Questions Asked on
March 7, 2019

  1. Math

    1. What is the solution of n^-49=0 A. -7 B. 7 C. += 7*** Sorry I couldn't find this symbol D. no solution 2. What is the solution of x^2+64=0? A. -5 B. 8 C. += 8 D. no solution*** 3.What is the side length of a square with an area of 144x^2? A. 12 B.

    asked by Charlotte Dunois
  2. Pre-Calc

    sin(2θ)=1/2 Find all solutions in the interval [0, 2π). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) k = any integer What I have so far: pi/12 + kpi, 5pi/12 + kpi However, I do not know how to solve for the interval. Please help, thank you!

    asked by Amber
  3. Chemistry

    A 0.879 g sample of a CaCl2 ∙ 2 H2O / K2C2O4 ∙ H2O solid salt mixture is dissolved in 150 mL of deionized water. A precipitate forms which is then filtered and dried. The mass of this precipitate is 0.284 g. The limiting reagent in the salt mixture was

    asked by Destiny
  4. Career Explorations

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. What previous work experience would a fire inspector be expected to have? A. police officer B. security guard C. fire fighter D. chemist ** 2. Which of the following is an example of a career in public safety? A. attorney B.

    asked by Sarah
  5. math

    an equilateral triangle of side 10cm is inscribed in a circle. find the radius of the circle? show the solution

    asked by shafa
  6. trig

    Which expression is equivalent to sin(2x)cos(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Algebra

    Simplify the rational expression. State any restrictions on the variable. t^2+4t-12/t^2-4

    asked by Emma
  8. Algebra

    Create a function rule for the following: x 0 3 6 f(x) -5 -3 -1 How do I create a function rule? I forgot how to and nowhere online is giving me a good example of how to.

    asked by Klauus
  9. Science

    What is one reason why the classification of protists and one kingdom is difficult?

    asked by Kayla
  10. Physics

    Consider a lightning bolt where 15 C of charge flows for 1500 seconds. Assume that the lightning bolt is a long, straight line current. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance of 25 m from the bolt?

    asked by Melchie
  11. English

    Which of the following phrases from the poem is an example of imagery? A. a poet’s heart B. keep walking C. eight blocks D. blue-gray sky

    asked by Anonymous
  12. trig

    Which expression is equivalent to sin(2x)cosx

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Social Studies

    How is the economy of Mexico different from the economies of most Central American countries? A. Mexico has a mixed economy, while most Central American countries have a command economy. B. Mexico's economy is primarily centered on tourism, while most

    asked by hi
  14. Social Studies

    What encourages Mexican workers to come to the United States, and how do these workers affect Mexico’s economy? This is an essay question an I need help please.

    asked by hi
  15. Algebra

    Which number can be added to a rational number to explain that the sum of two rational numbers is rational? A) π B) 8 C) √2 *** D) √5

    asked by Spring Allergies
  16. Social Studies

    Drag the words to the boxes in the sentences. Words may be used once or not at all. Connexus 1 Benedict 2 pagans 3 missionaries 4 Boniface 5 priests 6 popes During the Middle Ages,_____were sent by the Church to convert_____ to Christianity. An important

    asked by Peachy The Unikitty Fangirl
  17. maths

    the perimeter of the rectangle ABCD is 30 cm. Alisa cuts 3 rectangles from that rectangle. the sum of the three perimeter is 20. what is the perimeter of the figure obtained after the cutting

    asked by payalsun
  18. Physics

    A sound wave in air at 20० C has a frequency of 150 hz and a displacement amplitude of 5m. For this calculate pressure amplitude,intensity of sound and sound intensity level

    asked by Anonymous
  19. eduational tech

    Which of the following information is safe to share online? A) When and where you will have a soccer game this weekend B) where you work or study C) that you like playing sports D) which community center you like to play ball at

    asked by panda girl
  20. SS

    On November 12, 1815, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, spokesperson for the rights of women, was born in Johnstown, New York. Stanton formulated the philosophical basis of the woman suffrage movement, blazing a trail many feared to follow. Stanton's verbal

    asked by Jokerkid
  21. Calculus

    Set up, but do not evaluate, the integral which gives the volume when the region bounded by the curves y = Ln(x), y = 1, and x = 1 is revolved around the line y = −3.

