Questions Asked on
March 8, 2019

  1. Life orientation

    Four ways which sports can detract nation building

    asked by Diketso mphahlele
  2. English

    First read this poem to answer 1-9 ROSE POGONIAS 1. A saturated meadow, 2. Sun-shaped and jewel small, 3. A circle scarcely wider 4. Than the tress around were tall 5. Where the winds were quite excluded 6. And the air was stifling sweet 7. With the breath

    asked by 0~0
  3. Algebra

    find the second and third term of the arithmetic sequence –7 __ __ –22 –27 I think the answer is D A. -12, -15 B. -17, -12 C. -10, -17 D. -12, -17

    asked by Luca
  4. precalculus

    A weight is attached to a spring that is oscillating up and down it takes 6 sec for the spring to complete one cycle and the distance from the highest to lowest point is 7 in what equation models the position of the weight at time t seconds. a. y = 7sin (

    asked by Stan
  5. Social Studies

    Can someone check my answer? Russia lost power in the 1900s due to... A: Unrest among the poor B: Catherine l's cruelty C: The rise of Romanov's*** D: Religious Conflict

    asked by ClubPanda
  6. math

    the question is find the sum of the first eight terms in the series 3-12+48-192+... is 1)-13,107 2)-21,845 3)-39,321 4)-65,535 I got that a1 is 3 and a8 was -49152. I wanted to make sure this was a geometric sequence with a r of -4 and tat the + didn't

    asked by sara
  7. English

    What is the theme of the sky is low the clouds are mean The Sky is low -- the Clouds are mean. A Traveling Flake of Snow Across a Barn or through a Rut Debates if it will go-- A narrow Wind complains all Day How some one treated him. Nature, like Us is

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  8. English

    If you have read "Rose Pogonias" by Robert Frost please check my answer. Which type of figurative language language is found in lines 6 and 7? A) symbol B) metaphor C) personification

    asked by Sliverstream
  9. Social Studies

    How did illegal smuggling affect the portuguese empire? A. The Portuguese rulers profited from it. B. It caused a war between Spain and Portugal. C. It caused economic hardship in the empire. D. It led Portugal to expand its colonies. I believe the answer

    asked by Zeke
  10. English

    what is the imagery of the sky is low the clouds are mean the poem👇🏿 The Sky is Low by Emily Dickinson The sky is low, the clouds are mean, A travelling flake of snow Across a barn or through a rut Debates if it will go. A narrow wind complains all

    asked by Barry Allen aka the flash
  11. English

    There was a young man from Saint Joe Who excelled with his arrow and bow. He'd take aim at the sun, And before he was done, The sun would lose half of its glow. 11. Which form best describes this poem? A. Narrative B. Concrete C. Limerick*** D. Haiku 12.

    asked by gay chicken nuggets
  12. Social Studies

    Which of the following is one legacy from the empires of Mali and Songhai? A. The hajj was established as an Islamic tradition. B. The languages they established are still spoken today. C. Most West African nations have oral laws. D. Christianity has

    asked by Needhelp
  13. Math

    What is the term for data that are grouped closely together? A. outlier B. linear C. positive D. clustering

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    This month Carla caught the following fish in Lake George, 24 trout, 41 sunfish, 12 perch and 23 blue gills. If Carla catches another fish this month, what is the probability of her catching a trout? A. about 1/2 B. about 1/4 C. about 1/24 D. about 1 My

    asked by Jake
  15. Algebra

    The water level, w, in feet, of a river after a rainstorm is a function of the time, t, in hours, since the storm began. The table below shows the water level readings collected at different times. Hours Since Storm Began (t) Water Level (w) 1 18.7 1.5

    asked by Klauus
  16. Social studies

    How were Kush and Axum alike? A. both were commercial and trade centers B. both were ruled by the caste system C. both utilized the trans-Saharan trade route D. both were significantly influenced by Islam

    asked by Hayden
  17. History

    Which of the following established a limited self-government to the Puerto Ricans by the United States? A. Platt Amendment B. Foraker Act C. Sherman Act D. Roosevelt Corollary

    asked by Anonymous
  18. civic education

    enumerate and discuss five local civic problem s. critically discuss five global civic problems

    asked by Adeyemo Joy
  19. Geography

    Look at the map. Click on the two areas that made it possible for people in these ecosystems to use the trans-Saharan trade route. there is dessert rain forest savanna sahel

    asked by Hayden
  20. math

    The box-and-whisker plot below shows the numbers of text messages received in one day by students in the seventh and eighth grades at Lincoln Middle School. Two box and whisker plots are shown above a number line. The number line is scaled from 2 to 38 by

    asked by ROBLOX GIRL
  21. Math

    Carla had 2 liters of juice to share. She and her 3 friends each drank an equal amount of the juice. How many milliliters of juice did each friend have?

