Questions Asked on
February 21, 2019

  1. Chemistry

    What is the mass of 50.0 L of O2(g) at STP? O is 16g/mole, so O2 is 32g/mole. 50/32 = 1.5625 moles. 1 mole of any gas at stp is 22.4 liters. 1.5625 × 22.4 = 35 liters.

    asked by Shine bright shine far
  2. English

    Which of the following is NOT a reading strategy? A. make connections B. ask questions C. imply**** can someone please check this ASAP

    asked by Kadance
  3. math

    If f(x) = 8x2 − x3, find f '(2) and use it to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve y = 8x2 − x3 at the point (2, 24).

    asked by Yuxiang Nie
  4. Mathematics

    Construct triangle ABC in which AB is 7cm AC is 9.5cm and is 120.measure BC.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. math

    A boy 1.2m tall, stands 6m away from the foot of a vertical lamp pole 4.2m long if the lamp is at the tip of the pole calculate the length of the shadow of the boy cast by the lamp Angle of elevation of the lamp from the boy, correct to the nearest degree

    asked by George
  6. SS

    Drag and drop the words to complete the sentence. Words may be used once or not at all. Areas of Southwest Asia, like___________have moister climates, whereas areas like__________ have arid climates. Options: 1) Jordan and turkey 2)Israel and Saudi Arabia

    asked by earth~chan
  7. History

    As a result of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, A. the Soviet Union ended all nuclear testing. B. nearly 40 countries ended aboveground nuclear tests.*** C. relations between the United States and the Soviet Union worsened. D. the United States and the Soviet

    asked by Kadance
  8. Math

    given that the energy E,varies directly as the resistance R,as the square of the distance D, obtain an equation connecting E,R and D.E=32/25 when R=8 and D=5 calculate the value of R when E=16 and D=5

    asked by Ayomide
  9. Math

    Identify all the sets to which the number belongs. Choose from rational number, irrational number, whole number, and integer. 0.23333... A. rational number B. irrational number C. integer, rational number D. whole number, integer, rational number I don't

    asked by Wednesday_my_dudes
  10. Math

    What are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a length of 20 in. and width of 15 in.? A. P=35 in., A=300 in. 2 B. P=70 in., A =300 in.2 **** C. P=300 in., A=70 in. 2 D. P=35 in., A=200 in.2 Can someone help me, please? If, wanted to post all the

    asked by Weather
  11. Math

    A baker mixes 2 1/4 pounds of sugar for every 3/8 pound of butter to begin making frosting. The baker uses 357 pounds of butter and sugar to start the frosting. How much sugar does the baker use?

    asked by Kiara
  12. Algebra

    What is the common difference of an arithmetic sequence defined by the general formula: an=6n+4 ? Select one: a. 4 b. 6 c. 4/6 d. 6/4

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    From a point x = 110 feet in front of a public library, the angles of elevation to the base of the flagpole and the top of the flagpole are θ = 27.5° and 39° 45', respectively. The flagpole is mounted on the front of the library's roof. Find the height

    asked by Hi😱
  14. social studies

    Describe the major physical and human features of the location where you live, such as the landscape, weather, and population. What theme of geography are you using in your description? I just need help on second part

    asked by i need help this is hard
  15. Algebra

    How much better is the return on a 6% yearly interest rate investment that is compounded 6 times per year as opposed to compounded yearly? Select one: a. Between 1.5% and 2.0% better b. Between 2.0% and 2.5% better c. Between 2.5% and 3.0% better d.

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    Simplify the product. -3x (x^2 + 3x - 1)

    asked by Yeeti
  17. Social Studies

    I need help ASAP! 1. In what order does a dynasty gain and lose power in the Mandate of Heaven? 2.Chinese settlement was restricted to the west by which natural barrier? A. the Pacific Ocean B.the Gobi Desert C.the Huang River D.the Himalaya Mountains 3.

