Questions Asked on
March 9, 2019

  1. math

    find the square root of 20.5209 by division method

    asked by mudasa
  2. social studies

    How were Kush and Axum alike? A. both were commercial and trade centers B. both were ruled by the caste system C. both utilized the trans-Saharan trade route D. both were significantly influenced by Islam

    asked by Hayden
  3. Maths

    find the square root off 12.25 by prime factorization

    asked by maps
  4. Chemistry

    Antifreeze protects a car from freezing and from overheating. Calculate the freezing-point depression of a solution containing exactly 100. g of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) antifreeze in 0.500 kg of water. Kf of water is: -1.86 C/m.

    asked by Sam
  5. Math

    Since the purpose of an ice cube is to keep a drink cold, is it better for an ice cube to have a high volume or a low volume? b. Since heat touching the surface of an ice cube causes it to melt, is it better for an ice cube to have a large surface area or

    asked by Moosestang
  6. Math 11

    Express the following in completed square form: y = (2x)^2 + 14x - 11 Please show the work because I do not understand it.

    asked by Kai
  7. Nursing

    6. If the medical biller notices incomplete documentation, the biller should A. add information to match the coding. B. avoid sending for reimbursement. C. delete the incomplete information. D. confirm with the provider.

    asked by blue
  8. Maths .lifescince. Tourism . geography L.o

    How can sport destract nation building

    asked by Sara
  9. java/programming

    how do i write java program using for loop that decreases by 1 and when it reaches 0, it increases to a certain number.

    asked by anonymous
  10. math

    How can I find the general term of U7=24, U15=384? Please help me with this, thanks in advance!

    asked by pipe
  11. Chemistry

    What is the enthalpy rate of reaction of Na2CO3 + 2M HCl = Na2Co3 + H20 + Co2?

    asked by Tia
  12. civic education

    Write a report on the movie “Sound of Music” and carry out the following task in the report: a) Identify two parenting styles as depicted by the two major roles in the monumental work of art b) Point out the scenes that touch “emotional adjustment to

    asked by alex
  13. History

    Why is Hollingsworth v. Perry considered Judicial Activism? Please, I need help. I know what the case is and I also know what Judicial Activism is. I just need help.

    asked by Micheal
  14. algebra


    asked by maps
  15. english

    State the meaning of the following and use each of them in a sentence.1.apologise for/to 2.send into/on.

    asked by alex
  16. Chemistry

    What is the chemical reaction of urea with copper nitrate solution?

    asked by Ariro Mervin
  17. Math

    Turn the recursive function into its equivalent explicit function: f(1) = 18; f(n) = f(n - 1) + 6; n is be greater than or equal to 2* How would I solve this? Any help is appreciated! Thanks! *The symbol for that is the > with a line under it, I couldn't

    asked by Amelia
  18. Maths

    Integrate e^(2x)*((2x-1)/(4(x)^2))^2 My thoughts on this question : I simplfied the terms after the "*" to get three separate integrals : integrate (e^(2x)) + ((e^(2x))/4(x^2)) + ((e^(2x))/x) The answer for the first integral is obvious and then I was able

    asked by Arya_S
  19. math

    What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n – 2) – 3? (1 point) –5, –2, 1, 4 –4, –3, 0, 5 –3, 0, 3, 6 –2, 0, 2, 4

    asked by Reb
  20. Basic calculus

    a manufacturer of open tin boxes wishes to make use of tin with dimension 10 inches by 20 inches by cutting equal squares from the four corners and turning up sides. find the lengths of the side of the square to be cut out if an open box having the largest

    asked by Romie


    asked by ONYEKACHI
  22. Health records

    . _______ is an outcome-based payment method that's accepted by most health plans, that provides financial incentives for meeting specific standards, and documents them electronically. A. Revenue for reason B. Revenue for results C. Pay for performance D.

    asked by blue
  23. geography

    Using the given map of LARANTA DISTRICT;  reduce the map to half of the original size and state the new scale  on the new outline, show and name Laranta settlement and the full length of the road.

    asked by alex
  24. Health records

    Once a claim form is submitted to a third-party payer, the claim is then assigned a status, represented by all of the following except A. approved. B. denied. C. pending. D. paid.

    asked by blue
  25. Maths

    Help with this A toelwn Y is 200km from x in a direction 040° how far is y east x

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    The question is the expression (m^2/m^1/3)^-1/2 is equivalent to: I did (m^5/3)^1/2 m^-5/6 1/m^5/6 so my answer is 1/ the 6th root m^5 sorry I don't know how to print a square root symbol. Is this correct? Thank you for checking my work

    asked by sara
  27. math

    which ordered pair is in the solution set of the system of equations shown below? y^2-x^2+32=0 3y-x=0 I did y^2-3y^2+32=0 y^2-9y^2=-32 8y^2=32 y^2=32/8 y^2=4 y=+/-2 x=3(2)=6 {2,6} is this right? thank you

    asked by sara
  28. Maths

    Find the volumn of the cone if h=5cm and l=8cm

    asked by mags
  29. math

    Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? Colin invited 31 people to the picnic. He can fit 10 people at his picnic table and the rest will sit on blankets. Each blanket can hold 3 people. How many blankets does Colin need so that everyone has

    asked by isaiah
  30. English

    1. We don't want some chocolates. 2. We don't want some wine. 3. There aren't some strawberries. 4. There isn't some water. [Can we use 'some' in a negative sentences like this?] 5. Some books are not useful. 6. Some boys are not good. 7. Some apples are

    asked by rfvv
  31. Health

    With emphysema,the walls of the heart slowly dissolve

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    solve algerbraically for x log27(2x-1)=4/3 I did 2x-1=27(4/3) 2x-1=3^4 2x=82 I got x=41 does this look right? thank you

    asked by sara
  33. Pre algebra

    A cyclist rides his bike at a speed of 18 miles per hour. What is this speed in feet per second?

    asked by Camryn
  34. math

    Zach had a rope that was 15 feet long. He cut it into 3 pieces. The first piece was 3.57 feet longer than the second piece. The third piece is 2.97 feet longer than the second piece. How long was the third piece of rope?

    asked by robin
  35. English

    What kind of weather do you like/ 1. I like cool weather. 2. I like the cool weather. 3. I like a cool weather. [Which answer is grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  36. Math

    A is partly constant and partly varies as b when A is equal to 15 B was 2 when is equal to A 45 is B equal to 8

    asked by Dave
  37. English literature

    Reference to the context rivers and meteors wind in the wheat the strong-withered horse the runner's sure feet

    asked by Emma Watson
  38. biology

    function of liver

    asked by Kelvin
  39. Maths

    Factorize x2+4xy+4y2-9x2y2

    asked by sigma
  40. Career guidance

    What can I choose to study when I reach tertiary institutions

    asked by Sfiso
  41. economics

    q=30-0.3p &cost function c=2qpowe2+20q+10

    asked by Abe