    asked by Blake
  22. Math

    I don't want the answer. I just need the first couple of steps to help me solve. Please. A coin tossed. If heads appears, a spinner that can land on any number from 1 to 4 is spun. If tails appears, a second coin is tossed instead of spinning the spinner.

    asked by Katie
  23. Math

    if sin theta =1/2 and cos theta= √(3)/2. find tha values of tan θ, cot θ, sec θ and cscθ.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. information system

    is video conferencing really a viable green alternative to travel for most companies

    asked by naledi
  25. Algebra

    Write a recursive formula for the sequence 5, 18, 31, 44, 57, ... Then find the next term. I’m thinking that the answer is A. A. a1=-8; an=an-1+13. The next term is 70 B. a1=5; an=an-1+13. The next term is 70 C. a1=5; an=an-1-13. The next term is 83 D.

    asked by Emma
  26. Math

    A recipe calls for 6 cups of water and 4 cups of flour. a. If the recipe is increased to use 6 cups of flour, how much flour should be used? Example. b. If the recipe is decreased to 2 cups of water, how much flour should be used? Example.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Algebra

    The following graph models the height of a model rocket in feet measured over time in seconds. a graph of a downward opening parabola. The x axis is labeled Time in seconds. The Y axis is labeled Height in feet. Points on the graph include starting point

    asked by Klauus
  28. math

    Wilson reads an article that says students who eat blueberries the morning of a test tend to have higher test scores. The article claims that eating blueberries causes an improvement in test scores. Which of the following statements is most likely correct

    asked by dianni
  29. Math

    1. Function Q and function R are both linear functions. Function Q has an x-intercept at (4,0), and the slope is 1/4. Function R is represented by the table. x y -4 14 3 0 5 -4 Which statement is true? A. Function Q has a larger y-intercept and a less

    asked by BTS
  30. Algebra

    which expression gives the solutions of –5 + 2x^2 = –6x?

    asked by Connor Steelwood
  31. Math

    Arley’s Bakery makes fat-free cookies that cost $1.60 each. Arley expects 25% of the cookies to fall apart and break. Assume that Arley can sell the broken cookies for $1.50 each. Arley wants a 55% markup on cost and produces 200 cookies. What price

    asked by Ariel
  32. Language Arts:

    Hello. I don't need you to help me cheat, I swear that's not what I'm trying to do, but if you could help me out that would be a blessing. When Scrooge tells Marley that Marley was always “a good man of business,” in Act 1, Scene 3 of A Christmas

    asked by TreatPPLHowUWant2BTreated
  33. Geometry

    Which figures will always be similar to each other? 1. Two rectangles 2. Two hexagons 3. Two trapezoids 4. Two equalitarel triangles*** I think its D

    asked by HALP
  34. mATH

    Find the distance between the two points. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. (-3, 16) and (15, -8)

    asked by uuuuu
  35. math

    A math teacher is comparing math project scores from two classes. She wants to compare the medians and ranges of the scores from both sets of data. Which display should the math teacher use? scatter plots dot plots histograms box plots Is it dot plots

    asked by dianni
  36. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: CO(g)+H2O(g)⇌CO2(g)+H2(g) Kp=0.0611 at 2000 K A reaction mixture initially contains a CO partial pressure of 1380 torr and a H2O partial pressure of 1730 torr at 2000 K. Calculate the equilibrium partial pressure of CO2.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    Mrs. Sue Mrs. Sue!!!!!!!!! Pls help!!!! I am not good at this. Pls help me figure this out. And, PLs dont give a link. Thank You. P.s I dont even have an estimate. The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of

    asked by h.....
  38. English


    asked by Bamboo
  39. Madison

    From the molecular equation find the overall ionic and net ionic: Molecular: H3PO4 (aq) + 3NaOH (aq) --> Na3PO4 (aq) + 3H2O (l)

