millimeters of water did Theo use

    asked by Blake
  53. Math

    A man used 5/2 buckets of paint to paint a Hall. He used 5/4 less buckets to paint a room. How much paint did he use for the room?

    asked by Learn
  54. math

    solve the equation below algebraically and express the result in simplest radical form 13/x=10-x I did 13/x=10-x multiplied each side by x and then subtracted 13 to get 0=13-(10x-x^2) x^2-10x+13=0 x=(10+/- square root of 100-52)/2 x=(10=/- 4square root 3)

    asked by sara
  55. Life science

    Write a suitable aim for investigation 1 and investigation 2

    asked by Tokologo
  56. Life orantation

    How can sports detract nation building?

    asked by Mokgethoa
  57. Social studies

    Which cause most motivated the push for mexican independence from spain? A:trade with the United States My answer is B. B:lack of rights and opportunities among non Spanish C:Catholic missionary efforts D:geographic distance from spain

    asked by Helpmepleaseandty
  58. Social studies

    which major region of mexico covers much of the central part of the nation? A: sierra madre oriental B:gulf coast plain C:Yucatán D:mexican plateu

    asked by Helpmepleaseandty
  59. math

    Jamie invests $500 in an account that is compound continuously at an annual rate of 5% according to the formula A=Pe^rt, where A is the amount accrued, P is the principal, r is the rate of interest and t is the time in years. approximately how many years

    asked by liz
  60. English

    1. I had breakfast at 7. 2. I had a heavy breakfast today. 3. I had the breakfast too early. 4. The breakfast I had today was not enough. [Can we use 'the' as in #3 and #4?]

    asked by rfvv
  61. geography

    What geographic features of Arkansas made it difficult for settlers to travel? A. Mountains, B. Mississippi River, C. Forests, D. Rivers is southeast

    asked by Debra Auterson
  62. math

    Which steps could be used to solve this story problem? Blake took flyers to the shopping center to advertise his car wash event. By the time he arrived 14 of the flyers had blown away. He ended up putting 50 flyers on blue cars, 26 flyers on white cars,

    asked by isaiah
  63. Math

    The iMath college received big quantity of new iPads for all the college students and staff. Students tried to arrange all the iPads in the cabinet of shelves with slots of 80 iPads per shelf but one shelf remained with empty slots and it was not

    asked by Sam (pls help)
  64. math

    Which describes the steps that can be used to solve this problem? Aurora brought 2 bags of oranges and 4 pounds of grapes to the potluck. Each bag of oranges weighed 6 pounds. What was the weight of the fruit that Aurora brought to the potluck? Calculate

    asked by isaiah
  65. English

    1. Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants or long skirts. 2. Wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants or long skirts. [Which one do we have to use, sleeved or sleeve?

    asked by rfvv
  66. math

    11/100 + 2/10 = ? i need help plzz

    asked by isaiah
  67. math

    Find the polar equation of an ellipse with a focus at the pole and major axis endpoints (4, 0) and (2, 𝞹). Thank you!

    asked by Jonah
  68. Life orientation

    Similarities and differences between NFSAS and other student loans?

    asked by Minenhle
  69. science

    What can be added to water to make it evaporate occur faster (e.g. sand)

    asked by sarah
  70. Calculus

    Let f(x,y)=(x-1)/(2x+y). Find the domain of f.

    asked by ally
  71. science

    A science fair project idea (for hs) that would actually be beneficial

    asked by student
  72. chem

    How much energy in joules does it take to raise the temperature of 255g of water by 12.5 C? pls help!

    asked by alissa
  73. Math

    In a certain class, percentage of students who increased their average grade during spring term compared to that of the fall term was recorded between 6.9% and 7.1%. What could be the least possible number of students in that class?

    asked by Sam
  74. Stats

    A population distribution has σ = 42. How many points from the mean are a z -score of z = +2.00 and a z-score of -1.56?

    asked by Math
  75. quadratics math 11

    How to use the method of decomposition of this trinomial and turn it into standard form: 0.005x^2 - 0.801x + 26.928

    asked by Jessica
  76. English

    Animals Possess sensory powers that humans lack. Homing pigeons fly with great speed and accuracy when 1)___(e)d with messages to faraway places. How do Pigeons 2)___ themselves in unfamiliar regions? This remains something of a(n) 3)___. The mystery,

    asked by Giyi
  77. math

    How do I convert 35.2 ft^2 to cm^2 using dimensional analysis? ie, what are the steps when you have units squared?

    asked by sami
  78. Programming

    I need to write a code in java based on an alrgorithm, the alrgorithm and it’s problem are below: The Sieve of Eratosthenes is “a simple, ancient algorithm for finding all prime numbers up to any given limit,” which you can read about at: (Wikipedia:

    asked by Mr. Anonymous
  79. Chemistry

    When 23.5 mL of 0.12 M HCl are added to 50.0 mL of a 0.15 M solution of a weak monoprotic base, the pH of the solution is 10.00. What is the Kb of the weak base?

    asked by .
  80. Science

    Which of the following gases is the most abundant in a volcanic eruption? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  81. Physics

    A wooden block of weight 24N lies on a horizontal table,when a force of 12N was applied to the block,it takes the block to "just slide "what is the coefficient of static friction between the block and the table

    asked by Daniel
  82. Math

    When the digits of a positive integer are written in reverse to form a new positive integer with the same number of digits(e.g., 1234 4321), the new number is 90 less than the original. What is the smallest possible value of the original number?

    asked by PT