Questions Asked on
February 26, 2019

  1. Math

    If 30% of pupils in a school are boys,what percentage of the pupils are girls

    asked by John
  2. Chemistry

    Complete and balance the following molecular equation. Cu(OH)2(s)+HClO4(aq)→ And write the net ionic equation for it.

    asked by Thomas
  3. chemistry

    When using a manometer to check Boyle's law, why is the pressure changed slowly? a. to avoid compressing the liquid b. to avoid compressing the gas c. to avoid changing the gas temperature d. to avoid changing the mass of the gas Is it B?

    asked by Rose
  4. Drama

    In Act II, Scene 3 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, what is Scrooge’s first reaction on seeing Cratchit’s family? A. He thinks Cratchit has too many children. B. He is afraid that Tiny Tim will not live....i think this one? C. He is touched

    asked by plz pass the tocos
  5. Social studies HELP

    1.Look at the map. Click on the two areas that made it possible for people in these ecosystems to use the trans-Saharan trade route. 2.Place the following events in the correct chronological order. Mansa Musa brought Muslim scholars, artists, and teachers

    asked by Hecker
  6. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for HBr(aq)+Ca(OH)2(aq)→?

    asked by Thomas
  7. Math

    Solve for x. x/6=6/9 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

    asked by Barry Vacker
  8. Social studies

    3.Which factors influenced the growth of Christianity in East Africa? Select all that apply. A. Mansa Munsa’s pilgrimage to Mecca B. trade with Greeks and Romans C. influence of a captured Syrian servant D. invasion of Mali’s Christian military E.

    asked by I,sub2you if u right
  9. Economics

    Andrew quits his job as an accountant where he earns $60,000 per year to go back to school for two years to get an MBA degree. He attends a school that charges $25,000 per year for tuition and related expenses. How much is the total cost (explicit cost

    asked by Allysa
  10. physics

    An elastic cord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 2N. If a 35cm length of the cord is extended 0.6cm by a force of 0.5N. What will be the length of the cord when the stretching force is 2.5N?

    asked by Florence
  11. Math

    Find the area of the triangle. triangle A. 16.5 m2 B. 11.55 m2 C. 23.1 m2 D. 4.85 m2

    asked by esksjnjsd
  12. Life orientation

    How they influence effective communication attitudes and values?

    asked by Lulu
  13. SS

    1) infer which "great victory" the author references in the excerpt. A) election of the first female governor B) success of the first women labor strike C) passage of the equal rights amendment D) passage of the 19th amendment.

    asked by Halo Advertiser
  14. Algebra

    Find all the real square roots of 0.0036 A. 0.06 and -0.06 B. 0.0018 and -0.0018 C. 0.1897 and -0.1897 D. 0.6 and -0.6

    asked by Algebra
  15. Social Studies

    How did the other countries respond when Portugal built a global empire? A. They paid money to portugal to keep the peace. B. They attacked Portuguese ships and trading posts. C. They formed an alliance and went to war against Portugal. D. They asked the

    asked by Need Help Fast
  16. African civilizations test

    1.Look at the map. Click on the two areas that made it possible for people in these ecosystems to use the trans-Saharan trade route. (lets just use 1, 2, 3, 4) 2.Place the following events in the correct chronological order. (Mansa Musa brought Muslim

    asked by I,sub2you if u right
  17. math

    In the order of operations what operation is completed first? A. addition B. multiplication C. subtraction D. parentheses*** (I think its D because of PEMDAS)

    asked by (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  18. math

    Howard's bank gave him a personal loan because they found him creditworthy. Which type of loan did Howard get?

    asked by diego
  19. Computers

    You are viewing the desktop of a Windows 8 machine. You want to get back to the Start Screen to access your Tiles. How do you do this?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Social studies

    1.Look at the map. Click on the two areas that made it possible for people in these ecosystems to use the trans-Saharan trade route. (lets just use 1, 2, 3, 4) 2.Place the following events in the correct chronological order. (Mansa Musa brought Muslim

    asked by I,sub2you if u right
  21. Science

    Which of the following is a way that some animals bodies adapt to living in extremely cold climates? A. clusters B. hibernation C. burrows D. estivation

    asked by Hi
  22. Geography

    The bourbon triumvirate supported all of the following EXCEPT (1 point) a. fighting for civil rights b. maintaining white supremacy*** c. increasing manufacturing in the south d. increasing stronger industrial ties with the north -I'm pretty sure The

    asked by Christopher
  23. physics - 2d vector question

    A swimmer travels in a northerly direction across a 500 m wide lake. Once across, the swimmer notices that she is 150 m east of her original starting position. Determine the distance traveled and displacement.