    asked by Chem
  40. Algebra

    Alvin throws the football to a receiver who jumps up to catch the ball. The height of the ball over time can be represented by the quadratic equation -4.9t^2 + 7.5t + 1.8 = 2.1 . This equation is based on the acceleration of gravity -4.9 m/s^2, the

    asked by Klauus
  41. Science

    Why do constellations appear to change during the seasons? Choose the two correct answers. A. The constellations change positions relative to each other. B. Some constellations disappear from view since they're in the sky during the day. C. The angle of

    asked by need help need help
  42. Math

    The table shows the number of windows and the number of panes of glass in the windows. Jim predicts that for 15 windows there are 75 panes. Is Jim’s prediction is correct or incorrect

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot. Show your work.

    asked by ???
  44. Geometry

    A camper attaches a rope from the top of her tent 4 feet above the ground to give it more support if she steaks to rope to the ground 6 feet from the middle of her tent about how long is the rope from the ground to her tent

    asked by Ayden
  45. Algebra

    The equation f (x) = 4x^2 - 12x + 13 is written as the equivalent function f (x) (2x-3)^2 + k. What is the vale of k? I got an answer from someone else, and I'm not quote sure if I understood their answer clearly, but I got 9? Is it correct? This is very

    asked by BTS
  46. Algebra

    Make a table with the domain of {2,3,4,5,6} and draw a graph of the absolute value function y = 2|x-4| + 3.

    asked by Klauus
  47. Math

    1. The table shows the number of soccer clubs and the population densities of different cities in a state. City Pop. per square mile Clubs 1 160 6 2 173 8 3 254 7 4 284 11 5 315 9 6 322 10 7 459 14 8 487 20 Based on this information, which statement is

    asked by BTSislife
  48. Math

    Find the area of the given circle. Round to the nearest tenth. 3.5cm o-----------| A) 22.0 cm B) 38.5 cm C) 11.0 cm D) 42.8 cm

    asked by Death Bringer
  49. history

    mark each statement if it describes one of the problems experienced by most of Rome's common people in the early days of republic? A. a commoner who could not repay what he owed became a victim of debt bondage. B. commoners had no rights at all and the

    asked by celebrating citenzenship
  50. math

    In which of the following situations is there most likely to be correlation without causation? the number of people who work in an office building and the number of desks in the office building the number of cars in a city and the number of police officers

    asked by dianni
  51. reading

    Click on the word to complete this sentence. The squirrels have _____ some nuts. A cracked B searched C cured D sing

    asked by April lanneau
  52. SS

    The united states is the largest exporter of wheat Canada is the second largest .Today there are fewer Canadian farms. How is it possible that the number of farms has decreased but the praie provinces continue produce most of canads wheat

    asked by help
  53. Algebra

    A person takes 200 milligrams of an antibiotic. Each hour, the remaining dosage in the person's blood stream decreases by 1/3. Demitri and Kendal are trying to figure out how many milligrams are left in the person's bloodstream after 5 hours. Demitri says

    asked by Klauus
  54. history

    give two geographic reasons why cities grew up on rivers DO IT QUICK NEED IT

    asked by April lanneau
  55. Life orietation

    Evaluate any 3 disadvantanges of a student to study at the institutions of higher education through NSFAS

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Reading

    Click on the word to complete this sentence. Early people _____ wild animals for food. A call B play C talk D hunted

    asked by April lanneau
  57. English

    where in robert frost's "the road not taken" does he use analogies?

    asked by Connor Steelwood
  58. Math

    Barbara can walk 3,200 meters in 24 minutes. Who walks at a faster rate of speed? Explain the steps you take to solve the problem. Use 1 m=3.28 feet or 1 ft = 0.305 ft.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. history

    As the american population grew between 1820 and 1850, the percentage of americans living on farms also grew. A.ture B.false

    asked by April lanneau
  60. Math

    Last year the company you work for did 232000 in business. This year you anticipate an increase of 7%. How much business do you expect to do this year?

    asked by Jackie
  61. Chemistry

    I was able to get the balanced molecular equation but I am having a hard time getting the net ionic and oxidation half- reaction. Below is what I got for the balanced molecular equation: Al (s) + 3AgNO3 (aq) --> Al (NO3)3 (aq) + 3 Ag (s)

    asked by Erin
  62. Reading

    Click on the word that tells the meaning of the underlined word. The narrator held our attention for a long time. A listener B child C speaker D train

    asked by April lanneau
  63. Math

    Ivan saves 20% of his monthly paycheck for music equipment. He earned $335 last month. a. How much did he save for music equipment? Explain. b. If he uses $20.10 of what he earned to buy sheet music, what percent of his earnings is this amount? Explain.

