Questions Asked on
February 28, 2019

  1. Anthropology

    Does anyone about cultural assumptions from anthropologist Laura Nader why does she say that this is the main motivation and why is the analysis important?

    asked by JR
  2. Drama

    This question asks about your Independent Reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your Independent Reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support

    asked by plz pass the tocos
  3. english 6

    MISS SUE OR ANY TEACHER, CHECK MY ANSWERS PLEASE! 🌹- questions that have to do with Rose Pogonias 🔔- questions that have to do with Bells 🍬-normal questions, no story that helps you answer. 🌙- questions that have to do with an unnamed story in

    asked by bubblegum
  4. History

    How did the Romanov dynasty increase Russia's power? I have been researching for almost an hour and I can't find anything ! any help?

    asked by Conections academy kid
  5. English

    Use the sentence parts below to create a sentence with a linking verb. Remember, a linking verb is a verb that connects a subject with a word that describes or identifies it. Read the model sentence: Sam appears worried that the dog will bite her. seems

    asked by cas
  6. history

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. In 800, Pope Leo III crowned emperor of the Romans as a form of thanks for protection from the pope's enemies.

    asked by nevoboy
  7. History

    1.What economic system focused on exports and acquiring precious metals? A.capitalism B.mercantilism economy D.traditional economy

    asked by yellowbelly
  8. Social Studies.

    Look at the map. Which ecosystems show where early civilizations developed because the area allowed people to grow crops even during times with little rainfall? Select all that apply. -Desert -RainForest -Savanna -sahel

    asked by PLEASE HELP!!
  9. Math

    Which is the coefficient in the expression 23 y + 5 ? My answer is 23y is this right.

    asked by Johnnie
  10. science

    plz help I am in connections academy science 7B unit 1 lesson 8 I am very confused 1. which of earths spheres contains most of its mass? A. atmosphere B. hydrosphere C. geosphere D. biosphere 2. Erosion and weathering are examples of which types of forces

    asked by Renee
  11. Social Studies

    Which of the following is a reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union? A. The Soviet Union put all its resources on building the military. B. The Soviet Union allowed too much freedom of expression. C. The Soviet Union reduced its control of the

    asked by dori
  12. English

    Selection Test: "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes MULTIPLE CHOICE Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. What mood or feeling does the description of the setting in the first stanza

    asked by hello
  13. English

    Write an essay answer the following question : Are cultures different only in their details? Discuss the assumptions about men in women, class status, religion race or the body that you encounter in this unit. I have the beginning of this i just really

    asked by MyNameJeff
  14. History

    What were the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge? a.a spiritual plane akin to the Catholic concept of purgatory where souls suffer punishments and await judgment b.agricultural centers where large herds of livestock were shipped to be slaughtered and

    asked by ???
  15. Calculus

    The temperature of a pan of hot water varies according to Newton's Law of Cooling: dT/dt= -k (T - A), where T is the water temperature, A is the room temperature, and k is a positive constant. If the water cools from 90°C to 85°C in 1 minute at a room

    asked by Alice
  16. Social studies

    1.Which factors led to the downfall of Ghana? Select all that apply. A. Ghana was engaged in conflict with people to the north. B. Ghana lacked nearby water resources. C. Ghana was unwilling to participate in trade. D. Ghana's large population began

    asked by Dess
  17. Math

    Identify the sequence as arithmetic, geometric, both, or neither 1.7,9,11,13 A. Arithmetic B. Geometric C.both D.neithier 2. 2,1,1/2,1/4 A. Arithmetic B. Geometric C. Both D. Neither 3. Write a rule for the sequence 1,2,4,8 A. Start with one and then add

    asked by Tim
  18. science

    A wildfire can destroy thousands of acres of forest. Explain two positive effects and two negative effects that a wildfire can have on the forest ecosystem's food chain.

