Questions Asked on
February 24, 2019

  1. Social Studies

    1. Which statement explains why the British system of government is a constitutional monarchy? A. The prime minister is chosen according to the constitution. B. The king or queen has more power than the elected Parliament. C. A king or queen is the head of

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    asked by MEMUNA
  3. Social Studies

    Place the languages in the order in which they arrived in Europe. Latin Germanic Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Slavic

    asked by dori
  4. Social Studies

    Read the excerpt. “I truly never would have thought my idea of opening a high-end art supply store would work when my country became independent from the Soviet Union. But because the arts are so important here in Poland, and the government helped me all

    asked by dori
  5. Social Studies

    Which statement best describes where most people live in Europe? A. Population is concentrated on the coast and in river valleys.++ B. Most people live in southern Europe. C. Population is concentrated in the mountainous central region. D. Most people live

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  6. Social Studies

    How did geography and migration affect the languages of Europe. Choose the languages that evolved directly from Latin. Select all that apply. Italian added to English Finnish German LATIN French Italian

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  7. Social Studies

    The German and British governments invest heavily in human capital. How does this lead to a higher standard of living? Order the sequence to answer the question. higher standard of living productive workers leads to investment in human capital leads to

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  8. English

    Select the noun clause to complete the sentence. They would study (choose) during lunch. Choices How the electoral college works And chat about the news The history of aluminum foil For tomorrow's math exam Is it the last one?

    asked by Steve
  9. Math

    Skip to the ending for a summary of answers, Please correct me if I'm wrong as I want to make sure everyone who sees this gets 100%, 1: Find the length of the missing side of the right triangle. [ 1 Point ] [ A-Leg: 8 cm | B-Leg: 15 cm ] A. 289 cm. B. 17

    asked by Anon-Mouse
  10. Nursing

    . Ralph is having a colonoscopy and brings paperwork to excuse him from work with pay. Which of the following protects the information disclosed in this paperwork? A. Authorization B. Minimal disclosure C. Safeguards D. Minimum necessary standard B

    asked by blue
  11. Math

    What is a Venn diagram good for? I’m trying to use one for this problem A study was made of 200 preschoolers to determine if they watched some particular television shows. The choices were Little Galileo, Super Reader and Prehistoric Train. The results

    asked by Anna
  12. Social Studies

    Use the excerpt to answer the question. “Mr Lukashenko, who has been in power for 18 years, is banned from travelling to the United States and western Europe. He has been accused of torture and human rights abuses—he has thrown his opponents in prison,

    asked by dori
  13. English

    Which sentence combines these two sentences and includes a relative clause? The twins pretended to be each other. The switch was a huge mistake. Choices The twins pretended to be each other, which was a huge mistake. The twins pretended to be each other, a

    asked by Steve
  14. Math

    David’s company has to ship 2057 boxes of sprinklers. If a truck can hold 550 boxes, how many trucks does he need to ship all the boxes?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. English

    How does the allusion of the biblical Story of Samson express the meaning of the poem "The Warning" by Longfellow Choices: It cautions that slavery doesn't just destroy the slave, but also destroys American ideals. It states that American talk about

    asked by Steve
  16. Social Studies

    Which historical factor explains the leading religion in Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina A. The Ottoman empire once controlled these countries. B. The Byzantine empire once controlled these countries. C. The Roman empire once controlled these

    asked by dori
  17. history

    1. Why did Muslim armies not force their religion on Jews and Christians after their initial conquest? A. because these groups also believed in one God B. because all three religions practiced their faith in the same manner C. because all three religions

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  18. Calculus

    For these questions The link you sent had 3t^8 - 2t^5 as the answer to the first one, what answer choice does that match up with? Also, how do I find the answer for the

    asked by Matt
  19. Social Studies

    Which of the following is an advantage to having a common currency in the European Union? A. It allows each government to make its own policy regarding currency. B. It allows the worth of the currency to change depending on the country. C. It makes it

    asked by dori
  20. Calculus

    How do you solve these two questions? Answer and Explanation Please!

    asked by Matt
  21. Further math

    The sum of the 3rd and 7th term of an AP is 38 and the 9th term is 37. Find the AP.

    asked by Joshua
  22. History

    1. What has been the most significant effect of artistic development in New Mexico since World War II? Give two reasons to justify your answer. 2. List two factors that contributed to the expansion of Native American voting rights in New Mexico. Then,

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Calculus

    Haha you got me oobleck, it was technically just for studying tho v.v Well, I was hoping you could check the answers and explain to me which ones are wrong (I got a c on it and want to be ready for the next one TT) (I know it looks like a lot but there is

    asked by Kat
  24. chemistry

    Please check Complete the following reactions HNO3 + Sr(OH)2 --> C6H4(OH)2 + O2 --> my answers 2HNO3 + Sr(OH)2 --> Sr(NO3)2 + 2H2O 2C6H4(OH)2 + 13O2 --> 12CO2 + 6H2O