    asked by #Need Help
  18. Math

    State the quadrant in which θ lies. sin(θ) < 0 and cos(θ) < 0

    asked by Hi😱
  19. social studies

    How does the tilt of Earth’s axis and its movement around the sun play a part in the changing of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere? my hypothesis is where the sun is the sun is the most its summer i nedd better explanation

    asked by julius
  20. math

    Suppose the mean length of time that a caller is placed on hold when telephoning a customer service center is 23.8 seconds, with standard deviation 4.6 seconds. Find the probability that the mean length of time on hold in a sample of 1,200 calls will be

    asked by daniel
  21. social studies

    What happened when Cortés and his soldiers first arrived in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán? A.The Spanish army became ill with smallpox. B.The Aztec ruler Moctezuma welcomed them as guests at first.*** C.The Aztec army attacked Cortés and his

    asked by lol
  22. Language Arts

    Which of these lines from “Full Fathom Five” makes use of alliteration?

    asked by Anon
  23. Math

    Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of θ. (If an answer is undefined, enter UNDEFINED.) Function Value: csc(θ) = 4 Constraint: cot(θ) < 0 1) sin(θ)= 2) cos(θ)= 3) tan(θ)= 4) csc(θ)= 5) sec(θ)= 6) cot(θ)=

    asked by Hi😱
  24. social studies

    How has the caste system changed in India and Pakistan? A. It faded from existence as societies became less religious. B. Caste-based discrimination has been outlawed. C. Women can now belong to the highest castes.*** D. There are now only three castes

    asked by earth~chan
  25. math

    A searchlight is 120 ft from a straight wall. As the beam moves along the​ wall, the angle between the beam and the perpendicular to the wall is increasing at the rate of 1.5 degrees divided by s. How fast is the length of the beam increasing when it is

    asked by kusum
  26. Algebra

    How much of a radioactive substance must be presented to decay to 60 grams in 11 years if the half-life of the substance is 3.9 years? Select one: a. Between 400 and 420 grams b. Between 420 and 440 grams c. Between 440 and 460 grams d. Over 460 grams

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Social Studies

    Which was the first language to arrive in Europe through conquest and spreading of culture? A. German B. Islandic C. ++ Latin D. Proto-Indo-European

    asked by dori
  28. Math

    Classify the triangle with angles with measures 20° 133° 27° as acute right or obtuse is it acute??

    asked by Me
  29. Geometry

    Which statement is true about the following pair of rectangles they are not similar they are not similar because 30 over three equals 60/6 they are not summer because 33/60 is less than 30/60

    asked by Me
  30. Life orientation

    Discuss how respect the feelings of others can influence effective communication.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    Ryan, Darius, and Mason each have $15.75. They each spend the same amount (d), in dollars, at the school fair. The total amount of money they will still have can be expressed as 3(15.75 - d). Which expression is equivalent to the total amount, in dollars,

    asked by Lili
  32. Math

    the distance from the ground to the bottom of the car is equal to half the height of the tire. Each tire has a circumference of 9.42 feet. How far is the bottom of the car from the ground?

    asked by Lili
  33. social studies

    Which is a right that both citizens and non-citizens in the U.S. share? A. the right to vote B. the right to religious freedom C. the right to run for public office D. the right to have a job

    asked by rose
  34. Math

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? -3,6,15,24... A: 35,46,57 B: 34,44,54 C: 33,44,56 D: 33,42,51

    asked by Help me!!
  35. math

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of y = g(x) at x = 2 if g(2) = −6 and g'(2) = 5. (Enter your answer as an equation in terms of y and x.)

    asked by Yuxiang Nie
  36. Physics

    If the mass of oxygen is 16 times as large as the mass of hydrogen, what is the distance between the centre of the oxygen atom and the centre of mass of the water molecule? (Note: 1 pm = 1 x 10-12 m).

    asked by SA
  37. social studies

    Which is a right that both citizens and non-citizens in the U.S. share? A. the right to vote B. the right to religious freedom C. the right to run for public office D. the right to have a job

    asked by julius
  38. Science

    Which is most likely to be part of an ionic bond? A. An atom with no valence electrons B. An atom with one valence electron C. An atom with two valence electrons D. An atom with three valence electrons

    asked by idk anymore
  39. social studies

    How does the tilt of Earth’s axis and its movement around the sun play a part in the changing of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere? my hypothesis is where the sun is the sun is the most its summer i need better explanation from professinals

    asked by i need help this is hard
  40. algebra

    i need help. not saying these are right, i just tried my best, could someone check them for me? (NOT ALL ARE ANSWERED) 1. (-5)^-1 A. - 1/5 ********** B. -5 C. 5 D. 1/5 2. (-8.3) ^0 A. 1 B. -1 C. 0 D. -8.3 ********** 3. -1/a^-2 A. -a^2 B. -2/a C.-2a D. a^2

    asked by kindaneedhelpASAP
  41. pre algebra

    describe the difference between the graph of y < -x and the graph of -y < x.