    asked by need help need help
  19. Math

    Hello! I know the answer to this word problem; however, I want to know HOW to solve it. Any help is much appreciated! Q: A store sells used and new video games. New video games cost more than used video games. All video games cost the same. All new video

    asked by Celia P.
  20. Russian History

    This is the forth day of doing my unit test(Social Studies 7 B~Northern Eurasia Unit Test~Unit 3~Reach Cyber) with constant studying and reaserch but this is the last question I need answered "Describe some effects of the rise of communism in the Soviet

    asked by Conections academy kid
  21. MATH

    Find a unit vector in the direction of the given vector. w = 7i − 3j

    asked by ghost
  22. History

    What impact did the evacuation of American troops in Vietnam have on the United States? A.The fall of Saigon led Americans to believe that the containment policy could not be achieved. B.Americans feared that returning veterans would cause unemployment to

    asked by Bri
  23. Life orientation

    The similarities between nsfas and students loan

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Social Studies

    Which of the following was a result of communism in the Soviet Union? A. The free market controlled the economy. B. Citizens enjoyed freedom of speech. C. Elections were free and fair. D. Farms were collectivized by the government.+

    asked by dori
  25. Calculus

    Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 left rectangles to estimate the value of integral from 1 to 10 f(x)dx x 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 f(x) 4 8 6 10 10 12 16 Numerical answers expected

    asked by Alice
  26. Math

    How to calculate the average miles the car has driven per year if the car is 15 years old and has a milage of 40,000?

    asked by James
  27. Algebra 1

    Jane needs a short-term loan to buy a new washing machine. She needs to borrow $1500 at 20% compounded annually and plans to have it paid off in 1 year. Jane writes the formula 1500(1.2)t and finds out that this loan will cost her $1800. Which equation

    asked by Jean
  28. Russian History

    What are the most populous and least populous areas of Russia? And why are some areas more heavily populated than others? I already have Part one of the question: Most people live in Moscow because it is the capital of russia, they have a developed public

    asked by Conections academy kid
  29. MATH

    Find the angle between the forces given the magnitude of their resultant. (Hint: Write force 1 as a vector in the direction of the positive x-axis and force 2 as a vector at an angle θ with the positive x-axis. Round your answer to one decimal place.)

    asked by ghost
  30. english

    Characters in the stories by Indian writers Desai and Tagore experience both conflict and satisfaction from interacting with people who are unlike themselves. Discuss why such a theme might be common for a writer from this part of the world. i am really

    asked by kanga
  31. statistics (please help)

    Choose the correct response. Why is sampling without replacement acceptable with a large population? a. When a small sample is taken from a large population, the samples maintain their independence. b. When a large sample is taken from a large population,

    asked by maczindahouse
  32. History

    1. What is one benefit of reservation life for Native Americans? A. They have access to many Native American employers B. They have the freedom to have some self-government*** C. They have special boarding school for their children D. They have a lifestyle

    asked by Charlotte Dunois
  33. science

    One defining idea about empathy is that some aspect of it occurs automatically; people effortlessly mimic others' movements and actions, including facial expressions. Evidence that this aspect of empathy may be biologically innate comes from the

    asked by alaina
  34. MATH

    An airplane is flying in the direction 148° with an airspeed of u = 865 kilometers per hour. Because of the wind, its groundspeed and direction are v = 780 kilometers per hour and 140°, respectively (see figure in the link below). Find the direction and

    asked by ghost
  35. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 250. mL of 0.174 m aqueous HF (density = 1.10 g/mL) with 25.7 g of an aqueous solution that is 1.50% by mass (density = 1.02 g/mL). I dont understand how to set it up

    asked by Jacob Bell
  36. History

    What items brought to the Americas from Europe in the Columbian Exchange changed Native Americans' daily lives? Select all that apply. A.horses B.corn C.cows D.potatoes E. sugar

    asked by Nick
  37. Calculus

    The estimated value of the integral from 0 to 2 of x^2 dx , using the trapezoidal rule with 4 trapezoids is a) 2.75 b) 5.50 c) 1.88 d) 3.75

    asked by Alice
  38. Calculus

    The differential equation dy/dx = x/y^2 Possible answers: I. will have a slope field with negative slopes in quadrant I II. will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrants III.will produce a slope field with columns of parallel tangents IV.

    asked by Alice
  39. Calculus

    Function f(x) is positive, decreasing and concave up on the closed interval [a, b]. The interval [a, b] is partitioned into 4 equal intervals and these are used to compute the left sum, right sum, and trapezoidal rule approximations for the value of

    asked by Alice
  40. math

    help me with unit 2 lesson11 test plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    asked by help me with unit 2 lesson11 test
  41. Socail studies

    PLEASE HELP!! Ethnic conflict in Darfur led to an attempt to destroy a whole group of people, a situation known as? A. ethnocentrism B. Apartheid C.nationalism D.genocide

    asked by u shall not know me
  42. Math

    A chord of length 14cm is midway the radius of the circle .calc. the radius of the cicle.

    asked by Ak
  43. Math

    I need help solving 9 x 11!

    asked by Help
  44. Science, 8th.