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  25. Math

    A research team conducted a study showing that approximately 10% of all businessmen who wear ties wear them so tightly that they actually reduce blood flow to the brain, diminishing cerebral functions. At a board meeting of 15 businessmen, all of whom

    asked by Lola
  26. Chemistry

    Zn + Ni(NO3)2--> AlCl3 + Na2CO3--> Al + O2 --> NO2 -->

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  27. Maths

    Which equation has (2, -1) as a solution? a. y = 2x - 1 b. y = x + 3* c. y = x - 3 d. y = -2x +1 check my answer plz

    asked by Bill
  28. Biology

    If 20% of the individuals in a population have sickle-cell anemia, according to the Hardy Weinberg equation, what proportion of the population should be sickle-cell carriers?

    asked by Tammy
  29. Math

    School pennants cost $18 each. Ms. Lee says she will pay $146 for 7 pennants. Is her answer reasonable? Explain

    asked by Anonymous
  30. history

    Which of the following was the title of the Muslim empire's leaders just after Muhammad's death? A. imams B. caliphs***** C. priests D. emperors

    asked by melanie Esperanza
  31. math

    The slope of the line that goes through -3, -5 and -3, -6 is a. positive b. negative c. zero d. undefined i dont understand can someone help

    asked by joe
  32. LO


    asked by Yanga
  33. Science

    G began as magma than harden underground to form igneous rock. What is the age of G in relation to see? What term applies to bodies of rock such as G?

    asked by cindy
  34. chemistry

    I need help I'm confused Complete the following reactions HNO3 + Sr(OH)2 ---->

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  35. Psychology, statistics

    On a measure of artistic ability, the mean for college students in New Zealand is 150 and the standard deviation is 25. Give the z scores for new Zealand college students who score (a) 100, (b) 120 and (c) 140. Give a raw scores for persons whose Z scores

    asked by Ms Lopez
  36. maths

    y is 60km away from x on a bearing of 135 degree.Z is 80km away from x on a bearing of 225 degree find (a)distance of z from y (b) bearing of z from y

    asked by Sharon
  37. Organic Chemistry

    I need help naming these structures.. I get very confused when there are parentheses with a subscript so can I get an explanation on how to interpret them? Anything helps! 1. (CH3CH2CH2CH2)2C=CHCH3 2. (CH3)2C=CHCH2CH2CH2CH=C(CH3)2

    asked by ryancon
  38. Math

    Two cars leave town at the same time and travel in opposite directions. The average speed of one car is 15 mph faster than the average rate of speed of the other car. The Carrs are 375 miles apart after 3 hours. Find the average speed rate of the two cars.

    asked by Asaya
  39. Calculus

    Question: My work: (I understand how to do trapezoidal approximation, but how would I go bout this while using only 4 sections?)

    asked by Matt
  40. English

    Select the clause from the drop-down menu to correctly punctuate this sentence. Of all the sitters we called, only the one ? ? agree to babysit. ,who was not busy on Friday (is it this one) who was not busy on Friday ,who was not busy on Friday, who was

    asked by Mary
  41. Chemistry

    Write so the charges are equal Li+ and OH1- Ca2+ and O2- Al3+ and PO43- Na1+ and S2- Zn2+ and Cl1- Al3+ and 02-

    asked by Austin
  42. Nursing

    Which of the following is a core objective added to stage two of meaningful use requirements? A. Provide clinical summaries for patients at each visit B. Documenting smoking and alcohol use C. Use of secure electronic messaging when communicating with

    asked by blue
  43. Math

    Hello! I am studying for an upcoming math test and I'm trying to figure out how to solve this equation: Select the expression that is equivalent to (m^2 - 25). A. (m^2 - 10m + 25) B. (m^2 + 10m + 25) C. (m - 5) (m + 5) D. (m - 5)^2 I do NOT want the answer

    asked by Bethany.W

    1. How does increasing the electric current affect the strength of an electromagnet? 2. What three ways are electromagnets different than magnets?

    asked by Khaliyl
  45. Physics

    There are two tubes that are identical except for their slightly different lengths. Both tubes have one open end and one closed end. A speaker connected to a variable frequency generator is placed in front of the tubes. The speaker is set to produce a note

    asked by Jesus
  46. Calculus

    Hello!! I'm trying to create a study sheet to help myself! If someone could give and explain the correct answers, It would be very helpful for me and appreciated! (sorry

    asked by Kat
  47. Life Orientation

    Mention any four kinds of fraudulent activities that students who receive and repay NSFAS should guard against committing.