    asked by Eva
  24. Science

    In witch type of symbiotic relationship is one organism helped while another organism is neither benefited nor harmed?

    asked by Rebecca
  25. Chemistry

    Using the activity series (Table 4.5), write balanced chemical equations for the following reactions. If no reaction occurs, simply write No Reaction. Chromium metal is immersed in an aqueous solution of cobalt(II) chloride.

    asked by Thomas
  26. math

    a box contains 5 red balls,7 green balls ,and 6 yellow ball.In how many ways can 6 balls be choosen if there should be 2 balls of each color

    asked by drian
  27. Mathematics

    Find the area of the trapezoid shown below. A; A = 18 M2 B: A = 24 M2 C: A = 15 M2 D: A = 22 M2

    asked by KalebAlabamian2059
  28. social studies

    1. which of the following statements describe the controversy surrounding arkanasas's decision to secede from the union select all that apply. A. secessionists wanted to immediately secede from the union. B.confederates wanted to remain part of the union.

    asked by vile
  29. math

    what are the next three terms in the sequence? -3,6,15,24, ... A.35, 46, 57 B.34, 44, 54 C.33, 44, 56 D.33, 42, 51*** is this correct?

    asked by help pls
  30. math

    At dinner one night Sean paid a total of $54.32. The tax was 8%, and he left a 20% tip on the check and tax. Which equation can be used to find the amount of the check BEFORE tax and tip?

    asked by Sam
  31. Algebra

    Compute the following: h(x) = x^2 + 1 h(3)

    asked by Joe
  32. Advanced math

    Eliot opens a savings account with $5,000. He deposits $50 every month into the account that compounds annually and has a 0.95% interest rate. What will his account total be in 5 years? Can someone tell me how to solve this??

    asked by |-/
  33. Thermodynamics

    The Rankine temperature scale assigns a numerical value of exactly 491.67 R to the triple point of water. The ratio of two temperatures is defined as the limiting ratio, as PTP → 0, of the corresponding pressures of a gas kept at constant volume. (a)

    asked by Scott
  34. social studies

    James Fulbright was best known for which of the following, select all that apply (2 points) A. Being against desegregation ▶B. Being an advocate for world peace C.being tough on organized crime D. Being an advocate for the common man ▶E. Being

    asked by Connor, the Android Sent by Cyberlife
  35. Algebra

    Hello there! I just want to know how to solve this! Question: A train travels 250 miles at a constant speed (x), in miles per hour. Write an equation that can be used to find the speed of the train, if the time to travel 250 miles is 5 hours. Thank you in

    asked by Naeun
  36. math

    atmospheric pressure decreases by about 12% for every 1000 meters you climb. The pressure at sea level is about 1.013 atmospheres. Construct a model to represent the atmospheric pressure at a given altitude in thousands of meters

    asked by trese
  37. Chemistry

    Complete and balance the following molecular equation. Al(OH)3(s)+HNO3(aq)→ And write the net ionic equation for it.

    asked by Thomas
  38. History

    what is the importance of the battle of marathon

    asked by gaaaa
  39. Social Studies

    Can someone check my answers please? Drag and drop the country to its type of government. Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary democracy: Aremina and Kyrgyzstan** Presidential democracy: Georgia* Dictatorship: Azerbaijan* Which country has

    asked by Cookie*
  40. micro economics

    asked by 201704533
  41. science

    a 500gm mass is attached to a string 50cm long to make a pendulum. if the pendulum mass is pulled to the right, such that the string makes an angle of 35 degrees with the vertical, what is the maximum potential energy and kinetic energy

    asked by cho
  42. Math help

    In 1997 the population of a small town was 700. If the annual rate of increase is about 0.8%, which value below expresses the population five years later? A: 5(700)(0.008) B: 5(700)(1.008) C: (700)(0.008)^5 D: (700)(1.008)^5 Answers to all questions are

    asked by Meja
  43. math

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5 ft. The height is 14 ft. Find the surface area and volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot. Show your work.