    asked by Michael
  22. geometry

    Find the sum of the measures of the angles of a heptagon.

    asked by chris
  23. History

    “I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.” –Abraham Lincoln The “thing” that Abraham Lincoln refers to in the

    asked by lilkakes
  24. world history

    Why did colonists resent the new taxes imposed by Parliament after 1763? A. because the taxes were higher than the colonists could afford B. because the colonists did not have a say in Parliament C. because people who lived in Britain did not have to pay

    asked by yeet
  25. math

    d = 0.08t^2 - 1.6t + 9 A student stands facing a motion detector. He quickly walks toward the detector, slows down, stops and then slowly walks away from the detector. He speeds up as he gets farther away from the detector. How far is the student from the

    asked by A
  26. Science

    If a forest ecosystem is removed through clear-cutting, many species of organisms that lived in that ecosystem disappear. Their loss is due to ________________________. Habitat destruction 15.When fossil fuels are burned, they produce ________________, the

    asked by Connor model 313 248 317-51
  27. Science

    If a forest ecosystem is removed through clear-cutting, many species of organisms that lived in that ecosystem disappear. Their loss is due to ________________________. Habitat destruction 15.When fossil fuels are burned, they produce ________________, the

    asked by Connor model 313 248 317-51
  28. Health

    1. The muscular system is essential because it allows our bones to *A*. Strengthen.**** *B*. Contract. *C*. Lengthen. *D*. Move. 2. Which muscle is attached to a bone by tendons? *A*. Smooth muscle. *B*. Cardiac muscle. *C*. Skelital muscle.**** *D*.

    asked by Theonewhoeatscake
  29. English

    My phone is dead because I forgot to plug it in last night. Complex sentence The lead in my pencil broke, but i can use this pen. Compound sentence You need to take a shower before you go to bed tonight. Complex Sentence Could someone tell me if I have

    asked by Ashley
  30. math

    I score 3050 on my scantron test on Is that considered a good score? or bad?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    How oong will it take $20,000 earning 3.5% annual interest to double in value?

    asked by Daniela
  32. English

    Read the following lines from the text. "I’ve never seen a kite like that,” she said finally. "This model of glider take man into sky,” Father said. "Oh, go on.” The demon girl shook her head. “I wasn’t born yesterday.” What do these lines

    asked by Adamissmart
  33. English

    What is the poetic form of “Concrete Cat”? A. concrete B. limerick C. haiku D. like a cat I think that A is correct.

    asked by Ms.Sue Pls help me 😢
  34. English

    What are some books, movies, and science that has been inspired by the story Frankenstein?

    asked by |-/
  35. Quadratics

    A whole number is multipled by 5 and added to 3 times its reciprocal to give a sum of 16. What is the number

    asked by Lila
  36. Maths

    5x+3y=4 3x+4y=9

    asked by Owen
  37. Maths

    5x+3y=4 3x+4y=9 Simultaneously

    asked by Owen
  38. Algebra

    Find any points for the discontinuity for the rational function. I think the answer is D. y=(x-8)/(x^2+5x-6) A. x=8 B. x= -1, x= 6 C. x= 1, x=6 D. x=1, x= -6

    asked by Emma
  39. Math

    A rectangular water tank of length 60 cm and width 40 cm contains water up to depth of 30 cm. A peice of ice measuring 20 cm by 15 cm by 12 cm is dropped into the tank of water. Calculate the new depth of water when the ice melts completely, assuming its

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Social Studies

    Why did Rome became a republic? A. The king's broad powers allowed him to mistreat his people. B. The established monarchy wasn’t powerful enough. C. The aristocrats misused their power. D. The poor formed a rebellion against the aristocrats.

    asked by Mateo
  41. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. An image of a rocket is shown. The triangle at the top of the rocket has a base of length 3 inches and a height of 4 inches. The rectangle in the

    asked by hi
  42. language arts

    I'm doing an assignment for conexxus and I was wondering if someone could help me its for lesson 12 writing the rough draft for unit 2.

