Questions Asked on
March 3, 2019

  1. math

    Hailey is scuba diving in the ocean. Her boat is anchored 300 feet away at a 30° angle of depression. If her diving partner is 25 feet directly below her, how far is Hailey's diving partner from the boat? (round to nearest whole number) a. 300 ft b. 313

    asked by Anonymous
  2. MATH

    A rectangular prism has a length of 8 inches, a width of 5 inches, and a height of 2 inches. What is the volume of the prism? A. 15in2 B. 40in2 C. 80in2 D. 132in2

    asked by jake
  3. Algebra

    what is the solution of n^2-49=0 -7 7 ±7 no solution

    asked by Mark Foster
  4. MATH

    A cylinder has a circular base with a diameter of 12 ft. The height of the cylinder is 4 ft. What is the volume of the cylinder rounded to the nearest whole number? Use 3.14 for pi. A. 452in2 B. 1,809ft2 C. 151ft2 D. 603ft2

    asked by jake
  5. math

    A glass is 1 4 full. Then 70cm3 of orange juice is poured in. The glass is now 3 5 full. What is the total volume of the glass?

    asked by elle
  6. algebra

    what is the value of 11x^-3y^-1 for x = -1 and y = 2?

    asked by bob
  7. History

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States? A. industrial jobs B. inexpensive land C. the promise of freedom D. expensive land in home country

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Calculus

    Find the absolute value of the resulting error if the value of integral from 0 to 3 (x^3 dx) is estimated with 3 trapezoids of equal width. a) 2.25 b) 5.25 c) 15.75 d) 47.25

    asked by Alice
  9. Math (Please help)

    Macario is making 12 pounds of nut mixture with macadamia nuts and almonds. macadamia nuts cost $9 per pound and almonds cost $5.25 per pound. how many pounds of macadamia nuts and how many pounds of almonds should macario use for the mixture to cost $6.50

    asked by Josh
  10. Social Studies

    What can you tell me about the Lesson 9 Unit Test. It's the Later Civilizations of East Asia.

    asked by Ana
  11. Social Studies

    Can you explain the later civilizations of East Asia Unit Test.

    asked by Ana
  12. History

    Look at the map of the Mediterranean region in the 1400s. A map shows the Mediterranean region in the 1400s. To the east, just north of the Mediterranean Sea, the Ottoman Empire is outlined.The map shows a complex network of major travel routes connecting

    asked by ms sue u are under rated
  13. Chemistry

    For propanoic acid HC3H5O2, Ka = 1.3 ✕ 10−5 and 0.102 M solution. [HC3H5O2] ____M [C3H5O2− ] ____M percent dissociation ____percent

    asked by chem_student
  14. Math

    In a parallelogram a diagonal of the length 20 cm is perpendicular to one of the sides. Find the longer side of parallelogram if its perimeter is 80 cm.

    asked by Sam
  15. accounting

    JKL Company purchased a car for $21,000 on January 1, 2016. The vehicle is estimated to have a useful life of 10 years, at which point it will have a residual value of $1,000. JKL Company uses the straight-line method to account for depreciation. What is

    asked by jashan
  16. Calculus

    If dy/dx=cos^2(πy/4) and y=1 when x=0, then find the value of x when y=3 a) 1/8 b) -π/8 c) -8/π d) None of these

    asked by Alice
  17. SS

    “It is certain that when the penny jingles into the money-box, gain and avarice [greed] can be increased, but the result of the intercession [prayer on behalf of another person] of the Church is in the power of God alone.” Which important features of

  18. Algebra

    Julie went to the post office and bought both $0.41 stamps and $0.26 postcards. She spent $51.40. The number of stamps was 20 more than twice the number of postcards. How many of each did she buy? I just want to know how to set it up.

    asked by Josh
  19. Chemistry

    check answer please 10. 2 Ca3(PO4)2(s) + 6 SiO2(g) + 10 C(s) ---> P4(s) + 6 CaSiO3(s) + 10 CO(g) If 39.3 g of Ca3(PO4)2, 24.4 g of SiO2 and 8.00g of C are available, find the limiting reagent. n Ca3(PO4)2= 0.127 moles n SiO2= 0.135 moles n C= 0.133 moles