    asked by rororoyourboat
  44. Math

    Find the area of the triangle. triangle A. 362.24 mm2 B. 20.55 mm2 C. 181.12 mm2 D. 41.1 mm2

    asked by esksjnjsd
  45. Algebra

    I have these algebra problems that I have been stuck on for over a week, and I'm beginning to fall behind. Any help will be much appreciated. I am told to compute the following: Let g(x) = 3x, and h(x) = x^2 + 1. The first one was g(-1), and I got

    asked by Charlie
  46. Science

    Okay, so i have to explain 3 differences in the chart below, there are 3 colums with the words flowers, cones, and spores, i know that flowers and cones produce seeds and are used for reproduction, but as im loooking i dont see much on the spores part help

    asked by -_-
  47. life orientation

    compare in five ways the similarities and differences between NFSAS and other student loans

    asked by Anonymous
  48. social studies

    Why did thousands of Japanese Americans move to Arkansas A.their homes were under attack B. They were givin economic incentives to come to the state C. They were needed to tend to the farms ▶D. They were forced to relocate from their home How did the

    asked by Connor, the Android Sent by Cyberlife
  49. Life orientation

    1. Distinguishe between interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict 2.4 symptoms of intrapersonal conflict 3. Show Link between intrapersonal conflict and initialing relationship

    asked by Smangele Msweli
  50. math

    what is 2+2x(23/45)/23?

    asked by k
  51. math

    The diameter 0.62m. 24289 full revolutions. How far did ride in km?

    asked by rose
  52. Life

    Five ways the similarities and the difference between nfsas and other student loans

    asked by Phindile
  53. Social Studies

    Which factor contributed to Songhai's downfall as a powerful empire? A. a decades-long drought B. its refusal to participate in trade C. internal struggles between rulers D. its geographic isolation from other regions Which factor contributed to the rise

    asked by Girl
  54. civics

    Why is it important to have many different ways of resolving conflicts in our society.?

    asked by A
  55. Algebra

    Let f(x) = 9 – x, g(x) = x^2 + 4, and h(x) = x – 2. g(f(2))

    asked by Charlie
  56. Social Studies

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!! Which statement accurately describes the reasons for establishing Plymouth and Jamestown? There is the question, PLEASE HELP!

    asked by The Guy With The Right Answers
  57. Social studies

    Which statement accurately describes the reasons for establishing Plymouth and Jamestown

    asked by Bobby
  58. math

    write an equation in point slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope (8,3); m=5 A.) y + 3 = 5 (x - 8) B.) y + 3 = 5x - 8 C.) y - 3 = 5 (x - 8) D.) y - 3 = 5 (x + 8)

    asked by i suck at math
  59. math

    Suppose that the diameters of different types of hairs are 1.7 × 10–4 cm, 1.4 × 10–3 cm, 1.2 × 10–5 cm, and 1.9 × 10–4 cm? What is the order of the hairs from least to greatest diameter? A. 1.9 × 10–4, 1.7 × 10–4, 1.4 × 10–3, 1.2 ×

    asked by @realBlueface
  60. Life orientation

    Clarify how interpersonal conflict can lead to emotional stress

    asked by Ntando gwala
  61. history

    why did labor unions grow after the war A.there were more jobs manufacturing B.there were more farms C.there were many soldiers coming from war D. more people moved to cities

    asked by rororoyourboat
  62. life orientation

    any three causes of human trafficking in south Africa

    asked by sphephelol
  63. Life orientation

    How can intrapersonal conflict be addressed through engaging in physical exercise

    asked by Ntando gwala
  64. Lo

    Mention any four kinds of fraudulent activities that students who receive and repay NFSAS should guard against committing

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math

    y is less than or equal to x - 2

    asked by teighan
  66. math

    The degree of g(x)= 2x^2+x-1 is A. 3 B. 1 C. -1 D. 2

    asked by A
  67. Life orientation

    Advise a Friend who respond to conflict by avoiding on why it is not healthy in sustaining positive relationships

    asked by ASAnge
  68. Math

    SU intersects TV at point R. What is the value of x, in degrees?

    asked by Janiyah
  69. Life orientation

    Clarify how intrapersonal conflict can lead to emotional stress

    asked by Andile
  70. math help

    im just trying to find the rule: a 5 6 7 8 9 b 3.8, 4.6, 5.4, ?, ? plz just state the rule simply

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  71. Health HELP ME please

    A good strategy to avoid peer pressure to use tobacco is to?( select all that apply 2 points ) just try one cigarette say,( I don't smoke.) plan responses ahead of time pretend to smoke

    asked by Alatia
  72. math

    is the absolute value of -6 6?

    asked by Sam
  73. Algebra

    Can someone explain my equations to me, please? f(x)= 9x^3 + 2x^2 - 5x + 4 and g(x) = 5x^3 - 7x + 4. what is f(x)− g(x)?

    asked by Khris
  74. Algebra

    Please check my answer Compute the following: h(x)=x^2 + 1. h(h(h(3))) h(101)=101^2+1=10202

    asked by Joe
  75. Math

    Mark his a $10 bill inside his favorite book. He forgot the pages where he hid it. If the sum of pages where the bill is hidden is 177, on what pages will Mark find his money ?