    asked by imagine wagons
  43. History

    Which of the following do the British and German economies have in common? Select all that apply. A. high wages due to investment in human capital B. a strong government role in a mixed economy C. coastline for ports of entry and trade D. strong

    asked by Hey,I'm just asking
  44. math

    D = 0.08t^2 - 1.6t + 9 Why does this equation above fits this model: A student stands facing a motion detector. He quickly walks toward the detector, slows down, stops and then slowly walks away from the detector. He speeds up as he gets farther away from

    asked by A
  45. Health

    What do people need to remember about bad GMO Food?

    asked by Khaliyl
  46. Math

    A manufacturer uses a mold to make a part in the shape of a triangular prism. The dimensions of the part are shown below. 10.77mm 6.5mm 1.6mm 12.6mm 6.5mm Which ESTIMATE is closest to the volume in cubic millimeters of the part? 108 217 400 *** 880 Thank

    asked by Jack
  47. eduational tech

    2) Which of the following statements is considered a safe rule for communication? A) anyone you know only online is a stranger to you B) after you get to know someone online, they can be considered a trusted friend C) if you want to know if you can trust

    asked by pandazz are awsome
  48. Math

    i need some help understanding the formulas for finding the are for a circle and finding the Circumference. and the formula they give me i still don't understand can you guys help me understand the easier way to look at the formula?

    asked by Hey,I'm just asking
  49. Social Studies

    How did the black death affect Europe? I'm just asking for a bunch of details piled in one spot. Tia! :-)

    asked by Just asking 4 details!
  50. Language arts

    how does Squeaky feel about taking care of Raymond? A) She complains about it. B) It makes her feel important. C) She ignores him. D) She feels protective of him.***

    asked by shay
  51. Geometry

    1.) Identify the solid formed by the given net. a. cylinder b. triangular prism c. square pyramid d. rectangular prism 2.) Name the solid according to its description: The figure has two bases that are parallel congruent circles. a. cylinder b. rectangular

    asked by Tristan
  52. English/Reading

    Who made use of Hester Prynne's skilled needlework? Why?

    asked by Bria
  53. Social Studies

    What is Feudalism and how did it work? Just asking for a helpful article or something like that since other people helped a lot on the last question I asked by giving a article out. Tia! :-)

    asked by Just asking 4 details!
  54. Health

    Give a brief statement of the main points of bad gmo foods.

    asked by Khaliyl
  55. math

    d = 0.08t^2 - 1.6t + 9 A student stands facing a motion detector. He quickly walks toward the detector, slows down, stops and then slowly walks away from the detector. He speeds up as he gets farther away from the detector. How far is the student from the

    asked by A
  56. math

    1. A small town is represented on a graph in the coordinate plane. The coordinates of the post office are (2,3). Which other building is in the same quadrant? (-3,1) (-2,4) hall (1,5) store (-2,-3)

    asked by ashliipops
  57. geometry

    . Is the figure equiangular, equilateral, or regular? (U2L1 or IXL G-G.1

    asked by chris
  58. geometry

    did anyone take connections academy unit 2 test form a for 10th grade

    asked by chris
  59. Physics

    A blood sample placed in a centrifuge is subjected to a force of 4.8 10-11 N when the centrifuge is operated at 126 rev/s. What is the diameter, in cm, of the centrifuge?

    asked by Kiki
  60. Math

    a baseball field has four bases that form the shape of a quadrilateral. If someone invented a new game similar to baseball that had an extra base in the field, what type of polygon would the bases form?

    asked by None of your bizz ;-;
  61. life orientation

    critically discuss the following statement: sometimes conflict can be healthy

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Algebra

    There is a graph of f(x) and g(x). They intersect at two points. Michael says that the values of (x)=g(x) are the ordered pairs where the functions intersect. Find Michael's mistake and explain what he misunderstood. Eric isn't sure why a solution to a

    asked by faith
  63. English

    Why does Squeaky not know at first who has won the race in "Raymonds Run"? A. Raymond has climbed a fence*** B. The may pole gets in the way C. The finish is very close D. Mr. Person speaks to softly

    asked by shay
  64. English

    Which word has a meaning similar to prodigy? A. Statue B. Babysiter C. Athlete***** D. Wonder

    asked by ted
  65. English

    I don't know if my answer is right, so I came here for someone to correct me if im wrong. After the race, Squeaky and Gretchen smile at one another. What do you predict about their future? (A) they will continue not speaking to each other. (B) They will

    asked by RobitSam
  66. Math plzz helppp!!!