    "Alice and Marge are studying the properties of matter. The girls cut some silver-colored magnesium sheets into 3-inch long strips and then put one strip each into test tubes: one containing water and one containing acid. Nothing happened when they added

    asked by ty,n
  45. Isa test prep

    Example:Based on the last test scores,i think eli must be the smartest kid in the class Definition:this is forming a broad idea based on specific instances. FIRST 2 LETTERS IS GE

    asked by Trista
  46. Economics

    For abnormal goods, how will supply behave when price increases and when price decreases

    asked by Christian
  47. science.

    Protons are positively charged and repel other protons. Which other particle is found in the nucleus and separates protons so that the strong force can hold the nucleus together? A) electrons B) neutrons C) protons D) quarks please help cause i'm genuinely

    asked by .jimin
  48. math

    If you flip three fair coins, what is the probability that you'll get two tails and one head in any order?

    asked by Ryland
  49. History

    1. About how much of New Mexico's population today is made up Native Americans? A. 5 Percent B. 10 Percent*** C. 20 Percent D. 45 Percent 2. How do modern Native Americans exercise sovereignty? A. They run tribal governments*** B. They live on federal

    asked by Charlotte Dunois
  50. Math help asap

    So I've been stuck on this question for about 15 minutes, I could use a bit of help.. Find the function rule for the table, show all your work: (table) x: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 y: 9, 4, -1, -6, -11

    asked by Anonymous
  51. History

    What were women striking in the 1930s?

    asked by Marquita
  52. MATH

    Compute the following, then sketch each resultant vector. 𝘂 = 5𝗶 − 𝗷, 𝘃 = −2𝗶 + 𝗷 a) u+v b) u-v c) 2u − 3v d) 1/2v + 4u

    asked by ghost
  53. Math please help ASSP

    Find the lateral area of the square pyramid. I don’t understand this st all the measure ments are 8m 8m 22m pelase walk me through this!

    asked by Becki!
  54. chemitry

    25g of magnesium chloride (MgCl2) was dissolved in 250 ml distilled water at 25oC. The density of water was 0.9975g/cm3. Calculate the concentration in molality

    asked by turia
  55. Science

    Which is most likely to be a part of an ionic bond? An atom with no valence electrons An atom with one valence electron An atom with two valence electrons An atom with three valence electrons To form an oxygen molecule , Two oxygen atoms share two

    asked by heeeeeer
  56. Calculus

    Function f(x) is positive, decreasing and concave up on the closed interval [a, b]. The interval [a, b] is partitioned into 4 equal intervals and these are used to compute the left sum, right sum, and trapezoidal rule approximations for the value of

    asked by Alice
  57. social studies

    1. Artifacts archaeologists studying early humans are likely to examine__*** b. diary entries c.fossils d.written records of the past*** 2.Which of the following are characteristics of hunter-gatherers? Select all that apply. A. They used iron

    asked by bether
  58. math

    The spinner below is divided equally into five sections. Kirk is going to spin the arrow 40 times. Which of the four sets of experiment results is most likely to occur?The spinner below is divided equally into five sections. Kirk is going to spin the arrow

    asked by hi
  59. science.

    The chemical formula of glucose is C6H12O6, so it is classified as a(n) A) element. B) mixture. C) solution. D) pure substance. is it d?

    asked by .jimin
  60. science

    How can a machine make work easier for you? A. by decreasing the amount of work you do on an object B. by changing the direction of your applied force C. by increasing the work done by the machine D. none of the above**

    asked by @realBlueface
  61. Calculus

    Given the table below for selected values of f(x), use 6 left rectangles to estimate the value of : integral from 1 to 10 f(x)dx x 1 3 4 6 7 9 10 f(x) 4 8 6 10 10 12 16 Numerical answers expected:

    asked by Alice
  62. Calculus

    The particular solution of the differential equation dy/dt= 2y for which y(0) = 60 is a) y= 60e^2t b) y= 60e^0.5t c) y= 59 + e^t d) y= 30e^t

    asked by Alice
  63. math

    The ratio of Jim,s money to Peter,s money was 4:7 at first. After Jim spent 1/2 his money and Peter spent $60, Peter had twice as much money as Jim. How much money did Jim have at first?

    asked by sean
  64. Math

    Need some help on hmwk please 1.) Name a pair of complementry angles

    asked by Math help ASAP
  65. English

    n a brief passage from The Red Badge of Courage that describes the course of an assault using details and mental association rather than factual or realistic representation comes in chapter 23 when it states, “He himself felt daring spirit of a savage,

    asked by sue
  66. Math

    Bella rolls 2 number cubes 60 times. How many times can she expect the sum of the numbers to be 10 or greater?