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    A new clerk in your office is to earn 450 per week. If she works 30.5 hours each week, what is her hourly rate?

    asked by Jackie
  65. math

    kids have 2 tickets alduts have 5 tickes. Easy add

    asked by Ashley
  66. Reading

    Click on the word that tells the meaning of the underlined word. Each fall the farmer harvested the vegetables that were ripe. A watered B cooked C planted D picked

    asked by April lanneau
  67. Math

    Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? A county fair plans to have 24 pigs in its pig exhibit area. Eight pigs can fit in a large circular pen. The rest of the pigs will be put into square pens that can each fit 2 pigs. What is the fewest

    asked by April lanneau
  68. Financial Literacy

    Okay...So out of all the tax questions and problems I have been doing there is this question I am stumped on. Can anyone help? I'm thinking maybe on the phone or on the computer for the answer? How is most financial planning currently done? a. on paper b.

    asked by Aisley
  69. English

    1. I have to defecate. 2. I got to defecate. 3. I gotta defecate. 4. I have got to defecate. 5. I need to defecate. 6. I have to urinate. 7. I got to urinate 8. I gotta urinate. 9. I have got to urinate. 10. I need to urinate. [Are they all grammatical and

    asked by rfvv
  70. Science

    Can someone help me with this, at least help by explaining a bit what is going on? question: What is going on in the diagram? Picture: It's a boat floating on water, but another one on the ocean floor. A. the waves are pointing

    asked by Science
  71. math

    A diver is on the diving platform at Wonder Mountain in Canada’s Wonderland. She jumps up and dives into the water at the base of the mountain. The equation is d = -3t^2 + 6t + 45 At what time is she 36 m above the water? When is she less than 21 m from

    asked by A
  72. Math

    Could someone please explain this for me? Solve the equation: log(2x - 3) = log(3 - x) - 2.

    asked by Smothx
  73. Math

    convert feet and inches to only feet. a) 17 ft 6 in

    asked by Carl
  74. math

    Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? The candle factory made 1,200 candles per month in June and July and 1,345 candles per month in August and September. What is the total number of candles they made in four months? Choose all answers that

    asked by April lanneau
  75. Science

    Please suppose that the actual temperature is above 32 degrees F but the wind chill or real feel temperature is below 32 degrees F. Could water still freeze on the roadway surfaces?

    asked by Francesca
  76. math

    Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? Kathleen invited 28 people to her party. She plans to seat 8 people at the dining room table. She will put the rest at round tables with 4 people at each table. What is the fewest number of round tables

    asked by April lanneau
  77. health

    Kids have 129 flu shots. Aldults have 278 flu shots. How many is for dogs? Easy. subtraction

    asked by Ashley
  78. math

    Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? Colin invited 31 people to the picnic. He can fit 10 people at his picnic table and the rest will sit on blankets. Each blanket can hold 3 people. How many blankets does Colin need so that everyone has

    asked by April lanneau
  79. Math

    Mr. bobby brought 50 shares at $60 and 2 months letter purchased 25 share a $56 at what price should he purchased 25 additional share in order to have an average price$58 per share

    asked by Roc
  80. math

    How do I find the quotient of x/2y and (2xy)^2/9xy^3

    asked by Ellie
  81. Geometry

    In quadrilateral AND, m/ACD=2×+4 and m/ACB=5×-2. For what value of x is AND a rhombus?

    asked by Lucas aliva
  82. reading

    What is fashion to people

    asked by fendi
  83. math

    Which strategies can be used to solve this problem? Kathleen invited 28 people to her party. She plans to seat 8 people at the dining room table. She will put the rest at round tables with 4 people at each table. What is the fewest number of round tables

    asked by ?
  84. social studies

    how did the english over come the spanish armoda

    asked by nathan pleas help