    Which of the following is equivalent to (-2) - 5? I need help checking the rest of unit 4 math 6B integers?

    asked by nun ya
  67. Math

    The Great Rope Company sells a rope that is 5 feet long. Juan wants to make sections that are 1/3 foot long. How many sections will Juan be able to make? Use the model.

    asked by Essay
  68. social studies

    Which of the following was a key accomplishment of the people of Songhai? A. They had a strong military and became the largest empire in West Africa. B. They established a center of Islamic scholarship. C. They worked with iron and prospered from the

    asked by Hayden
  69. Life orientation

    Similarities between funza lushaka and Nsfas

    asked by Nomzamo
  70. math

    I don't know where to start to figure this out. If someone could just give me clue I would appreciate it so much. Thank you Given the location of p on a number line and distance between p and q. Choose all that correctly give the location of q on the

    asked by Sam
  71. Social studies

    Which impact did the opium trade have on China? A. It brought economic prosperity. B. It helped to increase cultural diversity. C. It resulted in addiction and conflict. D. It strengthened community and family ties

    asked by keegan
  72. Social Studies

    What was the most important result of the English victory over the Spanish Armada? A. through religious devotion B. through better military strategy **** C. with a larger navy D. by cutting off the Spanish food supply

    asked by Marie
  73. Social studies

    Cuba today is different from other countries in the Caribbean because it is a A. presidential democracy B. parliamentary democracy C. monarchy D. dictatorship*** With a _____ economy A. mixed*** B. traditional C. market D. command

    asked by hi
  74. Science

    Which of the following types of pollution cannot be attributed to car and truck emissions? A Acid rain B Sedimentation C Ozone D Photochemical smog I'm not too sure what the answer is but if I think about it maybe B? Thanks to anyone who could help!

    asked by Cashmere<3
  75. math

    1. Find the slope of the following graph. a. 1/2* b. 2 c. -2 d. -1/2 2. Find the slope of the following graph. a. 3/2 b. 1 c. -1* d. -3/2 3. Find the slope of the following graph. a. 2/3 b. 3/2* c. 3 d. -2/3 4. Find the slope of the following graph. a. 0

    asked by Theonewhoeatscake
  76. History

    why do scientists believe the discovery of the Clovis spear points in Washington is significant A. They are the only evidence of ancient humans in the pacific northwest *my answer* B. They prove that ancient farmers were also great hunter's C. They show

    asked by i hate math and who cares what me first name is
  77. Math

    What is -45/6 + -13/6

    asked by Katie
  78. Math

    2x − 5y + 3z = 8 3x − y + 4z = 7 x + 3y + 2z = −3 Can I multiple the 2nd equation by 3 and the 3rd by 3? Or should I take care of 1&3 and then deal with 2. since both of them can be multiplied by three and five

    asked by Josh
  79. Math, help pls

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot.

    asked by Sparkle
  80. Social studies

    Describe the governments in Mexico and Central America. Essay question please help me.

    asked by hi
  81. Argumentative essay

    Please, may you send some links or help me with my argumentative essay? Like some things I should keep of mind when I do this essay. Thank you for reading! ~Also, thanks for such a wonderful site.

    asked by Sliverstream
  82. Texas State HIstory

    Which advanced technology company started as a student-run business at the University of Texas at Austin? A. Apple.Inc B.Dell Inc. C. Intel Corp. D. Microsoft Corp. I'm not sure, could somebody please help me?

    asked by GymnasticsLover05
  83. history

    explain how the challenges of population growth in texas cities can be addressed?

    asked by rororoyourboat
  84. English

    Which of the following passages from the tes best supports the story’s theme of perseverance? A) “ I followed father’s orders faithfully.” B) “ And like father she was not afraid to talk to me like an equal. “ C) I wrote several drafts of it

    asked by Adamissmart
  85. math

    Girls are one-half of the fifth-grade class. Two-tenths of these girls have red hair. Red-hair girls are what fraction of the fifth-grade class?