    asked by The Asker
  67. Math

    Solve 0.6^x < 0.8 So here's what I did: x log0.6 < log 0.8 x < log 0.8/ log 0.6 x < 0.437 But that's not the correct answer, it's: x > 0.437 Can someone explain why it changes < from to > ? Thanks in advance!

    asked by Clueless
  68. math

    An English teacher needs to pick 13 books to put on her reading list for the next school year, and she needs to plan the order in which they should be read. She has narrowed down her choices to 5 novels, 7 plays, 7 poetry books, and 5 nonfiction books.

    asked by jaylon
  69. politics

    Why is free health care important in a democratic society?

    asked by A
  70. trig

    What is the arcsecant of 4 and 8?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. History

    which statement represents a similarity between the women's rights movement and the civil rights movement? Both movements focused on voting rights.** Both movements focused on womens rights. Both movements fought for the rights of American Indians. Both

    asked by deku
  72. Bussiness studies,Pure Maths,Geography

    What course is suitable for these subjects?

    asked by Nikita
  73. Physics

    For an object in equilibrium the net torque acting on it vanishes only if each torque is calculated about:

    asked by Arbab Hussain
  74. Math- please help

    Find the slope of the line. (1,4) (2,1) A.-3 B.3 C.-1/3 D.1/3 please help!

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  75. math-check answers

    The slope of the line that goes through (-3, -5) and (-3, -6) is ______. I think the answer is "zero" is that correct?

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  76. Science

    At which point on the roller coaster do the riders have the LEAST gravitational potential energy? F G H** K

    asked by Help me
  77. math

    smallest degree that satisfies 2cos^2x-3cosx=2

    asked by joe s
  78. Science

    Makayla applied a force of 90N to move a crate a distance of 4meters. How much work has been done? A: 22.5J B: 86 J C: 94 J D: 360 J

    asked by Help me
  79. Science

    6. what is the formula for gravitational potential energy? (1 point) a.KE=1/2MV^2 B. PE=KE C. PE=mgh D. 1/2MV^2=mgh I think its C, am i right?

    asked by my_crafting
  80. statistics (please check my answer)

    Solve the problem. Round to the nearest tenth unless indicated otherwise. The weights of certain machine components are normally distributed with a mean of 8.5 g and a standard deviation of 0.09 g. Find the two weights that separate the top 3% and the

    asked by maczindahouse
  81. Science

    A5kg mass is dropped from a height of 30m above the ground. Determined the velocity of the mass when it is 18m above the ground?

    asked by Peter
  82. math help ASAP

    does the rule y = -3x^5 represent an exponential function? yes no is it no?

    asked by lilkakes
  83. Math- please help

    find the slope of the line (1,-2) (3,2) A. -2 B.2 C.-1/2 D.1/2

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  84. Science

    A 15kg tuna fish moving horizontally to the right at 5m/s swallows a 2kg fish that is swimming to the left at 7.5 m/s .What is the speed of the tuna fish immediately after,if the force exerted on the fish by the water can be neglected?

    asked by Les
  85. computers

    Open your text editor (Notepad) and type the following code: My sample HTML page This is an HTML page

    asked by erica
  86. Science, 8th.

    This flask originally held some copper wire and a clear solution of nitric acid. The two substances reacted and produced a brown gas and a blue solution. This reaction cannot be reversed. Evidence of a chemical reaction is shown by... A) ice forming. B)

    asked by .jimin
  87. Maths

    If the size of the interior angles of a pentagon are 2x , 3x , 4x , 5x and 6x , find the largest angle of the pentagon

    asked by Mehwish
  88. algebra readiness

    a solid with surfaces (faces) that are polygons is a(n) help me plsssss

    asked by 태경
  89. science bruh

    Question 5 of 5 A 750-W motor might also be rated as a A. 0.5-horsepower motor. B. 1-horsepower motor. C. 2-horsepower motor. D. 10-horsepower motor.