    asked by Sadie
  42. MATH

    if square root of 8 is equal to 2.83 and square root of 11 is equal to 3.32 estimate the square root of 10 using linear interpolation.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Algebra

    An initial investment of $3 is worth $147 after 5 years. If the annual growth reflects a geometric sequence, approximately how much will the investment be worth after 11 years? Select one: a. 50421 b. 19057 c. 327 d. 363

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Chemistry

    The initial concentration of NH3 in the zero order reaction NH3→3H2+N2 is 0.0312 M. After 30.0 seconds, the concentration of NH3 is 0.0302 M. What is the rate constant k for the reaction?

    asked by Joseph
  45. math

    If a ball is thrown into the air with a velocity of 41 ft/s, its height (in feet) after t seconds is given by y = 41t − 16t2. Find the velocity when t = 1.

    asked by Yuxiang Nie
  46. Math

    The measure of angle essay is 124° classify the angle as a acute right straight obtuse I say obtuse

    asked by Me
  47. Computer applications

    Which of the following best describes a political cartoon? A: it uses humor and exaggeration to express a particular point of view. *** B: it offers a well-reasoned list of pros and cons about a controversial subject. C: it makes fun of politicians and

    asked by Help me!!
  48. statistics

    The Boeing 757-200 ER airliner carries 200 passengers and has doors with a height of 72 inches. Heights of men are normally distributed with a mean of 69.0 inches and a standard deviation of 2.8 inches. If half of the 200 passengers are men, find the

    asked by maczindahouse
  49. linux/unix

    Linux is the newest evolution of Unix. TRUE or FALSE? i think true

    asked by Hi😱
  50. math

    Sara needs to cover the top and sides of the cylinder below. 8 12 about how many square inches of paper will Sara need? 352 402 804 1005

    asked by Shay
  51. math (pls help!)

    A. Find the complement of the angle shown. B. Find the supplement of the angle shown. pls show all your work (52 degrees acute angle)

    asked by Michael
  52. statistics

    A set of normally distribution data had mean of 3.2 and a standard deviation of 7.0. Find the probability of randomly selecting 30 values and getting a mean greater than 3.6. a. 0.9991 b. 0.7157 c. 0.2843 d. 0.0009

    asked by maczindahouse
  53. Math ( can some one check my answer?)

    Find the surface area of the triangular prism. A) 2,216 B) 2,352*** C) 2,384 D) 5,376 (*** means my answer)

    asked by neko🐱
  54. Maths

    An 24hour digital clock is gaining three minutes every hour .If you set it to the correct time at 6 p.m.on Saturday,when will it show the correct time again? Answer must be in full form

    asked by Yonwaba
  55. Geometry

    If a and b are parallel lines and m

    asked by La'Nya
  56. Algebra

    The sum of 2 numbers is 1211 and their difference is 283. Find the numbers.

    asked by Quavious
  57. math

    The measure of angle A is 124 degrees. What is the correct classification for angle A? A. acute B. right C. obtuse D. straight Find the complement of an angle with a measure of 72 degrees A. 162 degrees B. 18 degrees C. 252 degrees D. 108 degrees The

    asked by Michael
  58. Maths

    An 24 hour digital clock is gaining three minutes every hour.If you set it to the correct time at 6pm on Saturday, when will it show the correct time again?

    asked by Yonwaba
  59. L.O

    Propose 6 practical actions that you can take to address human rights violations of xenophobia in your community?

    asked by asanda
  60. Algebra

    Seven times the smaller of 2 numbers plus 9 times the larger is 178. When 10 times the larger is increased by 11 times the smaller the result is 230. Find the numbers.