    asked by Sammy
  86. Math

    5. Find the value of the variables in the table. (e,10) (5,13) (7,19) (10,f) (12,34) (the first numbers in the set is X, the other number is Y) A. f=28;e=4 B. e=28;f=4 C. f=30;e=2 D. e=30;f=2 20. Find the common difference in the outputs to help find the

    asked by ILTHSM_
  87. Life orientation

    Suggest how minority party may impact the law making process

    asked by Clement
  88. English

    When describing policemen with "bristling" mustaches, "gleaming" teeth, and eyes "flashing", does this connote authority or fear?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Science

    Which of the following types of pollution cannot be attributed to car and truck emissions? A Acid rain B Sedimentation C Ozone D Photochemical smog I need help ASAP. I think the answer is B. Thanks to whoever could help me!

    asked by Cashmere<3
  90. English

    Although I suspected I was wrong, I refused to admit my mistake. complex I can no longer eat sticky foods like licorice, for I have braces now. Compound sentence. I want to give my grandma a gift for her birthday. Simple sentence Please tell me if these

    asked by Ashley
  91. Language Arts

    which of the following sentence parts describes the italicized portion of this sentence? the board walk in atlantic city hugs the white, sandy, coastline

    asked by Sal
  92. English

    Which is the best paraphrase of these lines from "New World"? eagles / hie and / hover / above / the plain A. Eagles hurry and hang above the flatland. B. Eagles hang in midair and wave their wings. C. Eagles race and rush in an ugly way. D. Eagles soar

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    Can someone get the math for the worksheet? I'm havibg troubles getting the answers and how to get them. Thxs!

    asked by Mel
  94. Science

    Which of the following energy sources is relatively expensive to set up, but has a low cost once it is in place? A Natural gas B Coal C Nuclear power D Solar power I think the answer is D, solar power. Please help ASAP. Thanks to whoever helps.

    asked by Cashmere<3
  95. Math

    An adult bottle nose dolphin has a mass of 200 kilograms. What is the mass of an adult bottle nose dolphin in grams?

    asked by Blake
  96. English

    First read this poem to answer 1-9 ROSE POGONIAS 1. A saturated meadow, 2. Sun-shaped and jewel small, 3. A circle scarcely wider 4. Than the tress around were tall 5. Where the winds were quite excluded 6. And the air was stifling sweet 7. With the breath

    asked by 0~0
  97. English

    Which of the following passages from the tes best supports the story’s theme of perseverance? A) “ I followed father’s orders faithfully.” B) “ And like father she was not afraid to talk to me like an equal. “ C) I wrote several drafts of it

    asked by Adamissmart
  98. Math

    You purchase a ticket online and are charged a surcharge. Your total is now $85. What percent is the surcharge?

    asked by Lore
  99. Science

    The following facts are true about Resource A: It grows in nature and takes about five years to reach a mature size. (that's a tree) It can be replanted after it is cut down. Resource A is most likely a(n) A Inexhaustible resource B Nonrenewable resource C

    asked by Cashmere<3
  100. English

    What is the main message of “Miracles” A. Cities have wondrous qualities B.The ocean is a mysterious essence C.Nature is wonderful D.All of life is wondrous*** Just checking if I’m right on this one thanks!

    asked by ToxicBeing
  101. Math

    You purchase a $70 play ticket online and are charged a surcharge. Your total is now $85. What percent is the surcharge?

    asked by Lore
  102. math

    the first difference between two consecutive terms of the sequence is 96. calculate the values of these two terms.

    asked by ELVIS
  103. Science

    When water droplets in a cloud combine, become too heavy, and fall to the ground, you are experiencing? A) Evaporation B) Condensation C) Precipitation D) Transpiration My answer is C.... am I correct??!?!?