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  20. Math

    Line L is perpendicular to the line 6x - y = 7 and passes through the point (0,6). Line M is parallel to the line y = 2/3x - 4 and passes through the point (-3, -1). Where do lines L and M intersect?

    asked by Amanda
  21. math

    The sum of a AP is 26 and that of the next four terms is 74, Find the first term and the common difference

    asked by jane
  22. Statistics

    Let the joint density function of the random variables X and Y be f(X,Y)(x,y)= 2xe^(x(^2)-y) for 0

    asked by Ethan
  23. Chemistry

    P4O10(s) + 6 H2SO4(l) --> 4 H3PO4(aq) + 6 SO3(g) Pure H2SO4(l) has a density of 1.84 g/mL. If 45.0 mL of H2SO4(l) reacts: What mass of P4O10 reacts? - it's given 45.0 mL of H2SO4 with the density of 1.84 g/mL, so the mass of H2SO4 is 45*1.84 = 82.8 (g) so

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  24. Math

    Find the volume of the rectangular prism. A rectangular prism has a height of 3 inches, width of 9 inches, and length of 11 inches. A. 23 in.3 B. 297 in.3 C. 318 in.3 D. 159 in.3

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Statistics

    8. A tetrahedron shaped die gives one of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 with equal probabilities. We roll two of these dice and denote the two outcomes by X1 and X2. Let Y1 =(minpX1, X2) and Y2 = |X1 - X2|. (a) Find the joint probability mass function of X1 and

    asked by Ethan
  26. math

    Meg's pension plan is an annuity with a guaranteed return of 5% per year (compounded quarterly). She would like to retire with a pension of $10,000 per quarter for 5 years. If she works 17 years before retiring, how much money must she and her employer

    asked by pramesh
  27. Life orantation

    Compare in five ways the similarities and the differences between nsfas and other student loans

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by Anonymous
  29. Calculus

    If dy/dx= sin^2(πy/4) and y=1 when x = 0, then find the value of x when y = 3. a) 0 b) 8/π c) -π/8 d) None of these

    asked by Alice
  30. statistics

    I am trying to determine if the dice that I have is fair, so I will toss the dice 300 times and measure how many times each side appears. Here are my results: Side : Frequency 1 : 43 2 : 49 3 : 56 4 : 45 5 : 66 6 : 41 Looking at the data, is the dice

    asked by Ms Lopez
  31. Geography

    About ____ of Canada's entire population lives in the southern lowlands on Ontario. (A) one-twelfth (B) one-eighth (C) one-third (D) one-half

    asked by Bro
  32. Life orientation

    Why competing with one another ineffective when dealing with interpersonal conflict?

    asked by Kevin
  33. Algebra

    Find two consecutive numbers if the square root of the smaller number is 3 less than the bigger number.

    asked by Sam
  34. MATH

    Find the vector v with the given magnitude and the same direction as u. Magnitude: ||v|| = 8 Direction: u = ‹6, -6› STEP 1: Find the magnitude of u. STEP 2: Use your result from Step 1 to compute a unit vector, u1, in the same direction as u. u1= For

    asked by anonymous
  35. History

    "We came by steerage on a steamship in a very dark place that smelt dreadfully. There were hundreds of other people packed in with us, men, women and children, and almost all of them were sick. It took us twelve days to cross the sea, and we thought we