    asked by Dylan
  61. mathhh

    Find the surface area of the triangular prism. A) 108 B) 217** C)440 D)880 H= 1.6 B= 12.6 L= 10.75

    asked by Tide pod~chan


  63. Life orientation

    Five requirement of participerting government election

    asked by KLEENTJIE
  64. mathhh

    Find the volume of a triangular prism with the following dimensions. round to the nearest whole number. triangle base= 7ft triangle height= 4ft prism height= 8.5ft A) 20ft^3 B)65ft^3*** C) 119^3ft D) 238^3ft

    asked by Tide pod~chan
  65. Social studies

    Why did Romans sacrifice animals and build temples? A. to please their gods B. to improve their governing skills C. to impress other civilizations D. to encourage new religions

    asked by Guise
  66. Algebra

    pete has twice as many $2 bills as $5bills. together they total $ 153. how many $5 bills does he have.

    asked by Dylan
  67. Math

    jose invests 3,250 at a 6% interest compounded anually. What will be the balance in the account after 3.5 years. a. 3,032.50 b. 3,985.23 c. 4,752.00* d. 5,200.00 check plz

    asked by Bill
  68. Life orientation

    What extent can intrapersonal conflict affect choice of a career

    asked by Minenhle
  69. Algebra

    Hey dudes, I need my answers and reasoning checked. (uwu) "Suppose you start with 24 rabbits, Each year they grow to 10 times as many! Write an exponential function to represent the rabbit population, y, based on the number of years that passed, x.

    asked by Sir Swagger
  70. math

    find the volume of the cylinder. use 3.14 for pi the top is 34 and the bottom is 27

    asked by Shay
  71. Math

    Simplify the product. -3x (x^2 + 3x - 1)

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    Which expressions are equivalent to the one given below? There is more than one correct answer. 18r + (7 - 2) x 3m Select one or more: a. 23r + 3m b. 18r + 15m c. 18r + m d. 3(6r + 5m) e. 18r + 5 + 3m f. m + 18r g. 15m + 18r

    asked by Lili
  73. Language Arts 8 B

    I'm in Language Arts 8 B and I have to write an argumentative essay for the poems “The Sky is Low, the Clouds are Mean” and “Concrete Mixers”. I have to do 5-7 paragraphs and I am a good writer and usually get a good grade, but I was wondering if

    asked by A Struggling Student
  74. 6th grade social studies

    Which role did the Etruscans play in Rome’s early development? A. They were the first Kings of Rome. B. They provided a model for the Roman government C. They influence the Romans writing system and architecture D. They founded the first city in the

    asked by OwO
  75. Life orientation

    Clarify how intrapersonal conflict can lead to emotional stress

    asked by Siyabonga
  76. Math

    The circle graph to the right shows how the Miller family spends their income. How much money do the Millers spend on vacation each year? Rent:35% Utilities:4% Miscellaneous:15% Food:24% Vacation:10% Savings:12% Please Answer As Soon As Possible.

    asked by Marina
  77. Life orientation

    Link between interpersonal and initiating relationships

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    if point s is the midpoint rt st=38 ft; rt= 38ft++ 19ft 76ft 96ft

    asked by dori
  79. help me its math but i am confused

    A bag contains 4 white, 3 blue, and 5 red marbles. Find the probability of choosing a red marble, then a white marble if the marbles are replaced a) 1/12 b) 5/36 c) 5/6 d) 5/12**

    asked by -_-
  80. Science

    Compare in Five ways the similarities and difference between NFSAS and other student loans

    asked by Ntokozo
  81. art

    The cinematographer works with what other professional to plan how each scene will be filmed and lit?

    asked by needing help
  82. Life orientation

    To what extent can interpersonal conflict affect choice of a career

    asked by Mbali
  83. algebra (HELP)

    Show all work. No decimal answers, except in problem 6. Simplify: 5^0a^6b^3 (-4)^-1 (2a^4y^3)^3 ()-2 Simplify the expression. Write your answer in scientific notation. (4 x 108)(8.2 x 10-2) The amount of bacteria in a raw piece of meat doubles every 3

    asked by heyitslizzz
  84. Math

    81, 27, 9, 3, . . . A. arithmetic, 0, –3, –6**** B. geometic, 0, –3, –6 C. geometric, 1, one third, one over nine D. The sequence is neither geometric nor arithmetic. can someone check this please

    asked by Kadance
  85. math help

    -2v - 7 = -23

    asked by ash
  86. Geography

    Main differences within Africa.