    asked by Alfred
  76. Language arts

    On Page 133 flourished probably means 1.Cleaned up 2.Put down 3.Wrapped up 4.Waved around* (my answer) Sentence- Mr Madura stood up and flourished his umbrella

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Algebra

    Hello again! This is a practice test. I know the answer to it; however, I really want to know HOW to solve it for the real test. Question: Which inequality represents all possible solutions of -6n < -12? The Answer is: n > 2 I just want to know how to

    asked by Celia
  78. science

    Generally, the compaction of soil is a positive phenomenon. True False

    asked by Harmony
  79. math

    A cylinder pan has the dimensions shown below. A formula for the volume of a cylinder is v=Bh. Which equation best represents B, the area of the base of this pan. A.B= π (3 1/2)^2 B.B= π (7)^2 C.B=2 π (7) D.B= π (2 3/4)(14)

    asked by rororoyourboat
  80. Math

    The displacement, y of a mass attached to a spring is modeled by this equation in cosine, where t is the time in seconds. Which expression represents the displacement using only the sine function? y(t) = 9.6cos(2pi/6(t) - pi/2)

    asked by Bri
  81. Math

    Suppose sin A = 12/13 with 90º≤ A ≤180º. Suppose also that sin B = - 7/25 with -90º≤ B ≤0º. Find tan ( A – B ). 253/325 -323/36 204/325 -253/204 Is it C?

    asked by Bri
  82. Emma

    Is the inverse of a function always a function?

    asked by Algebra II
  83. Algebra

    Please help Ms. Sue!!!!! Convert 5^-3 to a fraction

    asked by Camille
  84. social studies

    Of the following choices which best describes the contributions of Orval Faubus ▶A. Faubud was sucessful in bringing industrialization to the state B. Faubus was the first African American to attend law school in the south C. Faubus was an advocate for

    asked by Connor, RK800
  85. Math

    Let sin A = 12/13 with 90º≤ A≤ 180º and tan B = -4/3 with 270º≤ B≤ 360º. Find tan ( A + B ). 16/63 56/33 -63/65 -65/56 A?

    asked by Bri
  86. science

    Why do we use small amount of indicator in the volumetric analysis

    asked by francisca
  87. Math

    How do you divide 1,000 and 1\4?

    asked by Lina 😘😘😘
  88. Math

    For Each problem set up a legend set up two equations write answers in full sentences( solve using elimination Castle and Gabriella are selling pies for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy apple pies and lemon meringue pies. Castle sold 6 apple pies and

    asked by Duncan
  89. social studdies

    Of the following choices which best describes the contributions of Orval Faubus ▶A. Faubud was sucessful in bringing industrialization to the state B. Faubus was the first African American to attend law school in the south C. Faubus was an advocate for

    asked by Connor, RK800 prototype
  90. Algebra II

    Consider the function y = 1/x. A. What happens to the value of the function as the value of x gets very large? My answer: the value of the function increases. B. For what value of x is the function undefined? Explain why. My answer: 0, because it is not

    asked by Sam
  91. Science

    Melinda’s science teacher gave her an unknown substance to identify based on its properties. After a few tests, Melinda listed her observation in a chart. A) nonmetal B) metal C) metalloid Is it A?

    asked by Connnexus Student
  92. Math

    Which soda can is the best value? Circle your answer. _________________________________ Soda Can -------- $0.88 for 16 oz. $2.40 for 20 oz. $2.64 for 24 oz. _________________________________

    asked by Barry Vacker
  93. math

    1. if m

    asked by nyny
  94. Math

    Solve the equation 3x+y=25,xy=8

    asked by Uko sunday
  95. math help

    Which equation has (2,-1) for a solution? A. y= 2x - 1 B. y= x +3 C. y= x - 3 D. y= -2*x+1 please help

    asked by meow meow kit kat
  96. physics

    Find the minimum initial speed of a projectile in order for it to reach a height of 2222 km above the surface of the earth.

    asked by Brady Kershner-Hanna
  97. physics

    A spring with a force constant of 1625 N/m is compressed 12.1 cm. Find the work done by the force compressing the spring.

    asked by Brady Kershner-Hanna
  98. physics

    A 31.00 kg block starts from rest at the top of a 24.0 m long 30.0° incline. Its kinetic energy at the bottom of the incline is 3645.6 J. How much work is done by friction?

    asked by Brady Kershner-Hanna
  99. physics

    A 1.11 kg block slides down a 30.0 m long 28.0° incline at constant velocity. How much work is done by friction?

    asked by Brady Kershner-Hanna
  100. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of a solution that contains 0.175 mol ZnCl2 in exactly 100 mL of solution.

    asked by Thomas
  101. science.