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Calculus

    Find the particular solution to y"=3sin(x) given the general solution y=-3sin(x) +Ax+B and the initial conditions y (π/2)=π and y'(π/2)=2

    asked by Alice
  37. math


    asked by bob
  38. Physics

    Bob has just finished climbing a sheer cliff above a beach, and wants to figure out how high he climbed. All he has to use, however, is a baseball, a stopwatch, and a friend on the ground below with a long measuring tape. Bob is a pitcher, and knows that

    asked by Sara
  39. Pre-Calc

    A hot-air balloon is floating above a straight road. To estimate their height above the ground, the balloonists simultaneously measure the angle of depression to two consecutive mileposts on the road on the same side of the balloon. The angles of

    asked by Amber
  40. math

    Jarett was selling tickets to ride the Ferris wheel at a local carnival. The tickets cost $2.00 for adults , and $1.50 for children .How many of each kind of tickets did he sell if he sold a total of $300 tickets for$525

    asked by rosita
  41. Physics

    A battery of e.m.f. 6.0 V, and internal resistance 1.0 ohms is connected to a resistor and drives a current of 125 mA through it. What is the resistance of the resistor? Thank you!!

    asked by Julia
  42. Math

    Ed is planning daily walking workouts on the same distance of 12 km in the morning and in the evening. Usually he is walking at constant rate, however he planned his rate to be 1 km/h more in the morning than in the evening. Given he is willing to spend 5

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Physics - Kinematics

    At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Dwight Phillips won the gold medal in men’s long jump with a jump of 8.59 m. If the angle of his jump was 23°, what was his takeoff speed? (Treat the jumper as an object; ignore that his legs are in front of him when

    asked by Heather
  44. Educational Technology

    To place the caption at the top of the image you will need to change the ________ in the drop-down menu A. Options*** B. Label C. Position D. Numbering

    asked by hiii
  45. Chemistry HELP

    im confused please help thanks Gaseous nitrogen dioxide reacts with liquid water to yield aqueous hydrogen nitrate and nitrogen monoxide gas. Write the balanced equation including states

    asked by Zayn
  46. Math

    Use a formula to find the surface area of the square pyramid. A pyramid labeled with a height of 6 feet and base of 3 feet. A. 45 ft2 B. 81 ft2 C. 36 ft2 D. 72 ft2

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Maths

    if a number is chosen at random from the integer 5-25 inclusive find the probability that the number is a multiple of 5 or 3

    asked by Pat
  48. quadratics

    Write the function f(x) = ax^2 + bx + c in completed square form. SHOW YOUR WORK!!!

    asked by alisha
  49. Mathematics

    solid is in the form of a cone mounted on himispher in such away that the Venter of the base of the cone fast coincide with the center of the base of the hemisphere.the radius of hemisphere and height of cone are r each ,radius of base of cone is 1/2r and

    asked by Okram gojen
  50. Life Orientation

    Evaluate any 3 disadvantages for a student to study at the institutions of high education through nsfas

    asked by King
  51. physics

    a ball is thrown upward from a bridge with a speed of 48 ft/s. It misses the bridge on way down and lands in water 160 ft. below. Find how long the ball rises, how high it goes, how long it is in the air, and its velocity when it strikes the water?

    asked by sophie
  52. science

    A mass 10kg moves with a velocity of 4m/s .fin d the kinetic energy

    asked by victor
  53. Chemistry

    So I was asked to write the overall equation for Br2 in Dichloromethane with Cyclohexene. I can kinda fudge the overall reaction because I know the general reaction of halogens with a double bond, but I am wondering why is the Br2 in the Dichloromethane in

    asked by Stephanie
  54. Math 11

    The quadratic function f(x)= -1/2(x+3)^2+1. The point (1,1) in the graph of y=x^2 is transformed to which point on the graph of y= -1/2(x+3)^2+1? ***SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK!!!!! A. (-2,1/2) B. (-2,3/2) C. (-2,-1) D. (5/2,2)

    asked by Johannah
  55. Calculus

    If dy/dx=(xy^2) and if y=1 when x=0, then when y=3, x is equal to a) 1/8 b) - π/8 c) 1 d) (2√3)/3

    asked by Alice
  56. Life orientation

    Compare in three ways the similarities and the difference between NSFAS and other students loan

    asked by Londy
  57. Algebra 2

    solve for x: 3^2x+3=7^x+1 I did 2x+3=log0f3(7)+ logof3(7) (2-log of 3(7))x=log of 3(7)-3 x=log of 3 (7)+log of 3 (3^-3)/log 0f 3 (3^2)-log of 3 (7) x=log of 3 (7-1/3^3)/log of 3(9/7) log of 3(7/27)/log of 3(9/7) answer log of 9/7(7/27) Is this correct?