    asked by Nish
  87. history

    why did john wilkes booth assassinate president lincoln A. booth was a democrat and lincoln was a republican. B.booth was upset that he did not have a part in the play. C.booth supported the confederacy. D.booth wanted to be a union soldier

    asked by taylor
  88. Life orientation

    Identify six symptoms of intrapersonal conflict in a person

    asked by Sthe
  89. Algrebra

    Use a formula to find the surface area of the square pyramid. 6ft hight 3ft and 3 ft for the base

    asked by Big bear
  90. science

    Ms Sue!!!! I need Immediate help PLS!!! place the followings words into the illustration below; gametes, sporophyte, gametophyte, and zygote. explain each step (arrow) in the cycle, and how the terms are related. Thank You, Hi.

    asked by hi
  91. history

    What are some developments in modern agriculture? (Select all that apply) a) Genetically modified foods are effective in fighting certain cancers b) Pesticides result in greater crop yields and potential health risks c) Fewer individuals choose farming as

    asked by Anonymous

    Consider the following by looking at the website below. a) Find the length of the third side of the triangle in terms of x. b)Find θ in terms of x for all three inverse trigonometric

    asked by Hi😱
  93. Math

    Two rectangles have an area of 36 Square inches name to possible parameters for the rectangles

    asked by Alyssa
  94. Dear, Ms. Sue

    Hello Ms. Sue! I like this website. It is really helpful. But can you add notifications to the website? It would really help.

    asked by Weather
  95. math

    Suppose c and d vary inversely, and d = 2 when c = 17. a. write an equation that models the variation? b. find d when c = 68

    asked by johnn
  96. ART

    What insight do the details of this artwork provide about the importance of organ preservation in Egyptian culture? Given the Egyptians’ belief in the afterlife, why do you think they preserved the organs in this way? Why do you think Pharaohs and other

    asked by Female Abraham Lincoln
  97. algebra (HELP ASAP)

    10x^-5 y^4 / 6y (no decimals) i figured it was y^4 / 60xy^5 but im not sure

    asked by kindaneedhelpASAP
  98. algebra (HELP ASAP)

    ( x^5 y^-3 / 5x^9) ^-2 i cant figure this out ;( i need help

    asked by kindaneedhelpASAP
  99. algebra (HELP AGAIN PLZ)

    (4*10^8) (8.2*10^-2) i need it simplified and in scientific notation. i believe the answer is 3.28*10^7 but im unsure

    asked by kindaneedhelpASAP
  100. texas history

    which argument supports internment camps A. Japanese Americans were being treated unfairly B. internment camps might prevent espionage C. Japanese Americans were U.S citizens D. some people were prejudice against people of Japanese descent

    asked by rororoyourboat
  101. Algebra

    For the geometric series given by 2+4+8+... , which of the following statements is FALSE? Select one: a. S200>S199 b. S200>a200 c. S1=a1 d. None of the other 3 statements here are False.

    asked by Anonymous
  102. MATH/physics

    The density of a substance at 100 degrees centigrade is 1.22 g/(cm^3) and at 140 degrees centigrade is 0.95 g/(cm^3). Estimate the density at 115 degrees centigrade using linear interpolation. Observe significant digits.

    asked by Hi😱
  103. social studies

    Which is a right that both citizens and non-citizens in the U.S. share? A. the right to vote B. the right to religious freedom C. the right to run for public office D. the right to have a job========

    asked by julius
  104. Math

    A sphere and a right cylinder have the same radius and volume. The cylinder has a height of 3 inches. Find the radius.

    asked by Anne
  105. social studies

    Which is a right that both citizens and non-citizens in the U.S. share? A. the right to vote B. the right to religious freedom C. the right to run for public office D.===== the right to have a job

    asked by julius
  106. Algebra, Population

    What year should Detroit's population surpass that of LA? Just to be clear, this is not multiple choice, and it's not exactly an answer. It's just helping me get an answer. Can you help? It's a lot of my grade.