    asked by Sliverstream
  104. social studies

    Of the following choices, which ones are characteristics of West African society? Select all that apply. A. Arabic was the main language used when trading with other societies. B. Christianity was the only religion practiced in villages. C. Slaves had no

    asked by Hayden
  105. Math

    Trapezoid ABCD is congruent to trapezoid EFGH. Which statement is true? Trapezoid ABCD and trapezoid EFGH are shown. Trapezoid ABCD is shown with side AB measuring 15 cm, side CD measuring 9 centimeters, and the height of trapezoid ABCD measuring 3

    asked by Ms. Sue please help
  106. History

    zest n. \ˈzest\ 1. lively excitement : a feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm; 2. a lively quality that increases enjoyment, excitement, or energy; 3. small pieces of the skin of a lemon, orange, or lime that are used to flavor food Use the dictionary

    asked by Anonymous
  107. English

    The speaker in "The Road Not Taken" is a person who A. is lost in the woods. B. remembers making a decision. C. is currently standing at a fork in the road. D. likes to walk on a well-beaten path.

    asked by Anonymous
  108. English

    In the first line from "O Captain! My Captain!" what does "our fearful trip" refer to? A. the Civil War B. the battle at Antietam Creek C. the presidency D. Lincoln's life

    asked by Anonymous
  109. English

    In "The Road Not Taken," the description of the wood as yellow A. tells us the wood is very young, not yet full grown. B. makes the setting seem churchlike. C. tells us the scene is taking place at noon. D. helps us see the scene as autumnal.

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Social Studies

    How did the Soviet Union come to dominate Eastern Europe after World War II? A. by supporting communist parties in democratic elections B. by keeping troops in the region and setting up communist governments ** C. by agreeing with the United States to

    asked by stacia
  111. math

    d = 0.08t^2 - 1.6t + 9 A student stands facing a motion detector. He quickly walks toward the detector, slows down, stops and then slowly walks away from the detector. He speeds up as he gets farther away from the detector. When is the student closest to

    asked by A
  112. History

    Which reason best explains the motivation for American expansionism? A. It would be important to maintain political influence in developing countries. B. A U.S. naval presence around the world would decrease the chance of future wars. C. American goods

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Science

    Explain the locations ozone can be found. I've been lost on this for like 30 minutes. Whoever could help, it would be a blessing.

    asked by Cashmere<3
  114. Commercial Law

    What class in incoterms is instant contract?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. business statistics

    A bank branch located in a commercial district of a city has developed an improved process for serving customers during the noon-1:00pm lunch period. The waiting time of all customers during this hour is recorded over the period of a week. A random sample

    asked by m
  116. Science

    How is ozone harmful and helpful?

    asked by Cashmere<3
  117. Science

    What causes the depletion of the ozone layer? (If I could get a link, that would be great)

    asked by Cashmere<3
  118. Math

    can you write the equation that represents the relationship between quantity and price given: X 0=0, 1=6, 2=12, 3=18, 4=24 Y 0=0 1=5 2=10 3=15 4=20

    asked by aManZ
  119. Math

    A passenger is an airplane at an altitude of a=20 kilometers sees two towns directly to the east of the plane. the angles of depression to the towns are 28 degrees and 55 degrees. how far apart are the towns

    asked by anonymous
  120. Legal Services (essay)

    Washington State Review the news in your state or local area over the past several months to discover what kinds of lawsuits and legal disputes are happening. Think about the practice areas and types of lawyers required to deal with these issues. Write a

    asked by Bunny
  121. Math

    the table shows the wind pressure on a structure at different heights in pa. using linear interpolation, estimate the pressure at a height of 17 ft. 6 in the table is below: height(ft) pressure(pa) 13 254 14 269 15 278 16 287 17 296 18 311 19 319 20 326

    asked by anonymous
  122. math

    A patio has the shape of the quadrilateral drawn in the picture below. 1) Find the area of the patio. 2) What is the minimum number of square-tiles with sides of 30 cm that are needed to cover the patio if 10% more tiles will be needed to cover the

    asked by henry
  123. Social Studies

    Can anyone help with this three column chart for a portfolio on connexus(7th Grade) Influential civilizations portfolio.

    asked by GxttaGreen
  124. Social Studies

    How has the economy of Russia changed since the fall of the Soviet Union? A. from a mixed to a market ** B. from a market to a command C. from a command to a mixed D. from a market to a mixed

    asked by stacia
  125. Math

    if sin theta =1/2 and cos theta= √(3)/2. find tha values of tan theta, cot theta and csc. This question didn't ask for sec, but i am just curious what the answer for sec, can someone show me the answer for sec

    asked by anonymous