    asked by sara
  58. Physics HELP

    When potential difference across the terminals of a battery is measured using an analogue voltmeter of resistance 95 ohms, the reading on the voltmeter is 5.70 V. When it is measured using a very high resistance digital meter the reading is 6.00 V. What is

    asked by Ari
  59. Life Orientation

    The link between intrapersonal conflict and initiating relationship

    asked by Maccy
  60. math

    the graphs of the function with equation y= a(x+5)^2=q passes through the points (-6,2) and (-3,20). Determine whether the function has a maximum or minimum value

    asked by lily
  61. Life orientation

    How bullies deal with inter personal conflicts

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Quadratics

    Write the coordinates of the image of the pont (-3,9) on the graph y=x^2 when each of the following transformations are applied: a) a reflection in the x-axis followed by a vertical translation 4 units up b) a vertical stretch by a factor of 1/3 about the

    asked by Leah
  63. math

    Determine, as exact values, the x and y-intercepts of the graph of the following functions a) f(x) = -3(x+2)^2+3 b) f(x) = 2(x-6)^2-6 c) f(x) = -1/4(x+1)^2+5

    asked by Jenna
  64. L.O

    Different between Funza and NFSAS

    asked by lucia
  65. algebra 2

    Which is equivalent to y=log of 7(x) a)y=x^7 b)x=y^7 c) x=7^y d) y=x^1/7 I thought the answer was c x=7^y Is this correct? thank you

    asked by sara
  66. History

    Medical effects of working during WW1and WW2

    asked by Marquita
  67. Math

    Defination of mathematics

    asked by Oluwawomi Victor
  68. Math

    The rectangle shown is reduced by a scale factor of 0.5 AB= 16 and AC=6. A___15cm______B 8cm C______________D Calculate the length of each side of the reduced image. Draw the new image A' B' D' C'

    asked by Matt
  69. Spanish

    Please explain the use of "ser" and "estar". I don't understand where to use it and when to use it.

    asked by Anna
  70. Math

    Determine the characteristics of the quadratic function: y = 4(x + 5)(x – 2) Organize these in a chart form, with rows for "Domain", "Range", "Vertex" and "Opens: (Up/Down)"

    asked by A
  71. Math

    Point P and Q are respectively 24km North and 7km east of point R , what is the bearing of P and Q?

    asked by Michael
  72. life orientation


    asked by Rose
  73. math

    find the equation of the inverse of f(x)= 2^x-7 + 5 I did x=2^y-7+ 5 -5 -5 x-5=(2^y)(2^-7) 128*x-5=2^y answer y=log of 2 (128(x-5)) I switched x and y and solved for y Is this correct? Thanks for checking my work.

    asked by sara
  74. Geography

    History of man

    asked by Oluwawomi Victor
  75. LO

    What are the similarities between nfsas and scholarship

    asked by Mphile
  76. English

    1. A fish uses its tail for swimming. 2. A fish uses his tail for swimming. 3. A fish uses her tail for swimming. [Can we use all the expressions, its, his, her?] 4. I have several balls. I have two dogs. The balls are theirs. 5. I have several balls. I

    asked by rfvv
  77. Mathematics

    solid is in the form of a cone mounted on himispher in such away that the Venter of the base of the cone fast coincide with the center of the base of the hemisphere.the radius of hemisphere and height of cone are

    asked by Okram gojen
  78. Spanish

    Unscramble licbohe , sequi , lanesbocto , taaconni

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    English 1. I have a dog, Lucky. He is cute. 2. I have a dog, Lucky. She is cute. 3. I have a dog, Lucky. It is cute. [Can we use all the expressions? Which one is commonly used?] 4. I have a dog who is very smart. 5. I have a dog which is very smart. 6. I

    asked by rfvv
  80. Math

    Which is the greatest number...? -3, 10, -16, 9

    asked by Jessica