    asked by Me
  107. History

    Drag and drop the words to complete the sentences. Most people living in India and Nepal are ________. Most people living in Pakistan and Bangladesh are________. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu

    asked by earth~chan
  108. History

    Drag and drop the events to arrange them from the event that occurred first to the event that occurred last. Britian withdraws from South Asia. Mohandas Gandhi organizes boycotts of British goods. India's textile industry collapses. The British government

    asked by earth~chan
  109. History

    How did Catherine the Great change Russia? A. She modernized and westernized it. B. She reformed Russia's economy. C. She founded the Kievan Rus. D. She expanded Russia's territory.

    asked by earth~chan
  110. Algebra

    What is the decay factor of 50% spending cut?

    asked by Me
  111. ss

    why is Samuel Slater an important figure in the history of technology in the united states?

    asked by hi
  112. social studies (again)

    Drag and drop the country to its type of government. Parliamentary democracy: Presidential democracy: Dictatorship: Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Kyrgyzstan

    asked by onii chan
  113. MATH

    The density of a substance at 100 degrees centigrade is 1.22 g/(cm^3) and at 140 degrees centigrade is 0.95 g/(cm^3). Estimate the density at 115 degrees centigrade using linear interpolation. Observe significant digits.

    asked by Anonymous
  114. MATH

    Estimate the value of 3 to the power of 2.2 using linear interpolation.

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Social Studies

    Of the following statements, which one MOST accurately represents Koryo culture? A. Traditional dress of Korean women mirrored that of Chinese women. B. Civil service exams and government jobs were open to all Koreans. C. Only aristocrats could own

    asked by KitKat
  116. Chemistry, Math

    A chemist dissolves 0.091 g of CuSO4 · 5 H2O in water and dilutes the solution to the mark in a 500-mL volumetric flask. A 31.8-mL sample of this solution is then transferred to a second 500-mL volumetric flask and diluted. What is the molarity of CuSO4

    asked by Ethan Boersig
  117. English

    The appropriate mark introduce a bullet list is

    asked by Anonymous
  118. MATH

    Estimate the value of 3 to the power of 2.2 using linear interpolation.

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math

    htps:// (just add another t to ht(t)ps) Which rectangle has the longer perimeter and how much longer is it? A. The rectangle's perimeter is 6 cm longer than the square's perimeter B. The

    asked by Weather
  120. Language arts

    How many syllables are in each line of the EXR softly as if instinct with thought they float and drift delay and turn and one of boards one is caught between in Oakley and A fern

    asked by Halie
  121. Chemistry

    If the volume of a gas @ STP is 300.0 ml, what is its volume at 25.0 C, assuming constant pressure?

    asked by Sam
  122. chemistry

    The volume of a sample of a gas at STP is 200.0 ml. If the pressure is increased to 4.00 atmospheres (temperature constant), what is the new volume?

    asked by Sam
  123. math

    Describe the shapes of each of the following types of function. For each one, state whether or not there are restrictions on the domain or range, and explain why. Linear Quadratic Square Root

    asked by A
  124. physicis

    During takeoff, an airplane goes from 0 to 78 m/s in 13 s what is the acceleration? How fast is it going after 6 s? How far has it traveled by the time it reaches 78 m/s

    asked by Marc Sweet
  125. Science

    A cyclist was traveling at 5km/h when he observed a swarm of fierce bees behind him.He accelerates from 5Km/h to 42km/h within 15 seconds mass is 60kg and that of the bicycle 15 kg.calculate the 1.acceleration 2.acceleration mass 3.force required for the

    asked by Nompumelelo
  126. Algebra

    Simplify the product. -3x (x^2 + 3x - 1)

    asked by Rlly Smrt Dude
  127. Algebra

    Find the GCF of the polynomial, then factor. 8w^6 + 2w^5 - 10w^9

    asked by Succ
  128. Algebra

    Simplify the product of the binomial (5t + 4)^2

    asked by Tudor Cinema
  129. math

    explain how to solve 1/10x=10/3

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Codes and Ciphers

    What kind of code is used in this? 508 223 and so on and so forth... Three numbers corresponds to one letter

    asked by Xaiver
  131. Math

    Six people A, B,C,D,E and F are to be seated round a circular table. How many ways are there of achieving this if A refuses to sit by B?