    837x(348 +72) 8 to the power of 3 = what can you solve? Use the order of operations

    asked by bob
  102. Science

    How can a cyclist minimize friction as he or she rides? HELP ME I NEED ANSWERS please.

    asked by GAMINGWARRIOR
  103. Math

    explain how you would 36 times3/4 mentally

    asked by blue red yellow
  104. History

    What were the rules of living at the Lowell Mills ?

    asked by Marquita
  105. Math

    Suzie uses1/2 to help compare 1/3 to 3/5 and to help in comparing 3/7 with 2/3. Explain how 1/2 helps determine which fraction is greater in each combination.

    asked by blue red yellow
  106. Science

    1. Which circuit would be better to use for a Christmas tree lights and why? 2. Why does the lightbulb in the right electrical circuit turn on but not the one on the left?

    asked by Khaliyl
  107. Life Orientation

    Kinds of fraudulent activities that students who receive and repay NSFAS should guard against committing

    asked by Nontobeko
  108. History

    What are that challenges of constructing an effective railroad system (NEED THE ANSWER ASAP

    asked by Sport
  109. Algebra

    Given that a^2-b^2=0280 and a+b = 20, find the value of a-b.

    asked by Timothy
  110. Math

    Find how many digits the base seven number 7^(7^7) has when written in base seven.

    asked by Graham
  111. Science

    Hi, can someone list a few different biomes and what animals can be found in them? Thanks. Please, no links. :)

    asked by Lei
  112. Science

    Which of the following is the best way to get away with robbery?

    asked by Mark Foster
  113. History

    Describe the significance of the continental railroad: *what did it connect? *who built it? *what were the effects? *did settlers have a positive or negative view of the railroad?why?

    asked by Lula
  114. history

    Why did the United States become interested in central and South American countries such as Cuba and Mexico during the gilded age?was the gilded age a Period of continuity or change in American foreign policy?

    asked by Regenia
  115. History

    How did the inventions of the late 1800s and early 1900s better connect the nation?in your opinion,what was the most important technological innovation of the late 1800s?why?

    asked by Regenia
  116. History

    Compare and contrast the challenges and opportunities available to immigrants in the north and west in the period 1865-1910(compare in one paragraph and contrast in another )

    asked by Lula
  117. Physic

    A man holds a child on his shoulders while watching a football match.How much work has he done if the game last for two hours

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Maths

    What is the opposite direction of n25e

    asked by omara
  119. Math

    What is the opposite direction of N25 degrees E?

    asked by omara
  120. science

    A volleyball is served at a speed of 8.0 m/s at an angle 35° above the horizontal.What is the speed of the ball when received by the opponent at the same height?

    asked by josel
  121. science

    potential energy is energy that a body possess by virtue of its position, while kinetic energy is energy that a body possess by virtue of its speed. could there be an energy that a body possess by virtue of its acceleration?

    asked by cho
  122. math

    4+3x=y 3+4y=x are the two lines parallel??

    asked by Fortnite Gamer
  123. science

    A landform characterized by high elevation and a more or less level surface is called a A. mountain. B. plain. C. plateau. D. hill.

    asked by anonymous
  124. Language Arts

    Identify the dependent clause in the following sentence. If we are going to make it to the movie on time, we really need to leave right now. A. If we are going to make it B. If we are going to make it to the movie on time C. we really need to*** D. we

    asked by Wiz
  125. Pre-Algebra

    x^2 - 7x - 30 factor completely

    asked by Morgan
  126. Algebra

    1) suppose y varies directly with x, and y=12 when x=-3, what is the value of y when x=6? A) -24**** B) 2 C) -2 D) -4 2) what is the equation of a line with a slop of -7 and a y-intercept of 6? A) 6y = -7x B) y = 6x + (-7) C) -7y = x + 6**** D) y = -7x + 6

    asked by ;-;
  127. History please help!!!

    Despite an economic turn around in 1983, A. inflation rose dramatically. B. tax rates continued to go up.*** C. the number of the working poor increased. D. immigration to the United States declined. can someone check this please if its wrong can you tell

    asked by Kadance
  128. math

    Suppose your​ friend's parents invest $ 20,000 in an account paying 6 % compounded annually. What will the balance be after 10 ​years?

    asked by adri
  129. math

    If it takes 5 men 20 hours to brick a house, How long will it take 8 men to do the job if they work at the same rate

    asked by jay
  130. Pre-Algebra

    can someone please check n^2 + 13n + 42 (n+7) (n+6) I need help with this one r^2 - 16r +64

    asked by Morgan
  131. math

    square 2x-3 + square x -2= 2

    asked by j