    asked by Sandile
  48. L.O

    Evaluate the extent to which peer pressure can impact negatively on interpersonal conflict

    asked by Tumelo
  49. MATH

    Find the component form of v given its magnitude and the angle it makes with the positive x-axis. Sketch v. Magnitude: ||v||=3 angle: θ = 45°

    asked by ghost
  50. Statistics

    Aldrich Ames is a convicted traitor who leaked American secrets to a foreign power. Yet Ames took routine lie detector tests and each time passed them. How can this be done? Recognizing control questions, employing unusual breathing patterns, biting one's

    asked by Rachel Lee
  51. English

    What does this quote mean? "The monetary economy is one model out of many and is a very recent one at that. It's a model that seems intent on converting all our intimate human relationships into services to be bought and sold, whilst reducing the splendor

    asked by Sara123
  52. Setswana

    Tlhamo ka motho have itsiwe e se naga

    asked by Olerato
  53. Nursing

    If a patient's name is not linked to a lab results, this is an example of A. confidentiality B. anonymity. C. privacy D. negligence D

    asked by blue
  54. forensic science

    I always wondered how accurate to real life shows like CSI are. For example, is it possible to pull fingerprints off of just about every surface? Or are there some objects that do not allow for as good a fingerprinting as others?

    asked by FactChecker
  55. Algebra

    For system of equations, how do you know if you have the correct solution?

    asked by !!
  56. LO

    Show the link between intrapersonal conflict ana initiating relationship.

    asked by Amanda zulu
  57. Tourism

    am asking for a tourism memorandum of 2019 for project

    asked by sehlabane Edition
  58. Life orientation

    How can intrapersonal conflict addressed engaging in counselling

    asked by Uphile
  59. Government

    Mention 3merits and demerits of conferral constitution

    asked by Tommy eniola
  60. history

    What factors contributed to the expansion of native american voting rights in new mexico?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Nursing

    Which of the following is a type of safeguard under the HIPAA security rule? A. Federal B. Technical C. Confidential D. Barrier C

    asked by blue
  62. Maths

    Using a protractor and a ruler draw triangle ABC with A=35°,AC=6cm and C=65°

    asked by Amish


    asked by HARUNA AISHAT
  64. math and science

    Explain two critical issues to be considered when choosing subjects in order to qualify for the degree studies in a University.

    asked by snakhokonke ngonyama
  65. life orientation

    Advantage of nsfas

    asked by mpumie
  66. Calculus

    A balloon is at a height of 30 meters, and is rising at the constant rate of 5 m/sec. A bicyclist passes beneath it, traveling in a straight line at the constant speed of 10 m/sec. How fast is the distance between the bicyclist and the balloon increasing 2

    asked by gh
  67. Math

    can someone please make me create a geometric sequence up to 5 terms? so that I can find the explicit formula for the nth term

    asked by Blank
  68. American Government

    What might a president's schedule look like at 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:00 pm, and 10:00 pm?

    asked by Blank
  69. math

    Determine if the quadratic functions are positive definite, negative definite or neither: a. y=-2x^2+3x+2 b. 3x^2+x+11 Please show work, thank you!

    asked by Sally
  70. Statistics

    Aldrich Ames is a convicted traitor who leaked American secrets to a foreign power. Yet Ames took routine lie detector tests and each time passed them. How can this be done? Recognizing control questions, employing unusual breathing patterns, biting one's

    asked by Rachel Lee
  71. Life orientation

    In what extent can peer pressure can impact negatively on intrapersonal conflict

    asked by thola
  72. Math

    can someone please make me an arithmetic sequence up to 5 terms so that I can find the explicit formula for the nth term?

    asked by Blank
  73. L.O

    what is the link between intrapersoal and initiating relationships

    asked by Anonymous
  74. geometry

    guys!! add me on snapchat, @glaudia_awesome , i go to connections academy im in 10th , lets help eachother out :)

    asked by glaudia cruz
  75. Life orientation

    Show the link between intrapersonal conflict and initiating relationships

    asked by Manna
  76. life orientation

    differences between nsfas and other loans

    asked by Anonymous
  77. English

    Essay purpose : A ps3 can provide more happiness then a spouse ---- about half of which you will spend reading blog posts about Lindsay Lohan Rhetorical device - allusion How is this rhetorical device effective given the purpose of this essay.

    asked by English
  78. Life orientation

    How can intrapersonal conflict addressed engaging in physical exercises

    asked by Uphile
  79. maths

    The area swept out by a horse tied in a rectangular grass field with a rope 8m long is

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Language Arts

    I need help with the unit 2 portfolio. I picked the poem Childhood

    asked by Lynn
  81. Life orientation

    To what extent can intarpersonal conflict effect on communication in relationships

    asked by Elizabeth
  82. life orientation

    Show the link between interpersonal conflict and initiating relationship

    asked by Sinethemba