    asked by @realBlueface
  90. MATH

    1. 4-2 Add 5 to both sides, then add 3, then add (-4) 3. -4

    asked by Jallai
  91. life orientation

    Relationship break up because of a member of reasons. Name and explain two factors that contribute to a detrimental relationship

    asked by saneh
  92. Math

    Which number is closest in to 3-4

    asked by Mbuyelo
  93. algebra

    Mark wants to buy some used CDs from Hastings. He can get 6 CDs for $50.10 and 9 CDs for $75.15. Write the equation that can be used to find f(x), the amount he would pay at this rate if he bought x CDs. Thanks in advance :)

    asked by idk
  94. Sociology

    What is another way that socializing agents contribute to an institutional system of inequality?

    asked by Michelle Andres
  95. Math

    Find the the volume of a cone with the radius of 5ft and a height of 12ft

    asked by Please help!
  96. Physics

    Outline the role of the medium in the propagation of: a) Longitudinal waves b) Transverse waves Not sure if I'm supposed to refer to the movement of particles in a medium compared to the direction of the energy for these waves...

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Language arts

    What effects does the figurative language in line 22-23 have?

    asked by Nobody
  98. ela

    is there a picture of the short story concrete mixers by patricia Hubbell '

    asked by marie
  99. Algebra

    If a person wants to have $2000 after 4 years, how much would they have to deposit into an account that pays 6.5% interest compounded monthly?

    asked by єℓια
  100. english

    As long as I have written a research paper myself, I can use it as often as I want to. True or False ?

    asked by samantha
  101. History

    What did Greek thinkers emphasize

    asked by Kaiti
  102. Language

    In O Captain! My Captain! I need help finding out what are they comparing to the civil war

    asked by aj
  103. Calculus

    The slope of the tangent line to a curve at any point (x, y) on the curve is x/y. What is the equation of the curve if (4, 1) is a point on the curve? a) x^2-y^2=15 b) x^2+y^2=15 c) x+y=15 d) xy=15

    asked by Alice pleaseeeeee
  104. maths

    express 2(cos 4pi/3 + i sin 4pi/3) in the form x+iy

    asked by kabwita
  105. Math

    Identify the sequence as arithmetic, geometric, both, or neither 1.7,9,11,13

    asked by Bob
  106. Geography

    How did Australia become geographically made, what is the theory? Please NEED HELP ASAP! :0

    asked by Little Girl on the run
  107. math

    A metal bar weighs 8.15 ounces. 93% of the bar is silver. How many ounces of silver is in the bar

    asked by Natalia
  108. math

    t8(t10)0 A. t–80 B. t80** C. t8 D. t–8

    asked by @realBlueface
  109. English

    Consider Suzuki’s arguments and thesis and try to summarize his essay using an example of syllogism...

    asked by K
  110. MATHS


    asked by UDU
  111. Kinematics

    A bullet is fired horizontally from a height of 45 m and hits the ground 2000 m away. With what velocity does the bullet leave the fun?

    asked by Eva
  112. Math- please help

    What is the slope of the line that goes through (6, 5) and (3, 1)?\ A. 3/4 B.-2/3 C. 4/3 D.-4/3

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  113. English

    I stand against the motion boys should not Cook in the kitchen

    asked by Agnes
  114. maths

    what is 1 +1 ?

    asked by sitar
  115. Physics

    An archer shoots and arrow horizontally at a target 15m away. The arrow is aimed directly at the center of the target, but it hits 52 cm lower. what will be its initial velocity.

    asked by Kk
  116. L.o

    Link between intrapersonal conflict and initiating a relationship.

    asked by Tebo
  117. Physics

    An archer shoots an arrow horizontally at a target 15 m away. the arrow is aimed directly at the centre of the target, but it hits 15 cm lower. what would be its initial speed.

    asked by Kk
  118. Chem

    15 cubic centimeter of (CH3COOH) was dissolved in water to make 500 cubic centimeter of solution. calculate the concentration of the solution in moles per litre (C=12 H=1 O=16 density of ethanoic acid =1.05g/cm^3)

    asked by The Okome
  119. mathematics

    T=2pi√I/g. find I

    asked by akpuru divine
  120. Chemistry

    on complete combustion of one mole of a certain alkane , two moles of C02 and three moles of water was produced. determine the relative molecular formula of the compound. (C= 1, O=16)

    asked by The Okome
  121. English

    Help with rewording my thoughts The World Bank work to sustain solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

    asked by Amy Lee
  122. Chemistry

    on complete combustion of one mole of a certain alkane , two moles of C02 and three moles of water was produced. determine the relative molecular mass of the alkane. (C= 12, H=1)

    asked by The Okome
  123. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of Pb(N03)2 required to make 500 cubic cm of 0.1M solution(Pb=207, N=14, O=16)

    asked by The Okome