    asked by Emmine
  132. Algebra

    If a_n = 4(3)^n−1 , what is S_3? Select one: a. 12 b. 36 c. 16 d. 52

    asked by Anonymous
  133. math

    Write a rule for the sequence. 8, -1, -10, -10... a. start with 8 and add -9 repeatedly. b. start with -9 and add 8 repeatedly. c. start with 8 and add 9 repeatedly. d. start with 9 and subtract -9 repeatedly.

    asked by Paul Von Hindenburg
  134. Algebra

    A worker is paid 0.07 on the first day, 0.14 on the second day, $0.28 on the third day, and so on. How much is the worker paid in total after working for 26 days? Select one: a. Between 0 and 1000(FALSE) b. Between 1000and2 000 000 c. Between 2000000and4

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Algebra

    Can someone help solve this step by step log2 4 + log2 (c-9) = 5

    asked by Ash
  136. lo

    five practical action that you can take to address human right violations of xenophobia in your community

    asked by sisanda
  137. math

    The displacement (in meters) of a particle moving in a straight line is given by the equation of motion s = 6/t2, where t is measured in seconds. Find the velocity of the particle at times t = a, t = 1, t = 2, and t = 3.

    asked by Yuxiang Nie
  138. Math

    Given that dy/dx = μ(ax+by+c), where μ is an arbitrary function and a,b,c are constants. Find the solution of the differential equations. Hence and otherwise, solve dy/dx = (x+y+1)² - 2

    asked by Naf
  139. Math help!

    Simplify: (3cd^4)(-2c^2)(5cd^3) A: 6c^4d^7 B: -30c^4d^7 C: 6c^2d^7 D: -30c^2d^7 I am completely clueless on what the answer would be, help appreciated ;-;

    asked by Katy
  140. English simple question

    She forfeited the tennis match in or on her own volition. Is it correct to say in or on

    asked by Danny
  141. Social Studies

    Which of the following was the European Union response to the Syrian refugee crisis of 2015? A. Unified: All countries accepted refugees. B. Unified: No countries accepted refugees. C. Mixed: Wealthier countries accepted refugees and others did not. ++ D.

    asked by dori
  142. English question

    No matter how hard she studied nemesis was always able to get a one point better. Is this a good use of the word nemesis,

    asked by Danny
  143. English

    She forfeited the tennis match on or of her own volition?

    asked by Danny
  144. Math

    How many lines of symmetry could an isosceles trapezoid have?

    asked by Hehe😂
  145. java/programming Please Help Me!!

    I did this java program, i just want someone to correct it. In this exercise, you will be writing a simple java program to explore using multi methods. The program is consists of one class (MultiMethods). It will hold more than one methods. The purpose of

    asked by ghost
  146. Math

    A baseball still have four bases that form the shape of a quadrilateral if someone invented a new game similar to a baseball that had four extra bases in the field what type of polygon with the bases form a pentagon CBC octagon see hexagon deed

    asked by Me
  147. Math

    Which statement is true about the following pair of rectangles K they are not similar because 6/60 does not equal 38 over three

    asked by Me
  148. science

    Action-reaction forces do not cancel each other out because _____. they are not equal they act in opposite directions they act on different objects inertia prevents one object from moving

    asked by VIVI
  149. linux/unix

    i really don't understand it!! what does the sentence below mean? Getting help with the man and info command

    asked by Hi😱
  150. Math

    A star has six identically matched points supposed to line up two stars directly on top of each other what is the least number of degrees that you can rotate the top star so that the two stars are perfectly aligned a 60° be 120° see 180° D 30° I say D

    asked by Me
  151. math

    Bill takes a lot of $9,000 and an 8% simple interest rate for 6 years How much interest will Bill pay after 2 years? How much interest will he pay in total for the loan ? $720.00;3,600.00 $1,408.00;4,224.00 $36,000.00;12,000.00 $1,440.00;$4,320.00* check

    asked by fred